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rating Size: 36G

Between the non-stretch solid fabric, the well centered straps, and the side boning, this is a bra that keeps the girls where they should be. It also gives a smooth look under clothes. Submitted from
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 38FF

best fitting most comfortable bra EVER for full busted women!! Submitted from
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 40F

Best fit and coverage! Submitted from
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 36G

If I could give this bra a "10," I would! A no brainer when I need a bra. This is the one I order. After getting over the intial sticker shock (I was used to paying half for Vanity Fair, etc.), this bra fits perfectly. Fantasie understands big breasts! I have tried Le Mystere, and for the life of me, I cannot understand why it comes padded!! We don't need padding when we are wearing a "G" cup! Hello! Oprah may like her Le Mystere, but I will stick to my Fantasie! Oh, by the way, it lasts FOREVER, like for well over a year each. Susan from Celebration, FL
  • Posted: February, 2007
Size: 34E

I'd like clarification: Herroom's response to Nanci from Michigan's review from May 2006 says "The American size 34DDD is size 34F in Europe," but the sizing info chart for this item clearly indicates that DDD is E. Which is correct? HerRoom Response:

Good question. Though the European size equivalent for a 34DDD is a 34F, Fantasie has their own unique sizing. A Fantasie 34DDD would be a 34E.

Amelia from Connecticut
  • Posted: January, 2007
rating Size: 36F

This bra has turned out to be a nice surprise even if I did compromise. As per the fitter's comments I ordered one size smaller than I normally would and it was just a wee bit tight but no bulging. I thought to send it back but when I tried it under a t-shirt -- wow! Smooth, uplifting, with a minimizing effect. Not an easy accomplishment when you're well endowed. I beg to differ with "Tomima's Tip" -- in my case it does project the breasts a little to the sides. And like most underwires, I'm always glad to take it off at day's end. Still, it has become a bra of choice when I want to look really good. I recommend the blush color, just lovely.

HerRoom Response: If your breasts are projecting to the sides in this bra, it is possible to change this by making sure your breasts are placed more towards the center of each cup before fastening.

Chris from Morristown, NJ
  • Posted: January, 2007
rating Size: 40F

This is the best bra I've ever worn. However, I need a 40 FF and they don't make this bra in that size. I can fit OK in a 40 F but where the wires join in the front would be flat against my sternum if I had a 40 FF. Still, it's so smooth and I love the way it looks in certain shirts. Sheena from Middletown, DE USA
  • Posted: January, 2007
rating Size: 38D

One more thing--the website says to order a cup size smaller than what you normally would, but a few other reviewers advised against this, so I just ordered my regular size of 38D, and I'm glad I did--what I ordered is just right; a smaller cup size would have been too small. misti from Shawano, WI, USA
  • Posted: October, 2006
rating Size: 38D

I just have to add to all the praises being sung about this bra--I ordered this bra and three others: the Goddess 3910 Smooth Simplicity Bra, the Glamorise 9195 Wonderwire, and the Fayreform F72-9098. I figured I'd keep the one I liked best and send the rest back, and get more of what I liked. THIS, the Fantasie 4500, is the one I'm keeping--the fit is absolutely fabulous. It passes the "bend shake" test (where you bend forward and shake your bust around, stand up and see how well the bra stays in place) with flying colors, and it just feels great. It's nice and simple--no lace, no floral patterns, no padding, nothing--and best of all IT JUST FITS GREAT. I hope Fantasie never stops making it! misti from Shawano, WI, USA
  • Posted: October, 2006
rating Size: 34E

I wear a 34DDD in American bras, so ordered a 34E in this bra and I could have used a good two cup sizes up; I was falling out the front. Not sure it will be supportive enough even if I get a larger size, so am going to exchange for a different bra. Did love the smoothness of the cup and the blush color, am looking for a "t-shirt" type bra.

HerRoom Response:The American size 34DDD is size 34F in Europe. Fantasie has their own sizing, so a 34E would have been your equivalent. This bra has been running small in the cups according to the manufacturer and customer comments.

Nanci from Ypsilanti MI
  • Posted: May, 2006
rating Size: 34D

I LOVE this bra! I am a 34D (in need of support!) and have tried many, many different bras over the years...this is, by far, the best of anything that I've ever tried! It's comfortable, supportive, and flattering. Worth every penny. Agree with the sizing suggestions: I am normally a 34D (and wear a 34D in other Fantasie styles), but ordered a 32D fits perfectly. Jessica from New York
  • Posted: March, 2006
rating Size: 34f

I love this smooth bra. I bought it in the blush and it is my first pink bra. It is very comfortable and supportive. Katie from Iowa
  • Posted: October, 2005
Size: 32DD

This one was so close. I've tried a 34DD in a store, and it was too big in the cups and the band size was a little too large. So went to a 32DD, but the cups are now just a little too small. Argh, so frustrated. tracy from san rafael
  • Posted: October, 2005
rating Size: 34F

Fantasie makes a great bra, but the sizing is slightly off for this one. I wear a 34F in the balcony (style #4520) but this runs a cup size larger. Order one cup size down for this style. Marla from Pasadena, CA
  • Posted: October, 2005
rating Size: 38F

I absolutely am in love with this bra. I recieved it yesterday and can't believe how well it fits! I followed the advice of going down a cup size and it worked great as well, i have finally found a bra that fits and I am in love! Robyn from Milford, NJ, USA
  • Posted: September, 2005
rating Size: 40f

Although the web site said to order a cup size smaller I did not and could almost actually use a cup size bigger. Kind of flattens me out like a minimizer. Kathy from WI
  • Posted: July, 2005
rating Size: 34FF

I love this bra. I am a 34FF by your sizes and it is wonderful to finally find a bra that fits, doesn't look and feel like armor, is seamless, and has good support. Thank you so much. Sara from Mesa, AZ
  • Posted: January, 2005
Size: 36FF

Since the description said this bra runs large in the cup size, I ordered a size smaller than I normally wear. The cups were definitely too small so I would have been better off ordering the correct size. Other than that, the band size and the general appearance of it on are very good. Michelle from Bethel Park, PA USA
  • Posted: August, 2004
rating Size: 32G

I was cursed/blessed with very large bust and small body -32G. This is THE best bra I have ever had! It fits great and is extremely comfortable. It also has lasted longer than any bra I've ever owned. I only wish you had one that plunged down a bit further in front for lower cut shirts. Otherwise - FABULOUS!!! Andrea from Austin, Tx/usa
  • Posted: February, 2004
rating Size: 34F

My daughter and I have found a bra, for life. The comfort is the very best, I'm a 34f bra size, I've purchased all brands in the past. Look no more. Thank you ..Fantasie Carmen from Pasadena,CA
  • Posted: December, 2003
rating Size: 34FF

This is BY FAR the best bra I have ever bought! It is super smooth, very comfortable, and does not bind! The shape is very natural and there a no seams in the cup. I just bought three more! L Gilbert from SC
  • Posted: September, 2003
rating Size: 40E

Great fit, this is the first bra in a long time that actually fits my 40E frame..thank you so much,,,,,I will order from here more often...thank you for such great sizes... MIchelle from Grimsley, TN
  • Posted: June, 2003
rating Size: 32DD

A marvelous bra offering excellent support with a smooth, seamless look! The nude (color) is perfect for wearing under those summer white linen blouses ! michaeline from Rocky River, OH USA
  • Posted: May, 2003
rating Size: 38G

The best bra I've ever worn! It looks smooth even under a t-shirt! It gave me lift while preventing the uniboob look! I recommend that you HANDWASH only as the wire tends to start poking out if you machined wash. chaiya from sterling, Va. 20164
  • Posted: March, 2003
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