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Helena Full Cup Bra
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rating Size: 32DD

I'm giving this item 3 stars based on it's price as compared to it's construction and functionality. I expected, and wanted more support from this item, at 5'7", 135lbs. For a woman with a firm bust at 32DD, such as myself, the front and sides are sturdy and well constructed, but the back and the straps are too stretchy to provide lift. It should have 3 or 4 columns of hooks, vs. 2 columns. Sorry, folks, but this item does not have enough support for a woman with a bustline. In addition, the straps attach at the cups emphasizing underarm bulge. I wouldn't order this bra again.

HerRoom Response: It sounds like you might actually need a 30 band size. S. Liberty from Seattle, Wash.

  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Age: 40s
  • Posted: November, 2008
rating Size: 34ff

This is a nice bra. Not fabulous, not lousy, but adequate. It is not overly sexy, yet it is feminine while still practical. Comfortable.Supportive. It does not come up as high on the sides as I would have cared for, however. I cannot say how well it would have held up to long term wear, as I found out I was pregnant right after I ordered it, and so I returned it in anticipation of breast changes. I liked it enough to think about ordering again in the future, though. Stephanie from PA
  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Age: 30s
  • Posted: October, 2008
rating Size: 42F

I have this in nude and black colour. It fits like a dream. Holds the girls up and people have asked if I've lost weight!!! Saving for a third. Connie from United States
  • Age: 50s
  • Posted: October, 2008
rating Size: 42DD

Very comfortable with lots of support. Also very pretty, makes you feel good to get to wear a sexy bra with support! Teri from Iowa
  • Age: 30s
  • Posted: October, 2008
rating Size: 42E

Thanks to the precision of your site I found what I couldn't find anywhere else! This one floats just a bit on the underwire, but hey, I'm happy. I might buy another with a little tweaking. Connie from United States
  • Age: 50s
  • Posted: September, 2008
rating Size: 40G

beautiful, comfortable bra. Love the lace on the straps. I love that it has a smaller back band and fewer hooks than is usual for my size which makes me feel like I'm NOT wearing armor. Creates a nice rounded shape, but I prefer the support of the elomi Kirstie bra I purchased at the same time. Melinda from Fresno, CA
  • Age: 40s
  • Posted: August, 2008
rating Size: 32D

Gives great support without over-coverage. Fantasie is one brand that acknowledges a woman can be full-busted without being full-figured. Submitted from
  • Posted: May, 2008
rating Size: 30G

I was just sized for this bra. It is very pretty, fits well, but would prefer a minimizer that doesn't flatten me or make my breasts go out to the side as does the 4500. I'm glad I found this bra and plan to order more unless I get a breast reduction! Janet from Phila, PA
  • Posted: April, 2008
rating Size: 30DD

I've been looking for a bra that has a comfortable underwire. I also recommend this to women who are short. Julia from Fayetteville, AR USA
  • Posted: February, 2008
Size: 32F

Even though this is described as a full cup. It is not as full as the smooth cup 4500 style. I spill out a bit over the top but I think the next cup size would be too large. M from Orange County, CA
  • Posted: December, 2007
rating Size: 40g

Best bra I had in years. Lifts and supports and makes you feel real pretty!!! denise from glen mills pa 19342
  • Posted: November, 2007
rating Size: 42e

Love it - makes me feel beautiful - one small negative, the straps could be a little tighter for me. Overall, it is beautiful, comfortable and fits! Shauna from 223 Chandler Drive
  • Posted: August, 2007
rating Size: 34FF

This is the only bra I can find that fits me. I love it and can only say good things about it. Thanks for the great service also. Nancy
  • Posted: June, 2007
rating Size: 34DD

It is the best fitting bra I have ever found. I love it. Submitted from
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 34D

It is comfortable, fits well and is great for me to work in. I also love the Chantelle bras as well. Submitted from
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 38G

The bra looks great but the lace scratches your skin.

HerRoom Response: Lace can be scratchy before it is washed. The reason is that lace manufacturers put a sizing in the lace to keep it stiff for sewing. A wash or two usually makes the lace soft.

Sherice from Bronx, NY
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 34D

This bra fits well, but the seams across the cups are visible through anything except thick sweaters. April from Marietta, GA
  • Posted: March, 2007
rating Size: 40G

I have to say I hate this bra. The cups fit good but it seems to me like the straps are too elastic cause my breasts start off high when I put this bra on then when I get home and take it off the whole bra has just dropped in the front. The back and sides are very uncomfortable during the day. I tend to put this bra in the back of the drawer and only use it when the others are drying after being hand washed. Too uncomfortable for the price you pay. Sheena from Middletown, DE USA
  • Posted: January, 2007
rating Size: 34DD

What an amazing fit! One breast is slightly larger than the other, so I always have problems with one cup being too big or too small. This bra fits like a dream - complete coverage, no squishing, and looked pretty (unlike a lot of larger bras)! I'm going to order more right away! Joy from Washington, DC
  • Posted: July, 2006
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