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Secret Hug Nylon Scoop Full Brief Panties
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rating Size: 9

these panties fit perfect and feel so silky and smooth one of the best pairs of panties i have ever bought i recomend them to all brianna from phx/az/usa
  • Posted: May, 2005
rating Size: 9

I can't tell you how wonderful and comfortable these panties are. I have been wearing them for years but have found that my department stores are no longer carrying them. Julia from Mantua Njew Jersey
  • Posted: July, 2004
rating Size: 7

I bought a few pairs of Olga Secret Hug panties about a year ago. I have just recently ordered 6 more pair. Found myself pushing others back in the drawer looking for these. They do not "ride up" on your leg or outside cheek area! They are just terrrific! Reb from Monticello, AR
  • Posted: June, 2004
rating Size: 9

i love these panties! they fit great and are so cute, give em' a try you won't be disappointed. lucy from new mexico
  • Posted: May, 2004
rating Size: 8

I have been wearing Olga Briefs for many years. Recently, I have been unable to find the famous Olga scoop briefs everywhere. I have looked in fine department stores and had no luck in finding them. I decided to search online, and was happy to know that I can still get that famous Olga scoop brief. Thanks Olga. Nancy from Florence, S.C. U.S.A.
  • Posted: May, 2004
rating Size: 9

I have looked for the olga style 873 in department stores. I can not find them any more. I have been wearing these for many years now and they are my all time favorite! The fit is wonderful and they are so confortable. I love them and I just found where I can order online. I am excited to have found where I can get them! Sue from Decatur, Ms
  • Posted: February, 2004
rating Size: 6

The fit and feel is so wonderful! Even doing boring household chores they make me feel as feminine as possible. Thank you Olga for a great product! Margret Stevens Margret from Canada
  • Posted: October, 2003
rating Size: 9

I admit my 5 yr. old Olga 873s are going and in my size 10, I can no longer find them. Even in the better dept. stores. They are the best in fit and material, especially the SOFT lace waist. (HerRoom response: Olga only makes this style up to a size 9.) B.A. Tolles from CT. usa
  • Posted: July, 2003
rating Size: 9

OLGA panties, especially the full cut brief stlye # 873, are my all time favorite panties. The nylon is the smoothest and the lace and colors are the most feminine. They make me feel so pretty. I only wish they made a camisole to match the panty. Michelle from Largo/FL
  • Posted: August, 2002
rating Size: 8

I love the unique feel of the fabric, very cool, comfy and soft. These panties remind me of the underwear we wore when we were kids, and that we saw our mothers wear. It's a comforting, nostaglic feel. Heather from Orlando, Fl
  • Posted: July, 2002
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