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Being in a state of pleasure is only a drawer away when you wear Pleasure State lingerie. Pleasure State is all about combining the latest lingerie styles with outerwear trends. The lingerie is soft, lightweight and all about pure luxury. Pleasure State uses details like Swarovski crystals and detailed embroidery along with silk and other soft fabrics to clothe you in elegance.

Pleasure State is based in Sydney, Australia. It was launched in 2004 and has quickly grown over the years. It encompasses the styles from all of the world. The brand aims to capture what women truly want in their lingerie. The lingerie is to be worn all of the time, from sleeping to playing to working. Pleasure State designers understand women want to feel seductive and playful at the same time, while also serious. Pleasure State sexy lingerie is perfect for lounging, comfortable for sleeping and great with dressy attire.

Pleasure State has a few distinctive collections. Pleasure State Couture is edgy and sexy.  It is reminiscent of the Art Deco era with rich character. Pleasure State’s pleated chiffon mixes with lace and silk to create their own masterpieces of style. Some pieces even are trimmed with Swarovski crystals for a touch of class. The Pleasure State White Label is also about art, the movement that is Art Nouveau. It is filled with lingerie with graceful motifs and beautiful colors. It combines lace with satin and other soft fabrics. The Pleasure State VIP collection is about enhancing your bust and giving you full comfort. Ode to architect Antonio Gaudi, Pleasure State VIP  focuses on the beautiful silhouette of a woman. Silk is combined with embroidery and bright prints. Again, Swarovski crystal trims some of the lingerie styles. The Pleasure State My Fit collection is about the push-up bra and all it can do for you. In 2005, Pleasure State constructed the first push-up pad that is cup sized to offer graduation of personalized cleavage enhancement. The collection also features seamless brief panties, thong and brazilian panties. All collections feature vibrant colors and beautiful prints to fit all women's wants and styles.

Pleasure State designers are constantly monitoring what women want. From their innovative push-up bras to their luxurious use of Swarovski crystals, Pleasure State dresses women in the latest and greatest styles that make them feel great. The brand has been featured in magazines all over the world. Women love the look and feel of the fashions.

Pleasure State dresses women in the luxury they crave along with the comfort and fit they deserve. With so many of the fashions being rooted in the movement of art, you know they will gracefully fit you and move you. Check out HerRoom's selection of the latest and greatest Pleasure State lingerie fashions.