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Lucky Brand is about a moment in time, about America, youth and courage. The brand stands for a time when quality and pride came first. Lucky Brand has always marched to the tune of its own drummer, never lining up to do it like everybody else. When the rules didn't make sense, the company made up new ones. Lucky Brand was founded on the nostalgia of small town America. It's about innocence, courage and fun. It's the embodiment of what you feel when you see or hear something that takes you back to a moment when you felt free, young and hopeful. Lucky Brand is about the summer before you went off to college, the friends you grew up with, freedom from the past and no fear for what lies ahead. It's laughing at something you're really too old to still find funny. It's the last moment of innocence as you travel into adulthood.

Lucky sleepwear and Intimates Spring 2010 Collection is inspired by a 1960s road trip. The collection reflects a journey through California, stopping at Monterey's Music Festival in 1967 and then the return journey through old-school Las Vegas. Each collection addresses a different element of the road trip, from a girl rummaging through her mother's closet to find old floral scarves and vintage bandanas to wear on the trip to a girl at the festival lounging around in the grass wearing crochet lace and patchwork clothes.

Rooted in rock 'n 'roll with a signature sense of humor, Lucky Brand stands for independent thinking, individual style and a feeling as authentic as love. Friends since youth, creators Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman shipped the first order of Lucky Brand in 1990, and have been renowned for their great-fitting, vintage-inspired jeans ever since.

Gene and Barry's lifelong passions were blue jeans and rock 'n' roll. While experiencing the hippie-counterculture movement in the U.S. in the 1970s, the then-21-year-old Gene teamed up with 17-year-old Barry, and friend Bill Rudnick, to open a jeans shop in Florida called Four Way Street. It was 1972 and they were officially in the jeans business.

Lucky Brand is built on moments like these, of irrefutable attitude and vision without compromise. Los Angeles and the free-spirited Southern California lifestyle continue to inspire the company's style. The story of Lucky Brand is the story of two great friends moving to California and starting a jeans brand. The rest is history.