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For most women, one breast is larger. In many cases one breast may even be one cup-size larger than the other. In such situations, you should choose the cup size that fits your larger breast. The smaller breast can be increased in size with supplemental padding. Also, a molded cup bra will hide the fact and make both sides look the same in size.

As the band size of a bra increases, so does the actual cup size of a bra. Therefore a D cup in a 38D is going to be smaller than a D cup in a 42D. For example, if your band is too small, but your cup fits well, go from a 38D to a 40C to maintain a similar cup size

If you have a small back, buy a bra that fits in the cups, and then have your bra altered to remove the excess in the back and/or sides

If you have a broad back, buy a bra that fits in the cups, and then purchase an extender to increase the size of the back of your bra.

Big busted women, after fastening a bra, should lift up their arms to see if any breast tissue falls out from under the bottom of the cup. If this happens, your cup size is probably a size too small.

Like new shoes, a new bra will probably be a little snug at first. As the spandex relaxes, the bra will become a little looser on the body. This is also why you want to rest your bras for one day in-between wearings - give the bra a chance to return to its relaxed shape, and time to air out.

If a bra is put in the dryer with high heat, it will affect the steel underwire which has been tempered (heat set) into shape. This could change the shape of your underwire. Also, if you don't put your bras in a lingerie bag, they could get caught on something in the washer or dryer and cause the underwire to bend and possibly break. It is never a good idea to put any lingerie in the dryer - the heat breaks down the elasticity.

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