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Petra Underwire Full Cup Bra
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rating Size: 36J

Returned it. No side coverage, made my breast look pointy. My size measurements put my at 36J but this bra did not fit. I would most likely have to go up 2 sizes for full coverage.

HerRoom Response:Measuring yourself to determine your size would not be accurate. You need to adjust based on how your best fitting bra fits you. Tami from Phila,PA

  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Age: 30s
  • Posted: May, 2020
rating Size: 40O

This bra in comparison to the previous bras I purchased is almost a perfect fit. The underwire doesn't rub or poke me in the sides and I have full coverage all the way around. Lenette from Portland
  • Height: Tall (5'9" and over)
  • Age: 60s
  • Posted: January, 2020
rating Size: 44I

Very good fit. Flatters well. I would give it a 5 star if it were a seamless cup D R from Wisconsin
  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Age: 50s
  • Posted: January, 2020
rating Size: 44J

Fits me perfectly. Submitted from
  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Age: 40s
  • Posted: September, 2019
rating Size: 40M

I’ve had large breasts all my life. I’ve always Been limited to one store, which wasn’t bad as they had a few selections. However, as I got older and had my child my breast grew even more. I eventually had to go get custom fitted and order through one store, until this year! Thanks to HerRoom this is my first time in my life ordering bras online and they fit perfectly! I’m fully covered, I don’t spill out and I don’t have to constantly tug on my bra all day. They give me great support all around. They are beautifully designed and give me so many flirty options which is nice since I’m only in my 20s! Usually in my size there is very few unattractive colors and designs. Thank you HerRoom times 1,000! You’ve truly made a difference in my bra shopping life and I greatly appreciate you not only having options in such large sizes but actually thinking of ALL your customers and making them cute! Don’t ever stop! There are a lot of woman in the world, young and older who are still out there struggling with no hope, looking for a store like you just as I was! I hope they find you! I ordered 3 bras on a hope and a pray and definitely won! I will be ordering again and spreading the word to my friends! The only thing I can suggest is somehow padding the underwire on the side more. The top pokes into my skin at times and it is painful. Thank you again! Terridawn from Poughkeepsie, NY USA
  • Height: Petite (5'3" and under)
  • Age: 20s
  • Posted: April, 2019