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Smarty Pants is a line of women's underwear for active women, designed as an alternative to both conventional underwear and the thong. Similar in appearance to bike shorts, Smarty Pants features a comfortable style, a sleek fit and a high performance, moisture-wicking fabric. Smarty Pants was created as the brainchild of entrepreneur Korrine Fitz, a local fitness and dance instructor who saw a need particularly among athletic women for a comfortable and flattering multi-use undergarment. Fitz said she hated the  thong panty lines and the creeping up of regular underwear. She knew there had to a solution for women who wanted to be active, but have comfort and function at the same time.

Smarty Pants activewear can be worn under workout wear, dancewear, yoga wear, cycling shorts, and breeches as well as under dresses, skirts and pants. Smarty Pants is for being active as well as lounging or sleeping. They are versatile and stretch along with your movements. Their main job is to smooth out bulges and make you look sleek and stylish. Smarty Pants are non-binding and chafe-free as well making them a winner among women's shapewear choices. Flatlock stitching provides a no bulk fit, and the breathable crotch on the Smart Pants' shapewear is double layered. Smarty Pants also features a lower waist, a non-constricting fit and an easy-to care for fabric that dries in minutes. This fabric is also anti-microbial to help you stay fresh. Smarty Pants are made of lightweight, 4-stretch fabric for everyday wear. Another great thing about the Smarty Panty designs is they are offered in traditional, everyday colors so you get exactly the color you need to wear under your fashions. You can get them in every color so you are never left without amazing shapewear to smooth your curves.

Customers rave about the look and fit of Smarty Pants. One woman said, "I really appreciate my Smarty Pants and rely on them to keep me dry and comfy when I'm skiing through snow, slush, and pure unadulterated, awesome powder. Last season, I wore them every time I skied for hours on end. The Smarties also make going to the bathroom easier, because for some reason I can pull the Smarty Pants, thermal, fleece and ski pants down in one fell swoop; with underwear I have to peel each layer off individually. Finally, a “smart” underwear!"

Smarty Pants, the company, is based in Santa Cruz, California and was founded for the active woman who needs a sensible, functional and comfortable alternative to conventional under-garments. Smarty Pants are manufactured in the USA.

Women love Smarty Pants because they are made of a soft fabric that feels like a second skin. The dreaded panty lines are not there making women feel confident in their styles. Whether you are wearing Smarty Pants for a tough workout, an active lifestyle or just as an everyday fashion, Smarty Pants are for the modern-day woman who wants to look and feel great about herself.