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The Rhonda Shear lingerie brand is most famous for its Ahh Bra - a comfortable and controlling bra without hooks, eyes, or underwires - unless you select the underwire style. With the Rhonda Shear brand, it's all about a woman feeling empowered in undergarments that are comfortable and supportive. Rhonda Shear products include the Ahh Bra, Ahh panties, and the butterknit D-Lites sleepwear collection. Of course, there are also the "aah bra," "ah bra," "aha bra" and "aahbra" misspellings to consider.

The Ahh bra by Rhonda Shear is designed to give you ultra light support with comfort being the key ingredient. This slimming and relaxed bra style was made with the idea to change women's perceptions about receiving support and realizing that this could be achieved while wearing an ultra comfortable bra style that makes you feel as comfortable as possible. Also made to make women feel comfy is the Ahh panty, designed to match the Ahh bra perfectly in comfort and sleek, sophisticated style. So who is Rhonda Shear – the woman behind the revolution of a comfortable and supportive bra? You may recognize this famous personality from her post, hosting the “Up All Night” Friday night movie series. Shear has also been featured in Playboy and People magazines.


Rhonda Shear
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Rhonda Shear Ahh
Ahh by Rhonda Shear
10 styles

Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra
Ahh Bra by Rhonda Shear
7 styles

Rhonda Shear Ahhlette
Ahhlette by Rhonda Shear
3 styles

Rhonda Shear Pin Up Girl
Pin Up Girl by Rhonda Shear
10 styles

Rhonda Shear Seamless
Seamless by Rhonda Shear
5 styles

Rhonda Shear Shear D-Lites
Shear D-Lites by Rhonda Shear
2 styles

Rhonda Shear Smooth
Smooth by Rhonda Shear
4 styles