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rating Size: 34F

This is a great strapless bustier! I have tried on many and I have a big problem because my cup size is so large and my rib cage is so small. This bustier is still a little big underneath my breasts, but it holds them up there where they are supposed to be and I don't feel like they are going to fall out. I can't wait to find that perfect strapless wedding gown. Thank you Goddess! Bianca from Milton,VT, USA
  • Posted: March, 2007
rating Size: 34DD

I'm 5'4" and this bra came up too high on my chest. Also, it made my otherwise flat stomach protrude at the bottom. The cup did not fit my breasts.

HerRoom Response: Longline styles on women who are petite or close to petite in stature are a challenge. All of these symptoms point towards your figure as being short-waisted. Goddess is known for fitting women who are full-figure and plus sized. If you are not plus sized, I would suggest you consider the Panache 5217.

A. from Texas
  • Posted: November, 2006
rating Size: 34D

This longline has excellent support, good fit and shaping. Took my no longer perky breasts and put them where God originally intended. Back sits slightly lower than most, which eliminated "back fat" that can appear with a snug fitting garment. Gotta be snug or it doesn't hold you up. Only one word of advice on this garment. After you put it on, SIT DOWN and see how it fits. I'm petite (short waisted) size 4 to 6 and everything looked and felt Great while standing. I sat down and because the garment has a wide waist band, it shoved anything I had below the waist band forward, giving me a big fat belly, which I don't actually have. Maybe with a support panty you can avoid this problem. Annie from Santa Rosa, CA
  • Posted: August, 2006
rating Size: 38DD

FINALLY! This bra really, really saved me! I needed something to wear under my wedding gown and after much searching and several failed attempts and purchases, I ended up with this. The cups on this bra feature additional boning up and around the sides of the cups which help keep things in line-- your breasts will not spread out or squashed up. Offers great support and is actually comfortable. It's possible I might get in the habit of wearing strapless dresses now. Thanks!! Sarah from New York, NY
  • Posted: September, 2005
rating Size: 36FF

For a larger busted woman, this is the best strapless bustier!! I needed this for under my wedding dress since it was off the shoulder and it worked great. Also, I never thought I would ever be able to wear anything strapless but this bra fits so well i can now wear strapless(&halter) tops and dresses. It is fabulous! Thank you Goddess! brandi from chicago, il
  • Posted: April, 2004
rating Size: 40C

Goddess Lace Longline is the best bra I have ever worn. For day and evening. No pinching. No pulling. Holds you up and so very comfortable. Lace breaths and you do not get hot. Great for Tees, strapless evening gowns. Long lasting. Just what a gal wants. It looks sexy too! Dawn from Brighton,Co.,USA
  • Posted: March, 2004
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