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Flirty, fun and frivolous fashions are what you get when you wear Fleur't lingerie. This lingerie brings together style and comfort for a perfect fit. Designed with feminine curves in mind, each piece of Fleur't lingerie is made with modern, soft fabric blends in a rainbow of colors. The panties, chemises, camisoles and bralettes in the Fleur't brand promise to give women the confidence and comfort they need to make it through the day and then into the night. Each piece is designed so that it feels great when lounging around, but is beautiful enough to be worn for a special occasion. Designer Nancy Yoo founded Fleur't in New York in 2000. She decided women needed more choices to fit their lives and moods. Since she began the company, Yoo has been designing high fashion lingerie with the feelings of every woman in her mind. Yoo knows women want to feel supported and protected by their lingerie, but they also want to know they look good. When women put on soft, durable Fleur't lingerie they are easily transformed into the flirty, confident woman within.

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Fleur't Bella Bella
Bella Bella by Fleur't
1 styles

Fleur't Belle Epoque
Belle Epoque by Fleur't
3 styles

Fleur't Fleur't With Me
Fleur't With Me by Fleur't
1 styles

Fleur't Fleur't with Me Basics
Fleur't with Me Basics by Fleur't
2 styles

Fleur't Iconic
Iconic by Fleur't
5 styles

Fleur't Lacy Dainties
Lacy Dainties by Fleur't
4 styles

Fleur't Modern Elegance
Modern Elegance by Fleur't
1 styles

Fleur't Velvet Crush
Velvet Crush by Fleur't
4 styles