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Lounging around covered in fun prints and blanketed in warmth isn't just for kids anymore. Frankie and Johnny pajamas combine their signature look of crazy prints and patterns to bring back that feeling of childhood.

Frankie and Johnny pajamas began when owners Dutch girl, Frankie and Minnesota born, Johnny united as one. They quickly realized as their family grew they, too, enjoyed spending time in their pajamas. Adult pajamas were very different from children's pajamas. The bright colors and fun patterns seemed to disappear as the styles got “older.” The parents partnered with pajama designers and decided to create their own version of fun pajamas adults could live in and enjoy all day long.  Paisley by Frankie and Johnny is a good example.

Frankie and Johnny pajamas are characterized with unique designs, comfortable cuts and wild color palettes. The pajamas make waking up in the morning easier as you look down at the fun pajamas as you rise out of bed. They have many different makes from flannel, cotton, knit and many other materials to provide alternate choices for customers. No matter what material you choose, the pajama promises to bring sunshine to your life with the vibrant colors and patterns. When purchasing these pajamas as a gift make sure that you choose a relatively smaller size to ensure maximum comfort.

In 2009 the company unveiled a new fabric called bSoft. Bsoft feels like cashmere and silk rolled into one pajama. The pajamas are 70% viscose and 30% cotton. The viscose helps people that are sensitive to allergies be able to sleep comfortably in these pajamas. Frankie & Johnny bSoft Flannel Lounger Pajamas' top uses two reliable pockets to contain small objects. The pants also have an elastic upper portion that provides a more convenient fit. The ankles and wrists are wide enough so that you will not feel constricted while wearing the pajamas. Bsoft is not only soft, but it helps absorb moisture helping keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Frankie and Johnny pride themselves are being able to say they are an eco-friendly company because this fabric is biodegradable.

Frankie and Johnny pajamas have been featured in Life & Style and “Entertainment Tonight” They were also selected to be one of the gifts given in the “American Music Awards” gift bag.

Customers say their favorite thing about these pajamas is the warmth and soft feeling of the clothing. They also say the entire collection makes them feel like a child again as they walk through the house in bright colors just like childhood. Frankie and Johnny are offered in many different sizes which many customers say is great when buying for all types of people. No one is left out of feeling the sense of childhood and excitement the pajamas bring to each who wears them. Customers also said it is easy to take care of the pajamas. All you need is to wash them on low with cold water.

Just like owners Frankie and Johnny, you can travel back in time to childhood where you feel blanketed in warmth and surrounded by bright colors.