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DuMi Shapewear

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DuMi shapewear was created to help women look and feel beautiful both inside and out. DuMi shapewear is made with lightweight silky knit made to be durable and stylish at the same time. Most bodyshapers are made from Lycra and polyester which is just not good for the environment. DuMi promises to be different by doing its part to help save the environment and keep you looking smoking hot at the same time.

DuMi was created by independent designer Amber Taylor. She wondered why women couldn't wear shapewear that was as stylish as what they were wearing over that shapewear. She asked, “Why can't I have my cake and eat it, too?” In a period of three years Taylor took her designs from being sketches on a piece of paper to a collection shipped all over the world. Taylor says DuMi is about showing every sized woman that shapewear does not have to be black and utilitarian, but can be stylish and make you feel powerful when wearing it. Designers for DuMi begin its collections by creating beautiful pieces women will wear on a daily basis, then turning those pieces into shapewear. All DuMi garments start sexy and end in a sculpting, lifting, sexy piece of shapewear.

DuMi addresses any woman wanting to perfect her body under an outfit. The collection offers everything from a size Small to plus sizes ranging to 3XL. Shapewear comes in a full collection of body shapers, thongs, panties and camis. Each piece is constructed using a variety of sources including vintage lingerie pieces, our friends' closets and runway fashion shows. This means DuMi shapewear remains forming and functional for each woman wearing it. DuMi designers want the world to know shapewear is not just for full-figured women. Many celebrities of all shapes, sizes and ages have been known to wear shapewear under their dresses at Red Carpet events.

DuMi prides itself in being environmentally friendly. All fabric is sustainably produced using polyamide and Lycra together. The way the fabric is manufactured helps the environment. The garments meet the low carbon-dioxide emissions standards, low manufacturing waste and reduced dye and chemical consumption slot, and DuMi is certified ISO14001-compliant. Looking good while helping save the world isn't a bad combination.

Above everything, DuMi is about helping women look and feel fabulous in any of their collections you choose. From thongs to briefs to body shapers, this innovative approach to shapewear helps women smooth lines while feeling as if they were wearing nothing underneath their garments. Other shapewear does not hide well as it does not conform to your body like another skin. DuMi molds and confines to your body like a glove. DuMi shapewear will never be just another piece of spandex thrown on, but a luxurious shaper used to dress you up inside and out.