Plus Size Bra Fitting

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: "Bra Fitting Secrets: Plus Size Bra Fitting" Length: 2:03

Women with bra cup sizes larger than a D have an added layer of difficulty when purchasing bras.

Depending on the manufacturer, their cup size may be called different letters. They may go looking for their cup size, not find it, and therefore think the bra doesn’t come in their size. Well, it probably does.

There are three general naming conventions for cup sizes larger than D.

For example, let’s look at cup size triple D, depending on the brand, it can also be called an F cup or an E cup.

If you’re an H in one brand, your H could be 3 cup sizes off in another brand.

So, now you get a taste why larger cup-sized women can get so frustrated trying to find the right size.

At HerRoom, we’ve solved this problem with our Trademarked “Universal Cup sizing system” – we call it UCS for short. It uses a simple D system – D1, D2, D3, etc. to help you find your cup size regardless of maker.

Any brand, any bra, every time. Our UCS system shows up in parenthesis on all our bra size drop downs at HerRoom.

So, say you are a 36F in the Brand Chantelle. Right next to your Bra size is your Universal cup size D3. Now, when you go any bra brand at HerRoom, simply look for “D3” next to a 36 and you’re guaranteed to get the right cup size. And, you can search on your UCS size in our search window. It will pull up all your bra options rather than those with just a specific letter.

By the way, you’ll find a sizing chart with size comparisons for every bra on

So fear not. You really do have lots of beautiful bra options in your size. And at HerRoom, all you have to know is your Universal Cup Size to quickly find them.