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Electra Underwire High Neck Crop Swim Top
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Size: 30F

I really wasn't sure what to rate this. Bottom line is it was disappointing. I just purchased a Freya bra in a 30 F at a specialty shop where the saleswoman helped me and we decided it was the perfect fit. So I was confident about purchasing another Freya item online. However, this did not fit the same. First, the "cups" underneath are merely padding that easily fold down and such, and offer no actual support. Plus, you can see the cups (and their creases) through the blue fabric. It does have the wire, which of course we all want, but the wire was too close to the base of the thin band and it's not enough to support everything. And overall, the band just does not fit the same as the bra (a mini-corset style) I recently purchased. The deal breaker is this: There is a very real fear that my breasts could slip out at the band of the bra (as opposed to being afraid you'll pop out at the top). In fact, it started to happen while wearing. Also, you can see this in the photos, but I'll note here, the band is not adjustable. So simply making it tighter to fit better at the band just isn't an option. In all, it looked like I was wearing a tank top that was too small. I like that there are bathing suits in bra sizes, but I wish there were more options that were also full coverage.

Freya Response: It sounds very much like the band is just too big for you. As you know 90% of the support should come from the band, so if the band is too loose, nothing works. you might just need a different style. One of my personal favorite frames is our under-wire sweetheart bikini top. The cups are lightly lined for modesty, and the center front isn't too plungey. This frame can be found in several collections featuring many gorgeous prints - just pick the print you love the best. Some of my new favorites are the Atlantis Collection (AS3958), Resort Collection (AS3770), and Bondi Collection (AS3962). Another great frame to look for is our under-wire plunge bikini top. This frame is lightly lined for modesty. The center front is lower than the sweetheart frame, but it provides more coverage at the top cup than the sweetheart style. The convertible plunge style (AS3955) from the Remix Collection because it's like getting three different swim tops in one. All of these styles offer more fabric underneath the cups for added stability and support. Jennifer from State College, PA

  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Age: 30s
  • Posted: March, 2016