18 Hour Comfort Strap Front Close Bra
Size Chart

Bra Size
UCS ® US Size EU Size UK Size
B   B B B
C   C C C
D D1 D D D
DD D2  DD  DD 

Hook Count:

4-Hook = 36B-38B
5-Hook = 40B-44B; 36C-40C; 36D-40D
6-Hook = 46B-48B; 42C-46C; 42D-46D; 36DD-40DD
7-Hook = 48C; 48D; 42DD-48DD; 38DDD-44DDD
8-Hook = 50DD-54DD; 46DDD-54DDD

Tomima's Tip:
Be sure to look at the back image we provide above. There is no other bra like this on the market.

International Sizing Chart