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Our Customers Love Us, Here's Why:

  • This was my first-time ordering from you, and I am so pleased with my choices and your service. The package came to California in just 3 days. Outstanding service. I love the packaging, and all three of my bras fit beautifully! I will be a loyal HerRoom customer from now on!
    - Heidi H.
  • I would like you to know that I found your "checkout" to be one of the easiest I have ever come across!
    - Bev P.
  • I really like the universal cup sizing. As a D3, it really made my shopping experience easier. Your center measurements with comments help, also.
    - Valerie G.
  • Accidentally found your site. Recently lost a lot of weight. Went from a 40D to a 34C. Trying to find a comfortable bra that fit right has seemed impossible until YOU. Very first 2 bras were PERFECT.
    - Anne Marie B.
  • Thank YOU. I am so very happy to find you and purchase my lovely bra from you directly. Due to recent back surgery and not being able to shop this item from Macy's, I am so happy and grateful that I could purchase this directly from you.
    - Natasha K.
  • I love that customer service means so much to HerRoom!!!
    - Teena J.
  • Love my bra. Will order one in each color when I get back from vacation.
    - Marie B.
  • Thank you so much. I have been looking for a bra that fits for 3 years. I have been to all the best Neiman's, Dillard's, Nordstrom. I am little, size 4 with girls that don't match my size. This has been a nightmare. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks!! I just ordered my size from your company!! Hallelujah!!
    - Cara B.
  • Thank you for sending my socks so promptly & enclosing the lovely linen bag as a gift, you should be proud of your company for delivering the promised order perfectly.
    - Cynthia L.
  • Thank you! I look forward to receiving this item! I have an extremely hard time finding the right size, as I am "well endowed" in the chest. Many companies figure if you are a larger size in one area, then you are in other areas as well, then I start getting emails for things that are totally not my size! I was very excited to come across your site!
    - Sherrie J.
  • One of the things I appreciated most was the reviews of the items on your site. And yes, not just the good ones. Very helpful and transparent. It actually made me buy from you because of it.
    - Tammy L.
  • First visit to your site. I'm impressed. Ordered products - hope I'm impressed with them, too. I can tell that women designed the site!
    - Margaret T.
  • This level of customer care is outstanding, and adds to the overall value of the experience of shopping with HerRoom. This quality of care is consistent with the pleasure of shopping for, choosing, and receiving the beautiful-for-all, affordable-for-all products that HerRoom offers. Really a great niche company, and I expect to hear wonderful things about HerRoom because of this level of thoughtfulness and commitment to comprehensive customer care and value.
    - Virginia W.
  • The last item in my order arrived on Monday. Actually, all of this took place in just a week. I am more than impressed and have passed on your site to several friends.
    - Mary M.
  • Just received my items and am very grateful for your online store and service. Great alternative for shopping and prices are better than in a local store. Thanks so much!
    - Maggie R.
  • Thank you... I received my lovely pink nightgown last night...It came wrapped so nicely and feels soft and silky as I wear it this morning.
    - Helaswolf
  • Thank you so much for your welcome letter! You make me feel very valued. I sincerely am excited to have found your site.
    - Peggy L.
  • I have worn this nightgown for years and have had such a hard time finding it. I love your website and your prices are great. I look forward to receiving my merchandise, and I will be telling my friends about your website.
    - Joanne L.
  • I'm in customer service and I want to tell you how nice it is to get a follow up email regarding my recent order. And I just wanted to say Thank You! I'll be back to shop again!
    - Janet M.
  • Hello there, it has been a great evening, as I just put in my 1st order, ever, to Her Room, and I greatly appreciate your efforts over the years, to have developed this fine company and website, thanks!!!
    - Bob D.
  • I just got my first order of bras from your company and wanted to say that I am very happy with them. I usually don't spend this much for bras, but I took the bra finder test and ordered two of the suggested bras. I was very pleasantly surprised that it fits well and really made a difference in how my figure looks. I have small breasts that seem to be disappearing and heading south as I get older. However, I hate padded bras and have trouble finding any style I like. This bra kind of gathers up and makes the most of what I have. I had no idea this was really possible. Also, the straps seem like they are going to stay up. So, thanks for a very effective bra finder test and for the high quality bra selection.
    - Beth C.
  • I ordered 3 sports bras from you and I just want to tell you I never thought I could find a sports bra in my cup size. They are exquisite and fit me beautifully. You have a fantastic product and I will tell all my friends about you. I found my new place for underwear and I see there is a page for HIM too. Thank you so much for what you do to help women find beautiful lingerie. I was so impressed how nicely they were packaged. Again, I just need to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase.
    - Barbara W.
  • I just want to say Thank you for the most wonderful service I received purchasing the Pinup Body Wrap body shaper. I absolutely love it. It's the best for comfort and control...I ordered from your website just a few days ago and received it yesterday! I'm hooked on Her Room!
    - Claudette D.
  • Wow, I cannot recommend your Know Your Breasts bra-finder enough. I spent at least a decade struggling with bras that don't fit my non-typical size. I've been using this tool to order bras for the last 5 years and will never turn back. I recommend it to everyone with boobs I know. It's made my life so much easier and I have never had to exchange a bra for a different size. Thanks so much!
    - Gianni R.
  • HerRoom has the best bra packaging-the bag that was sent with my order was very nice.
    - Sigrid H.
  • Hello, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your packaging-nice touch! I have ordered bras online through another company and they came in a manila envelope smashed.
    - Cynthia B.
  • Just opened my order! You all are terrific, having fine items, prompt shipping, and an easy ordering process! Give yourselves a BIG pat on your back! Really a nice experience shopping with you. Great job! Very happy customer.
    - Janie E.
  • As a large busted woman, it is very hard to find a bra that fits well as not many stores have bras in larger sizes, especially ones that fit. Your Va Bien Minimizer Bra 605 is wonderful!! It gives me a wonderful shape and the extra boning on the side prevents bulge out on the sides. I used to buy this bra from Lady Grace but they have discontinued selling them. I am so very happy to find this bra again. Even big busted woman like to look good and feel good under their clothes. Thank you again, I hope you never discontinue this amazing bra.
    - Lynn B.