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Hurley Phantom Beachrider Boardshort GBS110
Hurley Phantom Beachrider Boardshort
The Hurley Phantom Beachrider Boardshort GBS0001100 is a moisture wicking short with a hyperflex waistband that provides a lock down/no-slip fit. Hurley's Phantom Beachrider Boardshort is made of knit recycled polyester and spandex.
$65.00 Now: $29.95
Hurley GBS110 reviews
Hurley Quick Dry Boy Short Swim Bottom GWB040
Hurley Quick Dry Boy Short Swim Bottom
The Hurley Quick Dry Boy Short Swim Bottom GWB0000040 wicks for a shorter drying time and has a ribbed body for easier movement. Hurley's Quick Dry Boy Short Swim Bottom is made of polyester/nylon/spandex.
$60.00 Now: $29.95
Hurley GWB040 reviews

Women's Hurley sportswear has that same surfing vibe, with brilliant pieced boardshorts and swimwear that's influenced by the sixties' surfing passion, perfectly designed for comfort at the beach.

The philosophy and passion of Hurley comes from their long-standing love of the ocean and the fact that it is in a constant state of change. The glamorous image of suntanned, hard-bodied surfers and their colorful beach garb are legendary in California's surf culture, further popularized by the rock-and-roll music of the Beach Boys, which only added to the mystique. Hurley's roots undeniably come directly from the beach culture.

The brand's mission statement is all about fostering the dreams of youth and the young-at-heart. Music and art were also important in uniting Hurley's vision, as they are passionate about the individual and freedom of expression. And, Hurley places great value on smiles. Welcome to Hurley's world of imagining endless possibilities.

The surfing industry in Southern California of the late 1970s was a large part of Hurley's history, with Hurley Surfboards being established in Costa Mesa in 1979. Hurley Surfboards was thriving well into the 1980s, making surfboards for many of the most renowned surfers in the world. In 1982, the owner and his business manager became interested in the Australian apparel brand, Billabong. Their long, punk rock-inspired boardshort styles were perfectly in keeping with the Hurley Surfboard image. Billabong USA became a separate business entity and licensee for Billabong, and was doing well by the middle 1980s.

Hurley's team took on the full responsibility for designing, sourcing, marketing and financing Billabong USA. The Billabong USA team became aware of a shift in the collective conscious of their demographic target market, noting that the modern surfer was also interested in fashion, skateboarding, snowboarding, music and art. And the new internet put endless purchasing possibilities in the consumer's hands. No longer did the surfing aficionados have to find their surf wear at specialty bricks-and-mortar stores. All they had to do was log on and "surf the Web." The Hurley team accordingly began to reformulate what it meant to be a 'surf' brand. By 1998's close, it was clear that the team had its own vision for the future that did not necessarily mesh with the interests of Billabong globally. Hurley Surfboards gave back the Billabong license and decided to launch Hurley, and it has thrived since.

Women's Hurley sportswear has that same surfing vibe, with brilliant pieced boardshorts and swimwear that's influenced by the sixties' surfing passion, perfectly designed for comfort at the beach. The Hurley Dimension swimwear collection features an optical pattern infused with beachy brights, just perfect to catch the next wave or turn heads on the shore. Hurley also produces silky soft t-shirts and activewear for those that love the feeling of velvet against their skin. All of the Hurley items are bright and fun for a youthful look.

Women wear Hurley swimwear and tees because the brand makes them feel confident and look like a sun goddess. The stylish designs combined with the soft feeling make it a top selling brand for women. The soft colors that remind women of vacation on a beach lure them to enjoy Hurley clothing.