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  • The customer service representative was patient and searched for the merchandise I had no item number for, gave me a description and I ordered. I hope it fits well when it arrives. she was pleasant and knowledgeable
    Janice Z.     5 star review4/19/2018
  • Very satisfied! I felt I had an in-house bra fitter helping me. She made several suggestions and I will be ordering them both.
    Ruth P.     5 star review4/19/2018
  • She was so much help. Alter talking to her I knew exactly what I wanted. Will be ordering more and I hope Lorena is the one who takes my call. She was friendly, laughed with me, answered my question. All around execellent. Give this girl a RAISE!!!
    Kathy H.     5 star review4/19/2018
  • Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my order. Was exactly what I needed and it came so fast. Thank you!!!🤗
    Kimberly D.     0 star review4/18/2018
  • I just received my first order placed with your company and I am extremely pleased with the way the order was organized and nicely folded in the mesh bag which I will use for traveling. I look forward to using your fine company again for my lingerie purchases.
    Laraine H.     0 star review4/18/2018
    WINONA W.     5 star review4/18/2018
  • I had a sizing question which was made more difficult by the fact that I was entirely sure whether the bra I had was UK or USA sizing. I thought it was UK so we went ahead on that assumption & Erica gave me excellent suggestions on how to deal with a few issues I have with the bras I bought after a professional fitting. She also gave me suggestions on bra styles for short waisted women as well as wireless bras with good support. She was very knowledgeable, very patient, very helpful.
    Jane D.     5 star review4/17/2018
  • The phone assistance was fast, efficient and personable. Thanks
    Pam F.     5 star review4/16/2018
  • Great service..a trustworthy company to deal with. Just sent a lengthy review...with much thanks to HerRoom and Erica D (CHAT ROOM). for her professional help in the follow-up on one order. My three orders included RHONDA SHEAR lace bra 672P is so beautiful and so comfortable. Great COMPANY
    Genevieve M.     5 star review4/16/2018
  • The service was very helpful. I appreciated how quick it was taken care of and nohassle. Great customer service-thank you
    Janet D.     4 star review4/16/2018
  • Erica was extremely helpful! My order was complicated, as I'd bought something online from you guys yesterday. So I wanted to add a bra to my order, but needed help finding what I was looking for--Erica quickly found it. Then I added in a third item, several pairs of Jockey panties that came three to a box, and I couldn't find the exact kind I wanted, but Erica found them for me. She then double-checked to make sure I wanted three boxes, not just three pairs. THEN I asked for the total dollars being spent! Erica calculated it quickly, and added in what I'd bought yesterday, everything all together. The whole conversation was really helpful, and Erica's assistance was extremely smooth. She definitely knows your inventory, and how to help a customer. Please give Erica a raise! Cause there's no way I could have done all that by myself. :) Phew!
    Elizabeth S.     5 star review4/14/2018
  • Thank You for your help. I am very happy to have found your company.
    Wendy E.     5 star review4/14/2018
  • My 18-year-old daughter had been searching for months for a very specific bra needed to wear with the bridesmaid dress she will be wearing in her sister's wedding. The dress is backless and my daughter is a DD so a difficult combination. We had literally given up and started looking into options like buying and altering a bra to work until I found your website! Your site was literally the only place that we found a bra that not only would do but works PERFECTLY! It seems like such a minor thing but when you wear a DD the though of not being adequately supported is a daunting thought. My daughter's self-esteem was crushed and she was considering not participating in the wedding. Now, next week, I will watch my oldest daughter get married with my youngest daughter confidently by her side and you cannot know how happy that makes me for both of them! Thank you for being there in our time of need and for carrying such a wide selection of items not just for the average but for those outside the norm!
    Linda J.     5 star review4/13/2018
  • I just wanted to say thank you! I have been struggling with sizing. I even got fitted at a name brand store and their fit was just wrong. They were off by two band sizes and I have spent the last few months uncomfortable. I used your sizing guide and solutions to bra fit problems advice and I finally know my actual size! I bought 4 bras in that size and they all finally fit! Thank you! Thank you! I will be coming back to you to buy bras in the future. Keep up the selections and good product advice. :)
    Michelle K.     5 star review4/13/2018
  • It was very easy to order (by phone) using my customer bag from on-line. It was a quick and easy experience!
    Gail J.     5 star review4/13/2018
  • Just wanted to let you know I like doing business with Her Room. This is the second time I have ordered and have been very pleased with your service. Will continue to do business with you in the future.
    Marina O.     0 star review4/11/2018
  • The slips are great quality. Better than I expected. Thank you!
    Diana B.     5 star review4/10/2018
  • So far I love this site, the service and the merchandise. I hope this continues. It is not easy finding large size bra's even in with the clothing stores for large women. There really should be more designers that take the design of bra's for large women more seriously. I know the cost is a factor but I would think a well made product will keep customers coming back. I would. Thank you,
    Ann V.     5 star review4/5/2018
    Robert S.     4 star review4/2/2018
  • Amber was very helpful in assisting my questions! She was able to also tell me my return was received! She was great-knowledgeable, & polite
    Marita K.     5 star review4/2/2018
  • representative was polite, and accurate. gave me the information I needed. She was very efficient and so, so helpful.
    Linda B.     5 star review4/2/2018
  • Brisa was excellent, as a matter of fact I would love to talk to her every time that I have an order to place! 👍🙂
    Patricia L.     5 star review4/2/2018
  • It was very helpful to be able to talk to an agent on line today since your call number is closed. I loved that she, Erica, was able to add to my order on line without having to open another order and go through the signing up process again. Also nice that she could help me with a discount because I get your emails and what drew me in today was the 70% discount on clearance. I was looking for a discount because the budget is tight and I shouldnt have ordered anything, but hard to resist that torquoise item when I was browsing. thank you for Erica's freedom to please me. LaJean
    LaJean G.     5 star review3/31/2018
  • I loved that I was offered expedited shipping. That helps since I was expecting this order to be here already
    Robin C.     5 star review3/30/2018
  • The rep I spoke to helped me with my issue right away. It seemed I ordered an item that became final sale before I received it - 5 days after I placed the order. She noted my account so I could return the item(s) that didn’t fit. She made another note on the account too. She was very helpful!
    Elana R.     5 star review3/30/2018
  • Your customer service agent was the best! Thank you Brittany was wonderful and so helpful!!
    David B.     5 star review3/30/2018
  • Lorena was patient and repeated the instuctions. She was clear, concise and calm.
    Jane F.     4 star review3/29/2018
  • The person I spoke with on the phone was FABULOUS!! She was very friendly and found the info I needed.
    Susan S.     5 star review3/29/2018
  • Very kind and helpful. She walked me through everything I needed to do to make a return.
    Jo Ellyn K.     5 star review3/29/2018
  • Perfect, question answered and resolution within 2 minutes. All Customer Service should be this easy! Thanks!
    Jerrery P.     5 star review3/29/2018
  • Mikela, Was very sweet and helpful. I appreciate good service as I work in customer service and do appreciate when I get good and friendly help!!!
    Renee H.     5 star review3/29/2018
  • Amber was very helpful in my purchase. She tried to find a bra that would work for my situation and I appreciate her efforts.
    Tonie P.     5 star review3/29/2018
  • Micheala was very helpful. She took her time to explain everything. Fast. Solution oriented. Much appreciated
    Donna H.     5 star review3/29/2018
  • The bras didn't work for me (bands curl up), but your customer service if great!
    Barbara M.     5 star review3/28/2018
  • Just completed printing my return label. Amber suggested waiting a little while for the system to get rebooted. It worked just fine. I really appreciate her help. eagerly waiting for my other bras to ship that are on back order.
    Mary C.     5 star review3/28/2018
  • Items were received 1 day earlier than expected. Nice Look just like the pictures. Satisfied customer!
    Margaret M.     5 star review3/28/2018
  • I am satisfied with the service I received today. All my questions were answered satisfactorily.
    Vicki W.     4 star review3/28/2018
  • Amber was awesome! Amber helped me with a customer service call this morning. I called with a return question specific to two items I purchased that don't fit. I did not have my order number having misplaced my paperwork. Amber was able to look up my records with just my name and zip code. I have a very common name, so Amber laughed and patiently found my records. She answered all my questions, and even gave me additional helpful information about this wonderful company HerRoom. I will definitely be doing a lot more shopping with HerRoom. A great experience!
    Andrea J.     5 star review3/28/2018
  • I love HerRoom return policy. I recently purchased two bras but had fitting issues with them. Unfortunately, I had to return them. HerRoom made it very easy for me to do so and a refund has been made on my credit card. I will gladly use HerRoom in the future when the need arises.
    Ada W.     5 star review3/27/2018
  • Amber was fabulous! Handled my questions with smarts and kindness. She was very sweet and patient! Helped me immensely!
    Victoria B.     5 star review3/27/2018
  • Amber addressed by problem quickly and professionally and provided outstanding customer service.
    Ralph H.     4 star review3/27/2018
  • She is a phenomenal representative of His Room/Her Room I will be spealing to her again tomorrow and am very much looking forward to conecting She is a delight and very knowledgeable
    Mary P.     5 star review3/27/2018
  • I phoned to let your service know that I sent a bra back and re-ordered another size. I wanted to know how long till my credit is sent to my credit card. Thank you
    Rebecca P.     4 star review3/27/2018
  • I ordered $120.00 worth of merchandise receiving no shipping additional cost, then wanted to add two items to that order, which was very difficult to do, but Yesele was able to handle the problem in very satisfactory manner. Thank you.
    Carolyn M.     5 star review3/27/2018
  • Amber helped me as the pkg I had sent to a friend had either been refused by the friend or it had been delivered. Found out this AM by speaking to her sister, that the pkg had been delivered to her on the 19th, but by being 90, she had not remembered receiving it. Sister said slips were beautiful and that the friend had simply not remembered having had the postman delivered them. All is well now..........and thank you Amber for being so helpful.
    Sharon T.     5 star review3/26/2018
  • Amber VERY professional, quick and warm. You are lucky to have her! Thank you!
    Deirdre M.     4 star review3/26/2018
  • Very quick response to my question. Resolved my problem right away.
    Barbara B.     4 star review3/26/2018
  • Amber was wonderful! She helped me through the return process because there was an issue on your site, and when I told her why I was returning the bras, she recommended two other styles that may better suit me. Great service!
    Tammy S.     5 star review3/26/2018
  • She was most helpful and made adding to my order easy as it hadn't shipped yet. Also very personable and friendly and it was Monday morning! :-)
    Karen L.     5 star review3/26/2018
  • made a purchase a month ago and was only satisfied with one; however I was so satisfied that I purchased two of the same in different colors today.
    Angela C.     4 star review3/26/2018
  • You rep was very helpful and assisted me so I could sign in on my account and place an order and submit a return. Thank you for your wonderful customer service. Your returns are easy and the selection is outstanding.
    Melanie W.     5 star review3/25/2018
  • You should appreciate to have Moreia on your team. She truly handled my problem like a pro!, if it wasn't for her calm voice and her paitnce you would have a very unsatisfied first time customer. She is been by far one of the best customer care person I have come in contact. I also want my 10% credit back to my card as I understand first time clients get 10% discount. Thank you Moreia
    Soussan M.     5 star review3/23/2018
  • The issue with my return was resolved and I'm satisfied. The customer service agent on the phone was helpful and handled my call quickly. Thanks!
    Mariko S.     5 star review3/23/2018
  • Your represenitive and helpful and polite. Very positive experience!
    Patricia D.     5 star review3/22/2018
  • I am a senior person and some of these things are difficult for me your customer service rep made it as simple as she could have and I did get through it so I do appreciate it very very much hoping to use your facilities again I have to find the right size I have lost a great deal of weight
    Carol H.     5 star review3/22/2018
  • Such a polite and helpful young lady. She was so willing to be helpful and was. She is a credit to your company.
    Nancy L.     5 star review3/22/2018
  • I was very impressed with the speed with which my order was handled . thanks so much for your wonderful service
    Thomas S.     5 star review3/21/2018
  • A pleasure to speak with a well informed representative who immediately solved the issue. Thank you!
    Lois B.     4 star review3/21/2018
    Betty N.     5 star review3/21/2018
  • I had a live chat and the person on the person on the other end resolved my issue. I am happy with your products and website. Thank you.
    Sallye D.     5 star review3/21/2018
  • Representative was very friendly and answered all my questions. Thank you
    Kim L.     4 star review3/20/2018
  • Lorena was very friendly -- and efficient. She helped me log in to my account, and walk me through the process. A+ customer service! Even though I did not keep 3 out of 4 of the items that I ordered, I will definitely order from HerRoom again!
    Mardee H.     5 star review3/20/2018
  • I was having some issues with getting the order number to come up on my account.. .When I talked to one of your on line team members, that person was a very big help in everything in bringing up my order number to my account to helping with starting an exchange/refund. I enjoy doing business with someone who will take the time and help me and not make me feel like I'm "bothering" them. From now on I will continue to purchase my bra's from this company!
    Trisha P.     5 star review3/20/2018
  • She was super helpful and came up with a great solution to my issue.
    Cameron Y.     4 star review3/19/2018
  • Ericaw was extremely helpful and courteous and handled my issue quickly
    Debra K.     4 star review3/19/2018
  • They are always very helpful to me in and I appreciate that It is always a pleasure to call and get my questions answered thank you so much
    Vicki G.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • Not only was the experience good, but I forgot to utilize my discount and customer services was really a pleasure to work with to ensure I received credit, making the experience that much more successful.
    Peter P.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • Answered all my questions and helped me determine the right size! .She stayed on the line to help with my return and sent me links to bras that would work for me! Great! Thank you!
    Elaine H.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • thank you for your help. I truly appreciate it as your customer service helper was wonderful.
    Beverly S.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • I was given clear easy instructions for processing size exchanges for mr order. I appreciate the service. Thank you.
    JoAnn G.     4 star review3/19/2018
  • I have ordered from HerRoom for a long time. I love their bras and panties and their great customer service.
    Dianne E.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • Amber is patient and an amazing help everytime I call!
    Debra C.     4 star review3/19/2018
  • I received the help i needed, found my bra's and they are perfect. Will order more. Thank you, sincerely Jackie.
    Jackie R.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • Thank you very much for being kind and easy with my return. I really appreciate it and will continue to use your website. I love the selection for large breasts!!
    Sat Hari K.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • Perfect.... very helpful.... polite... everything..... thank you.... Kathy
    Kathy R.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • Very helpful, efficient. I was able to return the package yesterday less than 24 hours after receiving it. So sorry two of the items did not work out, kept the rest.
    MaryJoy V.     5 star review3/17/2018
  • Yisel was very helpful and courteous A pleasure to deal with.
    Bette S.     5 star review3/17/2018
  • Very professional and accommodated my request. Thank you.
    Carolyn M.     5 star review3/17/2018
  • Making the return for an item that did not fit properly was so easy. Thank you for your assistance & your abundant resources & guidance on finding the proper fit.
    Nancy R.     4 star review3/16/2018
  • The person, Maria I believe was very professional and helpful. She patiently assisted me with maneuvering on site to process my return as I am not experienced with that type of work on websites. I was impressed with her sincere friendly nature. I would do business with your company again.
    Pamela B.     4 star review3/16/2018
  • I was very satisfied with the service and will not only refer Her Room to my family and friends, but I like Vanity Fair the best because it's made of nylon and it slips between covers. Thanks.
    Nancy K.     5 star review3/16/2018
  • Your website is easy to navigate. My orders have always been accurately filled.
    SANDRA C.     5 star review3/15/2018
  • So easy doing business. I chatted because I made an error and the agent fixed it immediately. So happy I found you. I bookmarked your website.
    Claudette S.     5 star review3/15/2018
  • I am elderly and struggle with computers. Your employee could not have been any nicer. She helped me with every issue and was as nice at the end of the call as the beginning!Thank you
    Janice C.     5 star review3/15/2018
  • Your representative was very nice to a lot of time with me and we were successful and finishing the printing of the label which I could not do alone I thank you for having someone this talented and knowledgeable and kind will do more business with you simply for return process is easy thank you
    Catherine G.     5 star review3/14/2018
  • I was concerned about my return charge, and your customer service person was patient, personable and professional. She made the correction and I was so relieved. Thank you so much!
    Diana W.     5 star review3/14/2018
  • Your rep was great helping me deal with my self inflicted dilemma. YOU GO HerRoom!!😀😀👍❤
    Elizabeth M.     5 star review3/14/2018
  • I was able to successfully cancel two backordered items with no hassle whatsoever. Customer service rep was very competent and friendly. BTW, you have an outstanding website that is very easy to navigate.
    Colleen H.     5 star review3/14/2018
  • This is my second order. Loved the way my first order came, in the nice fabric bag. Customer support has been great and they have been helpful.
    Thelma R.     5 star review3/13/2018
  • My Live Chat was very good. The representative was polite, and I was impressed by how quickly I was connected. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars, was I really hoped I could make a color-change in the products, since I only placed the order a short time ago. Other than that, I'm sure my daughter will be pleased to (hopefully) have bras that actually fit! I'm sure I'll be placing future orders!
    Cheryl B.     4 star review3/8/2018
  • Thanks for taking the time to send this email. I have never shopped at your site before today, however, your message makes me feel more confident to purchase from your company and because of that I can tell you that I will use your company first before using another sight for these particular items. Thank you.
    Mike L.     0 star review3/6/2018
  • Thanks so much for your prompt and professional service! Love
    William L.     5 star review3/6/2018
  • A question of validity of order was caught by your team. They called. I checked that the order and delivery were valid. Nice job to your security/fraud team.
    Anne M.     5 star review3/6/2018
  • You guys are amazing!!! The bridal shower was tomorrow the package was supposed to be here today and you fixed it. The lady on the phone was totally amazing . I wish I knew her name. I can’t believe you went beyond the call like that. She called UPS and is overnighting me another package and canceled the one that did not get here on time. I am super impressed! After a totally crappy day that had nothing to do with you, you guys make me smile. Thank you!
    Vickie W.     5 star review3/2/2018
  • Great website and Quick shipping. The customer service was friendly and helpful. Good job!!!
    Vickie W.     5 star review2/28/2018
  • I love your products. I appreciate the speed at which my problem was handled. The options and sizes are simply awesome. Thanks.
    Melinda D.     5 star review2/27/2018
  • Thank you so much for giving me my behind back. The 916 RAGO padded panty did its job of filling in my the right places. Carol M P>S> Wish I had this panty when I was a little girl. My bottom would have felt better after spankings.
    David P.     5 star review2/27/2018
  • You are quick to respond to new orders and in your shipping. Your on-line chat help was great! Thanks!
    Barbara P.     4 star review2/27/2018
  • That was a very nice customer thank you note. I don’t usually respond but wish you well giving women a good place to take care of them self
    Anne N.     0 star review2/25/2018
  • Hello, I was very happy to find your web site and be able to purchase my personal items from you, it was just by accident that I found you. I have forwarded the web site to others, and so hope each one helps.
    Barbara T.     5 star review2/23/2018
  • I just wanted to send you a comment about your personnel being very helpful to a bachelor with breasts... It was nice to chat with personnel that were committed to helping me with this situation. They new what to ask and how to make me easy to talk to them.. I would have never gone to woman's fitting room to try on bras if I had died...This is not a testimonial but a sincere thank you..
    Jerry     0 star review2/22/2018
  • Just wanted to say I just love "Her Room" I recieved my first order today of Berkshire Pantyhose and I just love em !! I will be buying more !!! I am a very proud male Crossdresser, I am a very satisfied customer, Thank you !! xoxo
    Marcie L.     0 star review2/16/2018
  • Brisa was very helpful and walked me thru generating my return labels. Excellent customer service!!
    Charlotte B.     4 star review2/16/2018
  • I'm happy with the service provided by Micaela, but not so pleased with the sizing information about needed to order based on UK size in order to get the right US size. I had missed that notation in the sizing chart and so was shipped a larger bra than needed. I realize that HerRoom is an international company, but I can't be the only person who expects to order a US based size because I'm based in the US. Seems like this could be solved with programming that would take note of the orderer's location and present the correct geographical sizing.
    Kristin M.     4 star review2/15/2018
  • This was my first time to deal with HerRoom. I was buying a Valentine present for my wife. Brittany was a big help It actually took about 3 phone calls to get the order placed due to a bad connection on my cell phone. Brittany was there each time and did a great job making sure I sure she got all the information correct and the order completed. Thanks again Brittany
    Joe T.     5 star review2/14/2018
  • Good Morning: I LOVE the Playtex fit bra style # 4888, I am very heavy in the breast and I forget that I have a bra on when I wear this bra. It is the most comfortable bra that I have ever worn. And believe me, I have bought some very expensive bras over the years. Please pass this information on to Playtex. Thanks for carrying this bra.
    Patricia S.     5 star review2/14/2018
  • Lorena was patient, kind and considerate. I have never ordered a personal product such as a bra (over the phone line), so I needed someone to answer and explain your product and to understand my predicament in ordering a back support bra that will fit, since I have breast implants that had to be replace on 3 separate surgeries.. Knowing my "needed" exact size is very difficult. Thank you, thank you to Lorena for her excellent personality.
    Barbara R.     5 star review2/12/2018
  • I really loved the bag that my bra order was delivered in! I don’t know if it was meant for a laundry bag...but I washed my bras in the bag and they come out beautifully! Thank you!
    Jean W.     0 star review2/10/2018
  • the young lady who took my call was personable and very helpful...I LOVE HER ROOM !!
    Candi G.     5 star review2/9/2018
    Nancy R.     0 star review2/9/2018
  • Just wanted to drop a note to say I received my 2 bras yesterday...and they fit wonderfully. Thank you so much for helping me. It is so hard - almost impossible - to find my size anywhere in a store. Thanks again....!
    Shirley R.     0 star review2/9/2018
  • Just wanted to say , I love your products !! I am a Crossdresser full time and I will be a customer for life !! Thank you for helping me be as sexy and alluring as I can be !! Love You All !! Marcie Lynn xoxoxo
    Marcie L     0 star review2/9/2018
    Rita J.     5 star review2/8/2018
  • For years, HerRoom has given us quick, reliable, and friendly service, and an unusually wide selection of products. Sometimes I need help in picking a present for a dear friend; I still can't tell a demi from a T-shirt or a three-quarter cup, a corbeille from a balconnet, just by looking at it. (Maybe some other male customers can, but I can't.) Brisa (spelling?) was very pleasant and efficient. Your "Fitter's Comments" on each product are especially helpful. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
    David C.     5 star review2/8/2018
  • Nice to hear a friendly but professional voice from a customer service representative. There are only a few of them.
    Lourdes W.     4 star review2/8/2018
  • I had made a mistake on size and realized it right after finalizing the order. The customer sales rep was willing and able to make the correction at my request. I am most grateful.
    Judith W.     5 star review2/7/2018
  • Even though I pushed the wrong button, your very kind worker help me. She was so patient to an elderly person. You are fortunate to have such a person there giving your company a good reputation Thank you
    Carol A.     4 star review2/7/2018
  • The lady I spoke to was very courteous and very helpful. She made sure that all my questions were answered and that all my concerns were addressed before ending our conversation, which I appreciate very much. Thank you again for a wonderful service.
    Virginia P.     5 star review2/7/2018
  • Thank you; I have spent HOURS looking for this bra in 3X; the sizes elsewhere only go to 2x which are too tight; and as a small cup size woman, I need the little pads to not look completely out of balance! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
    Donna D.     0 star review2/5/2018
  • Easiest cancellation I've ever had to do. Had the email come in at the same time chatting with the agent. Took approximately 30 seconds to complete everything. Agent and customer care perfect. Thank you!!
    Tana L.     4 star review2/3/2018
  • I called because I ordered some Olga bras and didn't like them and wanted to return the one I didn't wear. I also had a shopping cart with a few bras and wanted advice on the brands. Brisa was able to give me the advice I needed. She was friendly and helpful. I hope I can become a repeat customer.
    Wendy S.     5 star review2/2/2018
  • Amber was amazing!! She spent time with me and very patiently guided me in finding a suitable exchange and the steps necessary to get my return label. I was so grateful she was the representative I ended up with! Because of Amber my returned items are in the mail and my exchange is ordered and will be here soon.
    Renee H.     5 star review2/2/2018
  • Your site is very easy to navigate through. Once I found what I wanted, I placed the items in my cart, then placed the order. All the billing and shipment information is readily available. Thank you for making this so easy... I will be a return customer in the future.
    Donald S.     5 star review2/1/2018
  • I would like to thank Elizabeth for helping me with a question on Live Chat!!! Thank You so much for taking time to email different option types of bras that I might like!! Ill be differently ordering from you from now on .Thank You again and Have A Very Blessed Day. :)
    Tashia H.     0 star review1/26/2018
  • Super helpful in with my holiday promotional gift card numbers, cards of which I "saved" so securely, I even forget where I hid them. :/ THANK YOU!
    Alycia V.     5 star review1/18/2018
  • My question was answered immediately by Rose. Best experience I've had with a help chat! Thank you!
    Nicole B.     5 star review1/18/2018
  • The website is so easy to use and when I received the merchandise it was presented so nicely and the return information is easy. Very well done!!! Thanks so much
    Nancy T.     5 star review1/18/2018
  • I have purchased bras and panties from Victoria's Secret for many years. I visited their website recently and was disappointed not to find the cotton bras I had ordered in the past. Because fiber content is very important to me for a number of reasons, I left their website. I typed "cotton bras" into my search box and the description of "HerRoom" sounded like just what I was looking for. I ordered a bra that looked like just what I was looking for... I will recommend HerRoom to family members and friends who are also inclined to choose cotton.
    Ellen D.     0 star review1/14/2018
  • I was so excited to find the pants slips. I have been looking for some for quite some time. I have received them and already love them... It will be nice to have some new ones to wear. Thank you for still carrying them.
    Andrea H.     5 star review1/12/2018
  • I just received my new robe. It is so beautiful, warm and stylish. I love it!! Thanks
    Dawn K.     0 star review1/12/2018
  • I ordered 4 Lilyette bras--a wonderful bra, so good that I ordered two more. thanks
    Margaret S.     5 star review1/11/2018
  • I just wanted to say that I am very happy with my purchase. I had been getting a front closing cotton bra from a local KMart store that went out of business. On line I was having trouble finding a bra close to my old one. If I found the size I couldn't find the color. On and on it went. I was getting frustrated. I took a chance on your store and the bras I have are better than my old ones. They are more comfortable and don't ride up when I raise my arms. The little draw string bag is a nice touch.
    Sydney P.     0 star review1/7/2018
  • Excellent service. learned that I will have a very hard time finding my size at the store. I bought 3 bras in 3 different colors and I love them. I will use your site for all my lingerie needs. Happy I found you!
    Jacqueline T.     5 star review1/5/2018
  • I have small band size, large breasts and am very pear-shaped. Department store personnel are always uncooperative and doubtful that the size I take is correct. Many have fought with me and have had me in tears. I usually have to put on a bra they think will fit to show them my breasts dropping out of the bottom of the bra to "prove" my band size. Going to buy bras has been an awful and humiliating experience for me and I would generally end up with at best one or two ugly, uncomfortable bras. I am so happy that I found your store. It was exciting and fun to find so many stylish bras in my size. It is so nice to be able to see everything that might fit rather than having to work with a badly trained and doubtful salesperson to find the few bras in the store that may be close to fitting me. Thank you so much!
    Jody R.     5 star review1/3/2018
  • I spoke with Megan on the phone earlier and she was so kind and accommodating to my request to do a late return in exchange for a store credit. As a film and tv producer, sometimes my work takes me away for months at a time. I regret I didn't process my return sooner, but I am VERY grateful you made an exception. Looking forward to cashing in that credit for some new HerRoom merchandise! Much gratitude for your accommodation, and as always, I LOVE your lingerie!
    Serina H.     5 star review1/3/2018
  • I’m really pleased with the products on your site. I’m a recent breast cancer survivor. Before my journey began, I wore size 42L,M....I’m now size 44DDD and I love shopping on your site. I love the products and the affordable prices 😁 So glad I found you!
    Linda J.     0 star review1/1/2018
  • Hello. I just wanted to say how pleased I was to find my 2 new bras inside a cloth bag - nice packaging! I can use this bag for shoes and other items as I travel a lot. I will definitely order from you again.
    Kathleen T.     5 star review12/29/2017
  • I love your website with all its selections, great fit tips, and very helpful sales team member who answered my questions.
    Jenny D.     5 star review12/27/2017
  • She was very kind and accommodating!! Love this site and all your reps for always meeting my needs! Never thought I could find a 32g to make me comfortable!
    Victoria R.     5 star review12/27/2017
  • Herroom is a great company and all the women I have a delt with have been very helpful and polite. I am a very satisfied customer.
    Maylan W.     5 star review12/27/2017
  • The person I talked to was very polite, pleasant and helpful. After I finished talking to her, I felt the issue I called about could be resolved. She was very professional and understanding.
    Bonita K.     4 star review12/26/2017
  • thank you! customer service was very helpful and pleasant. as always, i appreciate the selection you offer and the ease of both ordering and returning. thank you thank you! happy holidays!
    Therese P.     5 star review12/22/2017
  • Your sales associate was very helpful and polite. Once again im telling my friends all about what a pleasure it is to do business with you.
    John L.     5 star review12/21/2017
  • Was very pleased with the service I received from a pleasant and knowledgeable representative. I have a hearing disability and I must read what is being said. Thanks to your rep. For her patience and understanding. I had my problem solved in a timely and professional manner.
    Helen M.     5 star review12/20/2017
  • I am older & have a rough time navigating web sits for shopping. Breisa , the young girl who helped me was so patient & kind. She walked me through the site for the items I needed. She patience & was so very kind. She knew exactly what to do to help me. I hope when I order again, (and I will), I get her. Please tell her "Thank You", from a very satisfied customer. PS: Love the items you carry.
    June F.     5 star review12/19/2017
  • Just got off the phone with Darla concerning a shipping issue.Darla was so kind and reassuring that my order would definitely arrive before Christmas with an upgrade in shipping to two day.It was my mistake that I didn't notice the delivery time, but she took care of my problem without hesitation. That's what I call customer is refreshing that customer service is still alive and well.Love it, love HRHis business,I will definitely be purchasing from you guys in the future.
    Melody M.     5 star review12/18/2017
  • I'm so glad that my order is resolved and exchanged for the bras I wanted due to me not having the right size information. Looking forward to buying from you again as it's very hard to find size HH bra sizes. Thanks a lot!!!!
    Diane W.     5 star review12/15/2017
  • B was super helpful in looking into expediting the shipment of my Next Day delivery order. Very pleased w/ the service and looking forward to future purchases with you guys! Thank you and happy holidays!
    Travis H.     4 star review12/14/2017
  • thank you for sending my wife the panties she asked me to order for her. She received four of the 12 panties which I ordered, but I realized that you will send the remaining 8 pairs when the back order is available. Thank you again.
    Harold N.     4 star review12/14/2017
  • Yes you guys are great keep up the good work I can't think of anything that I would change happy holidays
    Tony M.     5 star review12/13/2017
  • I had a complicated return and Brisa earned the gold star and blue ribbon for PATIENCE way beyond the call of duty. I am not really computer savvy and what would have been nothing for someone familiar with the ins and outs of your system of returns was scary to me. She stayed with me the whole time which surely must have driven her crazy. My hat is off to this excellent employee of HerRoom.
    Sharon L.     5 star review12/12/2017
  • Nice & beautiful thick plush robe! I know my Father-in-law will be so pleased!!! He's a very big man & it looks plenty big enough & long as well for these cold winter mornings! Searched & searched for a robe like this that was high quality AND at a nice price!!! ( Oh, & it came early too!) Thank you! ;)
    Christy B.     5 star review12/12/2017
  • The most educational and user friendly bra website ever!
    Catherine R.     5 star review12/11/2017
  • SOOOO Happy they or shall I say the lovely lady that help me out getting a gift that is sooooooo very hard to get for my Mother.
    Susan W.     5 star review12/11/2017
  • Thank you for making the return process easy, and for answering all of my questions. The representative was friendly, professional, and efficient. Thanks again.
    Vincent C.     5 star review12/9/2017
  • This morning I placed a large order of $100.+. Shipping was free due to order size. This afternoon I remembered that I needed additional under-garments. This added up to roughly another $60. The customer service rep said it was too late to add on more items to the original order as it already went to the warehouse; however, after verifying the first order, she kindly credited me the $5.00 shipping fee for the second order. I think this was very good customer service. I will definitely buy from your site again! Keep up the good work!
    Pam B.     5 star review12/8/2017
  • It's really nice to receive good customer service! My email I sent inquiring about my order was answered promptly with all the info I needed. My phone call was answered quickly and I received friendly professional assistance. Thank you so much and please keep up the good work! Happy holidays to you all!
    Michele S.     5 star review12/7/2017
  • I love the website, is very clear, easy to place an order and the customer service help was excellent. Most of all I'm very relieved to know that they double check the shipping and billing address and made sure it was me and not somebody else placing an order with my credit card. Hopefully my mother will be please with the quality of the merchandise when she gets it. Thanks a lot for your great service
    Giovanna M.     5 star review12/7/2017
  • Quick and friendly response. Fixed the issue while we are on chat. Couldn't have been better.
    Timothy M.     5 star review12/7/2017
  • Very professional and took care of my concern right away. Great customer service.
    Deb S.     4 star review12/7/2017
  • My wife loves your bras and panties that I get for her every Christmas! She loves the way they always fit “just right” and are very comfortable to wear! Your prices and specials are awesome as well! That’s why I keep coming back...
    Terry B.     5 star review12/4/2017
  • My return was received and a refund was to be sent to my card. I am pleased with your service and very pleased with the item I ordered to replace this one with.
    Isabel J.     4 star review12/1/2017
  • Excellent inventory, prompt delivery, easy returns/exchanges. What more could one want? Thank you.
    Madelaine G.      5 star review11/30/2017
  • great prices and easy to purchase. There was an error in my purchase and I called customer service immediately and they corrected it with no problem!
    Debra B.     5 star review11/28/2017
  • So far I like everything about your establishment. The website is awesome & easy to Navigate. The CSR Rep was efficient & also friendly. She took care of my needs in a very short time. Love that ... so far I am hooked.
    D. L.     5 star review11/28/2017
  • I just want to thank everyone of your team for doing a great work. Tomima, your additional details to bras are more than helpful, makes it easier shopping online for bras especially when it comes to choosing between the different styles. The fact that I could easily return some ill-fitting bras is a huge plus, and the customer service, the online chats helped to explain and fix any issues. I will continue to shop and recommend HERROOM to all my family and friends.
    Samuel U.     5 star review11/28/2017
  • Emily went over and above in taking care of my return for me! That is why I love HerRoom and will never order from anywhere else!
    Brooke K.     5 star review11/27/2017
  • excellent service. since I couldn't use my printer, she gave me the address to return my purchase. it was quick and efficient!!!
    Phyllis K.     5 star review11/27/2017
  • The young lady was very helpful every question she answered she help me with the website she was very good thank you
    Maureen S.     5 star review11/27/2017
  • Just wanted to drop you a note to say great web design! The shopping cart was highly functional and the website easy to navigate. I actually got fitted over at Intimacy (or whatever they're called these days), but when I went to their site to check on the bras they fitted me to, it was clunky and I couldn't find what I know they have. I really like the small things that made your shopping cart so responsive, such as the $$ until next reward balloon. Good info, not too invasive.
    Randy B.     5 star review11/26/2017
  • I ordered a nightgown in a size large, then I had second thoughts about the size... it was helpful to talk to a real person! I decided to get a large and an extra large, find out which fits best and return the one that doesn't fit. I hope the nightgown is as nice as it looks on line. Great price with the markdown! Carol
    Carol S.     5 star review11/25/2017
  • My Customer Service Representative was EXCEPTIONAL! Please extend kudos to her or a job well done as I was impressed AND pleased with her! With Appreciation and Gratitude.
    Catherine R.     5 star review11/24/2017
  • I made a mistake with the size. It got changed immediately. Thank you
    Marielucienne E.     5 star review11/24/2017
  • The customer service representative answered all my questions and solved the minor issue with my order. I'm very happy!
    Megan Q.     5 star review11/21/2017
    Marge     5 star review11/19/2017
  • Thank You for such Great Customer service ! Also for this personal touch. It is people Like you and Companies like Her Room That keep me coming back. I love your products and I will let You know How they Fit. I will be a shopper with you for life. Thank you again for your superior service.
    Bradley M.     5 star review11/17/2017
  • Very positive interaction with associate. She was very knowledgeable and helpful.
    Joan K.     5 star review11/17/2017
  • I recently received my new Glamorise wireless sports bra and it's everything I desired: comfortable fit, PERFECT fit, the girls are not popping out, and I don't jiggle when walking. You are my one and only place for bra shopping. I'm so happy you exist and don't have to do anymore searching on where to find a bra.
    Sherell J.     5 star review11/17/2017
  • She was so pleasant and made me glad I was doing business with such a quality company
    Jerry B.     5 star review11/15/2017
  • Very helpful. She made my online shopping experience a breeze. Thank you.
    Elizabeth T.     5 star review11/15/2017
  • I have always been satisfied with your customer service
    Latha D.     4 star review11/15/2017
  • I received my order today and it is exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
    Barbara F.     4 star review11/14/2017
  • I had a great lady helping me. I had no problems understanding her and she had no problems with my order. Thank you for you help.
    Lisa C.     4 star review11/14/2017
  • The rep had more patience than I deserved. She was extremely patient, very helpful and very kind. She deserves at least 6 ******
    Janet H.     5 star review11/14/2017
  • Thank you for allowing me to return three separate orders all in one box!
    Nancy S,     5 star review11/14/2017
  • Love, love these panties. So glad I found your company. Also ordered underwear for my husband...
    Gayle S.     5 star review11/14/2017
  • 1st time customer I rate 5 star because my purchase arrived on time & was everything I expected !! I will be ordering again even if the same purchase + will recommend to family & friends thanks HerRoom for NOT being a scam !!!!
    Quantika D.     5 star review11/14/2017
  • Hi, no suggestions, just praise. Both my daughter and I are very difficult to find sizes, and finding this site has been like finding the holy grail. I've always had to choose 2 out of 3 (sexy, fits correctly, does what I want), while my daughter had given up on finding a supportive wireless bra in her size. Because of the amazing selection of sizes and styles you offer, we were both able to get exactly what we wanted for the first time in our lives. Just as importantly, the wonderful information you offer on each bra(and on breasts) meant we were both able to get the correct fit. I sell plus size ladies clothing and will be recommending your site to all of my customers and colleagues, especially those who are hard to fit.
    Heather H.     5 star review11/13/2017
  • I was excited to purchase the Elomi Amelia bra one I have worn for years that is no longer available at Nordstrom’s so a friend recommended HER ROOM Then I asked the representative if Elomi had a racer back bra she suggested the Etta in 42F Thank You for being my new Bra Shoppe
    Raini C.     5 star review11/11/2017
  • I am a new customer and very pleased with what I have received so far. I am looking forward to receiving the back order items. Can't wait as those items are for a wedding on December 16. The office staff is very nice and have explained everything in terms I can understand. I will be placing orders again in the future. Thank you all very much.
    Sylvia M.     5 star review11/11/2017
  • I do enjoy ordering specialty items from your site and am always happy with my purchases and also happy with the way this return was handled. Windy was very helpful and solved my problem immediately. Thank you.
    Jere S.     5 star review11/10/2017
  • Erica was very quick to help me and very nice. I really liked how quick the issue was resolved. It's why I always buy from y'all.
    Elizabeth R.     5 star review11/10/2017
  • Very patient customer assistance, she helped me find some seamless underwear, and pointed out when a new shipment will likely arrive. I have often shopped here, and always had a positive experience. THANK YOU!
    Patricia M.     5 star review11/9/2017
  • Brisa talked me through the return procedure -- easier than I would have thought. She was very courteous and helpful.
    Colleen D.     5 star review11/9/2017
  • Brisa was very pleasant to speak with. Very professional! She was able to help me get to the screens And prepaid label i needed for returning my items.
    Jacquelynn T.     5 star review11/9/2017
  • You guys are the best! Nice that even Plus sized woman can actually buy sexy undies...every other store makes me feel like 100 years old.....Luv ya all ♥ I received my smart and sexy bra today. Am I a B or a C,,,, NO! I wear a 42DDD and proud of it! Keep up the great work ♥
    Carolyn B.     5 star review11/7/2017
  • Amanda was so sweet, professional, & patient. I had some questions on the item I was interested in - Rhonda Shear cotton support tank, where the size stamp on inside back of item was confusing to me. It read 1XL, I know size 1X, & I know XL. BUT it confused me a bit to see 1XL. She was great, order completed & she did a great job. Thank you Amanda & thank you HerRoom!
    Sarah K.     5 star review11/7/2017
  • Was having trouble with a return but Nataliem solved my problem. She was so kind and very patient. I will surely recommend HerRoom to others.
    Pauline H.     5 star review11/7/2017
  • Your company never disappoints!
    Renee H.     5 star review11/7/2017
  • I called to find out how to return two bras I purchased for my granddaughter. Wrong size,what do I know, I'm 81. The lady I spoke with was most helpful. I will be at the post office tomorrow. Thank you. P.S. My granddaughter loves your products so I'll be back.
    Albert H.     5 star review11/7/2017
  • Thank you, for the wonderful priced bra's.
    Aleta M.     0 star review11/6/2017
  • Representative was very helpful with her suggestions for proper fit of the new bra. Love your website. Best one I have ever encountered.
    Norma Jean M.     5 star review11/6/2017
    Rhonda H.     5 star review11/6/2017
  • The rep was very helpful and made some good suggestions.
    Robyn F.     4 star review11/6/2017
  • She suggested I get a another size and also explain the difference between sizes she was very very helpful Thanks Omega
    Omega H.     5 star review11/5/2017
  • Shortest customer service call I ever had to make, polite, efficient and could understand! Great rep, I'd keep this one : )
    Lynn W.     5 star review11/3/2017
  • Fast and efficient chat service. Love it. Thanks.
    Blythe M.     5 star review11/3/2017
  • I had excellent help from Brisa who walked me through the returns process online and remained polite and positive when I made errors and was slow at the process. I really appreciated her support!
    Gail J.     5 star review11/2/2017
  • Have had my eye on the Natori sports bra so it was nice to know it was available. My size is very hard to find in department stores.
    Tina H.     5 star review11/1/2017
  • Stephanie helped me as much as she could. She took time to explain measurements and sizing for me. She was a great help.
    Florance B.     5 star review11/1/2017
  • Exceptional customer service representative- she was courteous, friendly, professional and solved the problem and followed up with me the next day!
    Lynette G.     5 star review11/1/2017
  • Brisa was extremely helpful. I miss my cutoff return period but she managed to get me approved to having my order exchanged. She assisted and resolved my issues. She is efficient and a good problem solver.
    Intan F.     5 star review10/31/2017
  • Emily/Erika was efficient and timely with cancelling my order and answering my inquiry regarding a return. Very pleased with the chat application.
    Gwendolyn F.     4 star review10/30/2017
  • Positive feedback! I just want to thank you for your descrlption of the history of Lanz of Salzburg. My mother wore their nightgowns her whole life, and I wear their flannel pj's exclusively. Today I wanted to find out where they are made and did a google search for history of the company and only your site offered me the explanation!! Thanks for this great customer service.
    Erin R.     0 star review10/29/2017
  • Sent a lovely flannel gown to my best friend. She loved it.. Warm and soft and cute!
    Felicia K.     5 star review10/27/2017
  • As an old woman not used to ordering on line, or having to return anything, I was nervous. The chat was helpful, patient and I am extremely satisfied.
    Jeanette S.     5 star review10/27/2017
  • Your customer service rep was great! She was patient, clear and very helpful.
    Evangelia M.     5 star review10/27/2017
  • I have been ordering many bras since I have gone from a 36 to a 38 but the two I have ordered fit differently. We have three places and I need to replace my old bras and these will be wonderful. Great bras and now I have several sizes for when I gain or lose weight. Thanks for keeping everything straight with all these orders. You are terrific.
    Maylan W.     5 star review10/26/2017
  • I am not so great on the computer an Natalie was a big help to your c0mpany caters to women who are full figured and plus size I think that is terrific not to many places around do that so it is good to know I Wil spread the word because full figured women want to feel glamorous too
    Lena R.     5 star review10/26/2017
  • the young lady that took my order over the phone was very cordial, helpful. patient, and certainly an asset to your organization. keeper
    Linda M.     5 star review10/26/2017
  • I love my items! They fit perfectly and were just what I was looking for!
    Elaine R.     4 star review10/25/2017
  • Your website gives excellent descriptions of the bras; I especially appreciate that you show the back so I can see how the straps lay as I have a problem with sloping shoulders. The steps for ordering are easy. The items arrive quickly and it is easy to return items you are not happy with. You make it easier to find the "right" bra instead of walking all over a store. It made it easy for me to experiment. I ordered, and kept, a $142 bra because I just had to see what kind of bra is worth that kind of money. The Prima Donna Deauville is worth it! (though it is a bit wasted on this old body). This bra definitely is special and worth it! The ladies on the phone are very helpful. And last but not least, you have great variety. I did not compare prices because I was determined to find "My Comfortable Bra" before I die and your website makes it easy. Thanks
    Myra F.     5 star review10/25/2017
  • It's always a pleasure to work with Her Room. It's a favorite site of mine, xoxo!
    Patricia M.     5 star review10/25/2017
  • I wish every woman shopping experience could be so wonderful as mine is when I shopping with you. They are always ready to help me no matter the question. Thank you
    Brenda B.     5 star review10/25/2017
  • Ms. Emily was VERY helpful with my situation. It's so hard to describe something across the screen, or even the phone, when a true visual is necessary. Ms. Emily was patient with my explanations and sought thorough answers. Thank you Ms. Emily!!!!
    Teresa D.     5 star review10/25/2017
  • I love the way your company treats your customers. Also your company/Rep is very helpful and polite. Thank You
    Yolanda S.     5 star review10/24/2017
  • I really appreciate that a discount code that I forgot to enter with my order was honored. Erica answered my question quickly. Your website is full of great information and helpful questions to get the right fit. The selection of bras is really comprehensive. I'm very pleased to have discovered your site.
    Maureen V.     5 star review10/24/2017
  • Nikita was very sweet, kind, patient with me & VERY professional!! I do appreciate her so much!! Also.... I LOVE your Bras & the way they fit!! I have bought them over the years & told my friends & neighbors about them and they all love them too! I have several different styles and will continue to purchase them in all available colors!! I sleep in the ones without the underwire. So comfor- Table!!! Thank you again
    Lynette H.      5 star review10/24/2017
  • My issue was solved really quickly. I was not put on hold. I spoke with an agent immediately who gave me my order # in under a minutte
    Jessica H.      5 star review10/24/2017
  • I would be thriled to let you know! I have had spine surgery so some info I had written down was downstaris..........and she worked with me to help me remember those notes She was patient and laughed when I made my silly jokes.
    Constance M.      5 star review10/23/2017
  • I was very satisfied. I asked the customer service representative about credit that I should be receiving for some items that I returned. They said the package was received and they would process it and it would/could take up to 72 hours to see credit on my account where debit card is linked to.
    Arlene P.      5 star review10/23/2017
  • Great service from your company always! Thank you!
    Eloise M.     5 star review10/23/2017
  • I had some questions about my orders and the rep that I spoke to was very friendly and very helpful. Thanks !
    Roger D.     5 star review10/23/2017
  • Hello, this was my first purchase....and I must say I am totally pleased....very nice....and sent well packaged....and promptly.. thank you
    Grace S.     0 star review10/23/2017
  • Wendy was Awesome, She was quick to understand I needed the product to go to the correct address and name. She was quickly able to correct my errors and let me know all was well and that she had taken care of the order corrections. Very pleasant person.
    Vivian S.     5 star review10/21/2017
  • At times, instructions were slightly hard to follow. And, I was sometimes wondering if she completely understood my questions. But, all-in-all, very good experience
    Kari H.     4 star review10/21/2017
  • I recently ordered from your website for the first time and I'm very pleased. Thanks you.
    Sharon S.     5 star review10/21/2017
  • I tried to order online but it would not respond when I hit place order. It just froze So I called and Megan offered to place the order. She did and was very helpful Great Thanks
    William M.     4 star review10/20/2017
  • Agent was extremely helpful and professional
    Sara Marie J.     4 star review10/20/2017
  • The representative was very helpful in directing me about my return and reordering
    Cecelia N.     4 star review10/19/2017
  • Thank you Tomima.... I just discovered your site when googling a zip up robe.... I love beautiful lingerie ... still, even though I am in my 60’s .... and am always looking for ones with stretchlace tops on the nightgown.The stretch better accommodates larger busts. Thanks... and am looking forward to receiving my order.
    Toni M     5 star review10/17/2017
  • I just wanted to say a huge thank you to your company. Bathing suit and bra shopping have been a source of stress and anxiety and honestly sometimes have been so depressing for me ever since high school when my bra size became 32 DD. As I have a natural chest (ie no implants) I need much more support than the average triangle bikini top. I had to learn how to sew in order to make some bras fit me ( and I am not super great at it lol). But as I am not a master tailor, most of the time I have had to wear XXL bathing suit tops and tie the backs which were supposed to be clasped or just suffer through wearing a bra that slides up my back while my breasts pour out the cups in the center Your company providing stylish and affordable bras and bathing suit tops that actually work for large chests is so amazing and life changing for me and I wanted you to know that for people like me, you are doing way more than just selling clothes. Thank you SO much
    Sondra M.     5 star review10/16/2017
  • Very professional response as well as human warmth when I shared a "fitting" issue (bib body with too small breasts) (46/48 with a A 1/2 cup size)
    Laurel J.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • The return process seems very easy. And I will be ordering a great deal, since it is easy and simple! Thanks!
    Adele C.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Dear HerRoom! Thank you so much for your outstanding service and fabulous products. The purpose of this note is to share praise for your person named Erica, she called me to let me know about a credit I had, and my recent purchases. What a terrific voice on the phone, very kind. Thank you very much for helping me find the best comfortable fit in bras and compliments to you on your outstanding customer service. Thank you Erica! Thank you HerRoom.
    L. Oleson     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Amanda was quite helpful I was able to get more information on purchasing a couple types of bras rather than only one type. I was disappointed that the blue Galmourise is no longer available I am not the only one that would like that color. Please do reconsider. Let me know when the blue is available again. Thank you.
    Tammy G.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Emily was quick to assist with my order; she got the address updated and hopefully it will make it to the right location! Thank you Emily!!
    Kimberly S.     4 star review10/12/2017
  • I would like to thank you for offering multiple styles, brands, colors, and helpful sizing tips! I no longer can shop in ANY stores including plus size stores for the size bra that I need! I have been purchasing bras from your site for the past 3years! My favorite bra Elomi 8720 that I have had for 2yrs, just broke last night! Thank you for offering beautiful bras that make me feel sexy and not just the normal boring nude, white and black options! I have recommend your site to other women who have the same struggles as I do with larger breast! THANK YOU! Sincerely
    Michelle K     5 star review10/12/2017
  • The agent I spoke with was very helpful, polite and quite attentive to my comments.
    Susan L.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Easy transaction -- customer service was great!!
    Robert B.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Very helpful and courteous. She answered my questions in a clear and timely manner. Wonderful young women. Thank you so much.
    Marie C.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Erica was wonderful! My experience was so good, instead of just returning I ordered 2 more Bras!
    Donna R.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • As always, your team of people there are wonderful to work with!
    Rhonda M.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Love you Tomima. Great site . Keep up the good work. All your beautiful items makes a guy jealous he's not a girl.
    L. Lasky     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Due to a (hopefully temporary) hormone imbalance, I found a need for some breast support. Being single made shopping department stores a non-option. I found your website and read some reviews, even from a few men who seemingly have my problem. After doing my best to follow your instructions on fitting, I ordered a bra and it recently arrived. I may have gone one band size too low, but my problem is certainly relieved. Thanks for being there when I needed you and for making the whole process easy and professional.
    M. Alexander     5 star review10/12/2017
  • What a lovely presentation on the bra I just received. The packaging is lush and I just ordered 4 more bras, however in a different design. LOVELY AND SERVICE IS GREAT......THANK YOU!
    N. Cedarblade     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Order arrived - best bra I have ever had - fit perfect. Thanks
    Louise J.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Miss Tomima, I was shopping for Warners bras in Boscovs , $40.00 a piece, couldn't do it. I turned on my kindle and there you are. I was very thankful, to see a company that could fill the bill for a $85.00 a month income. From the bottom of my heart , mercy and grace be with you. Warmest Wished.
    Patricia F.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • This was my first-time ordering from you, and I am so pleased with my choices and your service. The package came to California in just 3 days. Outstanding service. I love the packaging, and all three of my bras fit beautifully! I will be a loyal HerRoom customer from now on!
    Heidi H.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • I would like you to know that I found your "checkout" to be one of the easiest I have ever come across!
    Bev P.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • I really like the universal cup sizing. As a D3, it really made my shopping experience easier. Your center measurements with comments help, also.
    Valerie G.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Accidentally found your site. Recently lost a lot of weight. Went from a 40D to a 34C. Trying to find a comfortable bra that fit right has seemed impossible until YOU. Very first 2 bras were PERFECT.
    Anne Marie B.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Thank YOU. I am so very happy to find you and purchase my lovely bra from you directly. Due to recent back surgery and not being able to shop this item from Macy's, I am so happy and grateful that I could purchase this directly from you.
    Natasha K.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • I love that customer service means so much to HerRoom!!!
    Teena J.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Love my bra. Will order one in each color when I get back from vacation.
    Marie B.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Thank you so much. I have been looking for a bra that fits for 3 years. I have been to all the best Neiman's, Dillard's, Nordstrom. I am little, size 4 with girls that don't match my size. This has been a nightmare. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks!! I just ordered my size from your company!! Hallelujah!!
    Cara B.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Thank you for sending my socks so promptly & enclosing the lovely linen bag as a gift, you should be proud of your company for delivering the promised order perfectly.
    Cynthia L.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Thank you! I look forward to receiving this item! I have an extremely hard time finding the right size, as I am "well endowed" in the chest. Many companies figure if you are a larger size in one area, then you are in other areas as well, then I start getting emails for things that are totally not my size! I was very excited to come across your site!
    Sherrie J.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • One of the things I appreciated most was the reviews of the items on your site. And yes, not just the good ones. Very helpful and transparent. It actually made me buy from you because of it.
    Tammy L.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • First visit to your site. I'm impressed. Ordered products - hope I'm impressed with them, too. I can tell that women designed the site!
    Margaret T.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • This level of customer care is outstanding, and adds to the overall value of the experience of shopping with HerRoom. This quality of care is consistent with the pleasure of shopping for, choosing, and receiving the beautiful-for-all, affordable-for-all products that HerRoom offers. Really a great niche company, and I expect to hear wonderful things about HerRoom because of this level of thoughtfulness and commitment to comprehensive customer care and value.
    Virginia W.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • The last item in my order arrived on Monday. Actually, all of this took place in just a week. I am more than impressed and have passed on your site to several friends.
    Mary M.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Just received my items and am very grateful for your online store and service. Great alternative for shopping and prices are better than in a local store. Thanks so much!
    Maggie R.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Thank you... I received my lovely pink nightgown last night...It came wrapped so nicely and feels soft and silky as I wear it this morning.
    Helaswolf     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Thank you so much for your welcome letter! You make me feel very valued. I sincerely am excited to have found your site.
    Peggy L.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • I have worn this nightgown for years and have had such a hard time finding it. I love your website and your prices are great. I look forward to receiving my merchandise, and I will be telling my friends about your website.
    Joanne L.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • I'm in customer service and I want to tell you how nice it is to get a follow up email regarding my recent order. And I just wanted to say Thank You! I'll be back to shop again!
    Janet M.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Hello there, it has been a great evening, as I just put in my 1st order, ever, to Her Room, and I greatly appreciate your efforts over the years, to have developed this fine company and website, thanks!!!
    Bob D.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • I just got my first order of bras from your company and wanted to say that I am very happy with them. I usually don't spend this much for bras, but I took the bra finder test and ordered two of the suggested bras. I was very pleasantly surprised that it fits well and really made a difference in how my figure looks. I have small breasts that seem to be disappearing and heading south as I get older. However, I hate padded bras and have trouble finding any style I like. This bra kind of gathers up and makes the most of what I have. I had no idea this was really possible. Also, the straps seem like they are going to stay up. So, thanks for a very effective bra finder test and for the high quality bra selection.
    Beth C.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • I ordered 3 sports bras from you and I just want to tell you I never thought I could find a sports bra in my cup size. They are exquisite and fit me beautifully. You have a fantastic product and I will tell all my friends about you. I found my new place for underwear and I see there is a page for HIM too. Thank you so much for what you do to help women find beautiful lingerie. I was so impressed how nicely they were packaged. Again, I just need to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase.
    Barbara W.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • I just want to say Thank you for the most wonderful service I received purchasing the Pinup Body Wrap body shaper. I absolutely love it. It's the best for comfort and control...I ordered from your website just a few days ago and received it yesterday! I'm hooked on Her Room!
    Claudette D.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Wow, I cannot recommend your Know Your Breasts bra-finder enough. I spent at least a decade struggling with bras that don't fit my non-typical size. I've been using this tool to order bras for the last 5 years and will never turn back. I recommend it to everyone with boobs I know. It's made my life so much easier and I have never had to exchange a bra for a different size. Thanks so much!
    Gianni R.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • HerRoom has the best bra packaging-the bag that was sent with my order was very nice.
    Sigrid H.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Hello, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your packaging-nice touch! I have ordered bras online through another company and they came in a manila envelope smashed.
    Cynthia B.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Just opened my order! You all are terrific, having fine items, prompt shipping, and an easy ordering process! Give yourselves a BIG pat on your back! Really a nice experience shopping with you. Great job! Very happy customer.
    Janie E.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • As a large busted woman, it is very hard to find a bra that fits well as not many stores have bras in larger sizes, especially ones that fit. Your Va Bien Minimizer Bra 605 is wonderful!! It gives me a wonderful shape and the extra boning on the side prevents bulge out on the sides. I used to buy this bra from Lady Grace but they have discontinued selling them. I am so very happy to find this bra again. Even big busted woman like to look good and feel good under their clothes. Thank you again, I hope you never discontinue this amazing bra.
    Lynn B.     5 star review10/12/2017
  • Your prices and your bras are amazing!!! I have always bought them at JCP, but not anymore!! They have raised their prices a lot, so I searched the net and luckily found your site where your prices are reasonable for the very same bra!!! Keep it up...literally!!!!
    Fritzi     5 star review10/10/2017
  • HI, I am a new customer, and I wanted to say how grateful I am to find a site that allows me to find exactly what I want. Your selections are great, and your prices are fair. I look forward to seeing the additional clothing items as you expand. I appreciate being able to find a website site that doesn't "discriminate" if someone is not one of the skinny folks either. Your selections fit people of any size. THANK YOU.
    Gregory L.     5 star review10/10/2017
  • Thank you So Much. I Love your Site.
    Marcia     5 star review10/8/2017
  • Love this site and Plus selection.
    Phyllis M.     5 star review10/8/2017
  • My inquiry was handled very professionally and in an expedient manner.
    Charles T.     4 star review10/7/2017
  • Stephanie took me back to the time when "customer service" meant something. She was positively great. Went WAY out of way to be so helpful to give great service to me. If what I purchased is what I have looked for and found I will be you great customer. I run a support group and I will see that they also buy from you.
    Terri F.     5 star review10/6/2017
  • She was articulate and courteous. What I would expect from a good customer service rep.
    Christine O.     5 star review10/6/2017
  • Great customer service, very informative
    Raymond G.     4 star review10/5/2017
  • Operator/representative was very kind in answering my questions regarding a return.
    Lynda B.     5 star review10/5/2017
  • I think this was the BEST customer service person I have ever communicated with. Excellent representation for your company.
    Leslie S.     5 star review10/5/2017
  • We never have any problems with her / his room when ordering, or having to return any items
    Clifford T.     5 star review10/4/2017
  • The person on the phone could not have been more helpful
    Susan A.     5 star review10/3/2017
  • It's always a pleasure to purchase from her room. I have always received superior service from your customer service representatives. Thank you.
    Phyllis T.     5 star review10/3/2017
  • Fabulous customer service! Great site!
    Karen A.     5 star review9/29/2017
  • Very patient and helpful. I wasn't even sure I had an issue that could be resolved, and she really came through for me. Thanks!
    Emily G.     5 star review9/29/2017
  • Very professional! Quick answer to my question.
    Amy Y.     5 star review9/29/2017
  • You guys dived in and saved me from future order mistakes.WHY in the world did I ever doubt. You are my favorite kept secret but its to good to keep to myself. Thanks for your support!
    Lavetta K.     5 star review9/28/2017
  • The rep was polite and kind. I had received an email asking for the billing address on my card. I had replied tot he email but when I logged into my account, there was a message saying that you were still looking for the billing address. So I called. The rep took the address and then told me I was all set. Great experience.
    Linda M.     5 star review9/28/2017
  • The rep that I chatted with was able to answer my question easily. It was great. Thank you very much! Both days I have chatted with you guys, it has been great. Thank you so everyone there!
    Kirsten H.     5 star review9/28/2017
  • I accidentally placed an order for the wrong size. It was incredibly straightforward and hassle-free calling and having them change it.
    Danielle Z.     5 star review9/28/2017
  • I was having a problem entering an order online. I called the customer service number. Brisa help me immediately. She was quick, efficient, professional, and very pleasant.
    Mary Ann F     5 star review9/28/2017
  • Erica was very quick to assist me and get my back-ordered item canceled as I requested.
    Laura J.     5 star review9/28/2017
  • Did not have time to call. I made a mistake on my order. Jumped on the live chat and had my order cancelled within seconds. Then I re ordered with the info I intended. Great service.
    Lindsey H.     5 star review9/28/2017
  • I really appreciated the experience that I had with the customer service representative. It was hassle free which shows not only good but great personality too for problem solving.
    Sonia E.     5 star review9/28/2017
  • Most helpful, very pleasing to work with, solved the problem of a lost package. Thank you so much!
    Dona D.     4 star review9/28/2017
  • She was very informative and pleasant. Answered all of my questions and provided advice. Already placed my next order.
    Lisa R.     5 star review9/28/2017
  • I asked for help in a return and Emily explained I could return by UPS or USPS. Then I asked for help to reorder with another brand. Elizabeth answered my questions. Both ladies are well trained, efficient and quickly helped with the issues. Thank you for these two helpful ladies.
    Bonnie M.     4 star review9/28/2017
  • Erica has been great in following up on a missing item that was never delivered. I appreciate her customer service follow through!
    Joi M.     3 star review9/28/2017
  • Had to wait a bit longer than expected for my back order. But, I was emailed updates. When I called and had an on line "chat" everything was done in a very professional way. I received my tracking information and as of now, the order was shipped on the 20th and I should be receiving it by the 28th.
    Barbara A.     4 star review9/28/2017
  • Amanda was exceptionally pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful to me.
    Rosemarie M.     5 star review9/28/2017
  • Nikita, was awesome, she took her time help me with my new items and return. I will tell family and friends about Her Room. Your Bras are beautiful and reasonable prices. For my daughter and I are big busted women, good quality pretty bras are hard to find. I'm a very satisfied customer. As you know good customer service is hard to fine, so keep her she's a jewel. You have my business and I'll make sure many others.
    Sherry W.     5 star review9/28/2017
  • Customer service was so nice and professional and solved my problem. I will definitely shop with you again.
    Susie S.     5 star review9/28/2017
  • Erica was fantastic! She quickly solved my issue and I was able to purchase more after resolving the issue.
    Antonia R.     5 star review9/27/2017
  • I had a very unusual issue and Stephanie handled it like a total ROCKSTAR!!!! I will always use you guys!!!
    Lissa D.     5 star review9/27/2017
  • The girl I spoke with was very nice and very helpful. Appreciated her kindness. Thank you.
    Nancy H.     5 star review9/25/2017
  • Quick and easy exchange. CSR extended a courtesy since my exchange was outside of the exchange dates. Grateful. Thanks.
    Jackie J.     5 star review9/25/2017
  • Very courteous and handled the call in a professional manner.
    Lana H.     4 star review9/25/2017
  • My experience was amazing! This is my first order to your company and I must admit I have been really impressed with the high level of customer service. Both calls were answered by very polite ladies who were organized, knew exactly how to help me and answered all my questions and concerns so nicely. They both seemed very genuine in wanting to help me which I appreciated. Sometimes as a customer you call a company and they make you feel like your wasting their time even though you've given them your hard earned money! This was NOT the case with HerRoom. Thank you for making me feel that I WAS the priority and that my questions were not a waste of time. I feel confident that this is the company that I will order from in the future and no one else! Great job by everyone! I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.
    Natalie M.     5 star review9/25/2017