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Silky smooth are the words used to describe Mary Green lingerie. 100% silk lingerie made from Chinese silks is Mary Green's claim to fame. Not only are they silky smooth, but also come in wild colors and designs. It's not only about sexy silk, but colorful cotton designs are offered as well. These designs cannot be found on many lingerie racks making them unique and special for the woman looking for her perfect lingerie selection.

Mary Green lingerie was started by Mary Green herself as a small business in San Francisco. It has now grown into an empire stretching to over 7,000 locations. Mary Green has her hand in all of the designs and collections helping the lingerie company become a leading empire in the fashion world. Green is called the "queen of lingerie." The reason she is the queen making Mary Green lingerie so popular is the bold colors and designs cannot be found in every lingerie line.

Mary Green lingerie is known for its sheen, silky triangular shaped fibers made from Chinese silk. Not only is it smooth, but the unique colors and bold prints make each Mary Green piece stand out. The Silk Satin Classic Cuts Luxury Weight Collection includes camisoles, panties, hip hugger g-strings and thongs. Mary Green also carries a Silk Knit collection that includes silky thongs with embroidered sayings, high cut sports briefs and hip hugger boy pants. Mary Green has been consistently portrayed in many magazines including In Style, Marie Claire, Redbook, Self and many others. The styles have been seen on many celebrities including Courtney Cox, Bo Derek and Jennifer Lopez. One thing that many celebrities love about Mary Green lingerie is the brand strives to be as eco-friendly as possible. The Mary Green sleep mask is another favorite among celebrities like Kim Kardashian. It is coated in pure silk with embroidery.

Mary Green herself has been given many accolades for her leadership in the fashion world. She was the only American lingerie designer invited to China's first high-end fashion show. She also is the only designer to have won the fashion industry's CILA (Contours International Lingerie Awards) Award two years in a row in multiple categories. She continues to change the fashion world with her essence of style and for bringing comfort to her customers.

Those that wear Mary Green lingerie say it is perfect to wear as sleepwear, and also to wear to bed feeling sexy. Other say the silk feels great on bare skin letting them feel free and comfortable at the same time. Most customers say they pick out the lingerie because of the unique designs unlike anything else hanging in their closet.

Feeling and looking silky smooth is what a woman strives for each day so she can feel empowered when entering the world. The Chinese silk gives that woman a feeling of comfortable elegance as if she was gliding on air.