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Caress Seamless Strapless Bra
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rating Size: 38C

I used to wear Lily of France but this style is no longer offered except in industrial strength. I'm a petite person that has a barrel type chest and I don't need the girth of this bra, but it is closer to the original Lily bra. It will do. Dee from Portland OR
  • Posted: October, 2007
rating Size: 36C

I have had a problem with strapless bra's in the past not giving me enough support or staying in place. The silicone grippers on the Jezebel really help to keep the bra in place and give me ample support. Molly from Muskegon/MI/USA
  • Posted: August, 2007
rating Size: 32D

They make it in my size. Submitted from
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 36B

Jezebel strapless are comfortable and seamless. Seamless bras prevent irritation of the skin on me. Submitted from
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 32C

It fits well and is shaped to allow it to be worn underneath lower-cut tops. Submitted from
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 34C

Cute and good value Submitted from
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 32D

Great bra. I agree with the previous reviewer - this bra lifts and separates. L. Torcoletti from Chicago, IL USA
  • Posted: March, 2007
rating Size: 34D

This is the best!!! strapless bra I have ever worn. This Bra Lifts and separates and allows for ful, youthful and natural shape. I am an entertainer and wear strapless and revealing gowns as part of my uniform. This Bra stays put. I am 42 wear a 34D /36C bra, have had 2 two children. The most flattering comment I get is that my breast look as if I've had a lift. I proudly say" NO their Mine, It's the Bra that makes them look so good!" Cookie from Beechhurst,NY
  • Posted: June, 2005