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Enell High Impact Front Close Sports Bra 100 Reviews

High Impact Front Close Sports Bra
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rating Size: 2

This is great! I am a 34DDD/F and I recently took up belly dancing only to find out that my old sports bra wasn't quite up to all those shoulder shimmies. This bra is percfect and reduced the bounce to a barely noticeable minimum. rosepourpre from Florida
  • Posted: June, 2005
rating Size: 1

I wear this for running, but it chafes me big time along the band under my breasts. I also still bounce, although that is less than with other bras. ss from San Francisco/CA/US
  • Posted: June, 2005
rating Size: 3

I suggest not only ordering by current Bra Size but to measure Bust and Rib Cage for accurate fit. I order a size One based on current Bra Size of a 36DD but it was much too small. After measuring I figured out I needed a size 3. Sue from Portland/Maine
  • Posted: May, 2005
rating Size: 5

I absolutely LOVE this bra! It gives the best support for larger breasted women - especially while running! And talk about comfort...! It's the only support bra I will wear to running! Catherine from Anchorage
  • Posted: April, 2003
rating Size: 1

This is the most amazing sports bra ever! I have always had a hard time finding a good one because I have a small band size and large cup size. This fits exactly like it should. I'm so impressed! I've never had support like this before. I'm excited to go to the gym to try it out! Sarah from Atlanta/GA/USA
  • Posted: April, 2003
rating Size: 4

I was excited to receive my new ENELL sports bra in the mail today, but then I was quickly disappointed once I tried it on. The bra is sturdy, which is what I was looking for, but it just won’t work. As the bra is a perfect fit (around the body wise), the cup size is too large to give any needed support! I was afraid of this when first looking at the sizing options. As a 42D, there is no way I can squeeze into the number 3 that only goes to a 40 (around wise)! R. Colbert from Moore, OK USA
  • Posted: March, 2003
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