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Chopper Lace Shelf Bra
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rating Size: 32

I had better hopes for this garment than I received. It was purchased for personal/private use rather than wearing out in public. I found no support at all, the "cups" fanned out under my breasts instead of providing any under support or lift. Perhaps if you have implants or are 20 years old this will be more promising a product for you. withheld from Boston, MA
  • Posted: July, 2007
rating Size: 36

I love how this makes me feel and look. Be aware, though, of two things: 1. wear shirts that are a soft fabric or nipples can be bruised. 2. if you want to be aroused, the constant rubbing of nipples against fabric will do it! Deb from Aurora, Colorado
  • Posted: February, 2005
rating Size: 38

I work in an adult bookstore and when I wear this bra with a lowcut blouse I am always ringing the register. Joanne from Flanders/NJ/USA
  • Posted: January, 2003
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