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  • I just ordered 2 beautiful bras and I’m very excited about shopping with your website. You have a great choice and I’m ready to upgrade my bras for the ones I ordered!
    Kathy B.     5 star review9/16/2018
  • Nessa instructed me to sign in to my account so that I wouldn't have any problems in generating a return shipping label. She was very professional, and helpful.
    Priscilla D.     5 star review9/16/2018
  • I like doing the online chat, it's so much faster and more efficient!
    Barbara S.     5 star review9/14/2018
  • The customer services girl was very helpful. She answered all my questions took care of my exchange , I forgot to put the size on the item I was exchanging and she took care of it Immediately. Very efficient. Took less than 5 min. Thank you
    JoAnn F.     5 star review9/14/2018
  • My experience was very pleasant and helpful in correcting my errors so that i could complete my return!
    Marcia C.     4 star review9/14/2018
  • I have been ordering from you all for a few years, for myself and gifts! I have loved the Sleepwear! I have never had a problem. This past month I made a mistake in my order and want to thank you for helping to fix it, mostly for being so kind. Looking forward to future purchases.
    Jacqueline B.     5 star review9/14/2018
  • Exceptional service! I’m very pleased with the help I received with returns and fitting assistance. Thanks!
    Laurie L.     5 star review9/13/2018
  • It is nice to have a normal conversation about underwear that can be taken seriously
    Matt L.     5 star review9/13/2018
  • Vanessa and Catherine were EXCEPTIONAL in their customer service to me a 1st time customer! They were friendly, courteous, and patient with me as I asked questions and made my decisions! Thank you ladies!
    Terry H.     5 star review9/12/2018
  • Flor was absolutely wonderful!! She solved my issue in a matter of seconds. I'm very grateful!
    Abbe P.     5 star review9/12/2018
    Evelyn B.     5 star review9/12/2018
  • I had hoped to receive these by Friday of this week. I didn't realize how slow the shipping would be. So, the rep was fine but I might have chosen something different for shipping in order to get my order sooner.
    Patrice N.     4 star review9/12/2018
  • Amber was very helpful and friendly, lots of patients with this non computer person! Thanks!
    Sherry Q.     5 star review9/12/2018
  • Delighted to find these bras which I thought were discontinued. It has been many years since I ordered from your company and cannot believe I didn't contact you sooner. Many thanks to Amber for her assistance.
    Dianne D.     5 star review9/11/2018
  • quick response time, went beyond what i initially asked to help me out, solved my issue immediately!
    Sharon Z.     5 star review9/11/2018
  • Your service manager was extremely polite and helpful. She had a lot of patience answering my many questions. The longline bra that I ordered has unique sizing and she helped me determine the best size for me. This is the second time that I order from you folks. Each time it has been a pleasant experience. My first order came and everything fit perfectly. The ladies that have taken my orders have been very sweet and showed a real desire to help. I have recommended your site to several of my friends.
    Juanita R.     5 star review9/11/2018
  • Very quick, professional, and even funny! You could hear the smile on her face.
    Jane D.     5 star review9/11/2018
  • The lady was very nice . Looking forward to getting my order. :)
    Vicky S.     4 star review9/11/2018
  • Answered my questions quickly, pleasantly, and professionally plus provided me with an additional refund re a return. No hassles at all! Thanks Amber!
    Melodye G.     5 star review9/11/2018
  • I needed some help with a return and our associate was spot on with their assistance. Thank you
    Patricia Q.     4 star review9/11/2018
  • Rep was wonderful! Answered my questions and knew what she was talking about! So great that one call could make an old broad happy. Took my order, will be back again
    Phyllis L.     5 star review9/11/2018
  • After I spoke w/a representative of Her Room, she was able to help me. Thanks
    Helen C.     4 star review9/11/2018
  • CSR was great and very understanding and accommodative. Made my return process very smooth.
    Mildred S.     5 star review9/11/2018
  • Amber helped me with an exchange over the phone today. She was great and I am very satisfied with the service I received today.
    Denean C.     5 star review9/11/2018
  • Amber was very professional, understanding, and a absolute pleasure to deal with ! I felt totally comfortable and unjudged while speaking with her. Too bad the rest of society isn't as open minded as Amber.. She may not have known at first that she was dealing with a trans-gender individual, but I believe she figured it out as we conversed and yet she still remained to be as delightful to speak with. Thank you Amber. Thank you HerRoom as well.
    John M.     5 star review9/11/2018
  • It would be great if you could carry more 40-I nursing bras. It’s very challenging to find this size nursing bra. We’ve searched many places and finally saw you carried some nursing bras in this size. I’m buying these for my Daughter-in-Law. We’re anxious to try them! Thanks for sharing reviews that helped us know how the bra fit. Also the different views of the bra were great!
    Jackie A.     5 star review9/10/2018
  • My representative helped me with my concern and was very sweet. I’m looking forward to my replacements.
    Marina G.     5 star review9/10/2018
  • Amber very quickly helped me straighten out the details of my return. Yaaaay Amber!
    Geraldine L.     5 star review9/10/2018
  • Customer service was outstanding on the two recent occasions that I called HerRoom. This is especially refreshing in this on-line retail age in which most companies severely restrict human contact with customers to save money.
    Lisa J.     5 star review9/10/2018
  • Rep was very helpful, especially because I didn't have my order number
    Paul H.     5 star review9/10/2018
  • Love your website have all the stuff a crossdresser need thanks
    Sidney D.     5 star review9/10/2018
  • Everyone did a good job and the follow up was excellent. Thank you!
    Kellene K.     5 star review9/9/2018
  • Amber was professional and thorough and rectified an issue I had.
    Michele D.     4 star review9/7/2018
  • I am very satisfied with the fast response to fix a mistake that was made with my order. Thank you.
    Patricia S.     4 star review9/7/2018
  • Flor was willing to help me with my problem, she listened to my problem, & offered me some help.
    Emmanuel U.     4 star review9/7/2018
  • Everyone at his room/her room have always been so kind and willing to help in any way they can, it's such a pleasure buying from such happy people.
    Mark T.     5 star review9/7/2018
  • Customer service changed and order that I had placed online that had not been shipped yet. They were able to make the size correction and I am very satisfied. Thank you
    Sandra H.     5 star review9/7/2018
  • I appreciate that you checked to confirm the odd shipping address. I feel even better about the purchases
    Betsy P.     5 star review9/7/2018
  • Thank you so much, Jacqueline, for your prompt response. I will be placing an order with you very soon! Have a blessed day. 😊
    Lisa J.     0 star review9/6/2018
  • Lorena was polite, friendly and very helpful in resolving my issue.
    Cynthia W.     5 star review9/6/2018
  • Both calls were handled well. Amber even called back with a suggestion.🤗
    Elizabeth B.     5 star review9/6/2018
  • Amber was right on task took care of my existing order that was back ordered and I am hoping to receive my new merchandise in a week or so.
    Juanita S.     5 star review9/6/2018
  • This is the second time I've called customer service each time has been great customer service the second call I made the young lady was extremely patient very helpful and her voice was upbeat
    Tiffannee R.     5 star review9/6/2018
  • disappointed that i am unable to hand deliver my return to your Dallas facility - but must incur shipping charges.
    Catherine G.     4 star review9/5/2018
  • It was Lorena from your management team that stepped in and assisted me. She was respectful and professional and assisted me with getting my account correct. I appreciated how quickly things were addressed and how well she listened to me
    Chantelle P.     4 star review9/5/2018
  • Catherine is quite a pleasant person. She was very helpful in answering my question. Thanks!
    Christina C.     5 star review9/5/2018
  • Had to make shipping state correction to order over phone. Was super fast. Female that handled it was amazing. Thank you.
    Timothy R.     5 star review9/5/2018
  • Flor was very helpful, and we resolved my issue in a matter of minutes. She was very pleasant, and I was very pleased my experience went so smoothly. :)
    Pam T.     5 star review9/5/2018
  • I was very happy with Vanessa’s attention to the details and following up as she promised. Follow up is usually lost in the maze but she made sure the Post Office performed as required and I finally got my shipment. I am a very satisfied customer as a result of her help.
    Rita C.     5 star review9/5/2018
  • Now that I've found Her Room I will be shopping on it in the future. As I did have to return some items, I would have preferred that return shipping labels had been included in the merchandise shipments as some other vendors do. Your current return process is pretty easy, but could be easier.
    Laura B.     5 star review9/5/2018
  • Vanessa Galvez was delightful and very helpful – So far my experience with Her Room has been beyond all expectations – Thank you
    Lyn W.     5 star review9/5/2018
  • Vey satisfied. Package is still on its way. Person taking order was helpful AND knowledgeable. Thank you.
    Margaret P.     5 star review9/4/2018
  • Vanessa went over & beyond with assistance to help me purchase my new bras. I have multiple myeloma, a cancer in my blood & bones. I currently have lesions on my rib cage & spine, so I am very concerned about getting a correct size bra. Vanessa waited to assist me with the whole process, beginning at the search for what I wanted to the end (hopefully) purchasing my order through Paypal. Thank you so much Vanessa and HerRoom. HerRoom has an excellent customer service team that should be showered with praise.
    Rebecca O.     5 star review9/4/2018
  • Flor was extremely kind and attentive to me. She really is a pleasure to speak with. Thank You so much!
    Elizabeth K.     5 star review9/4/2018
  • I will know more when I receive what I ordered. The girl I spoke with today to place my order was very nice , competant and friendly. Could not have asked for more.
    Donna P.     4 star review9/4/2018
  • I was very happy with my experience!! She helped to relieve my anxiety about not receiving my bra in time! She assured me that it would be to me in 2 days, which would be perfect!! Thank you who ever I spoke to for your kindness towards me!!
    Kathy B.     5 star review9/4/2018
  • The Lady I talked to was great. The Bras are great, and feel good except I don't like the one with roses or what ever it is because it shows under my Blouses. Other wise this is GREAT Love the last ones I got. God Bless. V.Z.
    Vickie Z.     4 star review9/4/2018
  • I wish there were a way to clearly show that a bra is shown only in UK size. I didn't know that I was ordering in UK size instead of US size, so I had to return and exchange and now will wait for the correct US sized bra.
    Nancy P.     3 star review9/4/2018
  • Nassa was very helpful. She was pleasant and professional. My problem was solved.
    Terri T.     5 star review9/4/2018
  • Amber is attentive and thorough. She will be following up with me regarding an exception I am requesting. Whatever the outcome, Amber is an exceptional employee. Thanks!
    Christina C.     5 star review9/4/2018
  • It was very easy to do, but it was easy because the order had not shipped yet at all,so it was much better to deal with Thanks
    Dawn W.     4 star review9/4/2018
  • I will continue to do business with your company.
    Juanita W.     3 star review9/4/2018
  • My return shipping label come through
    Cynthia E.     3 star review9/4/2018
  • I recently ordered your Shadowline matching nightgown and robe set (2) for my ancient mother-in-law. The colors are pretty, the decorative stitching is lovely and the short length is perfect. It was just what she wanted, and she feels very special when she gets dressed for bed. And, your shipping time was awesome--I ordered it after ordering a different set from (Prime) and your order still arrived first. Thank you! You made an old lady and her caregivers very happy!
    Sarah D.     5 star review9/4/2018
  • you made my purchases and returns very easy and I was impressed with the ease you made them, and the return of the replacement order was also ver smooth Thank You
    Valerie B.     5 star review9/3/2018
  • I am a man who called to purchase panties. Amber was very polite, helpful and non-judgemental. She helped me find the color panty that I was looking for and was very professional throughout the sale. Thanks Amber!
    Mike B.     5 star review9/1/2018
  • I am pleased with the help of your sales staff took the time that was needed to place the order. order came days early with no problems. I have been buying here 4 10yrs. no problems I recommend herroom to other men who prefer to wear womens lingerie they have a great selection why look else wear?
    Earl L.     5 star review9/1/2018
  • Erin A took the time to find information on my return for me. She was pleasant and professional.
    Joyce T.     4 star review8/31/2018
  • I messed up on a order and I called and they took care of it.Thank-you
    Rhonda D.     5 star review8/31/2018
  • Brittany was excellent in helping me out with a return order. She was professional, quick in resolving the problem.
    Rinna S.     4 star review8/31/2018
  • Amber could not have been more helpful. I received the wrong items. She has been helpful in correcting the problem.
    Sally B.     4 star review8/31/2018
  • Catherine is a great professional with a wonderful personality. She listens, understands, knows the answers and kind. Thank you so much for such a pleasant experience.
    Svetlana K.     5 star review8/31/2018
  • I have always been happy with every order that I have received from HerRoom. Thanks!
    Kathy M.     5 star review8/30/2018
  • Amber took prompt effective action to resolve my issue. And she was cheerful and polite as she did so.
    Michael P.     5 star review8/30/2018
  • Although I have not received my order yet, I have always been pleased with HerRoom products! My concern/question was related to a possible return.
    Gloria H.     4 star review8/29/2018
  • Amber solved my issue with the correct information. I purchased a gift for my daughter and we have been very apprehensive about it. This is our first time using this company. Amber got the tracking right and my wife is now relaxing about our choice.
    Harris W.     5 star review8/29/2018
  • I'm a first time customer and I was very happy with your representative who helped me with my order. Will definitely return.
    Karan B.     5 star review8/29/2018
  • I am pleased so far with your services .. I am hoping that everything will work out with the same results. Thank you for all of your help up to now. If all goes well I will be back to shop again One suggestion would be to make it easier to put in coupon codes so this problem doesn't happen again.
    Deborah M.     4 star review8/28/2018
  • I had problems with your return website and your customer service personnel were great.
    Susan M.     5 star review8/28/2018
  • I have been shopping at Herroom for quite some time. Not only for myself but for my daughters as well I have always been satisfied with my purchase. Every representative that I spoke to always try to fit my needs and I truly appreciate that . Long time satisfied customer
    Joan D.     5 star review8/28/2018
  • Thank you for you patience in dealing with a confusing refund!! You have treated us more than fairly.
    LuAnne E.     5 star review8/28/2018
  • She helped to solve my issue quickly and easily. She was pleasant and caring.
    Joanne D.     5 star review8/28/2018
  • Very clear and pleasant speaking tone. Immediately knew how to fix my problem and had the information I needed right away. Very quick, from the first ring to ending the call, only took a few minutes. I had anticipated on it being a much more exhausting task but it was quite the opposite!
    Stephanie D.     5 star review8/28/2018
  • Erin was most helpful. Took care of address change and splitting order. I appreciated her personal attention to customer service.
    Bruce C.     5 star review8/28/2018
  • Very pleasant on the phone. Resolved my issue quickly. Seems you’ve got a great employee!
    John B.     5 star review8/28/2018
  • I’ll be getting back in touch to repurchase bras...I really need them.😊
    Rebecca O.     5 star review8/28/2018
  • Lorena was very Knowledgeable, quick, understanding. Offered followup assistance if needed. made this return easy. I had problems completing my return. she emailed me the required label and the entire resolution/call took less than 3/4 minutes. great customer service.
    Wilma S.     5 star review8/27/2018
  • Your customer service person was great. HOWEVER, I tried to do a live chat and could not find a submit button on the chat site. Outlook uses Bing as its search. Is that a problem. I could see the agent - see what she wrote but could not respond. Very frustrating.
    Linda O.     4 star review8/27/2018
  • She took care of finalizing a problem I've had with an order from July. Thanks so much.
    Jodi O.     4 star review8/27/2018
  • i am 86 years old and the gal I think was Amber was just lovely. I have had to return some things because of the size and could not get a return sticker on line. She took care of me very well. Thank you
    Helene E.     5 star review8/27/2018
  • You made up for some really bad customer service experiences I have had to deal with in the last week. Thank you so much!
    Rhonda M.     5 star review8/27/2018
  • Your Company is the best in price, quality, quantity, and delivery! We will shopping many more times in the future!
    Joe T.     5 star review8/27/2018
  • Looking forward to receiving my products. I have been waiting a while, but that’s ok! I am sure they will be nice!
    Connie S.     4 star review8/27/2018
  • So disappointed that I was not able to get my Rhonda Sheer lingerie. Rhonda needs to step up & remake this product.
    Ruth H.     3 star review8/27/2018
  • Very easy. Amber was very helpful. I am not one to return stuff.
    Bea B.     5 star review8/27/2018
  • Perfect interaction, easy cancellation. I am so excited to have found this site! Such an incredible wealth of information! I really needed this! I can't thank you enough Tomima and!
    Ivanka S.     5 star review8/27/2018
  • Amber listened and helped solve my problem of making an exchange.
    Sandra V.     5 star review8/27/2018
  • You lost our order in the mail, and it took two calls to receive an approved refund. You might look into this matter.
    Mark P.     3 star review8/26/2018
  • Amber was very helpful, explained the Return Process and told me when to expect an email regarding the return. She also said she would reiterate that the return was due to a defect in the merchandise as I had not pointed out the specific defect in my return paper work. A+ transaction.
    Mart-Joy V.     4 star review8/25/2018
  • all good. answered all my questions in a timely fashion.
    Ellen N.     4 star review8/25/2018
  • I needed to change my order and Windy made it easy and fast. It is nice to chat with someone who understands customers wishes, BYW this is the second time I have chatted with Windy. This person is a great asset to you.
    Sue J.     5 star review8/25/2018
  • Flor was very pleasant and explained there could be up to a week delay in the final processing of my return. So she couldn't really answer my question other than I had to wait until next Friday to see if the full return had processed as a refund, which is what my question was about because the email I received concerning my return showed all but one of the items had been processed.
    Melodye G.     4 star review8/24/2018
  • I've had great customer service. Called once to discuss different bra styles and then to ask about returns. Will definitely shop here again.
    Barbara T.     5 star review8/24/2018
  • Vannessa was polite, professional and answered my question quickly and thoroughly.
    Charmaine B.     5 star review8/24/2018
  • Erina was able to understand the issue quickly and allowed me to follow up directly with her. She came through with resolved the problem with efficiency and grace. I have gone to the same store to buy my bras for decades; they have recently closed. If this is an indication of how your company treats their customers - I am relieved to find you! Many many thanks to Erina!!
    Rita C.     5 star review8/24/2018
  • I had a problem trying to do my return on line. I did what it told me to do but I could not get it to work for me, but I called Customer Service & talked with Catherine & she very quickly got it all taken care of for me! She was great.
    Gail B.     4 star review8/24/2018
  • So far I haven't had any problems the customer service reps or shipment
    Gwendolyn L.     5 star review8/24/2018
  • I was having a problem with panty sizing and Amber was very helpful in helping me select the right size.
    Jennifer H.     5 star review8/24/2018
  • I dont really have a suggestion, maybe I do, I want to give your company a 5 star rating. I absolutely LOVE my purchase. I have for years been uncomfortable in bras I have bought in local stores. I was very uncertain about ordering something I cant try on first. I am blown away. The bras fit and they are comfortable and do not irritate my skin. Thank you Herroom for my great comfort ❤ Sincerely Your Very happy New customer
    Suzanne K.     5 star review8/23/2018
  • They understood about my surgery and forgetting to return my purchase. Gave me an exchange as a courtesy. I was very happy with your service.
    Linda P.     5 star review8/23/2018
    Aida H.     5 star review8/23/2018
  • I was disappointed to return my bra as I had a great experience with your team thus far. I look forward to a wonderful relationship with Herroom..glad I found you.
    Linda B.     4 star review8/23/2018
  • I just realized that I hadn't returned two of the four bras that I had bought for my stepdaughter, and that the purchase was over a month ago. I thought that I'd be stuck with these two bras that didn't fit her, but Erina came to my rescue and told me that I could still return them. I am so relieved-they were very expensive and I had bought two in each size, hoping that one of the sizes would work. (Which they did!) I've had a lot of medical stuff going on, and had completely forgotten to return the two that didn't fit her. Thank you so much to Erina-she really saved the day! I'll be a return customer for sure-not only because you have a great website with so much to choose from, but because of my awesome experience today with Erina's help!
    Judy G.     5 star review8/23/2018
  • I purchased a bra on line and before it even arrived I received an email saying that the same bra was on sale. I contacted customer service and she indicated I could be refunded the difference in what I paid and the sale price. Thank you!
    Susan M.     5 star review8/23/2018
  • I am very pleased. Thank you for the prompt phone call back to me.
    Tiffiney K.     4 star review8/23/2018
  • as always sales person Very helpful friendly and took the time that was needed! this is why I call in my order ! this is why I buy from her room and have for almost 10yrs. glad I found you! your treated like a valued customer. Thank You!
    Earl L.     5 star review8/23/2018
  • Erin was great. She was knowledgeable. She took the time to explain the sizing chart and walked me through the process of exchanging the bras I received for the correct size.
    Vickie J.     5 star review8/23/2018
  • I am almost computer illiterate LOL. It is very nice to be able to talk to a real person and order something that I need, rather than have to do it online. I am old and never really learned how to use a computer. I appreciate being able to talk to a live person and making my order. And she was very nice, and very patient with me. I will order again in the future I'm sure. Thank you.
    Penny B.     5 star review8/23/2018
  • She was nice and courteous!! Very polite, cancelled a order that was backordered and would not be in until October or after! So i went back and ordered some thing else that was in stock! Thanks
    Layne B.     4 star review8/23/2018
  • Customer service rep was pleasant and very helpful!
    Rochelle R.     5 star review8/22/2018
  • Flor was very helpful and patient. I will definitely order from Her Room again. Thanks
    Eileen M.     5 star review8/22/2018
  • I didn't get the representative's name, but she was very patient and helpful. I had called to find out where my replacement bra was. I explained the situation to her, but I was unfortunately describing the wrong bra! She picked up on that and carefully described the bra that I had requested a replacement for. I was then able to see that I had gotten the description wrong. We straightened it all out, and she then implemented the exchange. She's a pro.
    Laura H.     5 star review8/22/2018
  • Amber was amazing! Super helpful and friendly! Thank you so incredibly much Amber for your help!
    Jenn R.     5 star review8/21/2018
  • HerRoom was a great shopping for Rhonda Shear bras. The one style I was looking for. I was also able to add a bra after placing an order I appreciate that! Thank you so much!
    Jean Marie B.     5 star review8/21/2018
  • Amber handle our problem quickly and provided a great solution. My family will look forward to shopping with Herroom in the future. You have an asset on the phone.
    Harris W.     5 star review8/21/2018
  • I think it was a little odd that I couldn't arrange a return of a few items online, but the person on the phone was pleasant and helpful.
    Shelly R.     4 star review8/21/2018
  • I received a package from HerRoom, that I Did Not order, my credit card was hacked! I stopped payment, wanted to return the package which was not opened! Catherine, customer service was most helpful, made this entire process very! Will be returning package to usps tomorrow am! Great service! Thank you so much!
    Jacqueline F.     5 star review8/21/2018
  • Good customer service, Amber help with no problems. She's very nice. I appreciate the time she help me with. Thank Amber keep up the good work.
    Adrianne M.     5 star review8/21/2018
  • I was sent the wrong size so I called your customer relations and they told me to take a picture of the bra with the wrong size and send it to them and they would send me a free return label. Awaiting the free return label.
    Louise L.     5 star review8/21/2018
  • The whole thing is a bit weird, however. I had these items shipped to a relative in Texas as I live in Canada. I was not even aware they arrived. I am glad however it is returned because I think I ordered everything too large. Best C PS I will order again from your company as I like your products and you are easy to deal with.
    Christine Y.     5 star review8/21/2018
  • Windy was great i could not finish due to my having to leave for work; therefore, i will call today and i am putting merchandise in the mail.
    Rose B.     3 star review8/21/2018
  • Customer service rep was VERY helpful. I was frustrated that i tried to do an exchange on the website & it had an error message. So i had to call instead. But customer service handled it well. Thank you
    Laura L.     4 star review8/20/2018
  • Amber was very helpful! She’s definitely good at her job!
    Donna B.     5 star review8/20/2018
  • I was 8 cents away from free shipping and didn't want to make the purchase without it. Your agent granted me free shipping and made the sale. Thanks.
    Lauren B.     4 star review8/20/2018
  • Amber was great--courteous, efficient, and she solved the problem!
    Nancy B.     5 star review8/20/2018
  • Knowledgeable, could teach the class in Customer Service.
    Donna M.     5 star review8/20/2018
  • Someone picked up on the fact that my order was placed twice and called me. Saved me a return and I appreciate this so much. Good service.
    Lucretia M.     5 star review8/20/2018
  • Amber was extremely helpful and went out of her way to help me.
    Camille G.     5 star review8/20/2018
  • Outstanding customer service and very patient with me.
    Linda B.     5 star review8/20/2018
  • So far everything is just fine. Today, 8/20/2018, sent back six bras , 672P, UPS insured. Instructions for returns very smooth and simple. Have already reordered replacements. Communications with HerRoom are exceptional. Thanks so much.....
    SYLVIA B.     5 star review8/20/2018
  • My question about my bill was quickly & accurately answered....
    Geraldine D.     4 star review8/20/2018
  • Service rep was great once we were connected. However, I was on hold for too long waiting for someone to take my call. Also, there was a lot of background chatter and laughing (a man's voice) which made it difficult to hear my rep.
    Diane R.     3 star review8/20/2018
  • Your customer service employee was awesome!......
    Alethia C.     5 star review8/20/2018
  • The customer service rep was very helpful and polite, thank you!
    Melissa R.     5 star review8/20/2018
  • I love dealing with Her room representative
    Irina K.     5 star review8/20/2018
  • Catherine handled my issue immediately. What a pleasure!
    Kimberly W.     5 star review8/20/2018
  • Very satisfied with service. Fast and efficient. Thank you!
    Judy S.     5 star review8/20/2018
  • The first chat person didn't not describe as plainly as the second, just where to find where I could find a return address label. She was very good.
    Helen I.     4 star review8/20/2018
  • good service, knowledgeable staff, but poor phone connection. voice was breaking up and hard to understand due to connection. maybe it was a one time thing.
    Joseph T.     4 star review8/18/2018
  • The online chat person was very knowledgeable and helpful and got right to the point without unnecessary chitchat.
    Jacalyn S.     5 star review8/18/2018
  • Just print so small, I had difficulty but Wendy was patient and retold me what to do.
    Sondra L.     3 star review8/18/2018
  • According to the tracking process and number, my order could not be located. As your e-mail to me on the order stated the order had shipped, after days of the same message from UPS/USPS, I finally called your office. My situation was quickly and satisfactorily explained to me. Thanks.
    Joyce T.     4 star review8/18/2018
  • The customer service rep I spoke with was excellent however I am disappointed that I have to wait until late August to get my exchange order, that is over a month
    Roseann I.     4 star review8/17/2018
  • Amber was very pleasant and addressed my question quickly and to my satisfaction. Thank you.
    Erin H.     5 star review8/17/2018
  • I very much appreciate your courteous, no-hassle way of making it easy to try on a variety of styles in a relaxed at-home setting. This is especially important for those of us who wear hard-to-find sizes, which can make shopping in a department store or lingerie boutique really stressful and confusing. I have often come home with something I end up not liking, because the saleswoman put so much energy into fitting me that I felt I had to buy something, even though nothing was entirely right for me. I love that you carry such a wide range of everyday and luxury lines, and that you make shopping such a pleasant experience.
    James W.     5 star review8/17/2018
  • Very helpful with the process and customer service was great
    Oliver J.     5 star review8/17/2018
  • She was very prompt with handling my question/ concern!
    Patricia W.     5 star review8/17/2018
  • Britney was prompt and helpful, she took care of my concern with no problems.
    Renee L.     5 star review8/17/2018
  • Amber was a tremendous help in straightening out a problem. I didn't have a long wait time and I easily understood all that she explained. I'm thrilled to receive such great customer service!
    Janet B.     5 star review8/17/2018
  • couldn't get my order through ..rejected my debit card but you put it through for me...thanks
    Gregory P.     4 star review8/17/2018
  • Spoke with a great adviser today, who was willing to definitely help and she did!
    Jennifer P.     5 star review8/17/2018
  • Your customer service representative assisted in cancelling my order and replacing it with the product that I originally desired is greatly appreciated. Thank you for prompt and courteous handling of everything!
    Carol H.     5 star review8/16/2018
  • Excellent Customer service!! I love HerRoom.
    Gloria B.     5 star review8/16/2018
  • Catherine was super friendly and was very helpful today. She is a great customer service rep, and is doing an outstanding job.
    John P.     5 star review8/16/2018
  • Catherine was delightful. Talked me through the return and made sure everything was filled in. It's wonderful to be able to talk to a real person. Thank you for making my life a little less stressful.
    Carmen S.     5 star review8/16/2018
  • im a man buying panties,had questions,she was helpful thanks
    Jerry S.     5 star review8/16/2018
  • The customer service rep was patient and helped me go through all the questions I had. She was very helpful and courteous.
    Mary T.     5 star review8/16/2018
  • Representative was extremely cordial, understood the reason for return. Outstanding customer service! Thank you
    Dolores L.     5 star review8/16/2018
  • I needed a zip front compression bra to wear after a lumpectomy procedure. She was very helpful and explained which bra would work best for me. She was very nice & I really appreciate her help!
    Renee S.     5 star review8/16/2018
  • Catherine was very nice and super helpful! She was courteous, kind provided fantastic customer service! Thank you!!
    Bridgett E.     5 star review8/16/2018
  • I just called to check on my order. The rep told me where it was and said I would receive tracking info .
    Susan R.     5 star review8/16/2018
  • My rep was professional and helped me to expedite my shipment
    Rene A.     5 star review8/15/2018
  • Twice I have called and spoken with two different ladies on two different occasions and they were both amazing. They went out of their way to be sure what I was ordering was in stock and would be escalated shipping to arrive before I left on a trip. The first time I ordered a shaper and she had to call several places and found it in Canada and had it sent directly to me from them. Your customer service personnel are the best.
    Angela K.     5 star review8/15/2018
  • Catherine was great. As a man buying panties, she was kind and understanding. Made me feel comfortable. Thanks Catherine!
    Peter M.     5 star review8/15/2018
  • I didn't realize I had a limit on the time frame for returning/reordering. I gratefully appreciate the exception to the rule. I will recommend you to others.
    Sondra V.     5 star review8/15/2018
  • Dealt with customer service x2. Great service both times! I'll def be back!
    Patricia B.     5 star review8/15/2018
  • Amber was efficient, professional and handled my issue with top priority. I will definitely be back. She made my negative experience a positive one. We need more associates like amber! Thank you!
    Tracy H.     4 star review8/15/2018
  • I spoke with a very pleasant, informed rep.... made doing business a pleasure!
    A. P.     5 star review8/15/2018
  • I just had a question about the return and she answered it promptly. Thanks!
    Mary L.     4 star review8/15/2018
  • She did a great job with accommodating my needs! Thank you Catherine ! Great customer service
    Jenna C.     5 star review8/15/2018
  • I appreciate your vast selection of bras and am grateful for the clear instructions to make returns as it is taking a few orders and returns to get just what I want. I had strayed away from ordering online but less and less brick and mortar stores are fully stocking sizes. Working to get what fits the best. Thank you Catherine for being helpful when I called.
    Mindy S.     5 star review8/15/2018
  • Professional, quick handling of issue, all about the customer.
    Karen Z.     5 star review8/14/2018
  • Truly is exceptional customer service when an associate can resolve an issue with one telephone call. I have been shopping on your site for years! Returns are a breeze and it sure beats travelling to a store! Thank you!
    Virginia C.     5 star review8/14/2018
  • Catherine made the process for requesting an exchange for a different size VERY easy. It is rare these days to call customer service for something like an exchange and be off the phone in less than 2minutes. Thank you!
    Jane D.     5 star review8/14/2018
  • Representative provided further explanation concerning refund. All resolved. Thank you.
    Tara E.     4 star review8/14/2018
  • I was making an exchange on your site and twice it wouldn't go through, so made a call to customer service and in less than 5 minutes had it all sewn up and went on my merry way. Thank you!
    Patricia B.     4 star review8/14/2018
  • Thank you helping with my return. It was painless and easy.
    Jean M.     5 star review8/14/2018
  • The answer was regrettable in as much I really wanted the merchandise (I've been looking for these Miss Elaine cotton gowns for the last several years). BUT, the charge will be returned to my credit card.
    Elizabeth K.     3 star review8/13/2018
  • It was a great help to discuss questions and to get advice on the telephone.
    Elizabeth K.     5 star review8/13/2018
  • Very helpful....she understood the issue and was easy to work with to resolve it. Wonderful to work with someone who grasp the problem and was able to resolve the issue quickly, efficiently and very pleasantly.
    Sharon R.     5 star review8/13/2018
  • Catherine was very helpful in getting me a exchange label. Will mail my swimsuit back for an exchange. Hoping to get my replacement swimsuit in a timely matter after you receive mine. Thank you.
    Mary E.     4 star review8/13/2018
  • I spoke with Nessa to who was excellent in helping me explain my order to me. She was very very pleasant, courteous, explained in a way I could understand and then she placed a new order for me. You've got a wonderful representative to your company! I would ask for her to ANY of my questions in the future. PS I do love the bras I ordered from my first order and will continue to order from Herroom!
    Arleen R.     5 star review8/13/2018
  • The problem I was having, has been taken care of and I am very satisfied. Thank you.
    Stacey H.     5 star review8/13/2018
  • I placed one order this a.m. and then placed another about 1/2 hour later. I called customer service to see if they could just add my second order to the first one, so I wouldn't have to pay another shipping charge. I'm retired and have to watch my pennies. The lady I spoke with (Bridget) waived the shipping charge on my second order. Thank you so much!
    Mary Ann K.     5 star review8/13/2018
  • First time ordering. Customer service rep was very helpful and made sure I understood everything related to my return
    Deborah B.     5 star review8/13/2018
  • You listened to my predicament, made a fair decision & made me a happy camper. 😊
    Joanne R.     5 star review8/13/2018
  • I could not login because I could not remember my pass word . She quickly gave me a code and I signed on .no more problem.
    Patricia N.     5 star review8/13/2018
  • Wonderful to work with professionals who are so personable. Thank you
    Sharon R.     5 star review8/13/2018
  • Called to cancel a bra that was on back order. The girl was VERY helpful. She was polite & nice. I love Her Room. I will be ordering again soon.
    Anita H.     5 star review8/13/2018
  • The associate was very courteous and professional!! BUT—the hold music was an abomination.
    Teresa I.     4 star review8/13/2018
  • It was a pretty straight forward issue. Something was missing as part of my order and I was told you all would send it to me. She was very nice and helpful. I am satisfied assuming I receive what we spoke of. Thank you.
    Scot M.     4 star review8/13/2018
  • My order was stuck in my local P. O. from 7/28 until - apparently the rep. did another trace- & it finally arrived on 8/10. The problem was a UPS/Post Office mix-up of some kind. I'm glad it was worked out.
    Sandra N.     4 star review8/12/2018
  • I had not seen any instructions to include the manifest ticket in the return package. I did think to put in the order number and RMA# on a piece of paper in the package. Your rep assured me this was sufficient. The instructions for the manifest ticket where not on the original page for returns. All in all, a pleasant person and a satisfactory answer.
    Linda C.     4 star review8/11/2018
  • Very pleasant, professional, articulate, and polite young woman.
    Linda G.     5 star review8/10/2018
  • First time ordering with you. Head to return an item I ordered in error. Representative was very helpful and professional.
    Ana M.     5 star review8/10/2018
  • She understood my problem and solved it. Thats all I can ask for
    Sydelle T.     5 star review8/10/2018
  • Amber was Cheerful and helpful, very satisfied. Thanks
    Leah D.     5 star review8/9/2018
  • The call was quick, the representative was professional and polite and answered all questions I had.
    Rebecca H.     5 star review8/9/2018
  • The representative provided detailed delivery information and I found my package at the far end of my front porch, nowhere near the front door, where packages normally are delivered.
    Dr. Carol B.     5 star review8/9/2018
  • Fantastic people. Had a confusion on order and they made sure it was right. So important with a big day coming up. Thank you
    Ramona M.     5 star review8/9/2018
  • Nessa understood exactly what I wanted and I had my answer immediately.
    Marcha K.     5 star review8/9/2018
  • Catherine took my order , she was very pleasant And I am hoping to do business with her again. Thank you
    Allen E.     5 star review8/9/2018
  • Your representative Flor was courteous, prompt and helpful. I appreciate her assistance. I am quite confident the reimbursement to my credit card account will be made as promised by your agent. Thanks
    Maria G.     4 star review8/9/2018
  • Rep was awesome at getting my order shipped
    Jody M.     5 star review8/9/2018
  • Customer service representative was pleasant, and efficient. Thank you!
    Toni B.     5 star review8/9/2018
  • I had forgotten what the charge was for and my question was answered beautifully by your customer service person. THANK YOU!
    Virginia D.     4 star review8/9/2018
  • The representative, Catherine, provided the detailed delivery information that allowed me to find my package. It had been left in a corner of the porch that was far away from the front door. I did not even see the package there. Thanks to Catherine, I have my package!
    Carol B.     5 star review8/9/2018
  • Your rep was EXTREMELY helpful despite my slow working brain!!! Thank you
    Janis B.     5 star review8/9/2018
  • I only needed to make sure that the email I sent with my correct billing information had been received and that my order was on its way. It wasn't a big deal. But the agent was quick with the answer and polite. That's really all you need for good customer service. The other reason I use Her Room is because of the sheer amount of products. Thanks.
    Sonya H.     5 star review8/9/2018
  • The phone representative kept trying to verify my order by asking me to identify the item code, item name, or item price. Since this is a back order and was placed weeks ago, I didn't have that info at my fingertips and asked if I could verify by gift recipient name and address, after which it was quickly resolved. Otherwise, a good experience.
    Linda W.     4 star review8/9/2018
  • customer service was very helpful with the information I needed to find why tracking said the package was delivered and I haven't gotten it yet!
    Constance R.     5 star review8/8/2018
  • Easy process. Thank you. I'll be back.
    Mary G.     5 star review8/8/2018
  • Amber was very pleasant, knowledgeable & professional
    Donna D.     5 star review8/8/2018
  • As I said to your representative, I so appreciate your reassuring email to let me know about the part of my order that has had an additional delay. Your attention to this encourages me to consider future purchases with your company. I also appreciate the cheerful tone of a kind person on the other end of the phone!
    Susan W.     5 star review8/8/2018
  • Vanessa was professional and answered my questions concerning an exchange with speed and accuracy. I was informed she would release the exchange and the correct item would be sent. The only suggestion would be that tags and items are checked to be the same and correct before shipping out an order. The item first send was marked 1X and the tag was marked 2X. The item was a true 1X and I ordered a 2X. Thanks Gretchen
    Gretchen S.     4 star review8/8/2018
  • Conversation was quick and easy!!
    Kay A.     5 star review8/8/2018
  • I needed to return part of my purchase, and it was truly hassle free! I just put the return label on and handed the box to my mail carrier! So easy! Thank you!
    Lianna J.     5 star review8/8/2018
  • Very helpful in choosing the right size. Answered my questions quickly and efficiently
    Janice L.     5 star review8/8/2018
  • Nice bras I do have to return one it didn’t fit as well I bought two to try
    Corrie M.     4 star review8/8/2018
  • I had a question about the return policy given that I had free returns as a result of my purchase. The customer service rep was very helpful in encouraging me to start an online return so that I could be sure the return would be processed promptly.
    Christine C.     4 star review8/8/2018
  • Thank you so much for changing my order. You made it simple.
    Karen P.     5 star review8/7/2018
  • I called yesterday and waited for 5 min before I just hung up. And today I got answer in 20 seconds! She was quick and helped me figure out my issue. Super nice and professional.
    Hannah T.     4 star review8/7/2018
  • My first experience with Ms. Salas was a little disappointing as she put it all on USPS. I understand no one knows what happens but unfortunately USPS said without insurance this is useless and unfortunately then it became your issue again. I guess making several calls to find out what happened is part of it just wished I could have saved the time. Second caller just credited me back so it was much easier. I will hope to order from here again and now that I know how you ship, I will make sure my usps address is clear to all. Thanks
    Kelly H.     4 star review8/7/2018
  • I received very prompt and courteous service. Thank you!
    Sibylle H.     5 star review8/7/2018
  • great experience for first time customer. had trouble placing order, and your customer service end placed manually with me on the phone. will definitely be ordering again in near future.
    Mary Ann S.     5 star review8/7/2018
  • I had ordered 3 bras. They all fit, but one of them had a defect--a strange indentation in one of the cups. That indentation was not present in the other cup, or in the second bra of that style I had ordered. I wanted to exchange the defective bra for another one in the same size and color. The representative asked me to send photos of the defect and said that I would be sent a label to ship the defective bra back to Herroom, and then an exchange would be activated. The call went very well, and the solution was very reasonable.
    Laura H.     4 star review8/7/2018
  • Your personnel, both on chat and telephone were very helpful, polite, and patient. They were extremely courteous and such a pleasure to deal with.
    Sue N.     4 star review8/7/2018
  • I needed a little help with a return. Amber helped me a lot. She was understanding, patient and great. I also asked for advice on another Glamorise bra that I had. She helped me with that also. Thanks Amber
    Catherine F.     5 star review8/7/2018
  • The young lady was one of the best I’ve ever encountered When checking on or solving a problem. So nice and offered suggestions and followed thru making me most satisfied and happy. She needs a raise cause she has a tough job dealing with people who are not sometimes nice to her. Thank her again for me!! I wold love to name her here but I am old & memory is poor. Sorry, my dear, you are terrific!!!
    Gerri M.     5 star review8/7/2018
  • Nessa was the best. Answered all my questions and provided me with additional information I was unaware of.and provided me with my options. It was almost like talking to a live person. Great representative or this company.
    Valerie M.     5 star review8/7/2018
  • I can’t remember the lady’s name but she was very pleasant she took her time she searched for quite some time for me for a bra that might fit me we found quite a few then I’m gonna look into I would say she was trying to excellence
    Janet C.     5 star review8/7/2018
  • Issue was taken care of quickly and flawlessly! Thank you!
    Kari L.     5 star review8/6/2018
  • Very thoughtful young lady. Gave me all the information I needed and was quite helpful. Give her a HUG from me.
    Sharon R.     5 star review8/6/2018
  • Shipment sent to Saratoga Springs but PO returned because of lack of more definite address. Person answering phone corrected the problem and indicated when the parcel is received back at HerRoom, they will resend. Thank you
    Joan D.     4 star review8/6/2018
  • As long as I receive the free return shipping label and subsequently am sent the proper sized 44C bra I will be so pleased and recommend to all my friends.
    Sue R.     4 star review8/6/2018
  • Amber was wonderful in helping me get my payment through. Great customer service!
    Carolyn S.     5 star review8/6/2018
  • I ordered the wrong bra size, and wondered if my order is already on its way. amber said it is, gave good advice about what next steps i should take to get the one i meant to order, and also about how the bra might fit because it's the wrong band size; therefore, it would be best to initiate an exchange when it gets to my house.
    Erica K.     5 star review8/6/2018
  • Dear Reader: I needed help and received it; I'm elderly and lost a lot of weight, I didn't know how to buy a bra, and was assisted (my breast are kissing), told which to buy, and they were on sale --Thank You
    Martha H.     5 star review8/6/2018
  • Response time was instant and the rep was able to assist me.
    Elizabeth H.     3 star review8/6/2018
  • She was very helpful, letting me know that it was no longer in Dallas, and now in California.
    Collete S.     4 star review8/6/2018
  • She help with info on bras that keep bra straps from slipping on my shoulders such as the leotard style bra
    Carol G.     5 star review8/6/2018
  • Brittanie was very helpful and courteous. Thank you!
    Susan S.     4 star review8/6/2018
  • I have been trying to get a proper answer for my return for a month with emailing and have only gotten a general response I finally had a week day off to call about this problem and Amber was the first and only person who helped me with my return. Thank you Amber - you are of great value.
    Nancy H.     4 star review8/6/2018
  • Flor was very helpful and sweet. I think my order is okay. Had to reorder some items. A great experience! Thanks
    Patricia N.     5 star review8/6/2018
  • Your customer service representative was great! I'm disappointed that you will not be including a laundry bag with my order. I use it all the time. If you should have some in your warehouse please include one. Thank you, Susan
    Susan F.     4 star review8/6/2018
  • I called to cancel one of my orders placed last night and was told it already shipped and that I will have to mail it back
    Bonnie P.     3 star review8/6/2018
  • She assisted me with a pleasant attitude, answered all of my questions, and provided me with the the information I needed to complete my transaction.
    Kamela K.     5 star review8/4/2018
  • I realized after placing my order that I ordered wrong size. This personal took care of it right a way and sent an email correcting my mistake. Great service. Will be ordering more. Thanks.
    Irene S.     5 star review8/4/2018
  • When I entered my new password, I lost the chat window before I got to thank your agent who helped me - she was great and knew exactly how to help me! Hoping this different size "tweak" works now - I'm anxious to get these new longline bras! Thanks again!
    Christine T.     5 star review8/4/2018
  • my experience with your company is a good one. I purchased two bras that I am very satisfied with, except I did not need a third bra. That is why I cancelled it.
    Steven S.     5 star review8/3/2018
  • She was very professional and clear in her directions. Thank you.
    Aneta F.     5 star review8/3/2018
  • Amber did an outstanding job helping me resolve a problem on my first order. A+!
    Patrick M.     5 star review8/3/2018
  • Easy to order, fast shipping, great products.
    Mildred D.     5 star review8/3/2018
  • I’m not good on computers and really appreciated access to a phone number and the ability to talk with a representative. Thanks so much!
    Abby L.     5 star review8/3/2018
  • The associate was great she was able to correct my error on the order I had just placed. I must say I was impresed with your service. Thank you so much!
    Sam O.     5 star review8/3/2018
  • Very pleasant experience. Thank you. Look forward to receiving the 2 bras I ordered!
    Daiva B.     5 star review8/3/2018
  • She did a great job helping me to understand my refund amount and was very patient as I rectified the numbers on my end.
    Karen D.     5 star review8/3/2018
  • Easiest transaction EVER! Thank you so much for the great service.
    Sharon B.     5 star review8/3/2018
  • Great product, always fits perfectly. HerRoom is my one stop shopping. Great customer service too!
    Kathleen G.     5 star review8/2/2018
  • The customer service representative was great, easily understandable and quick to answer my question. Thank you!
    Caitlin H.     5 star review8/2/2018
  • I was very pleased with the help I got. I really loved the product I purchase but it did not fit. I was advised you have a video to help me know my bra size. I will be on your website soon to get my bra size and purchase bra's I am in desperate need of bra's!
    Delores M.     5 star review8/2/2018
  • She was helpful, efficient and supportive in understanding why the bra didn't work, as well as sending me other bra brands that might work well for me.
    Julie P.     5 star review8/2/2018
  • Rosie was able to ammend my order of Vanity Fair slips for my Granddaughter. I mistakenly ordered the wrong size and with no way to edit the order I immediately called you. This saved much time and inconvenience with receiving the wrong items. Thank you, Rosie!
    Joan C.     5 star review8/2/2018
  • Flor did the best anyone can do with my situation of a vanishing package, and was very pleasant in the process.
    Jan T.     5 star review8/2/2018
  • I had returned my purchase of three mastectomy bras then after I mailed them, I changed my mind. I called the customer service number and explained this. She said that she would send a note to returns and follow-up. She sent me an e-mail update that the package had not yet returned. Today, she phoned to tell me that my package had been shipped back to me. She was courteous and professional and I very much appreciate your customer service. Great job!
    Susan B.     5 star review8/2/2018
  • Lorena was very pleasant to talk to. She listened to my problem and was very helpful in correcting my mistake. I really appreciated her professionalism.
    Jeanne E.     5 star review8/1/2018
  • The person who helped me was very efficient and very polite. Thank you!
    Navin S.     5 star review8/1/2018
  • Amber was very efficient in providing me the info to return the items.
    Joe D.     5 star review8/1/2018
  • Love your product selection and service so far, Thank you!!
    Justine H.     5 star review8/1/2018
  • My problem was resolved immediately! I'll continue to shop at your site Thank you Larisa
    Larisa Z.     5 star review8/1/2018
  • Vanessa was extremely patient and helpful. I had some confusion because one of the items I am returning was no longer available for exchange in the same size, color, and price. She helped me find a comparable item so that my new total charge equaled the same amount as my return. SHe was AWESOME!
    Colleen H.     5 star review8/1/2018
  • Sales Rep added to my on- line order so it could all be mailed together. Great gal.
    Mary G.     5 star review8/1/2018
  • Was extremely disappointed to learn that, once again, my order has been delayed. However, Roemary checked to see if it was in stock in another size that could be shipped immediately, and it was. I appreciate her checking and getting the size in stock processed to me. Rosemary was very nice to deal with.
    Shelton D.     4 star review8/1/2018
  • ...I had a really great experience shopping on your site. My husband and I are about to celebrate our 5th anniversary and I wanted to get something new and a little racier than I would be comfortable buying.... I looked around at a couple other sites that were unpleasant and awkward. The sites were almost pornographic--maybe I was inadvertently sites for "professionals." Not only were the pictures awkward for me to look at but I had to wade through tons of lingerie I would never wear--a little too racy :) The search options were limited and hard to use. At one point I said to myself, "What's a married woman to do!?"... I found HerRoom... and was so pleased! Thanks for having a tasteful place to buy lingerie. Not only was it easy to find something I liked, but the search options were really helpful and I quickly narrowed my search. I picked out and paid for my items in less time than it took me to write this review! I was beginning to get discouraged and now I think I have something we will both really like. Thanks so much! I'll definitely be back.
    Elizabeth S.     0 star review7/31/2018
  • All of my questions were answered promptly and I am very happy with the outcome. Thank you
    Cleta B.     5 star review7/31/2018
  • Issue was resolved very quickly. Very happy with your service.
    Susan D.     5 star review7/31/2018
    Vincent L.     5 star review7/31/2018
  • Amber went out of her way to help me out. Thanks so much for having her available for customers.She navigates the computer perfectly! You couldn't find any one better!!!
    B.E.     5 star review7/31/2018
  • Rosie was very competent and helpful and patient with my long explanation of the problem. When it required further investigation, she told me she would call me back. Rosie called not too long after and solved my problem, telling me exactly what they were going to do and how to proceed. I was very pleased it was resolved. It's good to know I can trust your excellent customer service. Thank you.
    Joyce J.     5 star review7/31/2018
  • She was pleasant helpful and quickly found a solution.
    Donna G.     5 star review7/31/2018
  • Amber was delightful. She was professional, clear, helpful and warm. Her customer service totally exceeded all my expectations. I'm so glad to be back shopping with HerRoom after a pause for a few years. You have a great selection, exchanges and returns are easy and free and your service is stellar! Thank you for making this process as easy and carefree as Zappos shoe shopping. Undies and shoes are both difficult to buy in stores with the limited selection, etc. Keep up the great work!
    Gloria T.     5 star review7/31/2018
  • The girl I talked to was very nice and efficient with information on how to return an item.
    Lori M.     5 star review7/31/2018
  • Everything went very fine and very helpful!!! Thank you all!!
    Arlene F.     5 star review7/30/2018
  • Brittany was very helpful even though the computer was balking. I appreciate her efforts. My return paperwork arrived speedily
    Jill L.     5 star review7/30/2018
  • Made a return and new order very easy. Saved me from paying shipping three times (only 2). Very helpful.
    Lori W.     5 star review7/30/2018
  • She knew her products! Fast and professional. Thank you!
    Annie P.     5 star review7/30/2018
  • You are one great company!! As a long time customer, I’ve always enjoyed your excellent customer service.
    Margie Y.     5 star review7/29/2018
  • Called about a refund she checked on it .Return had arrived so she took care of it I was very pleased.
    Vickie H.     5 star review7/29/2018
  • Catherine was very helpful in making sure my return would be credited. My only regret was that she did not offer to have the company compensate me for the cost of the return postage given that the item was defective.
    Lynn C.     4 star review7/27/2018
  • Even though I am male and ordered feline products, Amber was pleasant to deal with. She answered my questions promptly and courageously. Also, I was quite pleased with your shipping process. I was informed that it could 5 to 7 business to receive my purchase; I placed my order on a Monday and received it on Wednesday, just two days later. I will be sure to order from you again.
    Gene S.     5 star review7/27/2018
  • Amber was very pleasant. She was helpful and provided good information. Very professional and I appreciated that.
    Alaina S.     5 star review7/27/2018
  • Person( I think was Florence ) was wonderful & very helpful. Vanity Fair customer service directed me to you and the Vasserret brand. It is extremely frustrating to purchase products these days b/c stores do not have items nor do they have knowledgeable personal. So thank you
    Nancy H.     5 star review7/27/2018
  • Ashley was very pleasant and accommodating. Explain how to do a return and to determine a smaller cup size.
    Diana L.     5 star review7/27/2018
  • Brittany was a excellent customer care rep She handled my issue with ease and was so polite and sweet. She’s a great addition to your company
    Denise D.     5 star review7/27/2018
  • She listened to my situation and offered an immediate and satisfactory solution. She was courteous and professional throughout the call.
    Laurel W.     5 star review7/27/2018
  • Flor was pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient. She responded immediately to my concern and I can look forward to receiving my shirts Monday. Very pleased and appreciative.
    Laura M.     5 star review7/27/2018
  • I had a pleasant experience and Amber was totally professional and knew what she was doing! Thanks
    Mary N.     5 star review7/27/2018
  • My experience with Catherine was great. She was very pleasant.and knowledgeable. She was also very patient.
    Sylvia Y.     5 star review7/27/2018
    Mary Jane B.     5 star review7/26/2018
  • Great customer service! Sorted everything out in a snap! Thank you!
    Katherine C.     5 star review7/26/2018
  • panicked because i had placed an order as a guest and my order number was not being recognized. The customer service person (sorry can't remember her name) was very helpful.
    Susan A.     5 star review7/26/2018
  • Very friendly and helpful Customer Service
    Catherine W.     5 star review7/26/2018
  • Great customer service.....Amber was quick and efficient.....thanks!
    Debora P.     5 star review7/26/2018
  • Very nice and patient customer rep. Thank you
    Lynn B.     5 star review7/26/2018
  • Very professional and made my shipping experience a breeze... I wish more companies were this easy!!
    Melynda H.     5 star review7/26/2018
  • Order went same day that I ordered. That's great customer service.
    Judith H.     5 star review7/25/2018
  • Catherine was very nice. Friendly. And made me feel appreciated as a customer. Makes a person want to shop some more on this website.
    Kathleen G.     5 star review7/25/2018
  • The thing I like best about your company is the fact that you have on-shore customer service. There's never a language barrier or communication problem. Every single one of the people I've talked to there have been great, well-trained and easy to deal with. Thank you for keeping those jobs here.
    Bonnie H.     5 star review7/25/2018
  • Communication was clear, simple and to the point. I appreciated her explanations and assistance very much.
    Oona B.     5 star review7/25/2018
  • Catherine was a major assistance in my ignorance with a password issue. it did not resolve , however Catherine was very patient in her explanation
    Valerie B.     5 star review7/25/2018
  • Thank you Amber for calling me back to explain my options for the missing merchandise. I do appreciate your help.
    Cecilia K.     5 star review7/25/2018
  • Your customer service is very efficient and easy to deal with. I needed to cancel my order. I have made several purchases with Her Room. They always meet or surpass my expectations. I will be back!
    Patricia S.     5 star review7/24/2018
  • Brittany did an unbelievable job!! She was very business like but friendly. She immediately solved my issue . A Great job!!
    Steven S.     5 star review7/24/2018
  • Flor was great- she was positive and helpful! She had helped me before on my order issue, and was really patient and listened to my concerns regarding my missing order. Thank you so much for helping me resolve the delay in receiving my order and sending a new one. I'll continue to support your company and suggest to others! Thank you. All the best
    Kate R.     5 star review7/24/2018
  • I’ve always been pleased with Her Room. This is the first time something I ordered was out of stock, however, I was helped promptly and satisfactorily taken care of.
    Nina A.     5 star review7/23/2018
  • thanks to catherine for her patience and helping w/order !!!
    Elizabeth D.     5 star review7/23/2018
  • excellent customer service. Took care of the situation quickly
    Becky L.     5 star review7/23/2018
  • The wait time on the phone was manageable - the service great! Thank you. I will be using HerRoom again.
    Michelle S.     5 star review7/23/2018
  • Amber resolved my issue quickly and was very pleasant.
    Mary Ann S.     5 star review7/23/2018
  • When I followed your directions to exchange my recent purchase I was given a customer service number and told I had to contact them. I spoke with Catherine who was polite, cheerful and handled my exchange to my satisfaction making my first experience with your company very satisfactory.
    Georgia L.     5 star review7/23/2018
    Dolores C.     5 star review7/20/2018
  • Amber was the first person to go through the checkout process on my account to verify that it was not possible for me to complete a return on the website. ❤️ So for that, I’m really grateful!
    Amanda F.     5 star review7/20/2018
  • Flor answered all my crazy questions with style and grace. Then helped me place my order. Can't wait to try on this bra if and when it fits I will be purchasing lots more. I am so glad to finally again find a bra that has the design that I used to wear. Thanks,
    Chelynn S.     5 star review7/20/2018
  • Amber was very helpful and was able to assure me that my return would be processed correctly even though I had mad a mistake by forgetting to include the order manifest in the return package. Great customer service by a great company - looking forward to future purchases!
    Regan N.     5 star review7/20/2018
  • Amber was most helpful and happy to help with my problem. She has great costumer skills.
    Shelia P.     5 star review7/20/2018
  • I have large bra size and I find beautiful things that fit me. Thank You!! I have only needed to send 2 bar's back because fit wasn't correct. It's so hard to tell over the internet. Haven't heard back yet to see about a refund. So far very Happy....
    William D.     4 star review7/20/2018
  • She resolved my problem in two minutes. Great.
    Pedro E.     5 star review7/19/2018
  • Amber did a great job of soothing my worries! I received the notification that the return of the bra was being processed. She was right! I’m very satisfied with my communications to your customer service department. Thank you!
    Elisabeth G.     5 star review7/19/2018
  • I would definitely use your site again, The problem was with the design on the product that we could not see viewing online until it got shipped to us. However, you team was helpful, attentive and made it a great experience even though we weren't happy with the actual product which was not a reflection on your company. Great job!
    Lisa C.     5 star review7/19/2018
  • Amber was very helpful-answered my question and was super friendly
    Maribeth L.     5 star review7/19/2018
  • I wanted to change a back ordered item for a different one(bra). Flo was very helpful and made the change.
    Noralee I.     5 star review7/19/2018
  • She was very professional and nice. I appreciate your Customer Service staff and will be ordering a couple of different bras soon. I find the reviews about fit very helpful. Thanks very much. Please put in a good word for Rosie for me!!
    Debra D.     5 star review7/19/2018
  • Amber was extremely helpful and patient. My cell phone dropped in the middle of my call for an exchange in an effort to get a better fitting bra for my daughter. Amber was right there when I called back and helped me complete the process. She also made sure we received the correct order number on a follow up call as there was some confusion. Thank you Amber and Herroom!! We hope to become regular customers once we figure out what size works. We were referred by Title Nine in Berkeley.
    Karen B.     5 star review7/19/2018
  • Your employees ALWAYS go out of their way to help me!!! You have the greatest customer service I have ever come across!
    Theresa P.     5 star review7/19/2018
  • Lorena was very helpful in assisting me with my return. Excellent customer service!
    Susan C.     5 star review7/18/2018
  • I don't have access to a printer and I needed to return something, and she was very helpful in giving me the information I needed,
    Nancy W.     5 star review7/18/2018
  • Courteous and patient customer service. My request was handled promptly and efficiently.
    Gloria M.     5 star review7/18/2018
  • Exactly what I needed, quick and efficient. Thanks! Great customer service!!!!
    Heather L.     5 star review7/18/2018
  • Easy transaction. Backordered item originally paid with Pay Pal needed a new payment method. I love your excellent communication about orders and the person was so helpful in Customer Service.
    Joyce M.     5 star review7/18/2018
  • Overall, I have been pleased with the customer service. There was a little refund mix up requiring a couple of follow up contacts, but it was resolved.
    Carole C.     5 star review7/18/2018
  • Got my items thank you so much I appreciate how quickly I got my items will recommend
    Lucy     0 star review7/17/2018
  • I just made a purchase. My first time buying this particular brand. Right after I submitted my order, I read the reviews on your site for this bra and realized that the bandwidth runs small and I should have ordered a different size. Called customer service and was able to change my order in 5 minutes, no problem. Great experience!
    S. H.     5 star review7/17/2018
  • My question was answered quickly with no problem. Amber was very pleasant to talk to
    Roberta E.     5 star review7/17/2018
  • Rather long (13 min.) but Amber took my order and could not have been more pleasant! She was also very efficient and helpful!
    Jane K.     4 star review7/17/2018
  • I called many times on this issue and this person was the only one that could handle this problem very appreciative
    Chris V.     5 star review7/17/2018
  • Hi - Looking forward to getting my first order. It was easy and fairly quick to get my order placed. thank you!
    Janet G.     5 star review7/16/2018
  • I placed an order this morning and as soon as I placed the order I realized that I had ordered the wrong style. I called and spoke to customer service and the order was able to be cancelled since it had not been processed yet. I was so pleased that I was able to stop this order so I can then place another order purchasing the correct item as I am not able to buy two items. Thank you
    Evelyn J.     5 star review7/16/2018
  • There was confusion about my billing address. The customer service person was extremely polite, prompt, and clear. I appreciate being able to speak to a real human in short order when there is any problem about an order.
    Lynn L.     5 star review7/16/2018
  • Lorena was pleasant, polite & patient & resolved my dilemma perfectly. PLEASE GIVE HER A RAISE !!!
    Anne N.     5 star review7/16/2018
  • The CSR I spoke with was able to suggest items to consider because the item I wanted is discontinued. Most helpful!
    Esperanza D.     5 star review7/16/2018
  • I have talked to two really wonderfully trained and caring young ladies, who really cared about me. Isn't that unusual in this day and age. Thank you for your products and a BIG thank you to your employees.
    Jane W.     5 star review7/16/2018
  • The person I spoke with was courteous and very knowledgeable of your products.
    Jaime N.     5 star review7/16/2018
  • The person I spoke to was able to quickly respond to my inquiry putting my mind at ease regarding my credit card.
    Linda E.     5 star review7/15/2018
  • Super nice, professional, helpful. She took care of my problem quickly.
    Tina S.     5 star review7/14/2018
  • Thank you for the help. Your customer service rep. Was very nice and I’m satisfied with the help
    Deeni T.     5 star review7/13/2018
  • She was very helpful. She said she would email me with a response as soon as she had one, which she followed through on, much appreciated.
    Nikki A     5 star review7/13/2018
  • The person I spoke to was the MOST polite person ever!!! Thank you.
    Ingrid G.     5 star review7/13/2018
  • Please give this lady a raise. She has excellent customer service skills!!!
    Kathryn M.     5 star review7/13/2018
  • The rep, Flor Canales, understood the problem I described, and was courteous, quick and efficient in resolving it right away!
    Alida M.     5 star review7/13/2018
  • I called with a complicated return issue and the customer service rep was kind and solved the issue easily. I had a return to HerRoom and another return to HerRoom (through Amazon). So nice to deal with a company that uses common sense and allows there employees to think outside the box to solve issues in the easiest way possible. Only one of three of the bras worked and I am thankful for your awesome return policy. I will be using your company again!
    Rebecca M.     5 star review7/13/2018
  • Very helpful and understanding. Very pleasant and professional.
    Susan B.     5 star review7/13/2018
  • The rep referred me to the post office. I called the post office and they informed me that they had a second delivery of my package this morning. I checked my mailbox and the package was there.
    Rene C.     4 star review7/12/2018
  • Thanks for verifying that I was shipping to another address. ( Identity theft definitely exists and I'm glad your team took the extra steps to protect.) Thanks again
    Deidra H.     5 star review7/12/2018
  • Your rep was great. When I called, I was upset at what I thought would be the charge for returning. She listened patiently, was understanding, and remained professional... I like your site, I hate bra shopping and appreciate the selection and service offered by Her Room. And love that I can find my size in a variety of styles and have a bra delivered to me and be able to return or exchange with minimal cost of effort - better than a department store for me. I will recommend and use again in the future.
    Laura D.     5 star review7/12/2018
  • Very helpful with helping figure out how to return items (still in package) but past the return/exchange date. Will be sending them in for a store credit. Thanks so much
    Tammy C.     5 star review7/12/2018
  • Fantastic customer service! So excited to try the bra your agent recommend based on my description of needs! Thank you so much!!!
    Trieste J.     5 star review7/12/2018
  • Thank you for the expeditious response. Your customer service is great and has always been since I have been dealing with your organization sincerely appreciated.
    Chris R.     5 star review7/12/2018
  • Very courteous rep. I was calling looking for a refund on a returned item and she was helpful in letting me know that the refund was in the works.
    Jane L.     5 star review7/11/2018
  • She was very helpful and resolved my issue within minutes. Thank you!
    Marion M.     5 star review7/11/2018
  • I always order from you because your the ony one that has what I like
    Patricia I.     5 star review7/11/2018
  • She helped me and I felt she was truly concerned.
    Anne C.     5 star review7/11/2018
  • Totally impressed by how efficient you are! Amber was lovely.
    Kristen T.     5 star review7/11/2018
  • Quick, easy and efficient. Couldn't have been any better !
    Kay F.     5 star review7/11/2018
  • I was assisted by a very professional customer associate who answered my questions and helped me through my purchase. Thanks for a job well done.
    Nancy P.     5 star review7/11/2018
  • She was very pleasant and patient as I had to have her convert an Australian size to US
    Jacqueline S.     5 star review7/11/2018
  • I'm difficult. She was amazing. Took all the time I needed. Followed as my mind jumped all over the place. She answered all questions, figured out my size and somehow I ended up buying 2 rather than just one like I had planned. Very pleased. You might need to give her a raise. Really, she's good. Thank you for the service.
    Lauren C.     5 star review7/11/2018
  • Fantastic Service, customer service representative was very helpful.
    Joseph S.     5 star review7/10/2018
  • Brittanie was very helpful lvery courteous and very friendly.
    Lucylle F.     5 star review7/10/2018
  • I have had a fantastic experience every time I have done Business with all who has helped me with my purchases.
    Alicia D.     5 star review7/10/2018
  • Windy was very helpful to help process my Return
    Silpa S.     5 star review7/10/2018
  • Windy was efficient, quick to provide answers with a focus on customer solutions
    Bonnie R.     5 star review7/9/2018
  • Kathern was very nice and helpful and professional will be sending back exchange for different size
    Les M.     5 star review7/9/2018
  • Returns handled with ease and orders shipped arrived in a timely manner.
    Elois A.     5 star review7/9/2018
  • No hold time, Brittany was terrific! Great fist time experience!
    Abby T.     5 star review7/9/2018
  • She was very helpful by both online chat and with a follow up Email. Kudos!
    Fred F.     5 star review7/9/2018
  • Amber was very pleasant and professional. She answered each question. She was helpful.
    Darlene D.     5 star review7/9/2018
  • She was very helpful in helping me locate the item and then to order it. Very knowledgeable and professional. I was very happy to find the item.
    Anne G.     5 star review7/9/2018
  • The online system was not working, kept asking for the same credit card info over and over again, so a call resolved the ordering process.
    Maureen S.     5 star review7/8/2018
  • Catherine was courteous and fun to talk to. She handled my refund request speedily. She made my day!
    Barbara E.     5 star review7/7/2018
  • Lorena was VERY helpful and I would highly recommend shopping on Her Room’s website. Best bang for the buck
    Daniel P.     5 star review7/6/2018
  • Although we only communicated through e-mail, she got the job done. Not only was I able to do my return, I was also able to change my password so that I can now log in to my account. So thank you Lorena!
    Charlena W.     5 star review7/6/2018
  • She identified the issue right away and made the appropriate fix. Very efficient and congenial
    Daniel R.     5 star review7/6/2018
  • Wendy was pleasant to chat with and was very helpful.
    Adam C.     5 star review7/6/2018
  • Customer service rep was very helpful with my order cancellation. I received email confirmation immediately.
    Nancy C.     5 star review7/6/2018
  • Very nice agent. Was able to search my orders to find padded bras, which would have to be returned. Many thanks. Keep providing bras at a very good pricing scale. Just down right beautiful bra. I love my many choices. Thank you!!
    Lori M.     5 star review7/6/2018
  • Spoke with Amber who was very professional and kind and pleasant to talk with.
    Rick Q.     5 star review7/6/2018
  • I was late in wanting to return my items. As a first-time 'offender', Amber gave me a break and allowed me to return them, no questions asked. If I couldn't have done this, I'm quite sure I'd never order from HerRoom again. Amber's a great rep for your company!
    Phyllis G.     5 star review7/6/2018
  • The woman I spoke with was charming and extremely helpful.
    Deborah D.     5 star review7/5/2018
  • Lorena was very professional. She was helpful, considerate, and knew what I needed before I even asked the question. I really appreciated her help.
    Rebecca B.     5 star review7/5/2018
  • Catherine was very helpful to me. She explained how your return system worked, since my printer was down and I would have to do a manual label. Many thanks!
    Rebecca B.     5 star review7/5/2018
  • Customer associate was polite knowledgeable and very friendly. Cusps! This young woman is an asset to HerRoom!
    Rhonda K.     5 star review7/5/2018
  • Amber is a very professional person and was able to give me the answers that I needed.
    Janet N.     5 star review7/5/2018
  • Excellent company! Customer Service is efficient and helpful ! Thank you!
    Carol S.     5 star review7/5/2018
  • Very helpful!! There was a problem with delivering my order to my PO Box. I reordered and it is going to the same address. I know from experience that the problem is with the delivery company not anything at your company did in sending me the product. Amber is wonderful!!!
    Sara S.     5 star review7/5/2018
  • The rep was very helpful and really cared that I found the right product to benefit me. She was great and had a lot of patience.
    Ann C.     5 star review7/4/2018
  • Quickly solved the problem. Courteous & knowledgeable.
    Ann C.     5 star review7/4/2018
  • The representative I spoke with was very polite. She took the time to look up my information and answer all my questions with professionalism and patience. I was very pleased with my conversation.
    Patrice S.     5 star review7/3/2018
  • Always a good experience with Her Room. Wish you had a little shop around the corner from me.
    Abigail S.     5 star review7/3/2018
  • Always so easy to order. Great service!
    Patricia W.     5 star review7/3/2018
  • Amber was professional and yet friendly. She offered other options to my request and expressed regret that this particular order did not work well for me. Amber knows how to make a customer feel important.
    Marian G.     5 star review7/3/2018
  • Very pleasant, understanding patient and extremely helpful!
    Susan G.     5 star review7/3/2018
  • Lorena Alardin in Cust Service is just fabulous. She's interested in the customer's problem. She's intelligent and articulate and willing to takes steps that may not be in the "cust service handbook" to solve a problem. She's management material. Just can't say enough. She is great at what she does and could do more for HerRoom at a higher level of responsibility. Best customer service I've received in a very long time.
    Carol B.     5 star review7/3/2018
  • She went and checked info out. Came up with a solution and was actually more satisfied since the results came the same day instead of giving it another week. Thank you Catherine
    Ann A.     5 star review7/3/2018
  • Lorena was able to answer my questions and easily placed my order. Gracious and informed! Thank you
    Gilda R.     5 star review7/2/2018
  • So pleased that the Live Chat feature answered my question!
    Deborah R.     5 star review7/2/2018
  • Fast and efficient rep. She helped me cancel an order that was back ordered with no issue. WONDERFUL!
    Paulina D.     5 star review7/2/2018
  • Amber did an awesome job for me, answered all my questions, and did everything she said she would. Kudos to her. It's so nice when people keep their word and everything works out the way I hoped it would! Thanks, Amber!
    Barbara K.     5 star review7/2/2018
  • Was having ordering issues internet I guess call customer service to make sure I didn't order place my order several times ..CS knew exactly what to do .glad for that don't need a stockpile of hosiery
    Robreta W.     5 star review7/2/2018
  • The customer service agent was super helpful and took care of my question in just a few minutes!
    Hannah L.     5 star review7/1/2018
  • I greatly appreciate the woman who helped me change the shipping address I accidentally used. I really enjoy shopping at Herroom because this site is the only one I can get my size at and it really would have been awful to not get my order because of my mistake. I appreciate the agent assisting me to correct my error.
    Victoria J.     5 star review6/30/2018
  • i was in the process of trying to print a return label and i received a message that the USPS was offline and you would email me one as soon as it was up and running. i waited 24 hours and still no email. i called and was able to get one within minutes.
    Victoria G.     5 star review6/30/2018
  • Thank you Brittany for excellent customer service!!!
    Leiann H.     5 star review6/29/2018
  • I love love love the material. Im in my mid 40’s and have raised five boys. The top absolutely does me justice. I ordered a 38D (my bra size) and it was perfect! The band stretches and the cups fit just like my Victoria Secret bra’s (I do not wear full coverage so it’s so comfortable for me) The bottoms also stretch. It’s my experience that you always buy a size up from your pant size. I’m a 12 and ordered a 14. I love how it folds up and covers my tummy. It was worth the money!
    Tammy G.     5 star review6/29/2018
  • I was a week late with my return partly because I lost track of time, but mostly because I was waiting to receive two bras on back order. I wanted to return everything all at once, if the last two bras didn't fit. The bras are still on back order. When I realized today that I was past my 30 days, I called. And the customer service person restored my online ability to register my items for return and print a label. I'm a fairly new customer and am very please. I will buy all my bras and underwear from HerRoom.
    karen M.     5 star review6/29/2018
  • The lady was very nice professional and able to assist me with my needs I will definitely be shopping here again really soon thank you for your awesome service
    shenan H.     5 star review6/29/2018
  • She was super helpful and courteous- even gave me a heads up on response time. Thank you for having such a helpful CS team! I also submitted a ticket? contact request via your contact form and haven't heard back yet, please feel free to disregard that now that my issue is being resolved. Thank you!
    Barbara M.     5 star review6/29/2018
  • Amber was very kind and helpful. Great customer service.
    Stacy S.     5 star review6/29/2018
  • I was very stressed about an address entry error. Brittany made me feel at ease and my shipment was perfect! Thank you!
    Laurie M.     5 star review6/29/2018
  • i had a question about the website and got an answer quickly and it was even on the weekend. i wasn't expecting a response before monday but got it taken care of much faster. thanks!
    Steve B.     5 star review6/28/2018
  • Extremely professional, took care of the situation straight-up! Thanks~
    Sandie C.     5 star review6/28/2018
  • Amber was very polite, she listened to my complaint and immediately found a solution to my problem.
    RyeDean P.     5 star review6/28/2018
  • Amber was pretty helpful,and cordial. my issue was fixed up really quickly, Thank you
    Rasha F.     5 star review6/28/2018
  • You guys have been fantastic even when I’ve had to change or cancel an order. Very happy with your selection and service!
    Natalie P.     5 star review6/28/2018
  • Catherine was gracious, polite & most competent.
    Jane B.     5 star review6/28/2018
  • Everything is ok now. My credit card was not going through to pay my bill. I called the Credit Unit and it was taken care of immediately.
    Anna H.     5 star review6/28/2018
  • Catherine was sweet warm accommodating helpful and terrific. All your staff are like warm hugs. Your merchandise and website is outstanding and exceptional. I love your follow up emails letting customers know if an item is delayed. It shows you genuinely care. I just love everything about your company and look forward to many more years with you.
    Renee P,     5 star review6/27/2018
  • Great product, great service, great place to shop.
    Joe S.     5 star review6/27/2018
  • The woman who helped me was helpful, efficient and pleasant. Thanks!
    Margaret Z.     5 star review6/27/2018
  • I didn't have to wait at all to get an actual person on the phone and the rep helped me quickly and efficiently. Thank you
    Reena S.     5 star review6/27/2018
  • The people on the phone are great. They have been very helpful.
    Joseph C.     5 star review6/27/2018
  • I had some concerns about items that I had ordered aand I received clarity on how things would go. Appreciate the detailed explanation.
    Afolake B.     5 star review6/27/2018
  • Items were received on time and were as described!!
    Marian H.     5 star review6/27/2018
  • Great easy shopping experience and thank you for the discount.
    Deborah V.     0 star review6/26/2018
  • Customer Service was great, I spoke with a representative within a couple minutes. The processing of the return took longer than I had hoped (1 month), but nevertheless everything worked out!
    Erika H.     4 star review6/26/2018
  • The only thing that bothers me about this exchange is the length of time before I hear that you've received the package I sent with the items I want exchanged.
    Sharon C.     4 star review6/26/2018
  • This is my second return to Her Room, and the customer service is the best I have ever experienced. Thank you to Catherine, and her friendly, prompt actions to process my return. For sure, HerRoom will be my future go to source for lingerie purchases! =)
    Susan D.     5 star review6/26/2018
  • Answered my questions, followed directions sent picture of defective underwear, waiting for a response.
    Priscilla N.     5 star review6/26/2018
  • When ordering I did not realize that my items would be sent using the UK sizes. I was pleased w how helpful Brittany was during the returns process. Thank you
    Cristina V.     5 star review6/26/2018
  • Call was answered promptly and courteously and took care of the issue. Thank you.
    Amelia C.     5 star review6/25/2018
  • The young lady I spoke with handled my cancellation order very professionally and an email followed immediately. The only complaint I would have is regarding the horrible background noise/conversations. It was difficult to hear the young lady I was speaking with.
    Lucinda W.     5 star review6/25/2018
  • Hello. The lady that took my order I believe her name is Suzanne ? Was very courteous and helpful I’ve been wanting this bra for a while now. I’m excited to order it Thank you.
    Allen E.     5 star review6/25/2018
  • My item was backordered and I was concerned that I would not get it in time. She suggested a different size that was ready to ship, so I agreed to change the size. I am fairly certain it will work. I appreciate someone who tries to find other solutions instead of just saying, 'sorry you won't get it in time'. Thanks!
    Lendid K.     5 star review6/25/2018
  • I was having trouble with the return label. She emailed me one immediately and asked me which items I wanted to return so she could include list to put in box. All under 4 minutes.
    Melissa K.     5 star review6/25/2018
  • I got all the answers I needed in an efficient and courteous manner.
    Nadya V.     5 star review6/25/2018
  • yes, your CS rep was very helpful, and she made it a very easy to order... i would like to have her work with me any time we order... i was very comfortable ordering thru her, she did a wonderful job ... thank you all ...
    Barbara F.     5 star review6/25/2018
  • Flo was very helpful and nice. She resolved my problem immediately!
    Miriam O.     5 star review6/25/2018
  • Amber is an excellent customer service representative. She has a very pleasant disposition. The issue with my return was handled immediately. I am very satisfied. Please ensure that Amber is considered for a higher than average raise. She is an asset to the Herroom Customer Service team and the company as a whole. - Sincerely, Satisfied Customer Deborah
    Deborah L.     5 star review6/25/2018
  • Yisele was professional & knowledgeable. She quickly helped me with my problem. She was also very courteous.
    Minerva M.     5 star review6/25/2018
  • Inquired about my refund and the agent was able to look up my and refund me in less than 2 minutes. Super fast. Thanks!
    Sabrina L.     4 star review6/25/2018
  • It was confusing because I placed one order of 3 items. Two were sent together and one was back ordered. The playtex order sent and the back ordered playtex were supposed to be different, one white and one blush. Both items were received in white. I have lost weight and all of the items were returned as soon as I tried them on. I ordered one exchange. I had difficulty explaining to your representative because she kept talking about a blush colored bra that I never received. Since I received a white one in the first shipment, I expected a blush one with the back order. It was white too. I got frustrated, but your representative handled it well and I am looking forward to trying on the 42C.
    Kathleen P.     4 star review6/25/2018
  • Needed return label,I do not have printer. Lavern was gracious and helpful.she is sending me one through the mail. I will know more after this transition is finished.
    Shirley B.     5 star review6/23/2018
  • I received an immediate connection to an agent when clicking on Chat. Windy took care of my request and made it so easy.. Great service!
    Jamie C.     5 star review6/23/2018
  • I really appreciate that you were willing for me to make a swimsuit exchange past the 30 period. Your quality of items is very nice!
    Paula F.     5 star review6/22/2018
  • My customer service rep immediately knew the answer to my question, and suggested a potential solution. (I placed an order, and half of the products were backordered. I wanted to receive all of the products, in different sizes and styles to see what worked best, before having to make the return.)
    Danielle L.     5 star review6/22/2018
  • Brittanie was polite and efficient. My request was met immediately with follow-up email.
    Rita C.     5 star review6/22/2018
  • Brittany did a great job fixing an entry I made. Made me feel much better! Thanks!
    Laurie M.     5 star review6/21/2018
  • Lorena acted immediately to correct the situation and I greatly appreciate it.
    Laird B.     5 star review6/21/2018
  • She was great. I was canceling my order due to long backorder, and she helped me find similar items
    Hildy G.     5 star review6/21/2018
  • Amber was the BEST! She was professional to a T ! She got my return question answered a in flash. She made my day. Associate's like her deserve a lil' pat on the back, for work well done.
    Gail C.     5 star review6/21/2018
  • Brittany did a great job helping me with sizes and what might work. It is always hard to tell from a web site and I will have to size up on sports bras. The ones I ordered were to tight. The other bras were fine and I re-ordered these today. Thank you
    Megan F.     5 star review6/21/2018
  • I’m So excited to find your website. I love that I can find pretty bras in my size! I’m so happy. Thank you
    Robert H.     5 star review6/21/2018
  • Flor was very helpful in explaining the process that my package would take since it was marked "undeliverable". My only issue is that I have to wait for usps to ship it back to you before you ship my replacement. While I 100% understand this I just have no idea if I'm going to receive my bathing suit in time to wear it at all.
    Amielee E.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • I have been extremely pleased with the Customer Service Lady! Thank You,
    Heidi M.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • There was some confusion about whether I wanted to return my order or exchange it for a larger size. But, that was my fault because I circled both. So, there will be a delay in receiving my order. Could you make your customer Service phone numbers more visible for Your customers to see? I had trouble Telling if that number was a six or an eight.
    Liz R.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • I was able to get the answer I needed regarding Returns and Exchanges.
    Vicki O.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • Catherine was so patient and helpful when the website kept giving me error messages. She went through my order with me and got my return label created and emailed right away. Thank you, Catherine!
    Sarah K.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • Wonderful support! was able to change my order immediately. GREAT customer service!
    Marilyn B.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • I have always appreciated how quickly my things arrive and the excellent return service as I am a hard fit for swimsuits. Small everywhere except breasts. I recently had a return that I noticed had not been returned on my card. They actually called me to inquire if I had made a return. They checked it out and promptly issued a credit on my card. Very pleased with Her Room.
    Valerie C.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • Customer service was very efficient, knowledgeable and friendly! Researched and answered a shipping question for me. Thank you so much!
    Chrysi W.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • My return was resolved promptly and with no glitches. helpful!!
    Dan E.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • Expeditiously handled my "live chat" request.
    Bruce O.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • I was very happy with the call. The agent was courteous and knew right away how to solve the problem.
    Giuliana C.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • This conversation was wonderful, and I was able to resolve my issue with a return to HerRoom to my satisfaction. Thank you
    Cathy G.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • Brittany didn't hesitate to provide the assistance I needed to get a first time discount put onto my order. I didn't get the email containing the discount code prior to placing the order. Moments after I placed the order the email was delivered. I called and Brittany took care of it immediately.
    Rosa T.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • Customer Service Rep. Lorena was superb! Very, very helpful and very kind to talk to. I absolutely got the information that I requested. She has a wonderful personality, too. Just one suggestion for improvement: The "wait time" to obtain a Customer Service Representative on the phone was over 7 minutes!
    Neil N.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • I spoken with Amber before. As usual Amber provides 1st class service. It it my hope that Amber receives recognition and maybe $20 gift certificate. Please pass this to Amber. Thank you hon.
    Oscar C.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • I appreciated the clarification,etc. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
    Maria L.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • Great job Britney .... once again you gave great customer service. Thank you
    Landon H.     5 star review6/20/2018
  • Lorna was pleasant, helpful and put me at ease regarding my orders arrival, including committing to calling me with a follow-up. Thank you very much. I am a new and satisfied customer.😀
    Darlene B.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • The customer service lady was very nice, very helpful, respectful and clear to understand... Unfortunately I did have to return one of the articles that I purchased but I will say if the return goes very smoothly I will reorder from you guys again and again and again thank you and have a wonderful day
    Samantha W.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • Service was very expedient and helpful. Thank you so much!
    Cinda G.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • I used the wrong rma number but she found it and was able to see that there was movement.
    Iris F.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • I had many questions, and you agent patiently answered all.
    Judy H.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • She was very helpful and pleasant- my first time ordering- thank you !
    Coleen L.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • Very kind, helpful and understanding.
    Janet N.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • Really amazing service with Lorena and the more exciting was talking with someone in my own language (Spanish), now Lorena and Amber are my best costumer representative. Thank you Tomima
    Evaristo H.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • I own my own business. And after working in service for many many years, I have learned that businesses are about good products and customer service. The person I spoke with at Her room was very nice, easy to understand and time conscience. I wouldn't change a thing.
    Stephanie S.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • Catherine did a great job answering my questions but I am disappointed to learn that the credit card processing system is down and this may affect the processing time for my order. Luckily she said I can call tomorrow and hopefully resolve my issue.
    Emilie G.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • as a 77 year old I often get confused and mailed an item I could not use back without any information the young woman I spoke with was so helpful she told me they would send me an email when the bras arrived and contact me even though I did not put my information in the mail.. I felt very reassured by her manner and her answers. Thank you
    Gail B.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • This lady did an outstanding job in taking care of my situation. Great customer service which is a rarity these days. Rest assured it is most appreciated. Professionalism at its best. Thanks for allowing me to comment.
    Don M.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • The customer service person knew why I was calling before I needed to explain because of some documentation from a previous call. Very efficient.
    Robin C.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to receiving the item I ordered! :)
    Lauren M.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • Your representative Britney was patient and understanding about my needs and I appreciate this very much After all I’m not your average customer calling in two other businesses I contacted before I contacted you folks were not interested and helping me out as a trans woman I’m speechless and overwhelmed by the patience and understanding I received from Britney today compared to the other two companies I have contacted for Brassieres I look forward to doing business with your company in the future thank you very much .
    Steve T.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • She was very helpful, and very pleasant. I enjoyed talking with her.
    Carol G.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • Customer service was friendly! Thank you Very informative and polite!
    Sara M.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • Thank you for replacing a La Perla item for defective hem costruction after the 30 day return policy. Hopefully this was a one off and not manufacture 2nds. Will shop again for sure
    Ronald L.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • The woman I spoke to was professional and didn't ever make me feel dumb.
    Amy C.     5 star review6/19/2018
  • Customer service is stellar and products are also. will order again !! Thank you,
    Joy K.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • She was very nice and the process was smooth and easy. Thanks!
    Jennifer J.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • Amber, the service rep I spoke to, was friendly, patient and helpful. I had to wait a bit, but it was worth it. Thanks!
    Patricia V.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • Your people are so kind, considerate and helpful. Thank you!
    Marlene R.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • I was on hold forever, however once my call was answered the respondent was polite, professional and resolved my conflict with lightening speed!
    Jan P.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • The person I talked to was exceptionally helpful and kind. Over the last few years, I’ve found that getting help can be underwhelming and sometimes difficult. However, the Herroom employee that helped me knew exactly how to help me and took care of me in a timely manner. Very pleasant experience makes my decision on where to shop for bras in the future easy - with Herroom. She was wonderful, and I hope my appreciation and message reach her. Thank you for having such a great web company!
    Donna H.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • My customer service representative was exceptionally pleasant, polite, and helpful! 😃 What more could I ask?
    Mary D.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • It was great to be able to talk to a person and resolve a problem with NO trouble
    Andy H.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • Quick and easy just the way I like it. Thank you so much!!
    Patricia L.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • Really helpful, explained what was wrong with my order, and why they called me.
    Arielle D.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • i ended up ordering the wrong size bra, and was able to get the the correct size into the order saving me the time of returning everything. thank you so much!
    Jodi G.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • Amber knew exactly why the return label didn’t print and why your site said to seek help. She sent me one immediately,thru email. Polite, professional, and pleasant, all the p’s that are important!
    Leila S.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • Amber was helpful, patient, and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to speak to her.
    Bonnie V.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • I wasn’t sure if my order went through online, as I received an error. I called, and was assured that the order had been received.
    Cynthia M.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • Quality Products, with reasonable prices. The customer service was excellent. It was a total very good experience dealing with this company. I would recommend them to everyone!
    Paulette S.     5 star review6/18/2018
  • Very friendly & efficient. Thanks
    Betty T.     5 star review6/16/2018
  • Courtney was great! She expertly understood the problem I had (wrong shipping and billing address) and quickly made the fix! A real pleasure to have her assist me today! Give her a bonus and a raise! :-)
    Richard K.     5 star review6/16/2018
  • quick and efficient Amber was very helpful and fast !
    Peggy W.     5 star review6/16/2018
  • The woman who helped me was just perfect. She cared about my concern and went the extra mile to resolve it. Rare these days. She made my day a little easier, which is something I truly appreciate.
    Judith K.     5 star review6/15/2018
  • The rep answered my question right away. Great job. Unfortunately, I accidentally disconnected before we ended the conversation. If you aren't already, you may want to consider sending an email script of the convo's automatically.
    Laura H.     5 star review6/15/2018
  • No words adequately describe how good you are! I recommend your store online to anyone who mentions needing or wanting new underwear, mostly bras. My daughters have been pleased, too.
    Pearl S.     5 star review6/15/2018
  • I just love there hi waist shape wear thongs.
    Arlene C.     5 star review6/15/2018
  • Erica was promptly able to email me a copy of an order I had misplaced the paperwork for. Very satisfied!
    Carolyn M.     5 star review6/15/2018
  • Customer service was very good. My problem was that since the bra fit very well when I tried it on, I washed it. Then when I wore it, I discovered that every time I bent over, my breasts fell out the center. But I can't exchange for a smaller size. I am going to try to adjust the hooks to see if that will help. I like the bras very much.
    Esther L.     3 star review6/15/2018
  • I wish the Elomi bra Etta came in more colors. Super customer service.
    Donna B.     4 star review6/14/2018
  • really like how your products come in a nice bag and very tidy. Also appreciate the ability to return something after the 30 day mark. By the time I get it, try it on and then return it through the web I can easily loose 30 days. Great staff and like the owner's voice on the answering machine. Will do more business with your company for sure.
    Deborah G.     5 star review6/14/2018
  • She was polite and courteous and resolved my problem quickly.
    Tina S.     5 star review6/14/2018
  • I had very little wait time before a person answered and helped me with an order. I'm happy and it took very little time.
    Mary B.     5 star review6/14/2018
  • Customer service lady was very accommodating. We worked out a solution to a possible back order problem. If my order arrives as we revised it, I'll be very happy.
    Jeanne R.     5 star review6/14/2018
  • I had a password issue, so I was unable to process the Return online by myself. Additionally, I am technology challenged, and your customer service rep, Rosie, was very kind and patient with me as we went through the whole return process together. Thank you, Rosie! =)
    Susan D.     5 star review6/14/2018
  • Was confused about a transaction! She was great! Explained it to me! Thanx!
    Claudia S.     5 star review6/14/2018
  • The customer service rep was extremely knowledgeable. She helped me with multiple issues. 1. reset password 2. merge two different accounts 3. Return shipping labels I was very impressed how effortlessly she was able to hand a big multitude of issues, thanks!!! Susan
    Susan M.     5 star review6/14/2018
  • I had difficulty printing my return label, the customer service rep. I spoke with was very helpful. Thank you.
    Barbara D.     5 star review6/14/2018
  • Quick response. Solved my problem with a friendly English speaking representative. Thks
    Arthur P.     5 star review6/14/2018
  • I appreciate the fact that Flor was patience with me.
    Susie W.     5 star review6/14/2018
  • Vanessa facilitated a quick and easy resolution to my problem. Looking forward to receiving my exchange!
    Albert D.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • Service was great. I believe her name was Amber and she was so friendly and helpful. Will be ordering again soon.
    Kathleen H.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • Very polite and took care of my issue within 5 minutes. Very impressed. Real customer service is rare now and I will continue to recommend this company because of the customer service.
    Tiffany L.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • Windy had on point suggestions, I'll definitely continue to purchase from HerRoom thanks to the great customer service.
    Jacqueline S.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • great customer service. Question was answered quickly and correctly. Thanks
    Anthony E.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • Rosie was fast, efficient, helpful, and pleasant.
    Michelle P.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • Quick response. Solved problem.
    Nancy C.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • She gave me the information I required and clarified things well.
    Nadya V.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • i mistakenly placed an order twice. Your representative cancelled the second order promptly. I am grateful for her quick response.
    Sue P.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • Love the gown and how it fits
    Sheila P.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • Lorena was very nice and helpful.
    Gabrielle L.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • Loved the bra!! Great customer service, my issue was resolved promptly. Will highly recommended herroom to my friends and family.
    Teresa G.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • Amber helped me get my return processed. It took her no time to resolve the issue, and she was very pleasant.
    Kimberly M.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • We started with a great problem and ended with much success. i hope the hanes product will be successful. i thank you for you for being patient with an old man, not everyone represent you firm in a professional manner and it is appreciated
    Henry M.     5 star review6/13/2018
  • Outstanding customer service! My issue was handled quickly and professionally. Plus, I didn't have to wait on hold. Great job! She was very kind and helpful. So many thanks!
    Amy S.     5 star review6/12/2018
  • very satisfied keep up good work
    Clara W.     5 star review6/12/2018
  • Trying to return an item and order the same as an existing order but in another color was challenging. Then, as Britannie was helping me with the returns online, and I filled it all out, the website would not accept the transaction, so she has to take care of it from her end. She was very pleasant, helpful and efficient.
    Nancy B.     5 star review6/12/2018
    Peter P.     5 star review6/12/2018
  • Amber was very helpful, gave wonderful advice and was super pro-active with helping me understand my first return! Thanks for the awesome service Amber!
    Kortnee C.     5 star review6/12/2018
  • I couldn't download a return label so Customer service sent me a label via e.mail. That was a help.
    Sandra B.     5 star review6/12/2018
  • She was very pleasant and helpful. Couldn’t ask for a better experience. Comment: When I went to, there wasn’t a tab that said start a new return. All it showed me were the items on sale
    Ruth S.     5 star review6/12/2018
  • My query was about a pending merchandise return credit. Your response was prompt. The return credit was processed just as promptly. I greatly appreciate that it did not take multiple emails to settle the issue. Thank you again for you courteous and prompt attention to my problem.
    Viola L.     5 star review6/11/2018
  • Catherine was great. Pleasant and informative. My return is missing. She is researching. I am disappointed it is taking this long to get to you. I did use your return labels. I look forward to a quick resolution. Thank you
    Kimberley S.     5 star review6/11/2018
  • I appreciate your promptness taking care of my order which got lost, I did receive a replacement, thank you !
    Susan D.     5 star review6/11/2018
  • I almost didn't purchase from His/Her as I had read some reviews saying this company never gives refunds -- I'm glad I went ahead and took a risk -- I found out this is not the case! Now I'm comfortable buying -- I had to return twice but I will keep ordering until I find my correct size! Thx
    Barbara H.     5 star review6/11/2018
  • Very helpful staff on the phone. She was kind and patient and walked me through each step. I am very grateful for the grace since I was a few days past the 30 days return.
    Laurie G.     5 star review6/11/2018
  • Amber was incredibly patient, professional, and wonderfully helpful. I had questions regarding more than one order and she was able to track all of my orders, which included a return and an exchange, and tell me exactly what happened where along the process and how each number total (price/refund) added up and why I paid or received what I did with perfect clarity. She spoke clearly and I could understand what she was saying. She was very courteous and respectful and a pleasure to work with. Definitely impressed and won't hesitate to buy or call again here if I need to. Thank you, Amber, you're great. :)
    Keri M.     5 star review6/11/2018
  • She did an excellent job, lets hope I see the credits on my credit cards within 3 day and if this happens then she will be excellent 10 time over.
    Roxanna C.     5 star review6/11/2018
  • Very helpful support person I spoke with. Took care of the problem quickly.
    Nancie W.     5 star review6/11/2018
  • the young lady was very interested in getting help for me and in the end the problem was fixed - it was mostly a technology issue and it was done nicely!
    Patricia O.     5 star review6/11/2018
  • Representative was nice and very helpful. She took the time to answer my questions.
    Andrea R.     5 star review6/9/2018
  • She took my complaint seriously & immediately did a follow up. Then got an email with notification of action completed.
    Thelma C.     5 star review6/9/2018
  • I was placing an order and the total was $0.10 away from the free shipping and Erica adjusted my order to include the free standard shipping. This is my first order with Herroom and so far so good! Thank you for offering such good customer service on my first order!!
    Christina M.     5 star review6/9/2018
  • I spoke with Erica D. and explained to her that I forgot to apply my Promo Code for an extra 10% off of my purchase and she put a note for when my order ships to apply the 10%. I was very pleased with my experience and I will be shopping with "her room" for my future needs.
    Louise R.     5 star review6/9/2018
  • The return process was flawless. Extremely knowledgeable, courteous and genuine.
    Patricia G.     5 star review6/9/2018
  • It is Saturday so I called customer service and the recording said CHAT was available on Sat. She came on as soon as I opened chat, I had bought new panties on the site today so I wanted to cancel and I order I placed in May that is back ordered... she took care of it in 30 seconds! it was fantastic and I got an email confirming the cancellation. Great customer service. THANKS!
    Carolyne C.     5 star review6/9/2018
  • HerRoom is one of the best companies I have ever ordered from. Very quick to assist you and make sure your experience is a very pleasant one. I definitely recommend this site!
    Sara C.     5 star review6/8/2018
  • Amber understood my problem and was quick to resolve it. Her excellent customer service will retain me as a customer for future purchases
    Jamie C.     5 star review6/8/2018
  • Amber was super helpful with my return/exchange. She was super courteous and speedy with the assistance on the phone. I hope this size works for my daughter. Thank you!!!
    Alana S.     5 star review6/8/2018
  • There was a double billing situation and it was handled promptly without my having to call. I just e-mailed my request for a correction and it was done the very next day. Thanks!! I love my panties. They are exactly as pictured on line.
    Sally G.     5 star review6/8/2018
  • Professional, friendly and was efficient at looking into my account and answering my question. Thank you.
    Sarah I.     5 star review6/8/2018
  • It was a pleasure shopping with you!!! Delivery was very very fast!!! Will buy from you again.
    Tamara M.     5 star review6/8/2018
  • i had already placed my order within the last hour and since it was my first order i noticed another bra i thought would be better to try than the one i had ordered. I contacted customer service and they were able to change my order which was great! Very satisfied.
    Linda E.     5 star review6/8/2018
  • I had some difficulty processing my credit card with my online order and needed to call for help. The assistant tried to direct me, but then was able to process my order over the phone well. I appreciated her help.
    Lynn M.     5 star review6/8/2018
  • A duplicate order was placed by me and I needed assistance cancelling the second order. Your representative was most helpful in cancelling the second order.
    Sue P.     5 star review6/7/2018
  • Everyone was very helpful so far everything is going well with my return
    Marie F.     5 star review6/7/2018
  • Question answered very quickly and to my total satisfaction. Thank you.
    Donald M.     5 star review6/7/2018
  • She was very nice, professional, and took care of my questions and assured me my 10% coupon would be applied when my items shipped. She also was able to change my shipping to priority, which I thought I had clicked to pay the extra 2.00 but when Paypal took over and then returned me to the order confirmation page it was not on there and instead it had reverted back to standard shipping. She was able to get me my priority shipping so I can have my bathing suits before I leave for vacation.
    Valerie S.     5 star review6/7/2018
  • Again another professional great customer service response regarding a delayed issue with a credit on my order. I appreciate their professionalism and quick response !
    Valerie S.     5 star review6/7/2018
  • Erica was very polite. I just wanted to know the status of my return and she quickly processed it and sent a confirmation email to me. I am very pleased with the efficiency and customer service.
    Tiffany L.     5 star review6/7/2018
  • The representative was very courteous and efficient. She was able to process my order quickly.
    Sharon Z.     5 star review6/7/2018
    Susan M.     5 star review6/7/2018
  • Catherine quickly answered my questions regarding my pending return. She was professional and efficient. In all, this was a great example of excellent customer service.
    Dorothy M.     5 star review6/7/2018
  • Rosemary was very pleasant and helpful, please thank her again for me.
    Rachel M.     5 star review6/7/2018
  • Catherine was a pro. Everything was handled in a professional manner. Polite and friendly, helpful and polished. Thank you
    Rosemary B.     5 star review6/6/2018
  • Hello: thank you for asking. 1. Consider addressing time delays of initial delivery. 2. Consider addressing delays between accepted returns and posting to costumer payment method. A delay of 7 days may promote customer dissatisfaction, specially if the customer has to initiate contact and inquire re the delay. Best Regards
    Lily R.     5 star review6/6/2018
  • Vanessa was wonderful. Answered all my questions and assisted me with my return. Nice to know if there is an issue with an order, some one is there to help. thanks!
    Aimee D.     4 star review6/6/2018
  • Great Experience! Fast response! Easiest communication EVER!!
    Christel M.     5 star review6/6/2018
  • Amber was very helpful and efficient and pleasant. Worth the 5* rating.
    Penny S.     5 star review6/6/2018
  • Agents are always very knowledgeable and thorough. My requests are always honored in a timely fashion.
    Katherine C.     5 star review6/6/2018
  • I appreciate your quick help and wanting to fill my order and offering an alternate!!!!
    Eileen M.     5 star review6/6/2018
  • Thanks so much for handling my issue quickly and without trying to get me to do other things. Quick & efficient = happy customer
    Melissa C.     5 star review6/6/2018
  • Very satisfied. Quick and polite service. Many thanks.
    Carol A.     5 star review6/6/2018
  • She was very friendly and answered my questions
    Timothy M.     4 star review6/5/2018
  • A wonderful experience........The young Lady was very prompt & very professional..........What a great way to start the day..........
    Doug W.     5 star review6/5/2018
  • GET THIS GIRL A PROMOTION, A GENEROUS RAISE, RECOGNITION - SOMETHING! Amber IS my shero! She saved my trip to Hawaii, she cheered me up after breaking up with my bf and losing my job. Amber made my week. She is thoughtful, friendly, understanding, kind - all companies could use more people like Amber.
    Osahon O.     5 star review6/5/2018
  • Whoever I chatted with (online) resolved meh issue super quick!!!!
    Carol J.     5 star review6/5/2018
  • Vanassam was very patient and helped immensely. Thanks for the superb service.
    Theodosia C.     5 star review6/5/2018
  • Erica was prompt and professional, and fully answered my question. Thanks! Excellent customer service reps.
    Amanda S.     5 star review6/5/2018
  • Did a great job. Knew what we wanted and very helpful. We need more people like her!
    Lydia H.     5 star review6/5/2018
    Dee L.     5 star review6/5/2018
  • This is my first time to order and had a difficulty. Catherine was so nice enough to assist me and modify what needs to be done. Thank you!
    Aaron L.     5 star review6/5/2018
  • I loved how easy it was for her to understand my needs and to make recommendations. It was a great experience.
    Mary Ann T.     5 star review6/5/2018
  • I was grateful that the individual I spoke with was willing to agree to take my return items, even though they were a day or two over the 30 day limit. I live in a rural location that makes shipping somewhat of a chore. It shows me that your company is willing to bend the rules a little and not be so strict in order to bring a customer back for more business. This was my first HerRoom order; I'll be doing more business in the future! Thanks!
    Michelle S.     5 star review6/5/2018
  • The rep was able to look up my account and answer my question right away. Thank you!
    Kate G.     5 star review6/4/2018
  • the young lady was professional, patient, and courteous. You have a wonderful employee.
    Robert M.     5 star review6/4/2018
  • I am satisfied with the customer service agent who spoke to her supervisor and explained what I could do. I am not satisfied with HerRoom policy but will see how this turns out.
    Jacqueline H.     5 star review6/4/2018
  • I had to return the gown and robe I ordered because of the fabric. The woman who helped me was very kind and gave me great help on making the return. I will be very pleased if it is handled efficiently. Thanks so much!
    Cathy R.     5 star review6/4/2018
  • I called Friday with an issue due to a missing package and that customer service representative was not helpful at all. Today, this representative spoke to a manager and resolved the issue...Due to her helpful action, I will consider ordering from your company again. Thank you
    Katja H.     5 star review6/4/2018
  • great customer service. you have another excellent employee on your team!
    Robert M.     5 star review6/4/2018
  • I am pleased with the process and Vannessa was courteous and helpful
    Mary G.     5 star review6/4/2018
  • Excellent listening skills, builds rapport, offers suggestions. Thanks, Amber I hope I speak with you again.!😊
    Kathleen L.     5 star review6/4/2018
  • She was very helpful . I had some style numbers wrong but she was able to help me with the right item. She did a good job.
    Harry H.     5 star review6/4/2018
  • Customer Service Rep. Brittanie was awesome. I have been having trouble finding my bra size. I ordered several weeks ago and had to return due to bad fit, too big. I ordered a second time and I am returning this one due to the same issues still too big. But talked with Brittanie on the phone and I described my measurements and how the 40H was big in the band size and just a little in the cup size but my measurements say that is the size I should order. Because the size chart is so confusing I was not sure what size I should be ordering. I keep getting it wrong. So Brittanie help me settled on a 38E. I really hope this time it works :-) Great customer service. Thank you Brittanie.
    Rachel H.     5 star review6/4/2018
  • The representative was extremely helpful nice and polite. found object fast.
    Iris F.     5 star review6/4/2018
  • I have been looking for a good quality bra for over a year in Spain,there is none to be found. Thank you so much for your fantastic service from fitting to shipping!
    Denise C.     3 star review6/4/2018
  • It took 15 minutes to get connected to a person, but once I was connected everything was great.
    Melinda S.     3 star review6/4/2018
  • I have excellent service from you people that's why I keep coming back and always will , Thank You for being one of the best parts of my yesterday !!!
    Susan V.     5 star review6/2/2018
  • Sales girl was very helpful and polite. Found everything I wanted. Have ordered before, and love the merchandise. Thank you
    Georgeann B.     5 star review6/1/2018
  • having recently had a crummy experience with a different online undergarment shop, Lorena and Brittanie have been very helpful with my Her Room transaction.
    Anna D.     5 star review6/1/2018
  • Very patient ! Amber Allen was outstanding !! I appreciate her kind voice & patient guidance.
    Cherryl F.     5 star review6/1/2018
  • The best - your 3x really fits a 3x, like me! Lovely fabric, feminine touch of lace and fits, roomy, excellent craftsmanship - so I ordered again! Thanks!
    Kristi A.     5 star review6/1/2018
  • Brittanie was very professional, kind and willing to assist with my concern. She is a fabulous representative for HerRoom
    Kristina M.     5 star review6/1/2018
  • The person I spoke to was very pleasant and professional. My experience was excellent.
    Patricia M.     5 star review5/31/2018
  • I asked on a return and the representative answered me and I was happy with her help.
    Liz E.     5 star review5/31/2018
  • Representative was professional and thorough tracking with USPS. Gave me a realistic plan as well as gave me the option to call back if delivery issue was not resolved with USPS.
    Aurora C.     5 star review5/31/2018
  • Terrific CustomerService, terrific selection and sizes, and fast service. Thank you!
    Joe D.     5 star review5/31/2018
  • I have been looking for a good quality bra for over a year in Spain,there is none to be found. Thank you so much for your fantastic service from fitting to shipping!
    Patricia M.     0 star review5/31/2018
  • Called your line and the person who helped me through the return procedure was very helpful. thank and blessings
    Arthur S.     5 star review5/30/2018
  • Easy transaction. Excellent customer service. Thank you!
    Margaret D.     5 star review5/30/2018
  • Catherine was Professional, knowledgeable, efficient, courteous, and did an excellent job taking care of my needs and concerns. I am very happy you have such people working for you.
    Ralph C.     5 star review5/30/2018
  • I wasn’t able to print my label from my upload but after calling your customer service, Catherine Salas was able to help me with the return process. Thank you again Catherine
    Stacy R.     5 star review5/30/2018
  • Thank you! This is so helpful. And let me say your site is the most helpful around in terms of pictures and extra information to aid you in making informed choices! I'm going with you over other sites that are offering sales because of how much you have in stock, the great, organized info, and your excellent customer service.
    Jennifer F.     5 star review5/29/2018
  • Rosemary was very courteous and professional. She checked on the issue, which required input from another department. While she had to place me on hold, she periodically checked on me until the issue was resolved.
    Karen E.     5 star review5/29/2018
  • Outstanding service , knowledgeable rep and my problem was resolved 😄
    Joseph M.     5 star review5/29/2018
  • Thank you again, what an amazing company. When I am finished with my last class for this semester - graduate school - I am going to spend more time on the website. How lovely to find a company that is so awesome. Perhaps this sounds funny, but your service is what I grew up with in Canada. There is an elegance to what you do and I appreciate it very much. Kindest regards,
    Lois Caroline P.     0 star review5/28/2018
  • Catherine has a great customer service attitude - friendly, helpful, and made me feel important. Thank you!
    Cindy M.     5 star review5/26/2018
  • Yisele was helpful and prompt throughout my return process. I felt well taken care of with my issue. Thanks!
    Steven T.     5 star review5/26/2018
  • The agent was very friendly and kind in helping me resolve my issue. I'm very pleased.
    Jakeitha S.     5 star review5/26/2018
  • I needed to add an item to an order I had placed earlier today, and Erica was able to adjust my order for me. I really appreciated not having to do a separate order with additional shipping. That was excellent customer service for me.
    Lynda M.     5 star review5/26/2018
  • Very satisfied with my phone order to your company customer service. Very courteous and helpful.
    Annie K.     5 star review5/26/2018
  • Amber was Professional, Courteous, and Respectful. I needed to cancel an order for a bra, and purchase a different one. My order for the first bra was in process. She took the time and effort to have it cancelled, and then processed my new order, all in a timely and patient manner. I told her how much I appreciated her and all she did to assist me. Thank you, Nancy Provine-Turner
    Nancy P.     5 star review5/25/2018
  • I am so glad you sell these bras they are the best for plus size they hold very well thanks for selling the best bras ever
    Felicia W.     5 star review5/25/2018
  • Great experience. Will continue to shop from you. Looking forward to receiving my order. Thanks!
    RC S.     5 star review5/25/2018
  • My request was answered quickly and easily. The chat representative was excellent.
    Susan H.     5 star review5/25/2018
  • I WAS SO HAPPY THAT AMBER ANSWERED MY CALL TODAY.. I also mentioned this to her. The two times that she assisted me this week has been such a pleasure. Amber has an Excellent and Friendly Attitude, and again she was a tremendous help to me. I replaced a back order with a new order in a different size. Amber successfully cancelled the back order and let me know that my new order would be shipped today. Amber gave me EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thank you, Nancy Provine-Turner
    Nancy P.     5 star review5/25/2018
  • Erica did great my problem was with the system in that if i went to my orders i was disconnected other than that Erica was super and i am sorry i did not get to thank her when i was disconnected
    Gerald G.     5 star review5/25/2018
  • The agent who I spoke with was very professional, patient and nice. She took the time to double check everything and gave some good advice. She even asked her supervisor some questions before answering the questions. You are a fabulous company and I am glad I called the company instead of ordering on line so I could get some questions answered. Thank you
    Cheryl A.     5 star review5/25/2018
    Irvin L.     5 star review5/25/2018
  • Katherine was courteous, she listened to my needs, and she took care of my request in less than 5 minutes. Outstanding!
    Candace P.     5 star review5/24/2018
  • I was pleased with the help and advice I received. We discussed details regarding my search for a good fit and design that would be comfortable for my body type. I was treated with patience and a willingness to assist me.
    Marcia T.     5 star review5/24/2018
  • Lorena was wonderful ...........she understood the issue immediately and remedied the problem quickly and very very pleasantly was a pleasure to deal with her !
    Simone Z.     5 star review5/24/2018
  • Amber was a delight to work with this morning on my return/exchange/incorrect item received.
    Helene B.     5 star review5/24/2018
  • I love, love the Commando Slip and hope you always keep them in stock!!
    Joyce R.     5 star review5/24/2018
  • It was a great pleasure to speak with Catherine. She took care of my every need quickly and very efficiently. She had to talk to someone else and she said you would call me back which she did within a very few minutes. I was so impressed with her.
    Leonard H.     5 star review5/24/2018
  • Brittany was very helpful in resolving the problem with my order and found a creative solution to do so.
    Grace O.     5 star review5/24/2018
  • Vanessa answered the phone and she listened to my query, put me on hold more than once, answered my question(s), did what she needed to do to solve my challenge and sent me on my way. Definitely a valuable employee. Please thank her for me.
    Nancy H.     5 star review5/24/2018
  • Extremly pleased! Great business! I finally fond my ideal fit: prima Donna bras After so so so many years of heart ache and failure.. so many brands nothing like Prima Dona Thank you for existing!!!!!
    Mariana S.     5 star review5/23/2018
  • Only company that accommodates my big bust. Thank you!
    D Thompson     0 star review5/23/2018
  • I accidently ordered the wrong size on one of the bras. vanessam was very helpfull and fixed my problem. Looking forword to my new bras. Thank you
    Betty W.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • Beautiful service/great product /on time delivery just great
    Virginia B.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • Very helpful with her follow up on my request. She volunteered additional assistance which will be valuable for this current order and also for the future. She certainly deserves five stars!
    Edna B.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • Brittany was very pleasant and helpful to work with thank you
    Tanya G.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • She was able to advise me as to what I need to do with the brass that was broken. I followed her instructions to take pictures and email them that I did and is awaiting a reply.
    Vita S.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • Kind and understanding an asset to your company - my husband just passed and I did not realize pay pal was in his name gave your customer service rep my information and she got my order on the way - Thank her for her condolences
    Cheryl P.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • Britney was awesome helped me with order in less than 5 min was totally professional and asked if I needed anything else.
    Tonya S.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • Amber was very helpful and pleasant. I would recommend a raise for her.
    Paula Z.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • Even though I didn’t have my order number the lady promptly answered my question.
    Maria C.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • Erica was knowledgeable and helpful and fixed the problem quickly!
    Angela V.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • the service you offer is great-there was a question about my address with Visa, since we had moved and had not informed Visa, but it all worked out smoothly-I look forward to ordering more products from your company, and would recommend it for any one looking for bra-thank yous
    Audry T.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • The young lady was helpful in getting my package re-ordered.
    John M.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • Britannie was fantastic. I had trouble with a return on the website and she took over and straightened it out. I needed to return, exchange and change sizes on a backorder. A bit confusing. She did it all quickly and was very nice! Thanks Britannie!
    Nicole B.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • Competent, polite and pleasant customer service representative.
    Philipa R.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • Darla Guyer, the call center manager I spoke to after calling to arrange a return when some sports bras I ordered didn't fit, was FANTASTIC. She talked me through everything, answered all my questions, and managed to teach me loads about fit and how bras are manufactured just over the phone. I was truly impressed with her knowledge and even more impressed with her dedication to getting everything sorted - she stayed on the phone with me for nearly an hour advising me about the bras I was interested in, and processing my return/reorder. The new bra I ordered arrived today, and it fit great, I am very happy with it. It's clear that you put customer experience at the heart of your training, and that you empower your employees to help customers - it's obvious they take pride in their work and are very engaged. I wish more companies took this approach, I will definitely be ordering from you again.
    Margaret E.     5 star review5/22/2018
  • I bought the size I thought I should wear and of course and to return it for a bigger size. The customer service girl was great. I thought my time to return had past but she looked in up and told me exactly how to make an exchange. It was fast & easy. Thanks for great customer service.. I will definitely order again.
    Patti N.     5 star review5/21/2018
  • I was sent the incorrect size and she exchanged it for the correct size with FREE shipping. Great customer service response, Thank you
    Linda A.     5 star review5/21/2018
    Cheryl B.     5 star review5/21/2018
  • I clicked the link to print my label but I didn't know that would end my conversation. So I would like to thank Ericaw for her assistance! She was great! Thank you
    Heidi M.     5 star review5/21/2018
  • Your agent was quick and responsive. My problem was quickly resolved. I am very satisfied
    Alicia S.     5 star review5/21/2018
  • Yes, friendly and professional. Had the answers. Professional and warm. Had the answers !!
    Victoria S.     5 star review5/21/2018
  • I made a mistake in the size I ordered online. She found my order and quickly corrected my mistake. I'm very satisfied.
    Maureen E.     5 star review5/21/2018
  • I was thankful that we were able to resolve my problem with our mailing address without any further hang ups.
    Frank T.     5 star review5/21/2018
  • Getting the correct Order number was difficult - but once we got that, Brittanie was terrific. The items are on their way back now!
    Toby P.     5 star review5/21/2018
  • After a minimum wait to be transferred to a representative, I was happy to have a very nice young lady who listened to my discussion re: my concern whether my order had gone through since I was unable to verify it by pushing the submit button. She then said she would take the order herself.
    Sharon S.     5 star review5/21/2018
  • Brittany was wonderful. She was helpful instead of pushing a sale. Could I have her all the time when I call? THANK YOU!
    Meredith R.     5 star review5/21/2018
  • My order was incomplete and lacking paperwork. I explained the problem to your service rep and received a refund confirmation email within a few min.
    Lynn G.     5 star review5/21/2018
  • She was very pleasant, and helpful in answering all my questions about helping me with a return, as I got the wrong size
    Teresa C.     5 star review5/21/2018
  • Your "live chat" person, I believe her name is Windy, did an excellent job. She cancelled my order within minutes. (I cancelled because fit was wrong.) Thanks for the great customer service.
    Chiska D.     5 star review5/20/2018
  • Wendy was so helpful. She not only told me she would give my tel#s to management Monday morning, but she also said my bras would be shipped right after that. What a relief! I'm traveling for a year in Mexico...desperately need new bras...and planned on picking them up when I visit family in the Boston area while I visiting next week. I am very grateful for such good service and will call Monday morning to make sure you have all information you need.
    Joyce M.     5 star review5/19/2018
  • Lorena, Customer Service Rep, was professional and responsive and overall she made my experience GREAT !
    Eedie C.     5 star review5/18/2018
  • I’m so happy talk with Amber she know resolve my problems very easy and fast and very clear conversation, thank you so much
    Evaristo H.     5 star review5/18/2018
  • Very helpful and most willing to work with my daughter when I wasn't able to understand things, I do not order on line much for I don't know if things are going to fit or not and this was easy to exchange with the help of my daughter and the gal that helped me/ makes things easier for me to do this again
    Terri S.     5 star review5/18/2018
  • Had great conversation with representative very helpful & knowledgeable about my situation
    Claudine F.     5 star review5/18/2018
  • The representative was very fast and efficient. She checked on my question and then, without being asked, finished the transaction. I am very, very impressed.
    Joyce W.     5 star review5/18/2018
  • Britney was beyond patient! She also had great knowledge of all the products I was interested in. Britney for president!!!
    Suzanna S.     5 star review5/18/2018
  • On my own, I tried to order two different colors, but the order continued to state two black. It did not specify nude was out of stock. w Your representative found it in nude. She was extremely polite and helpful.
    Joan B.     5 star review5/18/2018
  • I was having difficulty processing my return online. I could not progress past the first screen, so I called customer service. Actually, as I was speaking with Amber, I was also re-attempting to proceed online. And I was actually able to get to the screen where I printed my return label. So, just as Amber was about to assist me, I told her I was able to proceed online. I know she would have been very helpful. I was able to send the package back yesterday. Thanks.
    Melissa T.     5 star review5/17/2018
  • It was super quick and convenient to message with a rep and I’m glad this is a service you provide
    Jennifer M.     5 star review5/17/2018
  • Amber was awesome getting my order that was being processed at the time changed to my new address. Thanks.
    Elizabeth A.     5 star review5/17/2018
  • I was very pleased in your customer service. I had ordered a bunch of different corsets to try with my wedding dress but unfortunately none of them eventually worked. I was late in returning the items but the person I spoke to was very understanding. She allowed me to receive store credit instead. Now I can't wait to create my next order and see everything that HerRoom has to offer.
    Natalie A.     5 star review5/17/2018
  • Erica was prompt and precise with her response and it met my needs completely.
    Shuktara S.     5 star review5/17/2018
  • Amber could not have been more patient, helpful, and competent. Thanks for having such a good employee.
    Dianne D.     5 star review5/17/2018
  • Catherine was able to immediately answer my question. However, the best part was not being on hold forever and speaking to a representative right away.
    Mary Jane Q.     5 star review5/17/2018
  • I received a leisure bra from Her Room and was so thrilled with the fit I went on line and ordered 4 more. After a couple hours I felt the band was a bit tight and wanted to size up. It was after hours so I called today and asked to have the size changed. The order had not been processed so could change the size. It took less than 10 minutes.
    Janie Q.     5 star review5/17/2018
  • I had a very satisfactory conversation about what I wanted to purchase; the person that heoped me was polite and helpful. I look forward to the arrival of my new brazilian bikini panties!
    Cynthia W.     5 star review5/17/2018
  • She was polite and helpful within the parameters. I had hoped for a refund but that was my fault for not checking details in my too busy life. I understand the need for time limits for refunds, and am grateful she thought of credit for me.
    Besty R.     4 star review5/17/2018
  • AMBER - terrific! Friendly, helpful, professional. Understood the problem, fixed the problem I created. Amber is wonderful - thanks for hiring such great customer service reps! Made my day!
    Patricia N.     5 star review5/16/2018
  • Amber was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I did was not aware of the other product lines and Amber guided me to them and I am sure to order from them in the near future. Also, the cooperation in tracking and replacing my order is greatly appreciated.
    Carol R.     5 star review5/16/2018
  • she answered my question and it was the answer I wanted. She was able to be very specific regarding when my refund would be processed. Thank you
    Leslie K.     5 star review5/16/2018
  • I was treated very well. I was promised a return label that arrives shortly and also sent the correct item I ordered. The women I spoke with was wonderful and very knowledgeable.
    Sheila F.     5 star review5/16/2018
  • Amber - SUPER! Order got goofy - Amber un-goofed it. She called me re the order. What's better than that? GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thanks much!
    Patricia N.     5 star review5/16/2018
  • The customer service rep was courteous; she's a good listener and did not make me feel like she was rushing me off the phone to get to the next call.
    Marilyn S.     5 star review5/16/2018
  • I am very pleased with the assistance I received to resolve my order exchange and subsequent new order. Love your website and excellent customer service!
    Chasidah R.     5 star review5/16/2018
  • Very good website - easy to navigate. I needed to contact someone through your Chat Room. She was quick, responsive and helped me completely. Thank you
    Paul D.     5 star review5/15/2018
  • Brittany was very helpful especially considering I changed my order. I appreciate the courtesy.
    Barbara T.     5 star review5/15/2018
    Sarah G.     5 star review5/15/2018
  • I just had to change my order and cancel but appreciate your staff and your inventory. I will keep you in mind to order again. Thanks.
    Barbara F.     5 star review5/15/2018
  • She was wonderful. Helpful and because it went smoothly I’ll definitely be shopping at her room again.
    Elizabeth G.     5 star review5/14/2018
  • Rosemary was great and helpful. She was able to confirm my address and assured me that my order would ship on time.
    Jonathan B.     5 star review5/14/2018
  • The person was friendly and helpful as well as patient with me thank you
    Gerald G.     5 star review5/14/2018
  • very helpful, I was trying to find where to return one of the items I bought, and purchase something else.
    Dorothy R,     5 star review5/13/2018
  • I appreciated your willingness to let me know that my order was on "back order". I was in a bit of a hurry and so I cancelled it. Erica was cheerful and immediately addressed my request, thanks Erica !
    Ellen S.     5 star review5/12/2018
  • Erica was extremely helpful and courteous. Resolved my issue with getting into my account to be able to review purchase history so I could determine today's purchase. She is a keeper!
    Elizabeth B.     5 star review5/12/2018
  • The representative that assisted me was courteous, friendly and professional. It is so important to have good customer service employees. 👍
    Kathy M.     5 star review5/11/2018
  • Another wonderful and exciting purchase. Thank you for offering so many products to choose from. I always end up buying more than I planned. It’s hard to stop
    Leonard H.     5 star review5/11/2018
  • VERY friendly and helpful and patient as I stutter . Couldn't have been nicer or more professional ☺☺☺☺
    Richard B.     5 star review5/11/2018
  • Catherine was very helpful and answered my questions promptly and knowledgeably. I've enjoyed my shopping experience so far. The bras are for my 88 year old sister-in-law. She has no access to a computer.
    Sandi U.     5 star review5/11/2018
  • The customer service rep was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. It was a positive experience
    Patricia Thorp     5 star review5/11/2018
    Mary M.     5 star review5/11/2018
  • Ms Darla was professional, courteous, and worked with me to solve my problem to an acceptable resolution. It was an excellent Customer experience, and I appreciate how well she took care of me. I continue to be a Her Room Customer for a variety of reasons - but Customer Service like I experienced today is why I will remain loyal. Thank you!
    Robin R.     5 star review5/11/2018
  • Someone responded to my phone call quickly and answer my question just as quickly. Much appreciated.
    Lorette K.     5 star review5/11/2018
  • Courtney helped me resolve an issue with an order I placed last night. She was very helpful.
    Sharon B.     5 star review5/11/2018
  • I do not feel that comfortable ordering on line...therefore I like to use customer service I was very happy with you representative and am looking forward to receiving my order soo
    Sarah R.     5 star review5/11/2018
  • Was struggling to order on line and get the discount I thought was available so I called. She explained that my size and style was not included in the sale😕 price so I only ordered one instead of two. Very pleasant experience .
    Mary H.     5 star review5/10/2018
  • great service she was very efficient and professional!!!!!
    Charles G.     5 star review5/10/2018
  • Amber was able to answer my question quickly and directed me to the correct screen on your site.
    June C.     5 star review5/10/2018
  • Amber was great. She helped me understand the chnages to the system regarding refunds. She processed a refund to my account that was processed in Herroom about a month ago.
    Belinda K.     5 star review5/10/2018
  • Wow...she was, efficient, pleasant..Thank you :) :)
    Frances C.     5 star review5/10/2018
  • I am doing an exchange with my order. Very satisfied with help I received guiding me to do the exchange. I will be sending the package out today.
    Leeann A.     5 star review5/10/2018
  • Hi I am Mrs D and dress ad a women just about every day love every minute of it because that I get great quality of lingerie witch make every women fell very feminine and special witch is an honor to be dressed as a women and prod of it.thank u
    Dennis A.     5 star review5/10/2018
  • I needed a different size & had questions about which would fit as the ones i ordered weren’t. I had a very tight timetable as I needed the new bra within a few days. My son is getting married on May 19th! Catherine answered my questions & then since I need to have delivery within a few days she offered to follow up to see my order will be promptly on it’s way to me with following its tracking & contact me so I won’t worry. Now that’s great customer service!
    Randee C.     5 star review5/10/2018
  • Amber was great. While she wasn't immediately able to fix the issue (I wasn't expecting her to, either) she took many steps to resolve the issue and move it along to people who can fix it, beyond what I was expecting when I made the call. So, while I am still very displeased with USPS and their CS, I was very pleased with HerRoom's CS and Amber in particular.
    Leeann B.     5 star review5/9/2018
  • Your employee helped me with my return with ease. It was a very nice experience. I am impressed with Her Room
    Suzanne H.     5 star review5/9/2018
  • Amber was awesome! She was able to quickly resolve my return and exchange issue.
    Natalie S.     5 star review5/9/2018
  • Hello, Although I'm still processing information with Amber, she has been very helpful with my problem. Not sure yet when we will have a resolve. Enjoyable to talk converse with!!!
    Steven R.     5 star review5/9/2018
  • I m satisfied with the service when I called but I’d not have called if the refund for my return would have be made promptly
    Elisa R.     5 star review5/9/2018
  • I am very happy with the help I received. The Lady that helped me deserves an A+
    Esther H.     5 star review5/9/2018
  • Through live chat my return was verified, and I thought very efficient. Thank you
    Karen V.     5 star review5/9/2018
  • I appreciate very much the helpful videos on your website. I am shopping for my 92 year old mother in law and I watched every one that applied. I also appreciate the detailed descriptions...
    Kate S.     0 star review5/9/2018
  • Your representative are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.. What more could a customer ask for
    Rochelle P.     5 star review5/8/2018
  • Lorena made the transaction extremely easy and comfortable. What more, she was very knowledgeable on the products, shipping questions, et al. I look forward to ordering with her again if it works out that way.
    Johny M.     5 star review5/8/2018
  • I am satisfied with the gal answering my call BUT you no longer make the bra that I wanted. I was ready to order 4 or 5 of these bras but you only had 1 in stock and no longer make them. That was disappointing. Now I have to begin the 'bra hunt' which is never easy.
    Judith V.     5 star review5/8/2018
  • I am not good on computers. your customer service gal Katherine was knowledgeable, spoke well, explained clearly and was pleasant and polite. congratulations on having such an excellent employee
    Elizabeth B.     5 star review5/8/2018
  • Lorena was extremely helpful and very professional in handling my call and request. So I'm most definitely very satisfied.
    Polly E.     5 star review5/8/2018
  • I completed my order on-line but then closed the window before the order went through. I call you customer service number and Amber took my order over the phone. She is helpful and friendly and everything went through. Thanks so much, Amber.
    Linda G.     5 star review5/8/2018
  • Great experience. Even though I had been told incorrect information regarding the exchange She corrected every thing is giving me my paypal refund and mailing new item expidited shipping at no cost. So glad I called so this could be straightened out. Thank You
    Kathy H.     5 star review5/8/2018
  • I am completely satisfied with the help from customer service representative. However I don’t understand why it takes so long to take care of issuing the refund.
    Ellie G.     5 star review5/8/2018
  • The customer representative was very helpful; she was able to substitute the back enclosure bras (I recently ordered) with front enclosure bras - very satisfied.
    Sherrill L.     5 star review5/8/2018
  • Looked into return/exchange delay and sounds like it will be fixed promptly.
    Katherine C.     5 star review5/8/2018
  • Great experience! Wonderful sales associate! She went out of her way to help me to help me !!!
    Deborah W.     5 star review5/8/2018
  • Amber was terrific! She was kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I also appreciated that she took the time to find out when and if, you'll get more red G-Strings? Amber knows what I'm talking about. Thank you Amber and thank you Hisroom. P.S. I hope Amber gets some some sort of discount for lingerie for HER room. Stay cool and sexy :-)
    Oscar C.     5 star review5/8/2018
  • Great service, she was friendly and willing to help with my search for an item.
    Norma L.     5 star review5/8/2018
  • Thank you for your help Britney. Keep your smiles coming over the phone lines.
    David M.     5 star review5/7/2018
  • I had a problem with a return and it said an item was not returnable. Upon the call she was able to clear it up and I continued with the return.
    Patricia P.     5 star review5/7/2018
  • The person I was chatting with was very helpful. Answered all my questions. Courteous as well.
    Gail T.     5 star review5/7/2018
  • Great customer service. He girl was very accommodating and immediately resolved the situation.
    Yelena G.     5 star review5/7/2018
  • catherine was courteous, personable and knowledgeable. a pleasure to speak with her.
    Cathryn G.     5 star review5/7/2018
  • It was disappointing that the original panties were not available but the refund was handled very well and have already placed a new order.
    Terry K.     5 star review5/7/2018
  • The person I spoke with was very informative and helped me re-order the new items.
    Barbara S.     5 star review5/6/2018
  • The customer service rep was fantastic. She answered all my questions and explained the procedure for an exchange. It could not have gone smoother. I am very grateful. Thanks for great service.
    Patti N.     5 star review5/6/2018
  • The customer service rep was fantastic. She answered all my questions and explained the procedure for an exchange. It could not have gone smoother. I am very grateful. Thanks for great service.
    Patti N.     5 star review5/6/2018
  • The person I spoke with was very informative and helped me re-order the new items.
    Barbara S.     5 star review5/6/2018
  • I was so happy to find pantslips after several years of trying, and wearing one that has to be over twenty years old and in bad shape, that I was babbling like an idiot, but Catherine never lost her cool and put up with me all thru the process. She even laughed a couple of times. I cannot wait to receive these pantslips! And be assured that I was very happy with Catherine,
    June E.     5 star review5/5/2018
  • I have the hardest time finding bathing suits and I gave up online shopping awhile ago, but figured I’d try this site out for suits for my honeymoon. Though I had to send stuff back, I did end up with two tops that work and are cute and the return process was very easy! Thank you for making things less of a hassle for me :)
    Brooke D.     5 star review5/5/2018
  • I accidentally ordered the wrong size bras and they sent me a link to exchange. Erica was great thanks!
    Dana K.     5 star review5/5/2018
  • Do not change a thing. I am over the moon how easy it was to make this order. I am not at all IT so when I shop online or try to set things up it is a visit to the outer limits. Look forward to doing business with you again. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to receive my order. From your very happy and new customer
    Cynthia C.     5 star review5/5/2018
  • I was having some system issues trying to do a return/exchange online. Darla was awesome! She was super patient and worked her problem solving skills. She was able to figure out the issue and hooked me up with a return and exchange. The kindness of your staff makes me super excited to continue to do business with you. I manage a CS dept, so I know how hard it is to find fantastic CSR's who are kind, caring, and passionate about helping the customer. I realize Darla is a Mgr herself, and no wonder! She is truly leading by example.
    LeSharing H.     5 star review5/4/2018
  • Brittanie was very helpful - went out of her way to give me good directions for a refund. I enclosed the below message in the package and will mail it tomorrow... I opened the envelope at one end, using a scissors. Big mistake on my part. One pair of the six was too close to the end that I opened, and I cut a hole in one pair, on the edge, by accident... Today I spoke with Brittany on the phone and explained my predicament. She said she would make a note of this...
    David F.     5 star review5/4/2018
  • The girl that answered the phone was able to help with my returns and credits on my card. She knew what she was doing and made me very happy. Thanks again.
    Carol B.     5 star review5/4/2018
  • Timely delivery just as promised. I love the packaging. Awesome job!
    Sgaron G.     5 star review5/4/2018
  • Both email customer service help and Brittanie, when I called just now were very helpful in getting my problem resolved!
    Cindy G.     5 star review5/4/2018
  • I spoke with Windy who was very helpful. She assisted me in other replacement items which I have just ordered.
    Patricia R.     5 star review5/4/2018
  • I'm satisfied with the representative who helped me today, but unsatisfied with the length of time to receive credit from a return.
    Anna C.     4 star review5/4/2018
  • She was great. Researched and found my info even though I didn't have all of my information. Thanks
    Tangerae C.     5 star review5/4/2018
  • Happy to have a quick and easy resolution to my concern about getting a refund for my return. Thanks!
    Katie O.     5 star review5/4/2018
  • What do I think of Her Room. I love your company and all the products you offer. Though HR is not the only company I buy from but HR is at the top of the list. From Live Chat to ordering you can count on excellent service. I have never had a bad experience or the wrong item sent. I wear mostly panties and there is so many beautiful styles and companies to choose from, Thank you.
    Greg H.     0 star review5/3/2018
  • Your customer service is excellent. Best I've dealt with. Definitely a satisfied customer.
    Sheryl S.      5 star review5/3/2018
  • Slip up on mailing address. Likely a carrier issue. Your Customer service was fantastic!
    Ken H.     5 star review5/3/2018
  • Amber checked my account and when I said that I had gotten different notifications, she asked her manager to check. When I realized that the error was mine (confusing reports from the credit card), she told me that her supervisor was saying the exact same thing I was. In other words, she didn’t just say “okay” and end the call, but made me less embarrassed by my error.
    MaryAnn M.     5 star review5/3/2018
  • I am a 71 year old male who has never ordered women's underwear before (I know!). My first attempt was a big mistake. Catherine not only helped me with the return, but also gave me an informed tutorial and great advice on panty sizing. She was friendly, personable and had great sense of humor. Best customer service rep I've ever talked with. She should be considered for a promotion!
    Pam M.     5 star review5/3/2018
  • Amber was very helpful and professional. I feel good customer service is more important than anything in todays world. Good customer service will keep me shopping at a store, or be the reason I never shop at a store again.
    Sandra L.     5 star review5/3/2018
  • She was very nice Very friendly and understanding the issue
    Mike H.     5 star review5/2/2018
  • I am sickened by some of your reviews. Never have I experienced anything but professionalism and great customer service. with your organization.
    Carol L.     5 star review5/2/2018
  • Katherine was most helpful in finding the panties that I was looking for as I was not at my computer. She was also most discreet and made the ordering process very comfortable. I love Her Room and will continue to use them for all of my needs. A loyal customer.
    Joe P.     5 star review5/2/2018
  • Amber was very kind and helpful. She solved the problem quickly and with grace.
    Fran K.     5 star review5/2/2018
  • She walked me through the website process to return 2 bras so that I could reorder the correct size. I am 75 and was pleased to find a customer service rep who had patience. I will be ordering again. Thanks to Rosie !
    Ann P.     5 star review5/2/2018
  • I have made several phone orders, and have been very pleased with the customer service reps who have assisted me. I am happy to find the size I need and get multiples of it. :-)
    Stephanie V.     5 star review5/2/2018
  • I accidentally closed the chat before saying thank you. She was very quick and did exactly what I was hoping she could resolve!
    Lauri D.     5 star review5/1/2018
  • I am a senior lady. I had trouble ordering the correct size. She was very helpful & explained how to order the correct size & made the exchange for me. Thank you.
    Andrea A.     5 star review5/1/2018
  • Amber was professional, efficient, communicated well and was very friendly. It was a pleasure to speak with her.
    David K.     5 star review5/1/2018
  • Very courteous. Quickly identified the issue and gave me the information I needed.
    Mark G.     5 star review5/1/2018
  • I didn't want to use my credit card on line because computer may have been hacked.I wanted to place order and pay for it by speaking to a live person and was very happy to be able to do so..I think this option should be available at all times.
    MaryAnn K.     5 star review5/1/2018
    Susan A.     5 star review5/1/2018
  • Fast service! She knew exactly how to help and I was off the phone within 5 minutes. Amazing!
    Ernan M.     5 star review5/1/2018
  • Catherine was very polite & helpful. I could understand her speech very clearly! I appreciate that in a phone call. I couldn't find Shadowline panties on the enternet, so called your customer service & Catherine found them after I gave the item no. from my last order. So grateful that you still carry them!
    Velma H.     5 star review5/1/2018
  • Had trouble getting into my account but we figure it out. Friendly and courteous and helpful sales person!
    Linda N.     5 star review5/1/2018
  • Great customer service - professional, courteous and helpful!!
    Sylvia O.     5 star review4/30/2018
  • Needed help going back to print area as I had lost it. Rosey helped resolve issue. Thank you!
    Carol S.     5 star review4/30/2018
  • No complaints at all. Your rep was very helpful and took care of me in record time. She was very courteous and knew what she was doing! Great job!!
    Cindy A.     5 star review4/30/2018
  • Not happy about the back ordered bra, but Windy took care of my questions and request to cancel my order very quickly and courteously.
    Susan S.     5 star review4/30/2018
  • Lorena was very sweet, nice and helpful. She thanked me for calling and to have a nice day. 👍
    Laurie D.     5 star review4/30/2018
  • Erica W. is amazingly fast- she solved my issue instantly! Thank you.
    Joan S.     5 star review4/30/2018
  • represenative was cordial, professional and solved my issue in a timely matter.
    Mary C.     5 star review4/30/2018
  • I am commending a customer service representative, AMBER for her excellent service in finally ending this nightmare that I have been dealing with a refund I have been trying to receive since April 9th. After repeated phone calls and e mails to the "head man", this lady "got it fixed"! Thank you Amber!!
    Veronica S.     5 star review4/30/2018
  • I was having difficulty making up my order on the computer so I called your phone number and Amber placed my order for me. Thank you.
    Genevieve B.     5 star review4/29/2018
  • With little information from me, Windy and I together managed to get through from "no shipment" to the actual dates and other info required to insure I get my refund. I truly appreciate her patience with me - a senior citizen who needs willing help like she provided. Many thanks to Windy a star in your organization!
    Joanne S.     5 star review4/28/2018
  • I had a crisis wear I accidentally Oder the same order twice I spoke with one of the representative and she spoke with her manger .They went above and beyond to cancel one of the orders for me .where I work at we go by platinum service.And this definitely was great platinum service Thank You
    Diane D.     5 star review4/27/2018
  • I had called to see if my item had been received by you (as a return). Amber checked on it and immediately issued my credit. Thank you for such prompt service!
    Mary M.     5 star review4/27/2018
  • Wendy was fantastic, quickly and politely answered all of my questions . I am very satisfied with the help I received today! I really enjoy your site and your customer service, thank you so much!
    Kristal H.     5 star review4/27/2018
  • The Customer Service representative was able to answer my question about a return I haven't received a credit for yet. She said to call back on 5/4 and if I haven't been credited by that time we'll go to the next step. Efficient and professional customer service. Thank you.
    Kathleen H.     5 star review4/27/2018
  • HerRoom Customer Service is worthy of more than 5 STARS. I shall be ordering again in the future as needed. An excellent company to work with.
    Ginger M.     5 star review4/27/2018
  • Kind caring people ready to help with any thing🤗
    Delores S.     5 star review4/27/2018
  • we had a little mix-up with my order, and amber straightened it out. i am very pleased with the service she gave me
    Cathryn G.     5 star review4/27/2018
  • She was the best and beyond helpful !!! Give her raise!! She deserves it big time!!
    Holly M.     5 star review4/27/2018
  • Brittanie made the requested adjustments and took care of my issue very professionally and to my satisfaction
    Monica J.     5 star review4/26/2018
  • Super helpful and my confirmation email came through, that was re-sent, literally while I was on the phone with the representative. Great customer service!! And she even told me that my order has already shipped. Love Her Room, best bathing suit options anywhere!!!
    Nicole C.     5 star review4/25/2018
  • The customer service rep who assisted me was very helpful and resolved my issue. Very friendly and professional.
    Jennifer D.     5 star review4/25/2018
  • Your representatives are to be applauded as they were all knowledgeable, helpful, patient and pleasant.
    Lynda R.     5 star review4/24/2018
  • This was a brief conversation. I just needed to add something to the address but the person I spoke with could not have nicer. Best regards.
    Betty G.     5 star review4/24/2018
  • My husband loved them munsingwear briefs and you have the only tall 2X cotton tee, he isn't that large but over time they shrink, in FL we rarely have cold water.
    Dinel H.     5 star review4/24/2018
  • I always have a pleasant, efficient experience whenever I deal with Her Room whether on a purchase or exchange or a wrong size. Everyone I speak with has been courteous and willing to please. I am very happy with Her Room!
    Carole B.     5 star review4/23/2018
  • the agent was very helpful given my situation. i was given a one time forgiveness for being late. I would shop again with your company
    Carol N.     5 star review4/23/2018
  • Amber was so pleasant. It made my shopping experience easier to where I would definitely purchase from the company again
    Gina Q.     5 star review4/21/2018
  • Chat was very nice and they found the error and adjusted the duplicate order.
    Dinel H.     5 star review4/21/2018
  • Very helpful and pleasant customer service rep that helped me work thru an exchange.
    Nancy T.     5 star review4/21/2018
  • Customer service was fantastic, very patient. Even though my problem could not be solved, the customer service rep went above and beyond to help me fix it as best as she could. End result was just returning because it would not allow an exchange. Very polite!
    Trista N.     5 star review4/21/2018
  • Brittanie was professional, knowledgeable, and able to cheerfully handle my problem and re-structure my order. She was the best customer service rep I've ever spoken to at Her Room.
    Laura M.     5 star review4/20/2018
  • Extremely kind and competent, she addressed my issue in just a few minutes. Great customer service. I will continue to buy from you because customer service is very important to me. Thanks!!
    Leslie G.     5 star review4/20/2018
  • Erica was a great help, fast and efficient even with an incorrect order number. Somehow I failed to read my original order and ordered two instead of one. Therefore the return. Again, thank you all for the instant help, Ruth
    Ruth L.     5 star review4/20/2018
  • Windy was quick to answer my question. I didn't have to wait for an email back from your company because she was right there. I love the live chat option.
    Clarissa F.     5 star review4/20/2018
  • I had a prompt answer to my phone call and am very satisfied with the results of making a duplicate order return without paying shipping. Thank you.
    Michael B.     5 star review4/20/2018
  • Very pleasant experience. Knowledgeable very helpful! Will order again!!!!!
    Kerry E.     5 star review4/20/2018
  • The customer service representative was courteous, patient, efficient and pleasant. Thanks very much!
    Susan S.     5 star review4/20/2018
  • I'm grateful that they were able to solve the problem as well as able to calmly deal with the situation and the person (upset Autistic woman).
    Rich C.     5 star review4/20/2018
  • The customer service representative was patient and searched for the merchandise I had no item number for, gave me a description and I ordered. I hope it fits well when it arrives. she was pleasant and knowledgeable
    Janice Z.     5 star review4/19/2018
  • Very satisfied! I felt I had an in-house bra fitter helping me. She made several suggestions and I will be ordering them both.
    Ruth P.     5 star review4/19/2018
  • She was so much help. Alter talking to her I knew exactly what I wanted. Will be ordering more and I hope Lorena is the one who takes my call. She was friendly, laughed with me, answered my question. All around execellent. Give this girl a RAISE!!!
    Kathy H.     5 star review4/19/2018
  • Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my order. Was exactly what I needed and it came so fast. Thank you!!!🤗
    Kimberly D.     0 star review4/18/2018
  • I just received my first order placed with your company and I am extremely pleased with the way the order was organized and nicely folded in the mesh bag which I will use for traveling. I look forward to using your fine company again for my lingerie purchases.
    Laraine H.     0 star review4/18/2018
    WINONA W.     5 star review4/18/2018
  • I had a sizing question which was made more difficult by the fact that I was entirely sure whether the bra I had was UK or USA sizing. I thought it was UK so we went ahead on that assumption & Erica gave me excellent suggestions on how to deal with a few issues I have with the bras I bought after a professional fitting. She also gave me suggestions on bra styles for short waisted women as well as wireless bras with good support. She was very knowledgeable, very patient, very helpful.
    Jane D.     5 star review4/17/2018
  • The phone assistance was fast, efficient and personable. Thanks
    Pam F.     5 star review4/16/2018
  • Great service..a trustworthy company to deal with. Just sent a lengthy review...with much thanks to HerRoom and Erica D (CHAT ROOM). for her professional help in the follow-up on one order. My three orders included RHONDA SHEAR lace bra 672P is so beautiful and so comfortable. Great COMPANY
    Genevieve M.     5 star review4/16/2018
  • The service was very helpful. I appreciated how quick it was taken care of and nohassle. Great customer service-thank you
    Janet D.     4 star review4/16/2018
  • Erica was extremely helpful! My order was complicated, as I'd bought something online from you guys yesterday. So I wanted to add a bra to my order, but needed help finding what I was looking for--Erica quickly found it. Then I added in a third item, several pairs of Jockey panties that came three to a box, and I couldn't find the exact kind I wanted, but Erica found them for me. She then double-checked to make sure I wanted three boxes, not just three pairs. THEN I asked for the total dollars being spent! Erica calculated it quickly, and added in what I'd bought yesterday, everything all together. The whole conversation was really helpful, and Erica's assistance was extremely smooth. She definitely knows your inventory, and how to help a customer. Please give Erica a raise! Cause there's no way I could have done all that by myself. :) Phew!
    Elizabeth S.     5 star review4/14/2018
  • Thank You for your help. I am very happy to have found your company.
    Wendy E.     5 star review4/14/2018
  • My 18-year-old daughter had been searching for months for a very specific bra needed to wear with the bridesmaid dress she will be wearing in her sister's wedding. The dress is backless and my daughter is a DD so a difficult combination. We had literally given up and started looking into options like buying and altering a bra to work until I found your website! Your site was literally the only place that we found a bra that not only would do but works PERFECTLY! It seems like such a minor thing but when you wear a DD the though of not being adequately supported is a daunting thought. My daughter's self-esteem was crushed and she was considering not participating in the wedding. Now, next week, I will watch my oldest daughter get married with my youngest daughter confidently by her side and you cannot know how happy that makes me for both of them! Thank you for being there in our time of need and for carrying such a wide selection of items not just for the average but for those outside the norm!
    Linda J.     5 star review4/13/2018
  • I just wanted to say thank you! I have been struggling with sizing. I even got fitted at a name brand store and their fit was just wrong. They were off by two band sizes and I have spent the last few months uncomfortable. I used your sizing guide and solutions to bra fit problems advice and I finally know my actual size! I bought 4 bras in that size and they all finally fit! Thank you! Thank you! I will be coming back to you to buy bras in the future. Keep up the selections and good product advice. :)
    Michelle K.     5 star review4/13/2018
  • It was very easy to order (by phone) using my customer bag from on-line. It was a quick and easy experience!
    Gail J.     5 star review4/13/2018
  • Just wanted to let you know I like doing business with Her Room. This is the second time I have ordered and have been very pleased with your service. Will continue to do business with you in the future.
    Marina O.     0 star review4/11/2018
  • The slips are great quality. Better than I expected. Thank you!
    Diana B.     5 star review4/10/2018
  • So far I love this site, the service and the merchandise. I hope this continues. It is not easy finding large size bra's even in with the clothing stores for large women. There really should be more designers that take the design of bra's for large women more seriously. I know the cost is a factor but I would think a well made product will keep customers coming back. I would. Thank you,
    Ann V.     5 star review4/5/2018
    Robert S.     4 star review4/2/2018
  • Amber was very helpful in assisting my questions! She was able to also tell me my return was received! She was great-knowledgeable, & polite
    Marita K.     5 star review4/2/2018
  • representative was polite, and accurate. gave me the information I needed. She was very efficient and so, so helpful.
    Linda B.     5 star review4/2/2018
  • Brisa was excellent, as a matter of fact I would love to talk to her every time that I have an order to place! 👍🙂
    Patricia L.     5 star review4/2/2018
  • It was very helpful to be able to talk to an agent on line today since your call number is closed. I loved that she, Erica, was able to add to my order on line without having to open another order and go through the signing up process again. Also nice that she could help me with a discount because I get your emails and what drew me in today was the 70% discount on clearance. I was looking for a discount because the budget is tight and I shouldnt have ordered anything, but hard to resist that torquoise item when I was browsing. thank you for Erica's freedom to please me. LaJean
    LaJean G.     5 star review3/31/2018
  • I loved that I was offered expedited shipping. That helps since I was expecting this order to be here already
    Robin C.     5 star review3/30/2018
  • The rep I spoke to helped me with my issue right away. It seemed I ordered an item that became final sale before I received it - 5 days after I placed the order. She noted my account so I could return the item(s) that didn’t fit. She made another note on the account too. She was very helpful!
    Elana R.     5 star review3/30/2018
  • Your customer service agent was the best! Thank you Brittany was wonderful and so helpful!!
    David B.     5 star review3/30/2018
  • Lorena was patient and repeated the instuctions. She was clear, concise and calm.
    Jane F.     4 star review3/29/2018
  • The person I spoke with on the phone was FABULOUS!! She was very friendly and found the info I needed.
    Susan S.     5 star review3/29/2018
  • Very kind and helpful. She walked me through everything I needed to do to make a return.
    Jo Ellyn K.     5 star review3/29/2018
  • Perfect, question answered and resolution within 2 minutes. All Customer Service should be this easy! Thanks!
    Jerrery P.     5 star review3/29/2018
  • Mikela, Was very sweet and helpful. I appreciate good service as I work in customer service and do appreciate when I get good and friendly help!!!
    Renee H.     5 star review3/29/2018
  • Amber was very helpful in my purchase. She tried to find a bra that would work for my situation and I appreciate her efforts.
    Tonie P.     5 star review3/29/2018
  • Micheala was very helpful. She took her time to explain everything. Fast. Solution oriented. Much appreciated
    Donna H.     5 star review3/29/2018
  • The bras didn't work for me (bands curl up), but your customer service if great!
    Barbara M.     5 star review3/28/2018
  • Just completed printing my return label. Amber suggested waiting a little while for the system to get rebooted. It worked just fine. I really appreciate her help. eagerly waiting for my other bras to ship that are on back order.
    Mary C.     5 star review3/28/2018
  • Items were received 1 day earlier than expected. Nice Look just like the pictures. Satisfied customer!
    Margaret M.     5 star review3/28/2018
  • I am satisfied with the service I received today. All my questions were answered satisfactorily.
    Vicki W.     4 star review3/28/2018
  • Amber was awesome! Amber helped me with a customer service call this morning. I called with a return question specific to two items I purchased that don't fit. I did not have my order number having misplaced my paperwork. Amber was able to look up my records with just my name and zip code. I have a very common name, so Amber laughed and patiently found my records. She answered all my questions, and even gave me additional helpful information about this wonderful company HerRoom. I will definitely be doing a lot more shopping with HerRoom. A great experience!
    Andrea J.     5 star review3/28/2018
  • I love HerRoom return policy. I recently purchased two bras but had fitting issues with them. Unfortunately, I had to return them. HerRoom made it very easy for me to do so and a refund has been made on my credit card. I will gladly use HerRoom in the future when the need arises.
    Ada W.     5 star review3/27/2018
  • Amber was fabulous! Handled my questions with smarts and kindness. She was very sweet and patient! Helped me immensely!
    Victoria B.     5 star review3/27/2018
  • Amber addressed by problem quickly and professionally and provided outstanding customer service.
    Ralph H.     4 star review3/27/2018
  • She is a phenomenal representative of His Room/Her Room I will be spealing to her again tomorrow and am very much looking forward to conecting She is a delight and very knowledgeable
    Mary P.     5 star review3/27/2018
  • I phoned to let your service know that I sent a bra back and re-ordered another size. I wanted to know how long till my credit is sent to my credit card. Thank you
    Rebecca P.     4 star review3/27/2018
  • I ordered $120.00 worth of merchandise receiving no shipping additional cost, then wanted to add two items to that order, which was very difficult to do, but Yesele was able to handle the problem in very satisfactory manner. Thank you.
    Carolyn M.     5 star review3/27/2018
  • Amber helped me as the pkg I had sent to a friend had either been refused by the friend or it had been delivered. Found out this AM by speaking to her sister, that the pkg had been delivered to her on the 19th, but by being 90, she had not remembered receiving it. Sister said slips were beautiful and that the friend had simply not remembered having had the postman delivered them. All is well now..........and thank you Amber for being so helpful.
    Sharon T.     5 star review3/26/2018
  • Amber VERY professional, quick and warm. You are lucky to have her! Thank you!
    Deirdre M.     4 star review3/26/2018
  • Very quick response to my question. Resolved my problem right away.
    Barbara B.     4 star review3/26/2018
  • Amber was wonderful! She helped me through the return process because there was an issue on your site, and when I told her why I was returning the bras, she recommended two other styles that may better suit me. Great service!
    Tammy S.     5 star review3/26/2018
  • She was most helpful and made adding to my order easy as it hadn't shipped yet. Also very personable and friendly and it was Monday morning! :-)
    Karen L.     5 star review3/26/2018
  • made a purchase a month ago and was only satisfied with one; however I was so satisfied that I purchased two of the same in different colors today.
    Angela C.     4 star review3/26/2018
  • You rep was very helpful and assisted me so I could sign in on my account and place an order and submit a return. Thank you for your wonderful customer service. Your returns are easy and the selection is outstanding.
    Melanie W.     5 star review3/25/2018
  • You should appreciate to have Moreia on your team. She truly handled my problem like a pro!, if it wasn't for her calm voice and her paitnce you would have a very unsatisfied first time customer. She is been by far one of the best customer care person I have come in contact. I also want my 10% credit back to my card as I understand first time clients get 10% discount. Thank you Moreia
    Soussan M.     5 star review3/23/2018
  • The issue with my return was resolved and I'm satisfied. The customer service agent on the phone was helpful and handled my call quickly. Thanks!
    Mariko S.     5 star review3/23/2018
  • Your represenitive and helpful and polite. Very positive experience!
    Patricia D.     5 star review3/22/2018
  • I am a senior person and some of these things are difficult for me your customer service rep made it as simple as she could have and I did get through it so I do appreciate it very very much hoping to use your facilities again I have to find the right size I have lost a great deal of weight
    Carol H.     5 star review3/22/2018
  • Such a polite and helpful young lady. She was so willing to be helpful and was. She is a credit to your company.
    Nancy L.     5 star review3/22/2018
  • I was very impressed with the speed with which my order was handled . thanks so much for your wonderful service
    Thomas S.     5 star review3/21/2018
  • A pleasure to speak with a well informed representative who immediately solved the issue. Thank you!
    Lois B.     4 star review3/21/2018
    Betty N.     5 star review3/21/2018
  • I had a live chat and the person on the person on the other end resolved my issue. I am happy with your products and website. Thank you.
    Sallye D.     5 star review3/21/2018
  • Representative was very friendly and answered all my questions. Thank you
    Kim L.     4 star review3/20/2018
  • Lorena was very friendly -- and efficient. She helped me log in to my account, and walk me through the process. A+ customer service! Even though I did not keep 3 out of 4 of the items that I ordered, I will definitely order from HerRoom again!
    Mardee H.     5 star review3/20/2018
  • I was having some issues with getting the order number to come up on my account.. .When I talked to one of your on line team members, that person was a very big help in everything in bringing up my order number to my account to helping with starting an exchange/refund. I enjoy doing business with someone who will take the time and help me and not make me feel like I'm "bothering" them. From now on I will continue to purchase my bra's from this company!
    Trisha P.     5 star review3/20/2018
  • She was super helpful and came up with a great solution to my issue.
    Cameron Y.     4 star review3/19/2018
  • Ericaw was extremely helpful and courteous and handled my issue quickly
    Debra K.     4 star review3/19/2018
  • They are always very helpful to me in and I appreciate that It is always a pleasure to call and get my questions answered thank you so much
    Vicki G.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • Not only was the experience good, but I forgot to utilize my discount and customer services was really a pleasure to work with to ensure I received credit, making the experience that much more successful.
    Peter P.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • Answered all my questions and helped me determine the right size! .She stayed on the line to help with my return and sent me links to bras that would work for me! Great! Thank you!
    Elaine H.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • thank you for your help. I truly appreciate it as your customer service helper was wonderful.
    Beverly S.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • I was given clear easy instructions for processing size exchanges for mr order. I appreciate the service. Thank you.
    JoAnn G.     4 star review3/19/2018
  • I have ordered from HerRoom for a long time. I love their bras and panties and their great customer service.
    Dianne E.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • Amber is patient and an amazing help everytime I call!
    Debra C.     4 star review3/19/2018
  • I received the help i needed, found my bra's and they are perfect. Will order more. Thank you, sincerely Jackie.
    Jackie R.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • Thank you very much for being kind and easy with my return. I really appreciate it and will continue to use your website. I love the selection for large breasts!!
    Sat Hari K.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • Perfect.... very helpful.... polite... everything..... thank you.... Kathy
    Kathy R.     5 star review3/19/2018
  • Very helpful, efficient. I was able to return the package yesterday less than 24 hours after receiving it. So sorry two of the items did not work out, kept the rest.
    MaryJoy V.     5 star review3/17/2018
  • Yisel was very helpful and courteous A pleasure to deal with.
    Bette S.     5 star review3/17/2018
  • Very professional and accommodated my request. Thank you.
    Carolyn M.     5 star review3/17/2018
  • Making the return for an item that did not fit properly was so easy. Thank you for your assistance & your abundant resources & guidance on finding the proper fit.
    Nancy R.     4 star review3/16/2018
  • The person, Maria I believe was very professional and helpful. She patiently assisted me with maneuvering on site to process my return as I am not experienced with that type of work on websites. I was impressed with her sincere friendly nature. I would do business with your company again.
    Pamela B.     4 star review3/16/2018
  • I was very satisfied with the service and will not only refer Her Room to my family and friends, but I like Vanity Fair the best because it's made of nylon and it slips between covers. Thanks.
    Nancy K.     5 star review3/16/2018
  • Your website is easy to navigate. My orders have always been accurately filled.
    SANDRA C.     5 star review3/15/2018
  • So easy doing business. I chatted because I made an error and the agent fixed it immediately. So happy I found you. I bookmarked your website.
    Claudette S.     5 star review3/15/2018
  • I am elderly and struggle with computers. Your employee could not have been any nicer. She helped me with every issue and was as nice at the end of the call as the beginning!Thank you
    Janice C.     5 star review3/15/2018
  • Your representative was very nice to a lot of time with me and we were successful and finishing the printing of the label which I could not do alone I thank you for having someone this talented and knowledgeable and kind will do more business with you simply for return process is easy thank you
    Catherine G.     5 star review3/14/2018
  • I was concerned about my return charge, and your customer service person was patient, personable and professional. She made the correction and I was so relieved. Thank you so much!
    Diana W.     5 star review3/14/2018
  • Your rep was great helping me deal with my self inflicted dilemma. YOU GO HerRoom!!😀😀👍❤
    Elizabeth M.     5 star review3/14/2018
  • I was able to successfully cancel two backordered items with no hassle whatsoever. Customer service rep was very competent and friendly. BTW, you have an outstanding website that is very easy to navigate.
    Colleen H.     5 star review3/14/2018
  • This is my second order. Loved the way my first order came, in the nice fabric bag. Customer support has been great and they have been helpful.
    Thelma R.     5 star review3/13/2018
  • My Live Chat was very good. The representative was polite, and I was impressed by how quickly I was connected. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars, was I really hoped I could make a color-change in the products, since I only placed the order a short time ago. Other than that, I'm sure my daughter will be pleased to (hopefully) have bras that actually fit! I'm sure I'll be placing future orders!
    Cheryl B.     4 star review3/8/2018
  • Thanks for taking the time to send this email. I have never shopped at your site before today, however, your message makes me feel more confident to purchase from your company and because of that I can tell you that I will use your company first before using another sight for these particular items. Thank you.
    Mike L.     0 star review3/6/2018
  • Thanks so much for your prompt and professional service! Love
    William L.     5 star review3/6/2018
  • A question of validity of order was caught by your team. They called. I checked that the order and delivery were valid. Nice job to your security/fraud team.
    Anne M.     5 star review3/6/2018
  • You guys are amazing!!! The bridal shower was tomorrow the package was supposed to be here today and you fixed it. The lady on the phone was totally amazing . I wish I knew her name. I can’t believe you went beyond the call like that. She called UPS and is overnighting me another package and canceled the one that did not get here on time. I am super impressed! After a totally crappy day that had nothing to do with you, you guys make me smile. Thank you!
    Vickie W.     5 star review3/2/2018
  • Great website and Quick shipping. The customer service was friendly and helpful. Good job!!!
    Vickie W.     5 star review2/28/2018
  • I love your products. I appreciate the speed at which my problem was handled. The options and sizes are simply awesome. Thanks.
    Melinda D.     5 star review2/27/2018
  • Thank you so much for giving me my behind back. The 916 RAGO padded panty did its job of filling in my the right places. Carol M P>S> Wish I had this panty when I was a little girl. My bottom would have felt better after spankings.
    David P.     5 star review2/27/2018
  • You are quick to respond to new orders and in your shipping. Your on-line chat help was great! Thanks!
    Barbara P.     4 star review2/27/2018
  • That was a very nice customer thank you note. I don’t usually respond but wish you well giving women a good place to take care of them self
    Anne N.     0 star review2/25/2018
  • Hello, I was very happy to find your web site and be able to purchase my personal items from you, it was just by accident that I found you. I have forwarded the web site to others, and so hope each one helps.
    Barbara T.     5 star review2/23/2018
  • I just wanted to send you a comment about your personnel being very helpful to a bachelor with breasts... It was nice to chat with personnel that were committed to helping me with this situation. They new what to ask and how to make me easy to talk to them.. I would have never gone to woman's fitting room to try on bras if I had died...This is not a testimonial but a sincere thank you..
    Jerry     0 star review2/22/2018
  • Just wanted to say I just love "Her Room" I recieved my first order today of Berkshire Pantyhose and I just love em !! I will be buying more !!! I am a very proud male Crossdresser, I am a very satisfied customer, Thank you !! xoxo
    Marcie L.     0 star review2/16/2018
  • Brisa was very helpful and walked me thru generating my return labels. Excellent customer service!!
    Charlotte B.     4 star review2/16/2018
  • I'm happy with the service provided by Micaela, but not so pleased with the sizing information about needed to order based on UK size in order to get the right US size. I had missed that notation in the sizing chart and so was shipped a larger bra than needed. I realize that HerRoom is an international company, but I can't be the only person who expects to order a US based size because I'm based in the US. Seems like this could be solved with programming that would take note of the orderer's location and present the correct geographical sizing.
    Kristin M.     4 star review2/15/2018
  • This was my first time to deal with HerRoom. I was buying a Valentine present for my wife. Brittany was a big help It actually took about 3 phone calls to get the order placed due to a bad connection on my cell phone. Brittany was there each time and did a great job making sure I sure she got all the information correct and the order completed. Thanks again Brittany
    Joe T.     5 star review2/14/2018
  • Good Morning: I LOVE the Playtex fit bra style # 4888, I am very heavy in the breast and I forget that I have a bra on when I wear this bra. It is the most comfortable bra that I have ever worn. And believe me, I have bought some very expensive bras over the years. Please pass this information on to Playtex. Thanks for carrying this bra.
    Patricia S.     5 star review2/14/2018
  • Lorena was patient, kind and considerate. I have never ordered a personal product such as a bra (over the phone line), so I needed someone to answer and explain your product and to understand my predicament in ordering a back support bra that will fit, since I have breast implants that had to be replace on 3 separate surgeries.. Knowing my "needed" exact size is very difficult. Thank you, thank you to Lorena for her excellent personality.
    Barbara R.     5 star review2/12/2018
  • I really loved the bag that my bra order was delivered in! I don’t know if it was meant for a laundry bag...but I washed my bras in the bag and they come out beautifully! Thank you!
    Jean W.     0 star review2/10/2018
  • the young lady who took my call was personable and very helpful...I LOVE HER ROOM !!
    Candi G.     5 star review2/9/2018
    Nancy R.     0 star review2/9/2018
  • Just wanted to drop a note to say I received my 2 bras yesterday...and they fit wonderfully. Thank you so much for helping me. It is so hard - almost impossible - to find my size anywhere in a store. Thanks again....!
    Shirley R.     0 star review2/9/2018
  • Just wanted to say , I love your products !! I am a Crossdresser full time and I will be a customer for life !! Thank you for helping me be as sexy and alluring as I can be !! Love You All !! Marcie Lynn xoxoxo
    Marcie L     0 star review2/9/2018
    Rita J.     5 star review2/8/2018
  • For years, HerRoom has given us quick, reliable, and friendly service, and an unusually wide selection of products. Sometimes I need help in picking a present for a dear friend; I still can't tell a demi from a T-shirt or a three-quarter cup, a corbeille from a balconnet, just by looking at it. (Maybe some other male customers can, but I can't.) Brisa (spelling?) was very pleasant and efficient. Your "Fitter's Comments" on each product are especially helpful. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
    David C.     5 star review2/8/2018
  • Nice to hear a friendly but professional voice from a customer service representative. There are only a few of them.
    Lourdes W.     4 star review2/8/2018
  • I had made a mistake on size and realized it right after finalizing the order. The customer sales rep was willing and able to make the correction at my request. I am most grateful.
    Judith W.     5 star review2/7/2018
  • Even though I pushed the wrong button, your very kind worker help me. She was so patient to an elderly person. You are fortunate to have such a person there giving your company a good reputation Thank you
    Carol A.     4 star review2/7/2018
  • The lady I spoke to was very courteous and very helpful. She made sure that all my questions were answered and that all my concerns were addressed before ending our conversation, which I appreciate very much. Thank you again for a wonderful service.
    Virginia P.     5 star review2/7/2018
  • Thank you; I have spent HOURS looking for this bra in 3X; the sizes elsewhere only go to 2x which are too tight; and as a small cup size woman, I need the little pads to not look completely out of balance! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
    Donna D.     0 star review2/5/2018
  • Easiest cancellation I've ever had to do. Had the email come in at the same time chatting with the agent. Took approximately 30 seconds to complete everything. Agent and customer care perfect. Thank you!!
    Tana L.     4 star review2/3/2018
  • I called because I ordered some Olga bras and didn't like them and wanted to return the one I didn't wear. I also had a shopping cart with a few bras and wanted advice on the brands. Brisa was able to give me the advice I needed. She was friendly and helpful. I hope I can become a repeat customer.
    Wendy S.     5 star review2/2/2018
  • Amber was amazing!! She spent time with me and very patiently guided me in finding a suitable exchange and the steps necessary to get my return label. I was so grateful she was the representative I ended up with! Because of Amber my returned items are in the mail and my exchange is ordered and will be here soon.
    Renee H.     5 star review2/2/2018
  • Your site is very easy to navigate through. Once I found what I wanted, I placed the items in my cart, then placed the order. All the billing and shipment information is readily available. Thank you for making this so easy... I will be a return customer in the future.
    Donald S.     5 star review2/1/2018
  • I would like to thank Elizabeth for helping me with a question on Live Chat!!! Thank You so much for taking time to email different option types of bras that I might like!! Ill be differently ordering from you from now on .Thank You again and Have A Very Blessed Day. :)
    Tashia H.     0 star review1/26/2018
  • Super helpful in with my holiday promotional gift card numbers, cards of which I "saved" so securely, I even forget where I hid them. :/ THANK YOU!
    Alycia V.     5 star review1/18/2018
  • My question was answered immediately by Rose. Best experience I've had with a help chat! Thank you!
    Nicole B.     5 star review1/18/2018
  • The website is so easy to use and when I received the merchandise it was presented so nicely and the return information is easy. Very well done!!! Thanks so much
    Nancy T.     5 star review1/18/2018
  • I have purchased bras and panties from Victoria's Secret for many years. I visited their website recently and was disappointed not to find the cotton bras I had ordered in the past. Because fiber content is very important to me for a number of reasons, I left their website. I typed "cotton bras" into my search box and the description of "HerRoom" sounded like just what I was looking for. I ordered a bra that looked like just what I was looking for... I will recommend HerRoom to family members and friends who are also inclined to choose cotton.
    Ellen D.     0 star review1/14/2018
  • I was so excited to find the pants slips. I have been looking for some for quite some time. I have received them and already love them... It will be nice to have some new ones to wear. Thank you for still carrying them.
    Andrea H.     5 star review1/12/2018
  • I just received my new robe. It is so beautiful, warm and stylish. I love it!! Thanks
    Dawn K.     0 star review1/12/2018
  • I ordered 4 Lilyette bras--a wonderful bra, so good that I ordered two more. thanks
    Margaret S.     5 star review1/11/2018
  • I just wanted to say that I am very happy with my purchase. I had been getting a front closing cotton bra from a local KMart store that went out of business. On line I was having trouble finding a bra close to my old one. If I found the size I couldn't find the color. On and on it went. I was getting frustrated. I took a chance on your store and the bras I have are better than my old ones. They are more comfortable and don't ride up when I raise my arms. The little draw string bag is a nice touch.
    Sydney P.     0 star review1/7/2018
  • Excellent service. learned that I will have a very hard time finding my size at the store. I bought 3 bras in 3 different colors and I love them. I will use your site for all my lingerie needs. Happy I found you!
    Jacqueline T.     5 star review1/5/2018
  • I have small band size, large breasts and am very pear-shaped. Department store personnel are always uncooperative and doubtful that the size I take is correct. Many have fought with me and have had me in tears. I usually have to put on a bra they think will fit to show them my breasts dropping out of the bottom of the bra to "prove" my band size. Going to buy bras has been an awful and humiliating experience for me and I would generally end up with at best one or two ugly, uncomfortable bras. I am so happy that I found your store. It was exciting and fun to find so many stylish bras in my size. It is so nice to be able to see everything that might fit rather than having to work with a badly trained and doubtful salesperson to find the few bras in the store that may be close to fitting me. Thank you so much!
    Jody R.     5 star review1/3/2018