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Retro Basic Underwire Padded Plunge Bra
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rating Size: 38D

I like the secure straps on the bra but I feel it runs small in the cup size. My breasts are busting out over the top and giving me the look of having 4 boobs instead of 2... not good when you spent 65 bucks on the bra! I recommend going up one full size in the cup. i have ALWAYS worn a 36 or 38D in every other bra I have purchased and this bra is the first to be TOO small... so I don't think it is an issue of not knowing my own size. The fabric is also kinda cheap and cheesy polyester in my opinion for such an expensive bra... almost like the fabric in those $10 bras you buy at WalMart to be honest. Jen from Saint Louis, MO
  • Posted: February, 2008
rating Size: 32D

I did not like the seams across the front and the underwire did not fit correctly on the side of my breasts. Karen from Fort Worth
  • Posted: January, 2008
rating Size: 30DD

I think the only thing I liked about this bra was the straps. They were soft, so despite them digging into my shoulders, compared to other bras they didn't seem as bad. I tried it on...The band was too big, despite it being only a 30, I can close it on the smallest hook and it feels loose. The cups are very shallow and not full at all. The outer fabric is not cut the same size as the inner fabric so wrinkles and folding were an issue, as someone else mentioned above. And the wires! I compared the wires to several other bras I own and have come to the conclusion they are infact 1 full cup size smaller than all the other 30DD's I own, some of which are full cup and some that are not a full cup. Heather from Bevery, MA
  • Posted: December, 2007
rating Size: 36E

Love this bra. It's comfortable and gives you great cleavage. I don't feel like I'm going to pop out of this bra and feel quite secure in it. I'm a 36E so that can be a problem with other plunge bras more often then not. Definitely try this bra. It's my favorite plunge/cleavage bra which I bought upon the recommendation of the great and very helpful Live Help on this site. And I will be buying another one as soon as mine are worn out. Hanan from Canada
  • Posted: November, 2007
rating Size: 32FF

Feels comfortable. One complaint is that the inner fabric fits very well, the outer fabric covering the cup is loose and therefore has folds, wrinkles and bunches when under a shirt. If I pull that fabric down it looks great. I like the idea of having only one hook in the back and the way it's done is interesting, but after a days wearing this seems to feel like it's cutting into me, but that's true for most bras on any given day. Cheryl from Mechanicsville, VA
  • Posted: November, 2007
rating Size: 36F

I ordered my true size, and the next cup size up, and found that my true size (36F) fit just fine. The straps are fine on me as well (I am 5'7"), not too long as some reviewers have shared. One pesky thing is that the fabric of the cups are almost up to my armpit on both sides, and show up when I am wearing it with something sleeveless. I know that the wires should support the whole breast, and they do, without being too high into my armpit. So, I just pinned the fabric part down as a stopgap. I haven't been able to find a bra that's better as far as the plunge, though, and I need it to wear with a specific dress for a wedding. So I'm keeping it, but I don't love it. I like it, though, and will probably wear it again, but not with a sleeveless/tank top. Heather from Ypsilanti, Michigan USA
  • Posted: August, 2007
Size: 34dd

It was too small on me (cup size) and I had to return it. My cups runneth over. I should have listened and gotten a larger cup size, but I didn't know how happy I would have been with a larger cup size anyway, because then it would have been way big on my right one. So I exchanged for a completely different bra. KX from New York, NY
  • Posted: July, 2007
rating Size: 34DD

I LOVE this bra. I have it in blush and can wear it under anything (white, etc). I love the support it gives without having hard molded cups, this is my go-to bra for a secure lifted feeling. Also the single hook in the back is so much more comfortable than a wide band of hooks. This bra is actually "pretty" something that is hard to find in larger sizes. I am here to buy more–Thanks!! p.s. I am not sure why people are complaining about the straps- I am 5'5" and the straps are not even tightened the whole way and they feel very secure-hmmm. NJ from MA
  • Posted: May, 2007
rating Size: 34E

Gets them right up under my chin. Submitted from
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 30dd

I was so excited to get this product in the mail, but I have to say I was a little disappointed. I have the same problem with the straps falling down, even though they are fully tightened. I like the feature of the one hook closure, it looks more flattering on than the usual full figured bras, however sometimes it does unhook on its own. Also I strongly agree with the sites recommendation to size up, I measured myself and decided I was a 30d so I ordered a 30dd and it was still a bit small. Over all it is a good bra, very durable and well made, I have had mine for a little over two months and it still looks brand new. NS from MA
  • Posted: March, 2007
rating Size: 28F

This bra fit reasonably well and is very supportive and comfortable enough for daily wear. Although it is designed for wearing with v necks, it works well under other tops as well. The 1 hook back and the no-frills design work well under most shirts, although the seams show through stretchy clothing. A significant downside of this bra is that the straps are too long (granted, I have this problem with almost every bra I own). Overall, I was sufficiently satisfied with this bra to order 7 of them over the past few months. LG from MA
  • Posted: February, 2007
rating Size: 34FF

This bra fits ok. Just ok. The cleavage factor it gave me was alright; not as WOW! as I was expecting. And the one hook design in the back shows back fat I didn't know I had. But my main problem is that I had to tighten the straps all the way up to fit. Every new bra I buy usually has the straps tightened about a quarter the way up, but this one I had to keep tightening and tightening till the straps ended! I would keep this bra except for the fact that when it loosens (like all bras do with time) I won't be able to tighten it. :(

HerRoom Response: Your comment about the straps on this bra is curious. IF you will look at our back view, our model has ample room to tighten her straps. She is 5' 8" tall. If someone is petite in stature, a bra strap length could be an issue. Your comment about the back having only 1 hook is accurate. We feel for our manufacturers because they can never seem to win. They'll put the proper amount of hooks on the back (3 or more) the customers complain that the bra doesn't look youthful. They put a lesser amount of hooks and receive complaints like yours.

K' from Austin, Texas
  • Posted: February, 2007
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