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Busy women don't have time to stop and think, much less to work out and worry about their weight. Skweez Couture was created with this woman in mind, the woman that wants an immediate solution to smoothing out areas in the body that need a little “skweez.” Feeling beautiful on the inside and outside is the idea behind the shapewear and legwear by Skweez Couture. Made of innovative, breathable fabrics, this shapewear accentuates parts the woman wants to play up while concealing problem areas. Skweez Couture understands that beauty begins with a great foundation.

Designer Jill Zarin is known worldwide as a star of The Real Housewives of New York. In 2011 Zarin branched out from the show and created Skweez Couture. Zarin decided it was time to take her knowledge in hosiery and combine it with her entrepreneurial spirit. She partnered with Triad Hosiery, a designer and manufacturer of hosiery, intimate apparel and legwear to launch her first collection, the Skweez Couture shapewear collection. Working together, Zarin and Triad produced a line with women of all ages and styles in mind. Zarin said after talking to many women, she wanted to create a line that wouldn't frustrate them. Women that couldn't find shapewear to match their skin tone or hated the way their lingerie fit could find a piece they would love in Skweez Couture.

The biggest draw to Skweez Couture is the shapewear's distinct features. The collection consists of 25 different pieces to match different skin tones and different preferences. There are no laces and seams used in the shapewear, but only fabric made from the highest quality. Skweez Couture offers three strengths: tight, tighter and tightest to provide the needed shaping and smoothing of a woman's curves. Many women complain their shapewear squeezes in all the wrong places and they feel choked by it. Skweez Couture is unique because it's designed for women by women who understand this discomfort. The brand adds a feminine touch and is made with fabrics that move and groove along with you throughout the day allowing for the highest level of comfort. Several of the styles don't just have to be worn under clothing. They have elaborate trimmings that allow them to be worn alone.

Skweez Couture is one of the newest brands in the world of shapewear and legwear, but customers are already finding solace in the collections. Women rave about the comfort and fit of the shapewear saying they forget they are wearing anything. They also say one of the best things about the brand is the pieces are able to worn day or night with any outfit.

Skweez Couture knows women are too busy to slow down to worry about their shapewear. Being uncomfortable and tugging at it all day is just not allowed from styles by Skweez Couture. Though Jill Zarin is no longer a real life “housewife” she is connecting on a whole new level with women across the world who understand that fashion and function go hand-in-hand.