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Thalia Seamless Padded Very Plunge Bra
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rating Size: 32C

I have checked my size as 32C as the option for my true size 32E (DD) was no longer available. Just wanted to let all the other ladies considering this bra know about my experience with it. I have the Thalia plunge bra in 3 different colours - I got completely swept off my feet by how beautiful it is. I am an Empreinte girl - since I bought my first Empreinte bra, I have never even considered buying any other bra, that is how happy I have been with my Melody, Kaela, Diva, Manon, and now Thalia. Why I gave it 4 stars only is because I don't find it as practical as all the other ones. As a therapist I have to move and bend and lift all day long and I find that at least with my cup size, the girls don't always stay put and I need to pull on the band to allow things to move back in place. It is a gorgeous bra, though, and I do wear it for lower cut dresses when going out or when not expecting heavy physical activities. It looks stunning and creates a sexy cleavage. Iveta from Canada
  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Age: 40s
  • Posted: December, 2012
rating Size: 30F

Samantha from Canada, I have to agree with you. This is honestly the best bra I have ever worn. It does not smoosh my breasts and the center lies flat. It makes my tops and blouses fit better. It is comfortable and supportive enough for daily use. The only downside is since my left breast is a little bigger, that cup fits the best, but the right breast cup has a little space up top. However, once I put clothes on with my tight tops, there is no space. I heard that contours bras are best if you have implants. I don't, so that could be while there is a little space up top. If I go to a smaller size, it would be too small. I believe the only way to get the best bra period is through customization. In the meantime, this is the best bra I have ever worn. Thema from Atlanta
  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Age: 40s
  • Posted: September, 2011
rating Size: 30F

This is honestly the best bra I have ever worn. I find that most bras smoosh my breasts east and west, or that the center gore never lies flat without leaving too much room empty up top in the cup. This bra creates the most attractive silhouette possible. My mother also owns one in a 34D, and she says it is fantastically slimming, while giving great curves and superb comfort. It seriously makes everyone's boobs regardless of age or whatever you think is wrong, look simply amazing. Yes, the bra is dang pricey, but I have tried on so many bras, and nothing is ever as comfortable, well shaped, and fantastic as this. I always feel my most confident while wearing this under my clothes. A perfect fit. Samantha from Canada
  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Age: 20s
  • Posted: July, 2011
rating Size: 32E

Delighted with the fit and feel of this bra, I am utterly disappointed in the quality. After only a couple of wearings the one of the cups developed an indentation that is visible through my clothes. Based on the other reviews of this manufacturer's products, I assumed it was just an isolated case.

Empreinte Response: Our products are made of the finest materials available in the market today. Even though most of them are very precious and delicate they are also very resilient to wear and tear.

This particular style is seamless and smooth and is made of soft microfiber. All bras are tested and washed for maximum results. The only reason why this bra can dent is if it's in contact with sharper objects that prick into the fabric. In my experience I have seen sometimes this problem occurred when ladies are changing and their rings or jewelry accidentally pick on the bra. In other cases, dresses with sequence could damage the fabric. Kristin from Auburn

  • Height: Petite (5'3" and under)
  • Age: 40s
  • Posted: November, 2010