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The person I chatted with was a great help. Couldn’t Have done it with out her help. Thank you so much.
Susan D."     0 star review5/20/2019
Kitzia looked and looked for me...I weigh 125 pounds and have been wearing 32DDD She recommended three different bras. I'm eager to receive them and try them on. I just wish you had a store in Manhattan. Then I could walk in, try on and buy different bras. Krizia was courteous, patient, well informed about your inventory and helpful. Thanks to her, I may find the perfect bra for me.
Susan l."     4 star review5/17/2019
Very unusual and unfortunate situation. I sent my daughter several pairs of underwear and the color (pale pink) she really wanted were backordered but delivered May 11. She never received them. So we’re trying to determine if the theft occurred at the apartment or at the post office. The staff were so helpful and gracious to help replace the underwear. I appreciate this so much
Diane P."     4 star review5/17/2019
Very pleased. Lorena in mgt was exceptionally nice and made things right with me. Before she called I wasn’t going to purchase anymore from her room after being a customer for years. She fixed the issue. So I’m very pleased. Thank you Lorena!
Heather R."     4 star review5/16/2019
I had some travel and health (hospital/rehab) issues that prevented me from getting your package from neighbors until a month after delivery. Thank you for allowing refund so I can get future styles that have a proper fit. I enjoy getting hard to find items on your website...wish you had a retail store chain.
SUSAN S."     5 star review5/15/2019
I was very satisfied with the service I received . the person helped me with the order. I had tried doing it on line but, I messed up, and she was able to correct my mistake.
Minna G L."     5 star review5/14/2019
I needed assistance with a return. Spoke with Daisy who was most helpful and took care if the situation while we were talking. Great customer service representative!
Renee M."     5 star review5/14/2019
I placed my order on Saturday and noticed that I pressed wrong size on one of my order. When I called the customer service and Sammy was able to help on my situation. Great customer service and I appreciate the solution that Sammy suggested. Thank you.
Kumiko F."     5 star review5/13/2019
Called to verify that the available items on my order would ship at once, rather than later with the back order. Kritzia answered effectively and informatively.
Christine C."     4 star review5/13/2019
I am a man who weasr panties every day and have bought a good portion of my panties at Herroom. Your sales reps have always been polite and helpful and Samantha was no different. She was very pleasant and helpful. She located the panty style and color that I wanted and she efficiently processed the transaction. She obviously is an asset in a public contact position. Please thank her on my behalf. She was great.
Mike B."     5 star review5/13/2019
I am 74 years old and NOT a techy. I appreciate being able to place my order with your helpful sales lady. A great experience. Thank you.
judith s."     5 star review5/13/2019
Just placed my first order for bras and panties -- I am so glad I found you - it makes my day! Ordering was simple, chat on line easy and speaking to customer service efficient. You have no idea how glad I am that I found you, and can continue to buy Wacoal bras I have been wearing that stores where I live no longer carry. Thank you! :)
Maria B."     5 star review5/13/2019
I needed to cancel the backordered item. I emailed on a Saturday, didn't expect a response today. Very satisfied that it was taken care if in just one email, and on the same day.
Linda V."     5 star review5/11/2019
To: Amazon and Kitzia from my experience I think it was nice that they were able to consider to replace my orders and Thank you thank you so much and I am just a very very satisfied customer and very appreciated!!
Yvette R."     5 star review5/10/2019
I appreciate kitzia’s willingness to go the distance in helping me. Even though I reached the wrong site, it turned out to be the right site for what I was wanting. I was able to place the order and waalaa I am happy!
Gail K."     5 star review5/9/2019
Tiffany was absolutely wonderful! I needed to check with my c.c. companies and I was able to get in touch with her directly to relay the information from them. I have alot of trouble finding bras and underwear that fit and I was quite distressed on my initial call when she couldn't locate my order from Monday. She was very sweet and alas, the order was located and was shipped on Monday.
Abbe P."     5 star review5/9/2019
Whenever I have ever had a problem your customer service team goes all out to resolve my issues which is why I continue to do business with HerRoom
Lee B."     5 star review5/8/2019
I placed an order and found another item I wanted. Karla cancelled my order and credited my PayPal account. She couldn't place my order for me since I was using my PayPal account. She was very helpful.
Marilyn S."     4 star review5/8/2019
I am not sure whether my first evaluation was sent to you correctly. Ordinarily I would not tKe the time to redo but Sammy was better than excellent, she was able to listen to my comments and understand the real, unstated questionl. She then took the time to investigate and report the answer that I was looking for to confirm I was ordering the correct item. I wish there were more like her: methodical, able to understand the customer’s sometimes inarticulated informational need, very polite and pleasant. A real winner,
Priscilla H."     5 star review5/8/2019
Kizia really went above and beyond the call of duty to help me return some things for my mom and buy something that would work for her. She took her time helping me get a return label and walked me through the website helping me find something that would work. I couldn't be happier with her! Thank you, Kizia!
Linda C."     5 star review5/8/2019
Herroom and Hisroom remain as my goto web site for lingerie and activewear. The web site is only bettered by their online help. Truly extraordinary!!
Richard T."     5 star review5/6/2019
I am impressed with Karla because she took an extra step to make sure I was helped and even called back to confirm that my issue was resolved. That is superior customer service! Thank you.
Maureen C."     5 star review5/6/2019
I have to say I will shop with yall as long as yall carry my bras because it's the ok only place I can find my size and yall always are amazing with everything.
Bridget R."     5 star review5/3/2019
Karla was responsible for my finally trying a new brassiere to replace my standby Fantasie. She was astoundingly patient, as I was trying to save money, and I just ordered another brassiere she recommended I never would have known about without her. (I freeze at online browsing!) Thank you for making room for your representatives to take time to help customers so thoroughly. Her kindness and knowledge of your products lead me to shop for lingerie at your store--exclusively. Thank you.
Lynn Z."     5 star review5/2/2019
I just filled out a form for Karla to record an experience I had thanks to Consuelo. She is the one who recommended the brassiere--a new kind entirely--now that I discovered the support Panache gives not only in its sports line. Thanks to Consuelo I am wearing a new brassiere I like so much I ordered another--the last one in my size. Please recognize her because I needed lots of thought she kindly and effectively gave. She was charming! And delicate, because she's coaches older women to make purchases and enjoy the feel of reclaimed youth with pleasant and supportive bras. And thank you!
Lynn Z."     5 star review5/2/2019
I am truly happy with the service. But the sizing of items was not correct. Unfortunately I don't want to keep purchasing and returning items. But thank you for your service.
Coleen M."     4 star review5/1/2019
She handled everything professionally, courteously and quickly. Couldn’t have gone better. Now I’m looking forward to receiving my order. Thank you, Dana
Dana V."     5 star review5/1/2019
Janae was WONDERFUL and helped sooo much! She was so well informed and knew just how to direct me to the best bras in my size! Very positive experience with a wonderfully informative and helpful customer service professional!!!
Crystal N."     0 star review5/1/2019
If only all customer service folks were as great as Crystal P! I want to take her away as my own personal shopper!
Emily M."     0 star review5/1/2019
Kitsia is going the extra mile to research what is happening to my order. She called me back twice today with updates and has said she will give me additional updates as she has them. I'm very impressed with her great customer service. As an employee, she's a keeper! Thanks, Mary Anderson
Mary A."     5 star review4/30/2019
The rep was helpful - set up a return label - just disappointed that I was sent the wrong size in the first place.
Jeni B."     4 star review4/30/2019
You people are the nicest customer service ever!!! I just ordered more items yesterday! Love this company
Cathi B."     5 star review4/29/2019
I could never find my size, in Playtex. Then I found you guys. I have never worn anything but Playtex. I am 71 years young. Thank you so much.
Gayle N."     5 star review4/29/2019
Karla helped me sort out what I needed to do to return the items for exchange for a different size, She also provided a back-dated order replacement item in the new size with a no shipping fee. I really appreciated her patience and willingnes to work with me to assure that I received the items I had ordered in the correct size. She was professional, polite and worked to solve the problem.
Barbara L."     5 star review4/25/2019
I would have give a 5 except once again, when I ordered something it is on backorder. Her Room you need to keep things in stock - a bigger inventory.
Diane L A."     4 star review4/24/2019
Worked great. I needed to cancel my order and there was no cancel option on a website. Your rep did it for me promptly and I get confirmation email
Barbara M."     4 star review4/24/2019
This was so helpful for me. She was very patient and answered all my questions thoroughly. I get on overwhelm with many things now and she made it easy. She was kind and efficient.
Jan M."     5 star review4/24/2019
I called with a situation outside of the guidelines. The garments were the wrong size but past 30 days. The staff member worked it out for me and I really appreciated that.
Dennis B."     4 star review4/23/2019
Windy responded quickly and decisively to help me fix the mistype I made in my shipping address. I've shopped with HerRoom for years and will gladly return when it's time to order myself more bras. I shop online at many other retailers but HerRoom has consistently delivered the best customer experience. Thank you!
Jane H."     5 star review4/22/2019
She was super easy to talk to, and understood that the wrong size was ordered by another representative. Appreciate the extra help !!
Jacqueline P."     5 star review4/21/2019
The operator was very helpful. Answer all my questions. And was very Pleasant to speak too! Thank you. Great service.
Sievers J."     5 star review4/21/2019
The young lady answered my questions very professionally....was very satisfied.
Norma H."     5 star review4/21/2019
She helped me create a return. Stayed online to make sure I was able to get it started before hanging up.
Elizabeth A."     5 star review4/20/2019
I talked with Karla about exchanging bras. I was mistaken, I need to exchange the 36I for a 38I, Not the 38Is for 36I. She was very courteous and explained the exchange process to me. It was pleasant doing business with her. I always get good service from Her Room. Thanks for your friendly staff and prompt service.
Rochelle M."     5 star review4/20/2019
I appreciate the help I received today from the C/S rep in initiating my return.
Valerie V."     5 star review4/20/2019
I have ordered from you before.. everything is good! Thanks.
Sheila V."     5 star review4/19/2019
I got my merchandise today.I liked it a lot, and it all fit me. I'll be shopping again.
Carol M."     5 star review4/19/2019
Miss Laura was patient, knowledgeable and seemed happy to assist me with understanding my returns.
Shirley A."     5 star review4/18/2019
Karla was incredibly helpful. She had taken excellent notes when I called in early March and remembered the details of our call when we spoke again today on April 17. She was very kind, understanding and accommodating. I appreciated her attention to detail and customer service! Thanks Karla!
Elissa E."     5 star review4/18/2019
I was having several troubles. Sammy handled them efficiently and never made me feel inept--which I certainly was. She was not only professional, but certainly left a wonderful impression of HerRoom with me. Give her a raise! You cannot get better positive advertising than that! I have already shared my experience with the community in which I live.
Susan R."     5 star review4/18/2019
It was a pleasure to talk to such a plasant & knowledge lady....and of course i will order again,,& tell my friends.
Monica G."     5 star review4/18/2019
Always nice to deal with patient people. It's appreciated by those of us who are not up to snuff with the computer world of ordering online.
Sherry D."     5 star review4/18/2019
Great - she knew exactly how to help and my exchange went smoothly - Thank you
Linda W."     4 star review4/17/2019
Your customer support person was polite, kind and helpful. And...she was fast to find and confirm the information.
Linda R."     5 star review4/17/2019
Just a note on how fabulous HerRoom is! I absolutely LOVE it! Styles, sizes and selections are wonderful. Thank you so much.
Milena P."     0 star review4/17/2019
your representative was friendly took time to verify the information that I gave her regarding a billing address. gave a good impression for your orgainization. thank you trisha
Patricia K."     5 star review4/16/2019
Daisy was friendly and helpful, explained the process clearly, and made sure I was getting the information and help I required. She was great.
Donna B."     4 star review4/16/2019
My care assistant went above and beyond, not only helping me process a difficult return / exchange but helping me locate and select appropriate replacement bras. I will definitely continue shopping with this company
Marla H."     5 star review4/16/2019
Very helpful and great customer service! I will purchase clothing again!
Cathi B."     5 star review4/16/2019
Daisy was fantastic to speak with. She helped me immensely. I have a Traumatic Brain Injury and I asked her for extra patience. ANSWER: No problem! You’re fine! She made me feel comfortable and cared for. Thank You!
Kathryn F."     5 star review4/16/2019
I got right through to you ~ Communication was easy ~ I followed your instructions. Done. I expect i will b receiving my refund soon
ALISON G."     4 star review4/16/2019
I had called about an item I returned and wanted an update on the status. I was given the information I needed and will be following up on what was told to me.
Patricia V."     4 star review4/16/2019
The customer service woman was able to explain to me what I needed to know about my return. She was quite knowledgeable and personable. I love you guys!
Elizabeth C."     5 star review4/16/2019
You carry such a great variety of quality bras in many sizes. Great prices and quick delivery. My mom has had a difficult time finding a bar that fits wrk, comfortable, and that she can hook. I ordered a couple different sizes and one of them is a winner! It's easy to do a return and the agent was very friendly and helpful.
Ruthie S."     5 star review4/16/2019
she handled all of my concerns and emailed a shipping label promptly. satisfied 100% with customer service
Karen A."     5 star review4/14/2019
Just to say, I appreciate your fine service AND products!!
Winona F."     5 star review4/12/2019
My problem was taken care of quickly and to my satisfaction.
Amber H."     4 star review4/12/2019
The experience was very satisfying. She went beyond her normal processes to help me make an exchange work. Greatly appreciate that.
Melinda G."     5 star review4/12/2019
My experience was excellent, Sammy was kind and helpful. I had made a mistake regarding a return and she helped me work it out. It was a very good experience.
Frances H."     5 star review4/12/2019
being transgender, and finally coming "out" has a lot of challenges. Family and friends sometimes can't understand, like I understand ?(lol) My point is this: whenever I call or , ALL the associates, weather they figure it out or Tell them, have never judged me, belittled me, given me any attitude.
John M."     5 star review4/11/2019
I spoke with Samantha. She was just adorable. She handled my questions quickly and professionally. I think she is an excellent representative of the lovely, feminine image that the Her Room website conveys. Kudos!
Frances L."     5 star review4/11/2019
After much discussion, I'm satisfied. The supervisor, Cathy, handled my order well.
ALMEDA J."     4 star review4/11/2019
Thank you for the excellent service of updating my billing address. Love your great selection of products in herroom!!!!
Alan P."     5 star review4/11/2019
Tiffany was great to work with. She had so much patience and someone like me whose enough to drive you crazy. She was so nice and kept me calm.
Carol M."     5 star review4/11/2019
Your agent was knowledgeable and efficient. She emailed me the needed form immediately. Also, I didn’t have to wait very long on hold.
Penny B."     5 star review4/11/2019
The agent was able to change my address without a problem very happy and great that my bras are in my size and available
Shawnna M."     5 star review4/10/2019
Because I where plus sizes, I always buy in advance. It's nice to know that if something is amiss, I'll still be able to exchange the item. Thank you.
KHABIRA B."     5 star review4/9/2019
Very happy with this person. Got prompt results and received my items today (4/9/19). Thank you so much!
Lena B."     5 star review4/9/2019
The mistake in address was my fault; however, the lady I talked to took care of my order in a polite manner! Thank you
Frances B."     5 star review4/8/2019
I have a very hard time fitting. That is even going to specialty shops can't seem to fit me. I am told I am hard to fit. I appreciate any one that is willing to help me. HerRoom was very kind over the phone and willing to help me, she even talked to her supervisor so I felt.she went the extra mile to help me.Thus made me happy.
Judy C."     5 star review4/8/2019
I had an old invoice from a 2016 purchase and we were dpne in no time. The customer service representative was familiar with the item I was interested in purchasing. My order was complete in less than 10 minutes with a confirming email in my inbox upon completion of the call. VERY SATISFIED!!!!
Judith H."     5 star review4/8/2019
she was very nice and helpful. felt like talking to a friend. thanks
Michael V."     5 star review4/8/2019
The associate needed to confirm my billing and shipping address because they are different in order to complete my purchase. She took care of everything quickly and to my satisfaction.
Jessica W."     4 star review4/6/2019
Very Helpful. She walked me through my return process. Very Helpful. She walked me through my return process.
Katherine P."     4 star review4/5/2019
MARGARET W."     5 star review4/5/2019
I'm very pleased with Karla's performance. I'm receiving credit for the bra you no longer had in stock. I'm disappointed to lose the sale price when your bra I ordered comes back in stock.
SUSANNE A."     4 star review4/5/2019
Great customer service. Representative was helpful, and was able to get me a refund! Thanks, I will be ordering more stuff from this site.
Stephany M."     5 star review4/5/2019
Fantastic! My problem was totally taken care of! Very professional! Thanks Lornea!
Sandra S."     5 star review4/4/2019
This is my first time ordering from HR Herroom and I was happy to find the items I ordered which I could not find in a local store. The sales rep was very helpful and I'm sure I will ordering from your company again.
Sue H."     5 star review4/4/2019
The person with whom I spoke was very knowledgeable and kind, and she helped me correct the concerns I had about ordering two additional bras. She made the transaction quite easy.
Clare L."     5 star review4/4/2019
It was not the best phone connection. She cut out now & then. Otherwise I am satisfied.
Janice H."     4 star review4/4/2019
The rep was very friendly and professional. The advice she offered was "spot on." She understood my fitting concerns exactly. Always a pleasure to do business with Her Room.
Virginia A."     5 star review4/3/2019
I was extremely pleased by the courtesy to answer my request and your ability to ship another size quickly so that I should have it by Friday. Thank you for being so courtesy and prompt.
Linda D."     5 star review4/3/2019
Daisy is a keeper! She is responsive and patient in answering customer concerns. Thank you, Daisy!
Judith C."     5 star review4/3/2019
GR8 SERVICE .... Especially Lorena for checking my past order history, showing i have been a good customer ..... and giving me CREDIT... I only purchase bras from you .... Still wearing those I purchased in 2015. Excellent product and EXCELLENT SERVICE and WOW .... today EXCELLENT price!!!!
Suzanne G."     5 star review4/3/2019
customer service representative was very helpful and professional.
Rhonda B."     4 star review4/2/2019
I had to cancel one back ordered nightie because I'm leaving Arizona for home in Canada before the new shipment arrives. Stephanie dealt with the cancellation quickly and I am happy.
Heather L."     4 star review4/2/2019
I sent an email and it was answered very fast and the reply to my email saying I got my order was unexpected, I really appreciate the great customer service!!! I will be ordering again soon. Thanks again for such beautiful items!! Shannon
Shannon S."     5 star review4/2/2019
Tiffany went above and beyond to help resolve my problem. Thank you for your diligence miss Tiffany. Much appreciated.
Donna M."     5 star review4/1/2019
DONNA S."     4 star review4/1/2019
The lady I talked with was wonderful and gave me the information that I needed.
Barbara M."     4 star review4/1/2019
It was a pleasant experience and she was funny! :-)
Barbara T."     5 star review4/1/2019
She was awesome. The post office lost my return an told me there was nothing they could do about it. I called an explained my issue an you still refunded my money. Thanks you for understanding!!! Wonderful customer service. More company’s should be like you!! Thanks again.
Brandie B."     5 star review4/1/2019
Stephanie was fast, pleasant and immediately took care of the problem. She promised an email would be coming right up and it did. I am totally satisfied.
Amy S."     5 star review4/1/2019
Very helpful in assisting me since I can not print labels. I don't have a printer and not the best at computer type service. She was very helpful and is mailing the RMA labels to me. Thanks again
Terrence M."     4 star review4/1/2019
I first spoke to Daisy this morning after checking my order from the night before and discovering I had entered an incorrect size on one of my items. Daisy said she would try to head off the order at the warehouse before it went out and see if we could correct it. She promised to call and let me know the status which she did in a timely manner. We ended up having to cancel the order and redo it to include a substitute item which took a few more calls and most of the day. Daisy communicated with me to let me know the resolution of the problem and I am very satisfied with the outcome. I very much appreciate the way she followed up with me. It is obvious that she is well trained and committed to customer service. Thank you, Daisy!
Judith C."     5 star review4/1/2019
Virginia t."     5 star review4/1/2019
Thanks for approving and processing the credit! Please send a confirmation email showing the refund. Looking forward to wearing my new bras :-)
Amy L."     5 star review3/30/2019
the customer service rep was very cordial and very helpful. she was patient and did a thorough job of answering my questions. she took care of my concerns in a very pleasant manner. it is a pleasure to have someone like here answer my call for assistance with my account.
Carolyn C."     5 star review3/30/2019
It is hard ordering things online, but the representative who help me was a pure joy to work with. She was very patient, kind and helpful.I rate her a 10+!
Jennifer J."     4 star review3/30/2019
The woman I spoke to was very helpful. She explained the return policy to me. I will be sending 2 bras back and purchasing the correct ones. She was extremely helpful. I purchase many items from you, on a regular basis.
Elizabeth C."     5 star review3/29/2019
Very helpful! She help to determine the size of the bottoms to my suit. She also explained how I would be refunded the 10 percent first time buyer discount that I didn't receive when I tried to checkout on line.
Katherine P."     4 star review3/29/2019
An item I just purchased 2 days ago went on sale and the representative gave me the discount with no hassle. My wife has been having me purchase her bras from you for years, so having our loyalty rewarded was refreshing.
Mike H."     5 star review3/29/2019
Kitzia listened well, worked to find out more from others at the company, & solved my issue of needing a code for an in-store credit. She was very lovely to deal with!
Jane D."     5 star review3/28/2019
Pleasant and professional service person, thank you!
Monica R."     4 star review3/28/2019
Good customer service. Thank you for honoring the 20% off friends and family that I missed out on yesterday due to the email being in my junk box. Herroom is now moving to my inbox!!! Love your website!
Stephanie B."     4 star review3/28/2019
Both your reps were very polite and very helpful. So nice to talk with pleasant salespersons. :)
Suzane J."     4 star review3/27/2019
arianna h."     5 star review3/27/2019
Consuelo is professional, polite and efficient. She was able to help me quickly and was a delight to work with. She's an asset to your company.
Roberta S."     5 star review3/26/2019
Accomplished what I needed to and your representative was just great! Very friendly which is a big plus!!!!
Kristine S."     5 star review3/26/2019
I didn't notice that the order was being sent to my old address until I received the confirmation via email. She corrected teh error and made sure it was right in my account.
Diana K."     4 star review3/26/2019
She was and came across as kind and knowledgable. She resolved our issue in a short time. Thank her for me, Please.
Deborah P."     5 star review3/26/2019
the salesperson was very helpful and patient with my questions. It was a pleasure speaking with her. She was very enthusiastic about the product I ordered.
MYRNA S."     5 star review3/26/2019
She was courteous, efficient and took care of my issue. I appreciate the good service. Give her a raise!
Deborah S."     5 star review3/26/2019
The problem was taken care of in a friendly professional manner. Thank you
William E."     4 star review3/26/2019
The representative was very professional , informative and answered all my questions
Michelle F."     4 star review3/26/2019
Everybody who answers the phone or is extremely polite and helpful. Keep up the good work
Kathleen B."     5 star review3/25/2019
I received my order in a reasonable amount of time. The items didn't fit, but the return process was extremely easy. You offer a wide range of products which is great.
Lucinda F."     4 star review3/25/2019
Professional, courteous, and action taken on my behalf. Thank you.
Pamela F."     5 star review3/23/2019
Was able to use chat to cancel an order--it was easy with no issues.
kathleen s."     4 star review3/23/2019
Questions were answered and email was received as promised. Thanks!
Patricia M."     4 star review3/23/2019
Great customer service. Thank you for all you do!!
Alexandra H."     5 star review3/23/2019
I just want to say THANK YOU. I was late on a return. You were well within your rights to deny it, but you didn't. Thank you so much! I appreciate your service, so much. Also! Thank you for have a real person answer the phone!
Anna F."     4 star review3/22/2019
Always excellent service! I had left my gift certificate for $20 at home and Samantha was able to give me a code to use today so I could place the order. I am so happy you carry Prima Donna bras. They are the only ones that fit me. Keep up the great work you are doing.
Kathy S."     5 star review3/22/2019
She was just wonderful and helped solve my problem immediately!! Thanks for having such a great customer service rep!!
Alison K."     5 star review3/21/2019
I am so happy I discover Her Room 🌸 I didn’t know that your business existed but new stars 🌠discovered every day 🍀 I look forward to receiving my pretty pink nightgown 🌷and perhaps more orders in future 🎍 Thank you again 💐
S E F."     5 star review3/21/2019
representative was very friendly and helpful....very satisfied! I will shop with you again!
Peggy C."     5 star review3/21/2019
I had an unopened order that I had made a size error when I placed the order. I just needed an exchange label to get the correct size, my HERROOM phone assistant was professional, speedy and helpful as well as understanding when she issued the correct label. My return/ exchange will be in the mail tomorrow. I have been a customer for MANY years. Thank you for providing your service and your products.
Judy W."     5 star review3/21/2019
Stephanie helped me with all the changes my order needed. I am very satisfied with my customer service experience.
Deborah S."     5 star review3/21/2019
Great service and products. Friendly people to work with. Will be getting many items here at Her Room
Henrietta W."     5 star review3/20/2019
Very kind, minimal time on hold, and very professional and friendly. A great representation of your organization.
Matt W."     5 star review3/20/2019
Karla was very quick and thoughtful helping me resolve the situation.
Judy C."     4 star review3/20/2019
Your representative (Flora) was very efficient, went the "extra mile" to make sure I was satisfied and was very pleasant while helping me make the return.
Joyce N."     5 star review3/20/2019
Needed to cancel back order; reordered two bras, different style. Will return bra which previously shipped after it arrives. Thanks for having trained operators who are knowledgeable and easily understood. (I have a hearing difficulty.)
Darlene G."     4 star review3/20/2019
Flor was super courteous and efficient in helping me correct my return error. Give that woman a raise!
Anna S."     5 star review3/19/2019
Tiffany was lovely. She was efficient, knowlegable and a joy to deal with. Thank you.
Tristram F."     5 star review3/19/2019
Very pleasant to speak to. Very polite, helpful, fast with no waiting! Excellent service! Thank you.
Susan A."     5 star review3/19/2019
Stephanie was EXTREMELY patient and nice to me. I appreciate such caring attention.
Marsha B."     5 star review3/19/2019
Tiffany was great - it was my third time trying to place the order and she persisted & hopefully we go there in the end. Great listener and on top of the situation - I highly recommend her.
Piera T."     4 star review3/19/2019
Thank you for the ease of ordering and your great customer service when I had a question. I hope these fit, and you’ll be seeing me again soon.
Jean W."     5 star review3/18/2019
I appreciate your extra security measure of verifying the billing and shipping addresses...good idea : )
Sharon R."     5 star review3/18/2019
Daisy was very nice and efficient...glad I called to follow up on my order.
Sandy M."     4 star review3/18/2019
Was trying to track my package and found out it’s getting close, it’s in Orlando and I’m in Vero Beach so I may have it by Thursday. Very polite customer service person, Daisy.
Denise S."     5 star review3/18/2019
Jocelyn was very patient and helpful. My wife and I appreciated her professionalism.
LEONARD B."     5 star review3/18/2019
Daisy was very nice and helpful. Daisy listened to what I had to say and went from there.
Almalina G."     4 star review3/18/2019
She was very good in trying to find out what happened and can she make sure I will still be one of your customer in the near future
Floria W."     4 star review3/18/2019
Your associate was cheerful, quick to help and my return is on its way.
Judy C."     4 star review3/16/2019
Kitiza was very pleasant and helpful if I get my credit for returned items I will be very happy so I can order the size I need. I feel Kitiza went above and beyond to help me.
Patti F."     5 star review3/15/2019
I had a problem with online ordering and Karla was efficient and helpful.
Karen K."     5 star review3/15/2019
I spoke with Lorine today. She was pleasant as well as helpful. Lorine was kind, as well as helpful. I would shop with you more often if your CSRs were more like her.
Sondra .V"     5 star review3/15/2019
She was fun to talk with because she is friendly and capable.
Aja K."     4 star review3/14/2019
She was amazing, went above and beyond to help. Thanks for the great service.
Ryan C."     5 star review3/14/2019
First of all she was so accurate about pulling up my information, and after she listened to me she informed me about the time that I will receive my order.
Soussan V."     5 star review3/14/2019
The person I spoke with was very polite, positive, and helpful. She resolved my problem very quickly. Thank you!
Barbara S."     4 star review3/14/2019
I just spoke with Sammy the price that I had been ordering was discontinued and she was very helpful to help me find one that’s very similar. She was professional and pleasant to speak with a real
Cynthia sue z."     5 star review3/14/2019
I called to make a change to my billing address to get my order processed and Daisy was very helpful, quick, and polite. She updated my billing address and sent to billing to get my order going. She was very professional and efficient.
Lori P."     5 star review3/14/2019
Stephanie did very well in accepting my request for credit on the postage. She had accurate access to my account and could understand what I was requesting. I appreciated her cheerful nature and her appreciation for me as a customer thank you
Susan V."     5 star review3/14/2019
Very good service ! My Wife loves your products ! Keep up the good work !
James S."     5 star review3/14/2019
The package I ordered was lost in shipment. Your customer service representative found it and said it should be delivered today for my wife’s birthday. Good job! Thank you!
Robert F."     5 star review3/14/2019
She has great customer service skills took care of my problem so I can initiate my exchange. I was very pleased with her help.
Lee B."     5 star review3/14/2019
Thank you for contacting me.....the customer service agent, Flor , was extremely helpful and reassuring. Today I have made A LOT of phone calls to try and find out where this package is and you agent was the ONLY one who who helped. THANK YOU!
Sharon D."     5 star review3/11/2019
The rep was very nice and explained the process and how to exchange my item
Shauna S."     4 star review3/11/2019
Karla was most helpful in the fact she was able to waive a shipping fee. I had just placed my very first order with your company and I then realized I could have ordered a bra! She was able to contact the shipping agent and have all items shipped together to avoid a charge!!
Sonya D."     5 star review3/8/2019
Your representative was extremely helpful. I also found the person extremely knowledgeable and a great people person. She listens. I personally thank her for her great service and the company as a whole for the fine training.
phyllis j."     5 star review3/8/2019
She fixed my issue very quickly and pleasantly. And she explained what I had done wrong when I asked so I know how to avoid the problem in the future. Perfect!
Scarlett M."     5 star review3/7/2019
Daisy was able to stop processing and shipping so I could cancel my order for a bra style that was discontinued by the manufacturer. I appreciated her efforts.
CAROL L."     4 star review3/7/2019
Super helpful; extremely satisfied (as always) with my herroom shopping experience!
Shirin S R."     5 star review3/7/2019
I had only one question but she was able to answer promptly without hesitation.
Mary K."     4 star review3/6/2019
Stephanie was professional, pleasant, efficient and understanding. Thank you very much!
Mallory S."     5 star review3/6/2019
I was over the 30 day return policy but she checked and told me I can still return the item for store credit. Thank you so much! She was very professional and courteous. I will use the credit as I shop often with you.
Carol S."     5 star review3/6/2019
Thank you so much to Stephanie for helping to make things right with my order.
MONICA H."     4 star review3/6/2019
Great customer service and the rep on the phone was very polite and helpful.
Yvonne S."     5 star review3/5/2019
Lovely lady who answered and because of her I will probably reorder. She answered questions and because of her help I order 2 rather than one.
MARY W."     4 star review3/5/2019
It was confusing how to return items from 2 orders in one return. Yosselyn was helpful.
Lisa W."     4 star review3/4/2019
Your customer service is the best. My issues are always promptly resolved. Thank you for great service.
Leahy L."     5 star review3/4/2019
I was given instructions & a label to return & reorder an item, with the rep helping by checking to see if my color choice was available
kathleen k."     4 star review3/4/2019
The customer service rep went out of her way to answer my unusual question, and did a fantastic job.
Laura B."     5 star review3/4/2019
She went the extra mile to check on my request. 5 star!
Nancy F."     5 star review3/2/2019
I called and spoke to a customer service rep and she was GREAT!
Debra R."     5 star review3/2/2019
I had to wait alittle bit but other than that the lady was nice and she helped get everything straight so no problems!!
Katlynn O."     4 star review3/2/2019
Karla was amazing! She made me feel like I was her personal customer, and made me feel like the most valued person she’d talked to that day.
Desiree M."     5 star review2/28/2019
I want you to know that the lady I spoke to yesterday to cancel my order Yosselyn was awesome. She gave me no problem with canceling my order.
Bernice M."     5 star review2/28/2019
Bummed my backorder item ship date was pushed out past my vacation dates, but not your fault. Agent was super helpful to cancel. Will be order again someday.
Sarah T."     4 star review2/28/2019
This is the third time I have ordered from you and it has been a pleasure each time.
Norma L H."     5 star review2/28/2019
My call was received immediately, a lovely customer service representative handled an order I tried to make on line. She expedited this and my order is placed. Thanks
Barbara B."     4 star review2/28/2019
At first, I thought it was odd that I was getting a call to confirm that the delivery address was different than the billing address. With a few minutes of reflection, however, I really appreciate that level of care and attention. Thank you!
Melissa H."     5 star review2/28/2019
I have not received my order place 2/20. It was delivered to my local post office on 2/23 per the tracking information. I suspect a problem with the post office. Customer service filed a report today. Said they would follow up with me and, if necessary, re-ship the order. Great first steps. Thank you
Leahy L."     4 star review2/28/2019
My order #7593029, dated 1/18/2019 was late bacause manufacturer missed promised shipping date. i still want the Taupe bra that I ordered. customer service said delivery should be by March 12.....wish it could be sooner...THANKS
Ruth L."     3 star review2/28/2019
Returning items was very easy and fast. A pleasure doing business with you. This was my first time and there will be many more
Margaret P."     5 star review2/27/2019
My mother is recently deceased. I ordered the night gown for her to wear in her casket. We requested two day shipping. For some reason I was called by Carla the next morning to clarify some information in my on-line order. For this reason the shipping was going to be delayed. I explained to Carla the need to expedite the shipping and she told me she would speak to her supervisor. Her supervisor gave Carla the OK to ship overnight. Carla called me several times and continuous checked the tracking of the shipment to assure me that it would arrive the next day. In fact she told me it should arrive today at 10:30 and the Fed-x showed up right on time if not a little earlier. I am so grateful to Carla. She is one in a million. And thank you to the supervisor also.
Elaine A."     5 star review2/27/2019
polite, patient, and overall helpful. Thank you.
Wendy C."     4 star review2/27/2019
We jointly decided that I would once again check with recipient to see if package was delivered and if not I will call back to have a trace put on the delivery...
Jane Z."     4 star review2/27/2019
The person who helped me (jocelyn?) was courteous, polite, and understanding. She took care of my problem immediately and I really appreciated her help. Happy to continue ordering from HerRoom! Thank you.
Jean A."     5 star review2/26/2019
Sammy was very courteous and honest in the fact that she was unable to help me. As it turned out the problem was with my own computer. I was finally able to solve the technical problem with my computer and was able to order the items I was interested in. I love HerRoom's products and have been ordering from them for many years. Thank you.
Lynne J."     5 star review2/26/2019
Sales rep took the extra time to help me change the color of a back ordered item. Very pleased!
Tanda A."     5 star review2/26/2019
Professional, empathetic to the challenges of fitting different body types, made great suggestions about sport bras for me as well.
Mary S."     5 star review2/25/2019
Great response to my questions. I appreciated the assistance with a return and a suggested alternative option for these wonderful comfortable bras.
Sharon B."     5 star review2/25/2019
Karla was very helpful and efficient in helping to correct a mistake on the shipping address. She possesses excellent customer relations skills.
Joan W."     4 star review2/25/2019
You folks called and left a message foe me to get in touch with you. The agent was fast and friendly. She had all the information she needed and took care of the issue wonderfully.
Tim S."     5 star review2/25/2019
Karla was wonderful! She actually took the time and effort to research my issue and provided an immediate solution which is so appreciated as I had been bounced back and forth between The Post Office and Her Room with my previous attempts to resolve this. Thank you again for your efforts and doing a great job.
Joelle B."     5 star review2/25/2019
The customer service person was outstanding. Very professional and took her time explaining the process to me.
Mickey H."     4 star review2/25/2019
Suzette did a great job of discussing sizing with me and listening to what I was saying about current bras and sizes to be able to discuss sizing on prospective purchases. Listening well is one of the top gifts of a really great customer service rep. Suzette is a really great customer service rep. If I could put her in for a raise or bonus, I would. Thanks for having her on your staff!!
Capt. Laurel C."     5 star review2/25/2019
Found the problem, corrected it quickly and sent my new order out immediately. Will recommend to others and buy again.
Bobby M."     5 star review2/22/2019
The customer service representative was extremely helpful, clear, courteous, I look forward to receiving my order.Thank you!.
Joan K."     5 star review2/22/2019
Customer Service Rep was very helpful, but disappointed my size was out of stock at this time. Will order later.
Shirley O."     4 star review2/22/2019
Couple items had been on backorder for some time. They were in, but so much time had gone by that I would need to reauthorize the payment. Agh. But it was easy, pleasant experience. Herroom ought to be a model for every business.
Philip A."     5 star review2/22/2019
Sammy was great. She helped me with all my questions and she was very personable.
Lynn J."     5 star review2/22/2019
I asked the young sales lady how I go about returning for a exchange of the same bra only a different size. I was having trouble as to how to prepare the return label. She went about walking me thru the entire Procedure and was so polite and patient with me. I did thank her so much and also told her to have a lovely day. Very kind and easy to do business with.
Gloria B."     5 star review2/22/2019
The person I talked to did the best she could do under the circumstances. I was disappointed with the answer but not surprised. The agent did the best she could.
Gail R."     3 star review2/21/2019
Since I am both hearing and vision impaired, when I spoke with Daisy, she was absolutely wonderful. Thank you to Daisy.
Jeanette E."     5 star review2/21/2019
Its always a pleasure speaking with the customer service representatives. And the products and prices are great!
Charles P."     5 star review2/21/2019
Stephanie was able to cancel existing back order and order a different bra. She was efficient, helpful and friendly! I appreciate great customer service!!!
Linda M."     4 star review2/21/2019
Sammy was great! She corrected the mistake that Her Room had made
Lynne H."     4 star review2/21/2019
I thought the shipping took a little too long (2 weeks) but I am very satisfied with the products I ordered and the callback on my receiving the order. Thank you
Barbara S."     4 star review2/21/2019
I did not wait long on the phone. I was taken care of quickly and perfectly. Thank you!!
Lucile W."     5 star review2/20/2019
I was helped by Sammy, she is a friendly customer service rep. It was a delight to work with someone that had a smile in her voice and not letting me think she is JUST there doing a job. She made me feel good and I will do business with her room/his room again. Thank you,
Kathleen M."     5 star review2/19/2019
Great customer service. A bit of a wait until an agent appeared, but from then on good experience.
Marlene J."     4 star review2/19/2019
I explained my concern to Daisy. She checked on what I was saying. Voila! It was taken care of. Very efficient, knowledgeable, easy to communicate with. Thank you!!
Kathleen H."     5 star review2/19/2019
Great service on a return. Wish I didn't have to return it, but the recipient decided it wasn't for her. Stephanie made it easy. Thanks.
Stanely W."     4 star review2/18/2019
Thanks for the help on my return and for answering my fit questions. I will be back to purchase again in the future.
Linda A."     5 star review2/18/2019
Sammy was able to quickly look up my account, even though I didn't have my account number or confirmation number handy. She was able to let me know when it was shipped and when to expect delivery, which hopefully will be tomorrow. Thank You Sammy!
Jean H."     5 star review2/18/2019
It took the bra fitter took a long time to find the right bras for my odd size, but she was very patient and I found and bought some. Herroom is always a pleasure to deal with.
Willa H."     5 star review2/15/2019
Everything was super easy and polite. I especially appreciate how promptly everything was dealt with.
Kelli H."     5 star review2/14/2019
Customer service was amazing. They called when I had put in the wrong address and stated they would correct it. When it didn't get corrected it, and shipped to the wrong address, they worked with me and sent me a replacement order. They were very helpful even though the original mistake was mine. I can not express how grateful I am that they worked with me.
Lacey H."     5 star review2/14/2019
Thank you for taking care of this problem. In the future, you might specify you need a street address because you use UPS.
Owen S."     4 star review2/14/2019
Flor Canalas was very polite, helpful & knowledgeable which made my exchange process very simple & pleasant Thank you
Judy M."     5 star review2/14/2019
I found you by googling "why does my bra strap slip" and there you were. Such a great wealth of information on your site... Looking forward to trying my purchases and hoping they fit, if not, 5.95 to ship back is not so bad!!
Shari L."     0 star review2/13/2019
Daisy was very nice and understanding. I ordered the wrong panties. I realized that I accidentally ordered microfiber and I only like 100% cotton. She canceled my previous order and my new order will go out today. Thank you.
Linda B."     5 star review2/12/2019
Samantha was PERFECT, exceptional, friendly, helpful and efficient. Gold star. Give her a raise!
Maisie W."     5 star review2/12/2019
Samantha gets an A* for making this return easy as pie. Thank you for having such an employee as her.
Victoria H."     5 star review2/11/2019
She came to the phone right away I didn't have to wait. She gave me very good service. She helped with all my problems. Thank you
Debbie P."     4 star review2/11/2019
I was confused that my return had been processed but I had not received my refund. When I called, the service representative apologized for the delay, did what was necessary to have the refund completed immediately and took off the charges for shipping. I am very pleased.
Lesley P."     4 star review2/11/2019
Just had to tell you that after years and years looking for a comfortable fitting bra, I finally found one that fits and feels ”ohhhh so good,” and just wanted to say THANK YOU! A very happy customer for Bali Bras.
Roniele S."     0 star review2/11/2019
Ann T."     5 star review2/8/2019
The young ladies were very pleasant and easy to talk to. My issue was settled satisfactorily. I really like HerRoom and will definitely be buying more stuff!!
Charlie C."     4 star review2/7/2019
Received my order today. Thank you very much. GREAT FIT, Love the product.. Will be reordering ASAP.
Rod E."     5 star review2/7/2019
She turned a lemon into lemonade. I’m going to get a bra in a difference size - but thanks to your sister bra sizing article - will fit me better. And she is expediting my order. 😍
Celeste Z."     5 star review2/7/2019
Ms. Consuelo is a very pleasant young lady who made a 64 yr. young lady feel comfortable talking about such personal items. A few days ago when I called and got Consuelo, right away she made me feel more like a mom, family rather than a customer. She was so pleasant and knowledgeable about the products and items. I have an unusual size. 34DD. Ms. Consuelo was able to find more items that liked in beautiful colors which I purchased.
Louise K."     5 star review2/5/2019
The lady that I spoke with was very nice and helpful. As I told her I know that you all probably don't know anything about this but my credit card was hacked after I placed my order with your company. I know that your company tries to do everything that you can to protect your customers personal information. Thank you for your help in my return order.
Linda N."     4 star review2/4/2019
Your representative went to great lengths to find a satisfactory conclusion. She was polite and professional.
Linda C."     5 star review2/4/2019
This was my first time on your site. I am very pleasantly pleased. Great selection and prices. I will definitely be returning to this site, I will also share with my friends, especially us "big and beautiful" gals. I am excited about the bras I ordered, the back support helps so much. Thank you again, I will visit again soon.
Sandra J."     0 star review2/3/2019
I like using chat to get instant help & getting my questions answered.
Sandra J."     5 star review2/2/2019
I needed to replace a broken clasp on a bra and I was told it would be mailed to me. Hopefully it will be. Very friendly voice on the phone at HerRoom
Jackie R."     5 star review2/2/2019
I like using chat to get instant help & getting my questions answered.
Sandra J."     5 star review2/2/2019
I just needed to make a correction to my mailing address, Daisy helped me with it. She was very nice and helpful to me. Tks so much!
Patricia C."     5 star review2/2/2019
The Customer representative I spoke to understood the issue with my gift certificate and canceled order. She was able to rectify the situation quickly. I appreciate her dedication to customer loyalty.
Leigh L."     5 star review2/1/2019
I needed to replace a broken clasp on a bra and I was told it would be mailed to me. Hopefully it will be. Very friendly voice on the phone at Her Room, I think it was Theresa.
Jackie R."     5 star review2/1/2019
I was looking for a size 42 bra and she checked several styles for me-she really tried hard to find something that I would like. She was very friendly and I did not feel rushed.
Camille P."     5 star review1/31/2019
I was confused. Thankfully your sales rep was not. She was so patient in helping me figure everything out. Thanks for the understanding and patience.
Karen S."     4 star review1/31/2019
I placed an order on line and I clicked on the wrong item - I clicked on cotton and I wanted nylon. When I received my confirmation and realized my mistake, I immediately called customer service. The representative was very courteous and helpful. She was able to change my order and sent me a confirmation that it was changed. Thank you. I will do business here again - I am a first time customer.
Molly S."     5 star review1/30/2019
Sammy was very helpful with the exchange process. Since is my first time ever ordering, purchasing, and exchanging from your business and site, and with the great customer service and experience, I am one very happy customer, thank you. I'm going to continue shopping with your business because of the fabulous experience I experienced. Thank you again.
Danielle L."     5 star review1/30/2019
The representative was very helpful and I had a great experience. I will recommend your company to others and I will definitely be using them again.
Michele S."     5 star review1/30/2019
Samantha demonstrated extreme courtesy and listened carefully to my problem regarding shipments and my past conversations with customer service. She has promised that my my problem would be addressed in a timely and fair way and apologized for the initial error. She has preserved my good feelings about dealing with Her Room. I expect to be keeping your company as my go to store for ladies underwear.
Alice R."     5 star review1/29/2019
I was very pleased that y’all called me. I did not realize when I was placing my order it had defaulted to my address from 5 years ago. Your team called to verify my billing and mailing address were suppose to be different, which they weren’t. I am very pleased and grateful y’all caught this and called me to confirm!
Vanessa P."     5 star review1/28/2019
I have ordered several times from Her/His room I am very satisfied with my merchandise and the help from customer service.
Leeann A."     5 star review1/28/2019
I became your customer not that long ago but I really like the service and will definitely recommend “herroom” to my friends. You, guys have all women’s needs. 👍 Thank you!!
Inna S."     5 star review1/28/2019
Yosselyn was very pleasant and helpful. It's so nice to call customer service and talk to someone who has a positive attitude.
David L."     5 star review1/28/2019
She was very professional and Pleasant my question was answered quickly and my email was sent by the time we hung up. Couldn't have asked for a better customer service representative. My overall experience was awesome. She gets a 10 plus.
Wanda C."     5 star review1/28/2019
I must say, I really like your store.My wife seldom buys lingerie, but encourages me to do so. I stumbled across Herroom maybe a month ago. I've been on live chat with two of your folks, and finally made a purchase. Your customer service folks make all the difference...Crystal was awesome. She very patiently answered all of my questions and helped me find the right products...Based on my conversation with Crystal, I purchased several items... Keep up the good work, and I'll keep coming back.
Kevin G."     0 star review1/28/2019
She was very comfortable to talk to. She found what I was looking for and gave me the number to call. I explained to her that I am old and not good on computers that is why she got me the number. You should be honored to have her work for you. Thank you
Carol O."     5 star review1/25/2019
I very much appreciate the help the support staff provided and I appreciate being trusted. I'll stay a happy customer.
Ellen S."     5 star review1/25/2019
Tomima, thank you for such a wonderful company, being a transgender it's not always easy shopping for my bras and panties. Your staff is always very helpful and supportive. THANK YOU SO MUCH
Alyssa M."     0 star review1/24/2019
Great customer service! Every time I've phoned to either place/change orders or to make an inquire, every person I've spoken to was very polite/pleasant, accommodating and professional. Would recommend HerRoom!!
Karen U."     5 star review1/24/2019
Proof is in the pudding. Kasandra was clear spoken. Understood what was wanted by customer. If the stuff gets here as we rearranged, great! Thanks. We'll probably do business again.
Mary D."     4 star review1/24/2019
Thanks Yosselyn for providing great service today. You addressed my needs promptly, professionally and courteously.TEN out of TEN from me!
Colleen F."     5 star review1/23/2019
The gal in the chat room was pleasant but I do not understand in general how come it is taking so long for my merchandise to arrive.
Lisa L."     3 star review1/23/2019
I was very happy that I was able to receive a credit for my return love this site!
Bonnie C."     5 star review1/23/2019
I wish I would have been able to do an even exchange as I only needed a different size. Otherwise, I am very happy with my experience so far. Customer service was very helpful.
Clarissa F."     4 star review1/22/2019
Outstanding service. When I explained that I do not see well and checked the wrong color, she did not make me feel bad, just corrected it for me. Outstanding, thank you
Laurie W."     5 star review1/21/2019
The representative was very helpful especially as I did not have an item number just for the bras I was looking for. She tracked them down and I bought them. Thank you.
Frances M."     5 star review1/21/2019
Daisy was very courteous, kind and professional. Ordering was a very pleasant experience. I was glad to be able to speak with someone to place an order. Great customer service!
Janeth S."     5 star review1/21/2019
Your customer service is excellent. I was very pleased with my recent purchase of a sleep shirt. The quality is excellent! It feels like I'm sleeping in a cloud. Also the $20 gift card was great!
Sandra R."     5 star review1/19/2019
Perfect fit. I tried to order more colors, but due to the sale, I wasn’t able to. Customer service says after January 25. I’m waiting and then I’ll return to buy more.
Chris A."     4 star review1/19/2019
Thank you for the lingerie bags on my returns. Your company and representatives are terrific!
Jandel P."     5 star review1/18/2019
Yosselyn was so helpful, my order was lost in shipping. Yosselyn got in touch with the shipper & email me to let me know the package was lost & that she could either send me another order or refund my money. I asked her to please send me the order, within 12 hours I received another email telling me my order was found & was out for delivery. She asked if I did not receive it to just let her know. My order was at my front door when I came home from work today. wonderful Customer Service!
Denise F."     4 star review1/18/2019
Daisy was a pleasure to work with. She was quick to solve my problem. I want to thank her for her help. She provides great customer service. Thank you Daisy!
Janet R."     5 star review1/17/2019
Website was easy to navigate and use. I made a mistake online and called customer assistance; the problem resolved promptly. I am very satisfied with the overall service.
Merril S."     5 star review1/17/2019
Thank you Kassandra was professional and helped me without delay.
Lisa A."     5 star review1/16/2019
The representative was able to assist me in a timely manner and was able to explain why my refund had not yet been processed.
Charlie M."     4 star review1/16/2019
First time placing an order for intimate underwear through amazon but I ordered the wrong size. I called HerRoom customer service and Cassandra was professional and extremely helpful with processing my exchange.
Minerva M."     5 star review1/16/2019
The customer service representative was friendly and very helpful. 👍🏽😊
Alison S."     5 star review1/16/2019
I was very disappointed that it was not the right size as far as the treatment from your Company I have no complaints Thank you for taking care of me
Carol R."     4 star review1/16/2019
I am a man who was purchasing panties for himself and Brittany knew this but she was very polite and helpful anyway. She was patient and helped me select the correct size for me. All in all it was a very pleasant buying experience.
Mike B."     5 star review1/15/2019
She quickly answered my question regarding a refund and set the payment in motion. Thanks.
Erin B."     4 star review1/15/2019
You customer service person was great. My experience was excellent. Thank you so much.
Peggy O."     5 star review1/14/2019
It was a pleasure to call in & place order with Brittany today, just very disappointed that the item was back ordered and will have to wait several weeks before receiving them. However, customer service was great.
Richard H."     5 star review1/14/2019
Your company is very easy to order and easy to return. Your customer service people are very good, easy to talk to, and very helpful. Thank you.
Frances W."     5 star review1/14/2019
Customer service was able to solve a problem with online return website failure.
Heather P."     4 star review1/14/2019
Your phone rep. Flor was helpful answering my question regarding a combo order that was generated due to a previous order that was being returned for a different size and style, thereby a "new" purchase, including another bras that is to be exchanged for same bra, different cup.
Candace A."     3 star review1/12/2019
Love your sale prices. I went to Macy’s to find a new Bali bra since my favorite #3343 is no longer available. Now that I found my new favorite I ordered 2 from your site.
Fran O."     5 star review1/11/2019
I purchased items as a Christmas present and the customer service representative extended the return period. Great service! Thank you!
Camille J."     5 star review1/10/2019
The rep was friendly, helpful and easy to understand. It was a pleasure working with her.
Sharon R."     4 star review1/10/2019
We prefer person-to-person interaction and are thankful you offer that option. I was informed that when my account is credited, I can place an order for the correct item. So, am looking forward to doing that. Your customer service is excellent!
Ted L."     5 star review1/10/2019
I always enjoy ordering with your staff. I've never detected any judgement/stigma on my TG. Very understanding, professional people. Thank You all.
John"     5 star review1/9/2019
Good experience and very helpful. Goddess bras are the best that I have found.
Leah C."     5 star review1/9/2019
I was lost in bras until I called and spoke to a most agreeable and patient woman who never lost patience in our search to fill my needs. I actually ordered a more expensive bra that will fit my needs better.
Meredy W."     5 star review1/9/2019
I love the way my new items fit. I did have to return one thing and the person with whom I spoke about the return was very helpful.
Lynn J."     5 star review1/9/2019
Very helpful with my exchange. Fast and covered every detail. Thank you for being so polite and providing me with the information needed to make my exchange. Have a blessed day! Carolyn
Carolyn R."     5 star review1/8/2019
When my order was not available on the website to start a return, I called customer service & received great assistance.
Debby S."     4 star review1/8/2019
Still working on the issue but the representative was very courteous and helpful.
Kevin L."     4 star review1/8/2019
She was very polite. I was looking for a bra that I have always worn and like the best, but they had made some changes and it was going to be discontinued which I was very upset to hear asa front closure bra is very difficult to find with some light padding. I like that as I feel it is more modest. She even tried to find some other ones that you carry, but there weren’t any. I ordered 3 and I am hoping they will be ok. I liked her, she was great!
Janie B."     5 star review1/8/2019
Hold time was nonexistent and agent was quick to resolve a billing issue. Thanks for a quick and easy experience.
Emma W."     5 star review1/7/2019
I am very pleased that the customer service representative was able to update my order and offered to get it to me quickly so that I could have it for post surgery wearing. Thank you!
Corinne D."     5 star review1/6/2019
Your representative was very knowledgeable and took care of my returns and purchases in the most effective ways.
Richard L."     4 star review1/6/2019
I was pleasantly surprised about how quick everything was handled. Britney was very efficient.
Joelle P."     5 star review1/4/2019
She helped clarify the return instructions and explained that I needed to place a new and separate order if I planned to use the pre-paid label. Also, helped me choose a size. What more can a rep do? Thanks, she was great.
June L."     4 star review1/3/2019
In checking my emailed copy of my order, I realized I ordered the wrong color for my tank top. I called within 10 minutes of placing the order and was able to correct the color. I was very impressed with the customer service I received.
Justina S."     5 star review1/3/2019
I tried calling but I was too early. I then got the news about the chat hours and decided to give it a try. Not really a fan of chat because of the plethora of ineffective bots, I decided to try anyway. I must say I was pleased with the response time, courtesy, and effectiveness of Windy. Everything was handled to my utmost satisfaction.
Joe G."     4 star review1/2/2019
Perhaps the easiest return/exchange I have ever experienced.
James W."     5 star review1/2/2019
Customer service was fast and kind. They resolved my issue without any hassle. I am very pleased. Thank you very much. I am a woman that uses bra sizes either G or ,F. It is hard for me to find my size. And if I want to try a new style it takes me a while to find my size in a different style bra. Not all sizes fits all. I am very grateful that I have been able to find a company that let me try on a garment several times until I find what works. I appreciate your service and your flexibility. Thank you.
Joanna R."     5 star review1/2/2019
Your customer service rep, Daisy, is one of your best employees that you have. And, I do NOT give out accolades to just anyone. Daisy spent 53 minutes on the phone with me, providing impeccable support as I was looking for two specific items. Her explanation on sizing was incredible!!! She never once got frustrated, instead she continued to find other options for me. Please thank her personally for me by giving her special recognition.
Kevin B."     5 star review1/2/2019
I appreciate Windy's patience in answering all my questions and am grateful to be able to use chat to make sure I did my return properly. She was very professional and nice to me.
Pam W."     5 star review1/2/2019
Amber was very helpful in righting my mistake, I know she is an asset for your business.
Clarence M."     5 star review12/31/2018
Josselyn was able to return my inquiry as to the missing order. The package is missing within the postal service and she offered to resend the order or offer a credit. Since I only deal with HERROOM and have never had any problems before I opted for replacements to be sent. I truly feel valued as a client and how Josselyn resolved the problem makes me continue to be a client.
Lois S."     5 star review12/31/2018
I love shopping for lingerie on your site everything is very pretty... I went to your fitting room to find my size and I love all the comments on sizing for men that wear women's lingerie I have bought a lot of my lingerie from Herroom and plan on buying more from Herroom Thank you very much Tomima for having a open mind about men who like to wear womens lingerie.
Brian H."     5 star review12/29/2018
I am pleased with the service that was rendered to me. I appreciate her patience and the time she took to ask questions in order to understand everything I needed to get my order right.
Lonnie D."     5 star review12/28/2018
Yossellyn was fantastic; helpful, knowledgeable, and very personable. Solved my problem effortlessly, and even laughed at my jokes!
Alison L."     5 star review12/28/2018
My rep was very nice and professional. She gets it. I'm hard to fit and under the gun timewise. She really helped me out. I am embarrassed I forgot her name. Thank you.
Jean A."     5 star review12/28/2018
Overall I’m happy with customer service from Her Room. Return process did not work online so I called. Service was fast and efficient. Thanks.
Amy P."     4 star review12/28/2018
My first time of calling your company and the experience was very good. She gave me shipping data but I asked for amount of total. She probably thought I would get info via my email confirmation. My experience was very good. I am glad I went on line and found your company after I bought at an outlet type store. There I was able to purchase one panty, they had no more available to purchase. Thanks and I am looking forward to receive my order
Rebecca G."     4 star review12/27/2018
I have purchased items in the past and was satisfied with them. This is the first time I had to return an order and I must say the process was seamless and prompt. The return was not due to any product problems but had to do with my misunderstanding of how it was made.
Barbara C."     4 star review12/27/2018
I think she was very helpful. I’ll know more when get my exchange done. She was very nice.
Linda R."     4 star review12/26/2018
Amber was extremely helpful, patient, and cooperative!!!
Suzette W."     5 star review12/26/2018
Customer service representative was cordial and got the order right. I received order confirmation immediately after placing order by phone. Very happy with customer service.
Bertha U."     5 star review12/26/2018
I ordered wrong size for gift must return no problem on Herroom
Tom W."     5 star review12/24/2018
Amber understood what I was trying to achieve and made the adjustment to my order easy. Thank you!
John S."     5 star review12/23/2018
Very pleasant and helpful. She resolved the issue. Thank you.
Janice A."     5 star review12/22/2018
Excellent, I ordered the wrong colour, I immediately called the 800 number and she corrected my order right away, very impressed, and she was pleasant. Thank you
Rachelle K."     5 star review12/21/2018
Wonderful as always. She was very helpful in getting my order reshipped due to backlog this time of year with USPS. I should be receiving them shortly. Thank you so much Her Room for making my shopping experience pleasurable.
Kimberly S."     4 star review12/21/2018
Your customer service girls do an EXCELLENT JOB ... my shopping adventure went WONDERFULLY !!! It actually is a X-mas present for me from my wife Barb ... So there was no NEED FOR EXPEDITED SHIPPING ... Thank you all again so much, and hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS ... Thanks again,
Bob F."     5 star review12/21/2018
The order specialist was very professional and compassionate. She made sure sizes was ok. Before I completed my order. Once again thanks.
James W."     4 star review12/21/2018
Great customer service from Erin and Kassandra. Very happy! Thank you!
Colleen M."     4 star review12/21/2018
I'm so glad I asked the questions I did. The woman that helped me today was wonderful. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Thank you.
Debra F."     5 star review12/20/2018
Merchandise is of good quality and the return/exchange process is easy and simple.
Michael M."     5 star review12/20/2018
Yosselyn was very helpful. She checked with UPS for the lost package which remains missing. She offered to either reorder or refund. I'm now waiting for the reorder to be delivered. Good customer service!
Cora R."     4 star review12/20/2018
Did not get my order yet and she is contacting ups for me and the will let me know. Very professional and kind ❤ the customer service
Margaret A."     4 star review12/20/2018
Kassandra was extremely professional and extraordinarily helpful. She returned my call as promised and took great attention and interest in changing my order so that it would arrive in time for my trip over the holidays. I am extremely grateful to her, and appreciate her kindness and positive attitude! She is a great asset to your company. Thank you for hiring high quality associates like Kassandra!
Debora M."     5 star review12/20/2018
Good Customer Service. She answered all of my questions. I will buy from you on-line in the near future.
Donald R."     5 star review12/20/2018
After placing my order I immediately realized that I had ordered the wrong size on one of my items. I panicked and called customer service. Amber was my customer service rep, after explaining what I had done she calmly told me that she can fix the order and made the change within 1 minute and had my email verifying the changed order in my mailbox.
William M."     5 star review12/20/2018
The specialist who helped me was fabulous! I needed assistance with a return, cancelling 2 out of 4 back ordered items and an exchange. The specialist took the complexity is stride and we went through everything one transaction at a time. The specialist was professional, knowledgeable and very friendly which is a great combination for excellent customer service. Thanks!
Theresa O."     5 star review12/20/2018
Very polite a quick to research a late delivery issue followed up with an email within 24 hrs once resolved. Great customer service experience.
Kevin G."     5 star review12/19/2018
Thank you for going above and beyond in my circumstances, Amber. This excellent customer service is why I've been a long time customer to HerRoom.
Gina P."     5 star review12/19/2018
Thank you for splitting my order and shipping the items that were in stock Christmas would have been very sad so Thank you
Eric R."     5 star review12/19/2018
I was very satisfied with the way Flor walked me through the exchange process and for being very considerate and professional.
Michael M."     5 star review12/19/2018
Thank you so very much ,just got my new BRAS and they are wonderful! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND THANK YOU AGAIN
Esther B."     0 star review12/19/2018
polite, helpful, courteous, right on target....5 +
Greta D."     5 star review12/18/2018
Amber was polite and very helpful in answering all my questions! I truly enjoyed my experience with amber!
Josefa A."     5 star review12/18/2018
Very easy and quick people to work with. Thank you for making exchanges/returns so easy to work with!!!
Elena J."     5 star review12/18/2018
Lorena was professional, courteous and quick. She solved my problem in an efficient manner. Thank you!
Barbara A."     4 star review12/18/2018
Lorena did a great job taking care of my issue. She communicated clearly, was caring and efficient. And had a great attitude, smiling on the phone!
Peter T."     4 star review12/17/2018
The Rep was very helpful and informative, she was also very courteous and concerned for my issue.
Phyllis K."     4 star review12/17/2018
Miss Amber was warm, courteous and considerate, I enjoyed our conversation. Thanks!
Gail M."     5 star review12/15/2018
I had just placed an order and went with free shipping. I called to change to quicker delivery. Daisy helped me with the change to 2 day delivery. She made the change and now I will get the delivery before Christmas. She really did an excellent job.
Diana M."     5 star review12/14/2018
Your representative was friendly, polite, and handled my question promptly. Thanks!
Judith T."     5 star review12/13/2018
Thank you for your help and prompt response. Excellent customer service. Your customer service rep did a super job. I will be back to shop in the future.
Raymond M."     5 star review12/13/2018
I made multiple errors when I placed this order for my wife and your customer service representatives were very helpful in canceling the order.
Marion I."     5 star review12/13/2018
she was very friendly, knowledgable and helpful with information she provided to me about the item to be returned. She was very quick with a solution on how to solve the problem with no hassle.
Teresa D."     5 star review12/13/2018
Unfortunately my original order was returned to Her Room because your packaging instructed the post office “Do not forward”. So, my sister who has recently become disabled and badly needed some front closure bras did not get the order. My call today was to have the order resent.
Francis S."     3 star review12/12/2018
I needed to cancel an order that was on backdate, the rep handled it immediately and sent me a confirmation email. Thank you so much.
Terry C."     5 star review12/12/2018
I was having trouble figuring out how to exchange underpants. The representative was very helpful and patient.
Carolyn H."     5 star review12/12/2018
I don't understand the whole universal sizing. Flor was very helpful.
Jennifer B."     4 star review12/12/2018
Just needed to know about my order -was kind courteous helpful -got me correct information -eased my fears that my order came and someone had taken it . Great customer service
Shirley J."     5 star review12/11/2018
I am a first time customer. Brittneigh was very patient with me and answered my questions. She was very knowledgeable about the product and took time to help me. Blessings to her.
Betty J."     5 star review12/11/2018
She took care of my concern immediately and professionally! Then she made sure my remaining order was sent right out! Thank you!
Bonnie G."     4 star review12/11/2018
You're wonderful Customer Service people are so helpful.. Thank you for great products and fabulous help when needed..
Thomas B."     5 star review12/11/2018
Catherine was extremely helpful in cancelling my first order (wrong size) and placing a new order for the correct size. She went above and beyond to meet my needs.
Christina B."     5 star review12/11/2018
I placed an order then realized I had ordered the wrong sizes. With a quick phone call, I was able to correct the error. Great Job Herroom!!!
Sandra T."     5 star review12/11/2018
Amber friendly and eager to help. I was returning a bra because of the stretchy straps. She made some suggestions and gave me #to check out online. Thank you for your customer service. Merry Christmas.
Coni R."     4 star review12/11/2018
The representative gave me very helpful information including about how to get a free return shipping label. I did not know that was possible so I greatly appreciated the info.
Donna O."     4 star review12/11/2018
Your customer service line is exceptionally good. My call was answered promptly and the representative was able to answer my question immediately. Thanks for your good work.
Mary H."     5 star review12/10/2018
Great service when I wrote you to say I had ordered the wrong size. Problem was fixed immediately with a new confirmation sent to me. Good job!
Lois E."     5 star review12/10/2018
I spoke with Consuela. She is a patient, helpful and a terrific to deal with. I couldn't have been more pleased. Thank you.
Joanne S."     5 star review12/7/2018
I received my order of Bras today and I'm very satisfied with them. They're very commtable so I placed another order for two more.
Thomas C."     5 star review12/7/2018
Did better than great ! I received my credit, as promised! Thank you! I really appreciate honesty! Stay the way you are ! You will go far in life!
Ilene Bezerman"     5 star review12/7/2018
You were the only ones who still carried a discontinued bra that I absolutely love. Hanes referred me to you and I'm thrilled that they did.
Michelle M."     5 star review12/7/2018
I have been wearing Lilyette 0428 for years and they do not carry my size in Macy's anymore. Thank you for your service, it makes shopping for bras painless. I don't have to listen to those who want me to try another brand, that I know will not work for me.
Dee G."     0 star review12/7/2018
You were the only ones who still carried a discontinued bra that I absolutely love. Hanes referred me to you and I'm thrilled that they did.
Michelle M."     4 star review12/6/2018
Your representative Daisy did her best to fix a problem that was due to a misunderstanding regarding European/US sizing. She worked hard and pleasantly to come to a mutual solution. I'm very grateful since I like to purchase from your company. Thanks
Gail K."     4 star review12/6/2018
Catherine was very professional, listened to my concerns, and got the issue resolved. I appreciate her.
Sue S."     5 star review12/6/2018
I called your company to place an order (1) item. I was fortunate enough to have Kassandra as my lingerie Specialist!! She was phenomenal!! Her tone of voice was very calm, she was professional, attentive, knowledgeable and very PATIENT.. ORIGINALLY, I intended to order 1 item. However, I eventually ordered four items!! To find a young person possessing these qualities is rare these days. Her telephone etiquette and personal appeal is rare. Please let her know that I am very grateful to have had her as MY PERSONAL SPECIALIST!!
Sonya B."     5 star review12/6/2018
Daisy was so patient and very helpful in answering all my questions. I would love to have here help me with my future purchases!
Amy B."     5 star review12/5/2018
Yosselyn was so helpful! My mother is in a nursing home in a different state from me and a harder to find bra size and style choice. Yosselyn was able to find something that will be good for my mother. Thanks!
Rve K."     5 star review12/5/2018
Catherine was polite and professional and handled my issue quickly.
Joan S."     4 star review12/4/2018
Daisy was great and helped me complete the order I was unable to do by myself on line, Thank you.
Carline C."     3 star review12/4/2018
Amber is helpful and she listens. She is friendly but professional. I enjoyed working with Amber.
Patricia B."     5 star review12/4/2018
She knew the items I wanted and had my order done and confirmed in less than 5 minutes.
Maggie M."     5 star review12/4/2018
Love your service and love that you have my sizes!!! Thank you!!!
Elena J."     5 star review12/4/2018
Anabela S."     5 star review12/3/2018
Catherine was very helpful. I order many items from your store and love the fact you are still offering the Paddy Murphy marshmellow jackets. Impossible to find anywhere else.
Susan W."     5 star review12/3/2018
Kassandra was very helpful and kind in switching my order from "Standard Delivery" to "Next Day Air" and went out of her way in calling back to make sure I knew there were a couple of items that were on backorder that would be delivered at a later date.
Carol A."     5 star review12/3/2018
A pleasant, courteous person who resolved my issues and I am hoping the next item shipped to me will fit better!! Thank you for great service because otherwise I would shop somewhere else - it makes a difference !!!
Shirley R."     5 star review12/3/2018
Your representative was very professional, she did exactly what she told me she would do, she solved our problem efficiently, remained cordial throughout our conversations, and was a great and, frankly, unexpected surprise.
David H."     5 star review12/3/2018
This is my first time to order through you. I will do it again.
Gloria W."     4 star review12/3/2018
The person who spoke with me was VERY helpful and resolved the issue to my satisfaction. I am VERY impressed.
Martha L."     4 star review12/1/2018
Brittainy did great. She was exceptional with helping me place my order and was very polite. Yes, I'll be recommending Her Room to my friends and family.
Helen A."     5 star review12/1/2018
I called to order same bra have been wearing for years. Didn't need a stock number, she just pulled up my last order on computer and it was done !
Barbara M."     5 star review12/1/2018
Very professional, nice, understanding and helpful. Thank You
Diana S."     4 star review11/30/2018
Excellent stress free customer service! Thank you!!!
Cheryl W."     5 star review11/30/2018
Customer Service is great at HerRoom, possessing the elusive trait of retaining customers. I will always shop here because of Tomima's watch, ensuring best product lines, her comments on every piece, undie awards, and, above all, the superb education Tomima gives on every aspect of bra fitting. Sublime. Thank you.
Lee R."     5 star review11/30/2018
My cancellation request for this backordered item was fulfilled promptly and courteously.
Barbara S."     4 star review11/30/2018
I had a lovely experience talking to a young lady about returning a purchase. She was very patient and helpful.
Susan L."     5 star review11/30/2018
Outstanding online chat service! I made a few sizing mistakes when I placed my order. The online chat service corrected them immediately and even added an item to my order. This could my new "Go To" online place to order. Thank you. Tina
Tina L."     5 star review11/30/2018
The person who helped me was wonderful!! A+!
Jane B."     5 star review11/30/2018
So delighted to have found you. Daisy made quite an impression on me..(I'm sure on everyone who gets to connect with her 😊). Such sweet energy!! And of course so helpful and knowlegeable. Yes you have a lovely store and some great prices now..but sure is something about a lovely energy person..manning the phones..taking incoming calls.. that can make all the difference in the world I will surely want to come back!! Just the sweet energy of a person can do so much.. Thankyou Daisy! And thankyou Her Room! Keep on shining the Light and making people's days!! All the very best to you all..
Norma L."     5 star review11/29/2018
Amber was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Great experience with your company thanks to her.
Patricia C."     5 star review11/29/2018
She was very helpful in finding what I needed and taking care of my problem. I hope all of you have a very happy holiday and new year. Thanks again for your help, keep up the great work. ( :
Robert K."     5 star review11/28/2018
This is my second order. Very pleased both times. Your rep was extremely helpful. I have dreaded purchasing in the past. I had to drive almost 2 hours to buy bras before. Then had to wait up to 2 months for them to come in. Very very happy!
Patricia C."     5 star review11/28/2018
I ordered bras for my daughter and chose to ship them to her Herroom wanted to verify that this was a legitimate order because billing address and shipping was different I appreciate you checking first Thanks so much Happy Holidays
Gineen W."     5 star review11/27/2018
They rep could not accommodate my request due to my payment method but was happy to cancel so I could reorder with updated shipping. Fantastic service. Easy to communicate.
Stephanie J."     4 star review11/27/2018
I needed to change size on a backordered item that had not yet been shipped. Britney was efficient and courteous, effected the change with no problems. She saved my having to return for new size. Kudos!
Lee R."     4 star review11/27/2018
I called as I erroneously ordered the wrong size just 1/2 hour earlier. She fixed it immediately for me and very pleasant as well. I am thoroughly satisfied. great customer service
Patricia Y."     5 star review11/27/2018
She helped with my issue quick and efficiently. I didn’t have to wait on hold to have my call answered. Great service!
Elizabeth F."     5 star review11/27/2018
I was treated with respect and the agent was extremely professional and courteous. Thank you so much!!! Will definitely order again.
Kevin B."     5 star review11/27/2018
I was overlooking the page that I needed to include with my return and Windy helped me find it. I got the return put together and mailed out today. I am so happy that I found this website. I love it.
Marsha L."     5 star review11/27/2018
The 38M fit perfectly! It also feels so good to be back in a Goddess I just ordered 7 more! Your delighted customer,
Louanne C."     0 star review11/26/2018
Please tell Flor that I found the label in my junk mail...great service
Priscilla T."     5 star review11/26/2018
Your very nice customer service agent Brittany was able to grant me a store credit on a return that I had forgotten to send in a timely manner. I'm so happy that HerRoom offered me this one-time courtesy! Great experience as usual with your company
Amy M."     5 star review11/26/2018
I would love to thank Britney personally she helped me with a order this morning that I very much appreciated. She did a great job and I was to place two orders with her help that I needed. I'm looking forward to wearing the new panties I bought.
Debbie H."     5 star review11/26/2018
First time ordering, daisy was so helpful! Can’t wait for my new shoulder pads!!
Tracy E."     5 star review11/26/2018
Ericka was courteous and handled my transaction quickly. I received the hosiery I ordered within the time promised.
Pam B."     5 star review11/25/2018
I have regularly ordered from HerRoom for many years! I have always been completely satisfied with the service received from HerRoom. My favorite item is the Va Bien classic all-in-one from your Shapewear collections. I began wearing this very same undergarment over 30 years ago. I was able to purchase it locally for many years from a major retail store; but when they discontinued carrying it, I was pleased to be able to obtain it through HerRoom. I AM a satisfied customer.
Lucretia A."     0 star review11/25/2018
I had a completely different understanding of the return policy (date item received vs. date item shipped) but Windy was extremely helpful and courteous and then my internet went out but they still helped fix the issue.
Alexandra K."     4 star review11/24/2018
Very satisfied with the customer service for ordering my item. She verified that it was in stock and would ship same day.
Debbie B."     5 star review11/23/2018
Brittany couldn't have been more charming and more considerate. At no point on a busy day--Black Friday--did she convey impatience when my mind wasn't made up. I am grateful for her special attention and friendliness. Thank you!
Lynn Z."     5 star review11/23/2018
Fast. competent and friendly!!!! Really, really appreciate the English!
Cynthia O."     5 star review11/23/2018
I had ordered 2 Shadowline Beloved gowns - one in S and one in M. When they arrived I found that the M was a little too large and wanted to exchange it for another S. Birttanie was very kind and helpful in sending the return label and exchange for to me speedily. Also, she reserved the only S size in that color left for me. By the way, I very much like the gowns.
Virgina S."     5 star review11/23/2018
Thank you so much for your help. You made my week!!! I needed an undergarment for a wedding on Fri (Black Friday) and I called Tue for an overnight delivery, but it was 2pm DST which was past the next day deadline. I'm glad to say that when I followed up an hour later, I was told that the item would be delivered next day and it was!!!! I appreciate the service and attention to my dilemma!!!
Beverly F."     5 star review11/22/2018
Comparing you with other online retailers, you are way out in front. Thank you. I still wish you had the front closure, no hooks bra but maybe in the future .....I'll try again.
Nancy D."     4 star review11/21/2018
I placed two phone calls today: the first call was to determine whether or not you have a particular style bra. Catherine looked and she came up with a style for me to try. I looked on line and the second call was to place an order. Again, I spoke to Catherine, and she placed the order. Catherine was very efficient and I enjoyed talking with her.
Janet B."     5 star review11/21/2018
Nice and quick response to the chatline. Prompt and courteous cancelling of the back ordered item that I had changed my mind on. Left me free to shop for a replacement that was in-stock.
Leah B."     5 star review11/20/2018
I usually hate speaking with customer service over the phone (my own anxieties, really), but this was one of the easiest, most pleasant returns/exchanges I've ever had the pleasure of doing over the phone. Will definitely do business with HerRoom again!
Beth N."     5 star review11/20/2018
I have been moving and and unpacking and time had slipped away from me. I didn't try on my bra until this week end. You were nice enough to let me exchange it anyway. I am so grateful. I'm also happy that I found a great company who actually sells bras for large breasted women!!
Joanne W."     5 star review11/20/2018
My request was handled with lightning speed! The team member was friendly and efficient. It was the easiest thing I did all day!! Thank you!
Allyson D."     5 star review11/20/2018
I had ordered 3 other Elomi bras which fit really well but the company has discontinued this style, so I had to find a similar cut bra and the customer service representative helped me to find one - I only hope it fits like the ones I have!
Patricia R."     4 star review11/20/2018
Erina was very helpful. I am a new customer and did not make an account so it was difficult to pull up my orders, and the new order did not take my Gift Card. Technical difficulty. Thank You for your help.
Donna D."     4 star review11/19/2018
Always great service and representatives are knowledgeable and very courteous and patient!
Gina G."     5 star review11/19/2018
Always a pleasure to deal with Her Room people. Very courteous, always helpful and pleasant.
Pamela P."     5 star review11/19/2018
She went way out of her way to solve my problem. You have a satisfied customer in me. Thank you.
Evelyn F."     5 star review11/19/2018
First time at your site... I will tell you though that your site was the only one of many I searched to get the underwear I needed. This is especially true of the big box stores. Munsingwear is the only product I could find that would fit and the product style is what I need... Stay with munsingwear. They seem to know how to make underwear better than other vendors.
Lee B."     0 star review11/19/2018
Awesome products, awesome prices, outstanding CS. Thank you.
Martha L."     5 star review11/17/2018
Flor was very helpful. She was able to help me with my return and emailed my mailing label along with the RMA number. I will definitely order from your company again. Thank you,
Marjio L."     5 star review11/16/2018
I spoke with a customer service person who was 100% accommodating, even with a situation that was a little complicated. There may be an issue still to resolve but she said she would make notes and attach a reference number to my order incase I need to call back.
Roy B."     4 star review11/16/2018
Call was quick, easy and efficient. I received my email confirmation of order cancellation within 1 minute.
Rechelle D."     4 star review11/15/2018
I love ordering from Her Room. It’s so easy and you have THE BEST customer service!
Marie F."     5 star review11/15/2018
I Love your Bras, although I have to wait on back order because I take such an odd size, I am happy with the end result. Mostly a good colour selection too.
Francine M."     4 star review11/15/2018
I had trouble ordering on computer--my fault, not yours. Then I had to leave,but called much later & called it in. Next time I think I can do it on-line
Sherley H."     5 star review11/15/2018
She was very helpful in confirming correct size. Made other recommendation when my first choice was not available .
Jane O."     4 star review11/14/2018
I had a gift card in my hand when I was placing an order, but I totally forgot to enter it. Your customer service person verified the order associated with the gift card and promptly issued a refund for today's order. I appreciate the quick and helpful service.
Barbara B."     5 star review11/14/2018
Erika was yet another very understanding, enjoyable person to deal with. All of my orders with Herroom have been placed via phone and I've always felt very satisfied. Thank you.
John M."     5 star review11/14/2018
Dan W."     5 star review11/14/2018
Thank you for your prompt and personal service. I’m an ex-Pat citizen who visits family in California every year and this was a first time purchase from Her Room. The staff were most accommodating and friendly. Thank you. I’ve already recommended you!
Barbara N."     5 star review11/14/2018
Just want to tell you, what a great website! I asked Customer Service about some details on a previous order. she complied, but after the call I saw the Details column in my order record--so I could have answered my own question! My point is that I love it when a website provides all the necessary information....I just need to look more closely! I liked the ordering/return online features too. Good job!
Mary G."     0 star review11/14/2018
Amber was very nice and helpful, and cared about my needs. All customer service agents should be like her!
Ronda F."     5 star review11/13/2018
It was very nice of Amber to go out of her way to check with management and call me back with a better solution to my problem.
Lynda A."     5 star review11/13/2018
The lady that took my order was very kind and helpful so Thank her for me again please!
Beth L."     5 star review11/13/2018
I wanted to re-order some panties that I had ordered but couldn't remember what I had ordered. She was able to pull up the brand and model number. Exceptional customer service, I will be placing another order with your company.
Tracy P."     5 star review11/13/2018
Very nice--explained everything clearly--& was very polite--thank you!!
Glora N."     4 star review11/13/2018
Brittanieh was wonderful. I called her on Monday and she returned my call on Tuesday with a helpful response. I thought to myself, "Oh, she won't call back." But she did and she could not have been any more kind, supportive and helpful. I had ordered a product which never arrived and she took care of mailing me the item again with special delivery. I look forward to receiving my order tomorrow. But Brittanieh is a winner and I will definitely order again!
William F."     5 star review11/13/2018
No wait time the Rep fixed the problem in 2 minutes all was great.
Connie C."     5 star review11/12/2018
Thank you to Brittany for helping me out with my return! I will be ordering more items from you.
Terry W."     5 star review11/12/2018
I give 5 stars to the lovely lady that took my order. She was knowledgeable and fast placing my order. Thank you !
Nora R."     5 star review11/12/2018
I was given a refund on a bra that didn’t fit. Representative was totally understanding of my issue. Greatly appreciated!
Cindy R."     5 star review11/12/2018
I really appreciate your service team making an exception to the return window. It makes me very likely to continue to purchase from you. Thanks!
Cecily U."     5 star review11/12/2018
I just wanted to write a fan letter about the bra I got on your site--the Anita Jana bra. It is what I have looked hard to find and am more than willing to pay a premium price for it. Cotton, supportive and wire free and well made, to boot. Thank you for carrying it.
Milli C."     0 star review11/11/2018
You were very helpful and successfully helped me with my request. Thank you!
Kristina L."     4 star review11/9/2018
The woman I spoke with efficiently answered my question and took care of the issue immediately.
Carol H."     4 star review11/9/2018
When talking with Erika, my internet and phone went down. I was trying to exchange an outstanding order. She tried to call me back, but my phone was down. About 15 minutes later, I was able to call back and she had already taken care of everything. She was great!!
Pat A."     5 star review11/9/2018
My PayPal payment had expired on a back-ordered item. It was a quick and easy to arrange another form of payment with a very professional and pleasant customer service representative.
Janet D."     4 star review11/9/2018
She helped me with a return, on two different calls. Very helpful and efficient. My return is now in the mail.
Kathy H."     5 star review11/9/2018
Brittanieh was thorough, patient, and very efficient. It is always a pleasure to conduct business with a company that employs someone so competent.
Marshall C."     5 star review11/8/2018
Ericka was very helpful and efficient in assisting me with my return. She exhibits a sun-shiney personality which is so wonderful to work with. Thank You.
Dawn F."     5 star review11/8/2018
No waiting on hold, a very polite and totally informed sales rep I talked to, she handled our business quickly and professionally. Awesome first impression! Very satisfied.
Carolyn K."     5 star review11/8/2018
I mistakenly ordered the wrong bra. However I was able to return it w/out any extra $charge, and my credit card will be credited. To me this is great business!
Mimi O."     5 star review11/8/2018
Thanks for splitting the order. I do not mind waiting on backorder items.
Beth L."     4 star review11/8/2018
You customer service girls are super ... You could NOT have been ANY more helpful , & you explained everything perfectly ... HerRoom will be one of the first places we will shop for our girdles, panties and bra's from now on ... I can't say it enough " THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE HELP "
Barbara F."     5 star review11/8/2018
All ways pleased with you service . One of the few places I deal with that still lets me call in my order over the phone . I hope that you don't quit doing that. Thanks
Toni P."     5 star review11/8/2018
Incredibly good customer service [a live person comes on the line quickly, and easily resolves my issue to my satisfaction]. Since I discovered your site about a year ago, I have been a regular customer.
Peter R."     5 star review11/7/2018
Erica did a great job adjusting my back order. An asset to your staff. Great customer service.
Susan B."     4 star review11/7/2018
The support person - was very helpful and took time to really try to help me with my fitting issues
Donna C."     5 star review11/7/2018
Flor was absolutely fantastic helping me to resolve my issue with the size I ordered. Even tho I ordered what I usually wear this particular bra was way to big and she advised me to go down a cup size. We completed the order with the smaller size and she emailed me a RMA immediately after our conversation ended. She was so professional and understanding with my frustration and made me feel "finally" I reached a real person. HerRoom is always my go to place. I highly recommend it !!
Frances L."     5 star review11/7/2018
Prompt, courteous service and she answered all my questions and concerns . Excellent service experience overall.
William W."     5 star review11/6/2018
Amber gave me GREAT customer service. She went that extra mile in helping me with my existing order plus placing a new one. I'm not a biased person, but I really appreciate someone who can speak/understand English.
Denise K."     5 star review11/6/2018
My return/exchange order got very convoluted and Brittanie was helpful and patient through out our lengthy conversation.
Taylor F."     5 star review11/5/2018
Amber was incredibly professional, thorough and helpful, as well as pleasant. She is a great representative for your organization!
Stephanie C."     5 star review11/5/2018
She was professional, knowledgeable and of great help to me. She was also very courteous.
Carol P."     5 star review11/4/2018
Very patient, and, extremely helpful. I so sorry my favorite bra is being discontinued.
Leisha F."     4 star review11/3/2018
Although it was my fault for not returning the item on time but I wish I was allowed to get a refund instead of a store credit at least one time as a courtesy to customer.
Tina P."     4 star review11/2/2018
Erika was very helpful and answered all my questions about the return process. Thanks for making this a great experience.
Roxanne R."     5 star review11/2/2018
Service was fantastic and she was able to return an order I made from a large box that was made from herroom. That was unexpected and a huge convenience!
Tina P."     5 star review11/2/2018
Anonetta G."     5 star review11/2/2018
Kudos and appreciation to Amber, the associate who assisted me. She was courteous, patient and professional throughout the exchange, in-spite of my frustration with the issue at hand. Most important, the problem was identified and remedied quickly..
Jacki G."     4 star review11/2/2018
What can I say. Your customer service standalone, and is absolutely outstanding. Because a customer service personnel like Brittanieh. She is the type of person that a business person would like to have for a representative of the company. It is plain to see that you hit the jackpot and this young person. So many young people today can’t come close to who she is as a wonderful person. thank you for a great shopping experience.
Bob P."     5 star review11/2/2018
Representative was very monotone. Needs enthusiasm at her job. And the words “ no problem” should be eliminated as”problem” is a negative word. Try a simple “thank you.” Or “I am glad to have helped you” or “My pleasure.” Much more positive words.
Patricia W."     5 star review11/1/2018
Needed to return an item. Called and asked for help. gave order number, received mailing label all is well
Claudette C."     4 star review11/1/2018
My interaction was satisfactory. I'll continue to be a dedicated customer!
Gail C."     5 star review11/1/2018
(2) items were on back order and I asked that the one in stock be shipped to be, and the other one will still be on back order until 11/13. If it will be longer I will make a substitution on that one. She was very helpful.
Philip S."     4 star review11/1/2018
Ms Amber resolved the updating of my payment method. She has an excellent telephone manner, was very clear in her communication, updated my information quickly and was very pleasant. I was very happy with her assistance and I will be returning to do more ordering with your company. Thank you for making me feel like a valued customer.
Jean R."     5 star review11/1/2018
Very understanding and willing to help. Pleasant to work with and resolved the situation completely.
Pamela P."     5 star review10/31/2018
I had a complex exchange. The representative was patient with me and did a great job of fixing an error that I had made.
Susan G."     5 star review10/31/2018
I was very concerned about my return be credited to my account - and I did not want to rate the company; however, the money has now been credited to my account. Thank you for the prompt action.
Shirley R."     3 star review10/31/2018
Erika stayed with me until she and her manager got my internet order problem fixed. They also deleted the extra order the system generated to eliminate the duplicate bill. I appreciate that level of service.
Terry R."     4 star review10/31/2018
I have 3 daughters and we shop and spend a lot on undergarments, I just switched from another big company to Herroom and could not be more pleased, they send out the correct size you ask for and much better prices with great customer service!!!
Stackmire W."     5 star review10/31/2018
I so appreciate a good lingerie store. They are rare anywhere, especially with natural fiber bras. Thought I was going to make my own! I found your Anita Jana bra. It's top on my list. Thank you.
Milli C."     0 star review10/30/2018
Amber was very helpful and patient with a bad phone connection 👍🏾
Anita M."     5 star review10/30/2018
Flor was very friendly.professional, and patient. The experience was excellent.
Sylvia Y."     5 star review10/30/2018
Brittanieh listened to my plight and was helpful in resolving my return issues. Good customer service.
John M."     5 star review10/30/2018
I am handicapped and this rep took patience with me. Thank you
Monica C."     5 star review10/29/2018
Amber took care of my problem very efficiently and quickly! I am very satisfied with my experience!
Cheryl W."     5 star review10/29/2018
Ericka was not only helpful, she was thorough, willing to try to help me (she was researching to help me figure out best size of a bra cup), and KIND
Kerry W."     5 star review10/29/2018
Placing a return/exchange and the representative was very helpful. She guided me through the entire process and I was grateful. This was my first time ordering through Walmart and I thought it was going to be a problem but to my surprise the exchange was easy. I will definitely become a member of HerRoom. Thanks to the young lady who assisted me and also to management who sets the bar in how to treat customers! Diane
Diane G."     5 star review10/29/2018
Professional and intelligent personnel ready to assist in such a courteous manner. It is a pleasure to do business with HerRoom!
Emily C."     5 star review10/29/2018
Thank you for helping with my first time order at HerRoom. I am eager to see how my choices work with my need for new sleepwear.
Helen V."     4 star review10/29/2018
Customer service was able to answer my questions, however, she did experience some difficulty with hearing me. Phone kept going in and out.
Sue N."     3 star review10/29/2018
The people were so nice and they were very helpful. Your product is of a good quality material and that's why I keep coming back to shop at Herroom/Hisroom.
Mark W."     5 star review10/29/2018
I made an error but was very nice and corrected it. Thank you so much for helping me with this size change, I should have gotten the correct size to begin with.
Janet D."     4 star review10/28/2018
I could not believe how nice and easy it was to return my order. I just needed an exchange and hope this order fits well. I had no idea how your sizes run, so it is a trial and error process. Again Flo was so friendly, thanks.
Mary M."     5 star review10/27/2018
Thank you for checking orders and being a secure site
Michael B."     5 star review10/26/2018
I had a question about the delay in the delivery and I was met with kindness and patience. The service person on the phone was very helpful and answered all of my questions.
Deborah E."     5 star review10/26/2018
Very helpful. Helped me get a refund and purchase a different Bra. I thank her and she said no problem. Made me feel good, to get the help and not feel bad about the exchange/refund/new purchase.
Josephine D."     5 star review10/26/2018
After my wife placed an order with second day shipping, we realized that we needed to overnight the order. When we called back to see if we could change the shipping your staff was very helpful in changing that for us.
Deanna P."     4 star review10/26/2018
Amber was very helpful, professional and courteous. She quickly helped me to resolve my problem in a way that did not leave me feeling stupid. If all your staff are as skilled as Amber, you will do well!
Wendy P."     5 star review10/25/2018
Love the PJ Harlow line and great service from HerRoom
Lucinda K."     5 star review10/24/2018
She was very professional and seemed eager to make the situation with a robe that discolored in the first wash right. She asked that I send in pictures of the item which I did immediately. Customer service is a big part of my decision where to shop and so far you have exceeded my expectations. I’m a first time “ herroom “ customer. Thanks
Micah J."     4 star review10/24/2018
Erika was very helpful and went over and beyond by sending me an email with other suggested bras that might work for me!
Linda D."     5 star review10/24/2018
Had a complicated exchange (mostly my fault!) Customer Service was fantastic! Love your business, recommend it frequently!
Donna C."     5 star review10/24/2018
Very quick and informative response by my customer service on line rep. My question was explained and answered in a positive manner. Thank you
Sharon H."     5 star review10/23/2018
Representative Lorena was very helpful and resolved my issue promptly. Very nice to talk to.
Cindy H."     4 star review10/23/2018
Representative was very nice. No problem with return. Will continue to order from you.
Joan C."     5 star review10/23/2018
Amber was very helpful and understanding of the problem with my order. She resolved the problem and I told her that she had made my day. Great service and attitude!
Cheryl W."     5 star review10/23/2018
Compared to most phone/service experiences one encounters my experience was a pleasant surprise. Thank you.
Phyllis F."     5 star review10/23/2018
I love the bras I bought. However I don’t need anymore for a while. But when I do I will be contacting her room again. thank you.
Molly B."     5 star review10/23/2018
All my questions and concerns were answered by very helpful & friendly lady. I could not be happier. Give her a raise!
Erica L."     5 star review10/23/2018
I am satisfied with your representative. However, I am disappointed that I have to pay for returns....But I will buy from you again, my sizing has changed.
Theresa R."     3 star review10/22/2018
The CS rep knew my name and had my info right in front of her so she didn’t waste my time “bringing up” my order. I’m sorry I had to cancel an order but I went right back to the website to order something else. Thank you!
Linda R."     5 star review10/22/2018
Very helpful and professional. Big help to me since I'm trying to order in hospital.
Geraldine B."     5 star review10/22/2018
Your merchandise is wonderful quality and if it doesn't suit, your return credits are swift. Actually, I'd forgotten about the recent item on backorder, changed my mind about the color, and was able to order one that will soon arrive. Wonderful customer service!
Mary L."     5 star review10/22/2018
Service rep took time to look into the situation, apologized for a shipping error and took care of the issue. Thanks!
Laura A."     4 star review10/22/2018
I ordered 2 shipments but wanted to return them in one box. Amber canceled one of my postage charges and said I could mail them back in one box. Very happy!
Janet R."     5 star review10/22/2018
The customer service is highly efficient and effective.
Patricia M."     5 star review10/22/2018
Chat room response on a Saturday helped me to verify my return more promptly. Thanks.
Tamara H."     4 star review10/20/2018
Muy Buena la atencion. Felicitar al Customer. Muy agradable y rapida en la atencion.
Eduardo B."     5 star review10/19/2018
I am customer for life!!! I encountered a problem with a recent delivery that was entirely USPS at blame. HisRoom helped me resolve the problem and insure a better delivery. I am so grateful that there are companies out there that still show exemplary customer service.
David A."     5 star review10/19/2018
Amber Allen was very professional, sweet, helpful an kind. She helped me make a return and a new purchase to take the place of the returned items... I appreciate her excellent help!
Elaine M."     5 star review10/19/2018
Very kind, helpful, efficient and quick. Also able to answer questions about other practices of Herroom. I am new to online bra shopping! Thanks Vanessa!!
Rita C."     5 star review10/18/2018
Very pleasant and professional. Fixed what was a very bad experience and saved the customer and company rep.
Pamela P."     4 star review10/18/2018
I had help from Brittany last time and this time. She tried to be very helpful with recommendations and suggestions in regards to what would work for me. I appreciate the great service. Thank again
Megan F."     5 star review10/18/2018
Agent was very informative and effective in putting me in the right direction to get the situation handled. Thank you!!
Kimberly K."     4 star review10/17/2018
Oliva was very kind and filled my two orders. Lucky to have someone who is compassionate about her job. By the way you're products are great.
James W."     5 star review10/17/2018
She was wonderful and helpful. I am old and not very computer literate and she was kind enough to print and email my label for me. Thank you
Florence S."     5 star review10/16/2018
So happy to find shadowline panties. I'll probably be ordering again. I have shadowline products that are more than 35 years old. They not only last forever, but are very comfortable. Your prices are great. I was very pleased with Amber's help.
Dorothy K."     5 star review10/16/2018
This was first my first experience with Her Room and it was very positive. I'll be ordering again.
Judith P."     5 star review10/15/2018
I ordered the wrong items and customer care was able to help me cancel the order and reorder the correct items without any problems.
Megan W."     5 star review10/15/2018
Love it when I can reach a human quickly. Super helpful!
Diane I."     5 star review10/15/2018
The product was of good quality and the shopping was made easy, the shipping arrived when it said it would.
Mark W."     5 star review10/15/2018
She knew her job. Unfortunately, HerRoom policies wouldn't let me do an exchange for another, different item only for a different color or size
James O."     4 star review10/14/2018
Customer Service Rep. Brittanieh, was very helpful & sufficient, to take care of my order.
Doris N."     4 star review10/13/2018
Elissa R."     5 star review10/12/2018
Brittanie did an excellent job of get my order filled. She was knowledgeable on the products and shipping options. Thanks,
Bem B."     5 star review10/12/2018
Amber was very helpful and made a good recommendation for me, and completed the transaction for me. I appreciated her suggestion and assistance.
Megan B."     5 star review10/11/2018
Some of the nicest,and most professional customer service . I called and placed an order. And i called right back to change something on my order. And both times they were both very professional and kind. I will be placing more orders in the future just because the way i was treated. Thank you
Bob P."     5 star review10/11/2018
I was at least pleased to find an update on my backorder, and it offered for me to replace it with items that were stock. I didn't figure it would take so long to get these... Once I spoke to customer service, I added to my original order, and certainly hope to receive this items soon. Thanks for the communication
Beverly A."     4 star review10/11/2018
Unfortunately, the items I received did not fit correctly and had to return. My refund was received very quickly and backordered items were cancelled very quickly as well. Customer service is great and I will order again!
Connie G."     5 star review10/10/2018
Quickly and efficiently took care of my problem and sent email confirmation before we hung up. Thanks
Deborah R."     4 star review10/10/2018
Rep Amber was helpful and very personable. The only negative response I have is the wait time. My time waiting for someone to answer my call is very frustrating... Reps like Amber would be an asset to your business. Thank You
Julie R."     3 star review10/10/2018
Just wonderful assistance! I had ordered an exchange... A true Pro. Helpful, friendly, efficient and just great. Thank you.
Rowan J."     4 star review10/10/2018
The customer service rep was very helpful and polite. My return was handled quickly and I received a confirmation email on when I could expect the refund to credit to my credit card. I highly recommend your company.
Elaina C."     5 star review10/10/2018
My transaction was handled quickly and thoroughly, with courtesy and clarity. I could not possibly expect more. Thank you.
Lois S."     5 star review10/9/2018
This was my first time having to return anything and the experience was painless. Thank you for such smooth transaction. I look forward in continuing working with you guys
Rene T."     5 star review10/9/2018
Amber was very helpful and provided excellent customer service! It was a pleasure talking to her.
Christina G."     4 star review10/9/2018
The representative that assisted me was very helpful. I've always returned items to this company and have never had a problem with a return. I'm very satisfied with the help that I received from your representative. I think the post office was at fault as far as this return goes. Again thank you for help and keep up with the excellent service you provide for your customers.
Shirley R."     5 star review10/8/2018
Nessa was very helpful in getting my return/exchange expedited. And was very courteous and pleasant during the process. Thanks, Nessa!!
Anita S."     5 star review10/8/2018
I had a tricky problem and they solved it and made me feel well taken care of
Genevieve K."     5 star review10/8/2018
She helped me find a bra to wear after breast surgery. I am a 32 DDD so it’s not an easy size to fine in a bra with no underwire and that closes in the front. I ordered 2.
Rhea G."     5 star review10/8/2018
Customer service was excellent. Very helpful. I was pleased that they had a record of my last order, that made it easy to reorder. The gal was very nice and professional. I love the bras. I order smalls I wish you had extra small. But that is kind d of the story if my life these days. Thank you.
Cathy S."     5 star review10/8/2018
She was very thorough in making sure the order was correct. She went over the order before submitting. Very upbeat.
Diane G."     4 star review10/8/2018
Quick and easy chat help. Only giving 4 stars because I'd emailed y'all on Monday with no response and tried the chat customer service today and that was the best route to go. The agent who helped me deserves 5 stars!
Jene G."     4 star review10/4/2018
Sara was great, totally got what I needed and took care of my request quickly and with great kindness and professionalism. I'll be back!
Laura H."     5 star review10/4/2018
There were some problems with the order I placed... Nessa took her time and patiently, calmly, professionally, she worked out all the details making me a satisfied customer. I've had excellent experiences with your company in the past, and plan on continuing my relationship with you.
James R."     5 star review10/4/2018
My customer service gal took care of my problem with a great attitude. Love these products too!
Lynn G"     4 star review10/4/2018
Bra expert was very knowledgeable and quick to recommendation so that I order something else to my satisfaction. Very courteous. Great customer service!!!
Gina G."     5 star review10/4/2018
Sara was polite and efficient. Resolved my problem. That is all I ever want in a customer service contact situation. Polite and efficient resolutions.
Meredith M."     5 star review10/4/2018
Person contacted was very pleasant and helpful. Wish experiences with other companies like this.
William B."     5 star review10/4/2018
The Supervisor was very helpful, knowledgeable, patient, pleasant, and she listened. I am 100% satisfied with her assistance to resolve a dilemma.
Donna S."     5 star review10/2/2018
Catherine was able to answer my questions & helped with Re-order of both bra’s in correct sizes. She is emailing a shipping label for return & explained the process to return.
Gertrude V."     5 star review10/2/2018
Always helpful, and always courteous. Like talking with a friend!
Claire H."     5 star review10/2/2018
My call was answered in a short amount of time and Catherine was very helpful in assisting me with a new order. She provided information on how to return the items that didn't fit. I highly recommend your company.
Elaina C."     5 star review10/2/2018
I spoke to Erin and she was very sweet and took care of my issue perfectly and immediately. It’s a pleasure doing business with HerRoom.
Leslie S."     4 star review10/2/2018
The service is always great and your merchandise is of high quality. Thank you for handling my problem in a timely fashion.
Estelle S."     5 star review10/1/2018
Fast response, very competent, solved my problem in under five minutes.
Gwen E."     5 star review10/1/2018
Amber really cared that I get the correct size as soon as possible. She answered all my questions and followed up with e-mails. Nice to have actual customer service . Thank you Amber!
Kelly T."     5 star review9/28/2018
I was concerned about a return I mailed at the USPS Monday since their is no tracking # identified on the receipt. The representative assured me it was still in transit and HerRoom will notify me when received and provide my refund.
Lorraine M."     5 star review9/28/2018
My customer service representative, Flor, was so helpful, easy to work with and ushered me through the process quickly and skillfully. I hope that all your representatives are as pleasant and helpful.
Jo G."     5 star review9/28/2018
Although the exchange process is a bit cumbersome in that one can only exchange sizes, not products, the shopping experience is satisfying in that I was able to find what I needed at an acceptable price. I was also able to speak with a very nice lady named Amber for clarification of a question or two. I will visit the site again.
EveLyn B."     4 star review9/27/2018
The young Lady I spoke to was quick, efficient, handled the request in a professional manner. Thanks!!!
Pamela B."     5 star review9/27/2018
Pleasant and helpful. I was told I will receive the order I had placed on August 17th. One item was on backorder and the other two items were being held until the backorder arrived. I asked if I can receive the two items in stock and was told I will. Glad to hear that. It has been quite a wait. Looking forward to my order asap. Thanks
Teresa P."     4 star review9/27/2018
I had a great experience as usual with Vanessa who was able to help with my requests and questions; and I am expecting two new bras in the near future!
Cynthia W."     5 star review9/26/2018
Amber was very professional, knowledgeable and kind. She is a good listener and takes care of business! She is a great asset to your company.
Kate C."     5 star review9/26/2018
Flor was very professional and very clear with her instructions on how to handle an exchange and I Thanked her very much for her help.
Michael M."     5 star review9/26/2018
It started out that I was over 30 days. My son past away on the 18th I was with him every day until he left us. Flo did understand that and checked to make sure it was ok. She was very nice an .I would give more then 5 stars.
Shirley H."     5 star review9/26/2018
Amber was very helpful. So far my experience with Her Room has been nice. Thank you
Candyce Z."     5 star review9/26/2018
Your rep was very helpful. I buy most everything online, and think your company is about the best to work with. Very fast, free shipping with my orders, easy returns, quick refunds and exchanges. I dealt with a competitor, and waited over a month for my refund on a return, and then had to call and track it down. I will not order from them again. Bras are harder to order online than most things, since fit varies so much between styles and brands, and easy returns and exchanges are imperative.
Rebecca S."     5 star review9/26/2018
I'm super happy with Amber's customer service. I'm not super happy that my exchange order was stuck in "Processing" status for a week after my return was completed.. BUT I'm super happy Amber was able to release my order and get it sent on its way with expedited shipping. Your processes need work, HerRoom, but it's good that you have great people working for you!
Lindsay E."     3 star review9/26/2018
Your staff has been very helpful on both occasions that I have called. My Glamorise T back bras are fantastic!!! Thanks so much
Theresa M."     5 star review9/26/2018
Thank you very much for your help with my order update and look forward to continued purchases with HerRoom.
Keith D."     4 star review9/26/2018
Fast answers to my questions, with a favorable outcome in splitting my backordered items so that some will ship faster. Thank you!!!
Laurel M."     4 star review9/26/2018
Friendly, helpful girl waited on me very well and made suggestions that showed her knowledge of the subject.
Carol B."     5 star review9/26/2018
I was unable to make my returns within 30 days. I was out of town a few times for illness & a funeral for my family member. I was pleased to learn that I can now return them for store credit, as I intend to purchase some more bras. The lady @ customer service was both friendly & professional. It was a good experience! Thank You.
Mary A."     5 star review9/26/2018
I appreciate more than you know the fact that my phone call was answered immediately. I didn't have to hang on hold forever! Your agent was very courteous and most helpful and resolved my issue speedily. Thank you so much!!!
Janice S."     5 star review9/24/2018
Sarah was very helpful , very courteous, and took care of my return item in a very professional manner.
JoAnn F."     4 star review9/24/2018
Needed assistance with a return label. The site was not sending it. Sara sent me exactly what I needed in an email. She was fast and very professional
Julie L."     4 star review9/24/2018
If it ain't broken - don't fix it. Love you guys!
Deborah C."     5 star review9/24/2018
Flora was very helpful. She wanted to confirm the second order i placed was not a duplicate order by accident. It was not a duplicate order by accident. I appreciate HerRoom reaching out to make sure. Thank you.
Valerie D."     5 star review9/24/2018
My first contact with your employee was awesome. Really fast and uncomplicated! 5 stars rating! Thanks!
Domenico C."     5 star review9/21/2018
I had an excellent experience with Vanessa who I have complete faith in; Vanessa has helped me before and we have gradually developed a good relationship such that I find Vanessa's advice very helpful. I am very happy that I am beginning to find more bras of different styles that fit me comfortably so that I have more choices.
Cynthia W."     5 star review9/21/2018
I tried to do an online room but the system said I had a problem and needed to contact customer service. She was able to process my return for me quickly.
Kim V."     4 star review9/21/2018
The Customer Service Rep was very efficient and courteous and I accomplished what I called about-a delay in a refund. She impressed me . Thank you.
Joan F."     5 star review9/21/2018
Windy was VERY helpful. She got my additional Item added to my existing order. She was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and very prompt in her responses. Thank you
Nancy K."     5 star review9/21/2018
She was very helpful, friendly, intelligent and fast. One of the better exchanges I've had with a sales assistant on the phone. Tell her thanks
Rowan J."     5 star review9/21/2018
I have always had great experiences shopping at Hisroom. It’s a great, hassle free way to buy essential men’s garments. I recommend it to anyone.
Eric P."     5 star review9/20/2018
I am happy to see that you are still offering #3286 Chantelle bra. I have had difficulty finding it in Nordstrom or Neimans. Thank you for carrying it. I called customer service to add one more to my order and the young lady was efficient and helpful. Glad you all are around.
Joyce R."     5 star review9/20/2018
Brittany took care of my frustrating situation with grace, kindness and a "no problem" attitude. She greatly put a smile on a situation that was totally out of my control. I appreciate her very much.
Gwyn S."     4 star review9/20/2018
I appreciate your flexibility with the return of some items. I have been a customer for many years and have always been satisfied!
Sarah B."     5 star review9/20/2018
Everything went well. I entered some wrong information on the order page that I submitted and called the office to help me correct the mistake. I talked to a very pleasant person who was kind and knowledgeable. She corrected my problem quickly and did not bite mt head off. Thank you very much.
Eleanor A."     5 star review9/19/2018
All of my questions were answered and she offered an easy way for me to take care of the problem. It was so nice speaking to a live person!
Karen R."     5 star review9/19/2018
It is so challenging for me to order on line, but your reps are helpful and gracious when I miss a deadline or am confused or make a mistake. It is the personal touch that acknowledges I am not a robot and considers the customer rather than "the rule says... too bad for you" that keeps me ordering from HerRoom.
Betsy R."     5 star review9/19/2018
Catherine was quick to handle my request, very nice sounding on the phone, and pleasant. Didn't go on and on with a pre-recorded script so much nicer to just ask my request, have her say she handled it, and have a good day and we're done!
Giselle B."     5 star review9/18/2018
The representative I spoke with was very helpful very knowledgeable and very polite. Unfortunately I was at work and I don’t remember her name but she was very professional and very helpful. Resolved my problem and just a few minutes
Lutherine D."     4 star review9/18/2018
Vanessa was polite, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and professional! What a sweetie!!
Irene S."     5 star review9/17/2018
Amber was great and helpful. I liked that she had a personality and laughed along with me. Gave me options on whether to return/exchange or reorder to get the bras quicker. Amber was great!
Paula A."     5 star review9/17/2018
Nessa instructed me to sign in to my account so that I wouldn't have any problems in generating a return shipping label. She was very professional, and helpful.
Priscilla D."     5 star review9/16/2018
I just ordered 2 beautiful bras and I’m very excited about shopping with your website. You have a great choice and I’m ready to upgrade my bras for the ones I ordered!
Kathy B."     5 star review9/16/2018
I like doing the online chat, it's so much faster and more efficient!
Barbara S."     5 star review9/14/2018
The customer services girl was very helpful. She answered all my questions took care of my exchange , I forgot to put the size on the item I was exchanging and she took care of it Immediately. Very efficient. Took less than 5 min. Thank you
JoAnn F."     5 star review9/14/2018
My experience was very pleasant and helpful in correcting my errors so that i could complete my return!
Marcia C."     4 star review9/14/2018
I have been ordering from you all for a few years, for myself and gifts! I have loved the Sleepwear! I have never had a problem. This past month I made a mistake in my order and want to thank you for helping to fix it, mostly for being so kind. Looking forward to future purchases.
Jacqueline B."     5 star review9/14/2018
Exceptional service! I’m very pleased with the help I received with returns and fitting assistance. Thanks!
Laurie L."     5 star review9/13/2018
It is nice to have a normal conversation about underwear that can be taken seriously
Matt L."     5 star review9/13/2018
Vanessa and Catherine were EXCEPTIONAL in their customer service to me a 1st time customer! They were friendly, courteous, and patient with me as I asked questions and made my decisions! Thank you ladies!
Terry H."     5 star review9/12/2018
Flor was absolutely wonderful!! She solved my issue in a matter of seconds. I'm very grateful!
Abbe P."     5 star review9/12/2018
Evelyn B."     5 star review9/12/2018
I had hoped to receive these by Friday of this week. I didn't realize how slow the shipping would be. So, the rep was fine but I might have chosen something different for shipping in order to get my order sooner.
Patrice N."     4 star review9/12/2018
Amber was very helpful and friendly, lots of patients with this non computer person! Thanks!
Sherry Q."     5 star review9/12/2018
Delighted to find these bras which I thought were discontinued. It has been many years since I ordered from your company and cannot believe I didn't contact you sooner. Many thanks to Amber for her assistance.
Dianne D."     5 star review9/11/2018
quick response time, went beyond what i initially asked to help me out, solved my issue immediately!
Sharon Z."     5 star review9/11/2018
Your service manager was extremely polite and helpful. She had a lot of patience answering my many questions. The longline bra that I ordered has unique sizing and she helped me determine the best size for me. This is the second time that I order from you folks. Each time it has been a pleasant experience. My first order came and everything fit perfectly. The ladies that have taken my orders have been very sweet and showed a real desire to help. I have recommended your site to several of my friends.
Juanita R."     5 star review9/11/2018
Very quick, professional, and even funny! You could hear the smile on her face.
Jane D."     5 star review9/11/2018
The lady was very nice . Looking forward to getting my order. :)
Vicky S."     4 star review9/11/2018
Answered my questions quickly, pleasantly, and professionally plus provided me with an additional refund re a return. No hassles at all! Thanks Amber!
Melodye G."     5 star review9/11/2018
I needed some help with a return and our associate was spot on with their assistance. Thank you
Patricia Q."     4 star review9/11/2018
Rep was wonderful! Answered my questions and knew what she was talking about! So great that one call could make an old broad happy. Took my order, will be back again
Phyllis L."     5 star review9/11/2018
After I spoke w/a representative of Her Room, she was able to help me. Thanks
Helen C."     4 star review9/11/2018
CSR was great and very understanding and accommodative. Made my return process very smooth.
Mildred S."     5 star review9/11/2018
Amber helped me with an exchange over the phone today. She was great and I am very satisfied with the service I received today.
Denean C."     5 star review9/11/2018
Amber was very professional, understanding, and a absolute pleasure to deal with ! I felt totally comfortable and unjudged while speaking with her. Too bad the rest of society isn't as open minded as Amber.. She may not have known at first that she was dealing with a trans-gender individual, but I believe she figured it out as we conversed and yet she still remained to be as delightful to speak with. Thank you Amber. Thank you HerRoom as well.
John M."     5 star review9/11/2018
It would be great if you could carry more 40-I nursing bras. It’s very challenging to find this size nursing bra. We’ve searched many places and finally saw you carried some nursing bras in this size. I’m buying these for my Daughter-in-Law. We’re anxious to try them! Thanks for sharing reviews that helped us know how the bra fit. Also the different views of the bra were great!
Jackie A."     5 star review9/10/2018
My representative helped me with my concern and was very sweet. I’m looking forward to my replacements.
Marina G."     5 star review9/10/2018
Amber very quickly helped me straighten out the details of my return. Yaaaay Amber!
Geraldine L."     5 star review9/10/2018
Customer service was outstanding on the two recent occasions that I called HerRoom. This is especially refreshing in this on-line retail age in which most companies severely restrict human contact with customers to save money.
Lisa J."     5 star review9/10/2018
Rep was very helpful, especially because I didn't have my order number
Paul H."     5 star review9/10/2018
Love your website have all the stuff a crossdresser need thanks
Sidney D."     5 star review9/10/2018
Everyone did a good job and the follow up was excellent. Thank you!
Kellene K."     5 star review9/9/2018
Amber was professional and thorough and rectified an issue I had.
Michele D."     4 star review9/7/2018
I am very satisfied with the fast response to fix a mistake that was made with my order. Thank you.
Patricia S."     4 star review9/7/2018
Flor was willing to help me with my problem, she listened to my problem, & offered me some help.
Emmanuel U."     4 star review9/7/2018
Everyone at his room/her room have always been so kind and willing to help in any way they can, it's such a pleasure buying from such happy people.
Mark T."     5 star review9/7/2018
Customer service changed and order that I had placed online that had not been shipped yet. They were able to make the size correction and I am very satisfied. Thank you
Sandra H."     5 star review9/7/2018
I appreciate that you checked to confirm the odd shipping address. I feel even better about the purchases
Betsy P."     5 star review9/7/2018
Lorena was polite, friendly and very helpful in resolving my issue.
Cynthia W."     5 star review9/6/2018
Both calls were handled well. Amber even called back with a suggestion.🤗
Elizabeth B."     5 star review9/6/2018
Amber was right on task took care of my existing order that was back ordered and I am hoping to receive my new merchandise in a week or so.
Juanita S."     5 star review9/6/2018
This is the second time I've called customer service each time has been great customer service the second call I made the young lady was extremely patient very helpful and her voice was upbeat
Tiffannee R."     5 star review9/6/2018
Thank you so much, Jacqueline, for your prompt response. I will be placing an order with you very soon! Have a blessed day. 😊
Lisa J."     0 star review9/6/2018
disappointed that i am unable to hand deliver my return to your Dallas facility - but must incur shipping charges.
Catherine G."     4 star review9/5/2018
It was Lorena from your management team that stepped in and assisted me. She was respectful and professional and assisted me with getting my account correct. I appreciated how quickly things were addressed and how well she listened to me
Chantelle P."     4 star review9/5/2018
Catherine is quite a pleasant person. She was very helpful in answering my question. Thanks!
Christina C."     5 star review9/5/2018
Had to make shipping state correction to order over phone. Was super fast. Female that handled it was amazing. Thank you.
Timothy R."     5 star review9/5/2018
Flor was very helpful, and we resolved my issue in a matter of minutes. She was very pleasant, and I was very pleased my experience went so smoothly. :)
Pam T."     5 star review9/5/2018
I was very happy with Vanessa’s attention to the details and following up as she promised. Follow up is usually lost in the maze but she made sure the Post Office performed as required and I finally got my shipment. I am a very satisfied customer as a result of her help.
Rita C."     5 star review9/5/2018
Now that I've found Her Room I will be shopping on it in the future. As I did have to return some items, I would have preferred that return shipping labels had been included in the merchandise shipments as some other vendors do. Your current return process is pretty easy, but could be easier.
Laura B."     5 star review9/5/2018
Vanessa Galvez was delightful and very helpful – So far my experience with Her Room has been beyond all expectations – Thank you
Lyn W."     5 star review9/5/2018
Vey satisfied. Package is still on its way. Person taking order was helpful AND knowledgeable. Thank you.
Margaret P."     5 star review9/4/2018
Vanessa went over & beyond with assistance to help me purchase my new bras. I have multiple myeloma, a cancer in my blood & bones. I currently have lesions on my rib cage & spine, so I am very concerned about getting a correct size bra. Vanessa waited to assist me with the whole process, beginning at the search for what I wanted to the end (hopefully) purchasing my order through Paypal. Thank you so much Vanessa and HerRoom. HerRoom has an excellent customer service team that should be showered with praise.
Rebecca O."     5 star review9/4/2018
Flor was extremely kind and attentive to me. She really is a pleasure to speak with. Thank You so much!
Elizabeth K."     5 star review9/4/2018
I will know more when I receive what I ordered. The girl I spoke with today to place my order was very nice , competant and friendly. Could not have asked for more.
Donna P."     4 star review9/4/2018
I was very happy with my experience!! She helped to relieve my anxiety about not receiving my bra in time! She assured me that it would be to me in 2 days, which would be perfect!! Thank you who ever I spoke to for your kindness towards me!!
Kathy B."     5 star review9/4/2018
The Lady I talked to was great. The Bras are great, and feel good except I don't like the one with roses or what ever it is because it shows under my Blouses. Other wise this is GREAT Love the last ones I got. God Bless. V.Z.
Vickie Z."     4 star review9/4/2018
I wish there were a way to clearly show that a bra is shown only in UK size. I didn't know that I was ordering in UK size instead of US size, so I had to return and exchange and now will wait for the correct US sized bra.
Nancy P."     3 star review9/4/2018
Nassa was very helpful. She was pleasant and professional. My problem was solved.
Terri T."     5 star review9/4/2018
Amber is attentive and thorough. She will be following up with me regarding an exception I am requesting. Whatever the outcome, Amber is an exceptional employee. Thanks!
Christina C."     5 star review9/4/2018
It was very easy to do, but it was easy because the order had not shipped yet at all,so it was much better to deal with Thanks
Dawn W."     4 star review9/4/2018
I will continue to do business with your company.
Juanita W."     3 star review9/4/2018
My return shipping label come through
Cynthia E."     3 star review9/4/2018
I recently ordered your Shadowline matching nightgown and robe set (2) for my ancient mother-in-law. The colors are pretty, the decorative stitching is lovely and the short length is perfect. It was just what she wanted, and she feels very special when she gets dressed for bed. And, your shipping time was awesome--I ordered it after ordering a different set from (Prime) and your order still arrived first. Thank you! You made an old lady and her caregivers very happy!
Sarah D."     5 star review9/4/2018
you made my purchases and returns very easy and I was impressed with the ease you made them, and the return of the replacement order was also ver smooth Thank You
Valerie B."     5 star review9/3/2018
I am a man who called to purchase panties. Amber was very polite, helpful and non-judgemental. She helped me find the color panty that I was looking for and was very professional throughout the sale. Thanks Amber!
Mike B."     5 star review9/1/2018
I am pleased with the help of your sales staff took the time that was needed to place the order. order came days early with no problems. I have been buying here 4 10yrs. no problems I recommend herroom to other men who prefer to wear womens lingerie they have a great selection why look else wear?
Earl L."     5 star review9/1/2018
Erin A took the time to find information on my return for me. She was pleasant and professional.
Joyce T."     4 star review8/31/2018
I messed up on a order and I called and they took care of it.Thank-you
Rhonda D."     5 star review8/31/2018
Brittany was excellent in helping me out with a return order. She was professional, quick in resolving the problem.
Rinna S."     4 star review8/31/2018
Amber could not have been more helpful. I received the wrong items. She has been helpful in correcting the problem.
Sally B."     4 star review8/31/2018
Catherine is a great professional with a wonderful personality. She listens, understands, knows the answers and kind. Thank you so much for such a pleasant experience.
Svetlana K."     5 star review8/31/2018
I have always been happy with every order that I have received from HerRoom. Thanks!
Kathy M."     5 star review8/30/2018
Amber took prompt effective action to resolve my issue. And she was cheerful and polite as she did so.
Michael P."     5 star review8/30/2018
Although I have not received my order yet, I have always been pleased with HerRoom products! My concern/question was related to a possible return.
Gloria H."     4 star review8/29/2018
Amber solved my issue with the correct information. I purchased a gift for my daughter and we have been very apprehensive about it. This is our first time using this company. Amber got the tracking right and my wife is now relaxing about our choice.
Harris W."     5 star review8/29/2018
I'm a first time customer and I was very happy with your representative who helped me with my order. Will definitely return.
Karan B."     5 star review8/29/2018
I am pleased so far with your services .. I am hoping that everything will work out with the same results. Thank you for all of your help up to now. If all goes well I will be back to shop again One suggestion would be to make it easier to put in coupon codes so this problem doesn't happen again.
Deborah M."     4 star review8/28/2018
I had problems with your return website and your customer service personnel were great.
Susan M."     5 star review8/28/2018
I have been shopping at Herroom for quite some time. Not only for myself but for my daughters as well I have always been satisfied with my purchase. Every representative that I spoke to always try to fit my needs and I truly appreciate that . Long time satisfied customer
Joan D."     5 star review8/28/2018
Thank you for you patience in dealing with a confusing refund!! You have treated us more than fairly.
LuAnne E."     5 star review8/28/2018
She helped to solve my issue quickly and easily. She was pleasant and caring.
Joanne D."     5 star review8/28/2018
Very clear and pleasant speaking tone. Immediately knew how to fix my problem and had the information I needed right away. Very quick, from the first ring to ending the call, only took a few minutes. I had anticipated on it being a much more exhausting task but it was quite the opposite!
Stephanie D."     5 star review8/28/2018
Erin was most helpful. Took care of address change and splitting order. I appreciated her personal attention to customer service.
Bruce C."     5 star review8/28/2018
Very pleasant on the phone. Resolved my issue quickly. Seems you’ve got a great employee!
John B."     5 star review8/28/2018
I’ll be getting back in touch to repurchase bras...I really need them.😊
Rebecca O."     5 star review8/28/2018
Lorena was very Knowledgeable, quick, understanding. Offered followup assistance if needed. made this return easy. I had problems completing my return. she emailed me the required label and the entire resolution/call took less than 3/4 minutes. great customer service.
Wilma S."     5 star review8/27/2018
Your customer service person was great. HOWEVER, I tried to do a live chat and could not find a submit button on the chat site. Outlook uses Bing as its search. Is that a problem. I could see the agent - see what she wrote but could not respond. Very frustrating.
Linda O."     4 star review8/27/2018
She took care of finalizing a problem I've had with an order from July. Thanks so much.
Jodi O."     4 star review8/27/2018
i am 86 years old and the gal I think was Amber was just lovely. I have had to return some things because of the size and could not get a return sticker on line. She took care of me very well. Thank you
Helene E."     5 star review8/27/2018
You made up for some really bad customer service experiences I have had to deal with in the last week. Thank you so much!
Rhonda M."     5 star review8/27/2018
Your Company is the best in price, quality, quantity, and delivery! We will shopping many more times in the future!
Joe T."     5 star review8/27/2018
Looking forward to receiving my products. I have been waiting a while, but that’s ok! I am sure they will be nice!
Connie S."     4 star review8/27/2018
So disappointed that I was not able to get my Rhonda Sheer lingerie. Rhonda needs to step up & remake this product.
Ruth H."     3 star review8/27/2018
Very easy. Amber was very helpful. I am not one to return stuff.
Bea B."     5 star review8/27/2018
Perfect interaction, easy cancellation. I am so excited to have found this site! Such an incredible wealth of information! I really needed this! I can't thank you enough Tomima and!
Ivanka S."     5 star review8/27/2018
Amber listened and helped solve my problem of making an exchange.
Sandra V."     5 star review8/27/2018
You lost our order in the mail, and it took two calls to receive an approved refund. You might look into this matter.
Mark P."     3 star review8/26/2018
Amber was very helpful, explained the Return Process and told me when to expect an email regarding the return. She also said she would reiterate that the return was due to a defect in the merchandise as I had not pointed out the specific defect in my return paper work. A+ transaction.
Mart-Joy V."     4 star review8/25/2018
all good. answered all my questions in a timely fashion.
Ellen N."     4 star review8/25/2018
I needed to change my order and Windy made it easy and fast. It is nice to chat with someone who understands customers wishes, BYW this is the second time I have chatted with Windy. This person is a great asset to you.
Sue J."     5 star review8/25/2018
Flor was very pleasant and explained there could be up to a week delay in the final processing of my return. So she couldn't really answer my question other than I had to wait until next Friday to see if the full return had processed as a refund, which is what my question was about because the email I received concerning my return showed all but one of the items had been processed.
Melodye G."     4 star review8/24/2018
I've had great customer service. Called once to discuss different bra styles and then to ask about returns. Will definitely shop here again.
Barbara T."     5 star review8/24/2018
Vannessa was polite, professional and answered my question quickly and thoroughly.
Charmaine B."     5 star review8/24/2018
Erina was able to understand the issue quickly and allowed me to follow up directly with her. She came through with resolved the problem with efficiency and grace. I have gone to the same store to buy my bras for decades; they have recently closed. If this is an indication of how your company treats their customers - I am relieved to find you! Many many thanks to Erina!!
Rita C."     5 star review8/24/2018
I had a problem trying to do my return on line. I did what it told me to do but I could not get it to work for me, but I called Customer Service & talked with Catherine & she very quickly got it all taken care of for me! She was great.
Gail B."     4 star review8/24/2018
So far I haven't had any problems the customer service reps or shipment
Gwendolyn L."     5 star review8/24/2018
I was having a problem with panty sizing and Amber was very helpful in helping me select the right size.
Jennifer H."     5 star review8/24/2018
I dont really have a suggestion, maybe I do, I want to give your company a 5 star rating. I absolutely LOVE my purchase. I have for years been uncomfortable in bras I have bought in local stores. I was very uncertain about ordering something I cant try on first. I am blown away. The bras fit and they are comfortable and do not irritate my skin. Thank you Herroom for my great comfort ❤ Sincerely Your Very happy New customer
Suzanne K."     5 star review8/23/2018
They understood about my surgery and forgetting to return my purchase. Gave me an exchange as a courtesy. I was very happy with your service.
Linda P."     5 star review8/23/2018
Aida H."     5 star review8/23/2018
I was disappointed to return my bra as I had a great experience with your team thus far. I look forward to a wonderful relationship with Herroom..glad I found you.
Linda B."     4 star review8/23/2018
I just realized that I hadn't returned two of the four bras that I had bought for my stepdaughter, and that the purchase was over a month ago. I thought that I'd be stuck with these two bras that didn't fit her, but Erina came to my rescue and told me that I could still return them. I am so relieved-they were very expensive and I had bought two in each size, hoping that one of the sizes would work. (Which they did!) I've had a lot of medical stuff going on, and had completely forgotten to return the two that didn't fit her. Thank you so much to Erina-she really saved the day! I'll be a return customer for sure-not only because you have a great website with so much to choose from, but because of my awesome experience today with Erina's help!
Judy G."     5 star review8/23/2018
I purchased a bra on line and before it even arrived I received an email saying that the same bra was on sale. I contacted customer service and she indicated I could be refunded the difference in what I paid and the sale price. Thank you!
Susan M."     5 star review8/23/2018
I am very pleased. Thank you for the prompt phone call back to me.
Tiffiney K."     4 star review8/23/2018
as always sales person Very helpful friendly and took the time that was needed! this is why I call in my order ! this is why I buy from her room and have for almost 10yrs. glad I found you! your treated like a valued customer. Thank You!
Earl L."     5 star review8/23/2018
Erin was great. She was knowledgeable. She took the time to explain the sizing chart and walked me through the process of exchanging the bras I received for the correct size.
Vickie J."     5 star review8/23/2018
I am almost computer illiterate LOL. It is very nice to be able to talk to a real person and order something that I need, rather than have to do it online. I am old and never really learned how to use a computer. I appreciate being able to talk to a live person and making my order. And she was very nice, and very patient with me. I will order again in the future I'm sure. Thank you.
Penny B."     5 star review8/23/2018
She was nice and courteous!! Very polite, cancelled a order that was backordered and would not be in until October or after! So i went back and ordered some thing else that was in stock! Thanks
Layne B."     4 star review8/23/2018
Customer service rep was pleasant and very helpful!
Rochelle R."     5 star review8/22/2018
Flor was very helpful and patient. I will definitely order from Her Room again. Thanks
Eileen M."     5 star review8/22/2018
I didn't get the representative's name, but she was very patient and helpful. I had called to find out where my replacement bra was. I explained the situation to her, but I was unfortunately describing the wrong bra! She picked up on that and carefully described the bra that I had requested a replacement for. I was then able to see that I had gotten the description wrong. We straightened it all out, and she then implemented the exchange. She's a pro.
Laura H."     5 star review8/22/2018
Amber was amazing! Super helpful and friendly! Thank you so incredibly much Amber for your help!
Jenn R."     5 star review8/21/2018
HerRoom was a great shopping for Rhonda Shear bras. The one style I was looking for. I was also able to add a bra after placing an order I appreciate that! Thank you so much!
Jean Marie B."     5 star review8/21/2018
Amber handle our problem quickly and provided a great solution. My family will look forward to shopping with Herroom in the future. You have an asset on the phone.
Harris W."     5 star review8/21/2018
I think it was a little odd that I couldn't arrange a return of a few items online, but the person on the phone was pleasant and helpful.
Shelly R."     4 star review8/21/2018
I received a package from HerRoom, that I Did Not order, my credit card was hacked! I stopped payment, wanted to return the package which was not opened! Catherine, customer service was most helpful, made this entire process very! Will be returning package to usps tomorrow am! Great service! Thank you so much!
Jacqueline F."     5 star review8/21/2018
Good customer service, Amber help with no problems. She's very nice. I appreciate the time she help me with. Thank Amber keep up the good work.
Adrianne M."     5 star review8/21/2018
I was sent the wrong size so I called your customer relations and they told me to take a picture of the bra with the wrong size and send it to them and they would send me a free return label. Awaiting the free return label.
Louise L."     5 star review8/21/2018
The whole thing is a bit weird, however. I had these items shipped to a relative in Texas as I live in Canada. I was not even aware they arrived. I am glad however it is returned because I think I ordered everything too large. Best C PS I will order again from your company as I like your products and you are easy to deal with.
Christine Y."     5 star review8/21/2018
Windy was great i could not finish due to my having to leave for work; therefore, i will call today and i am putting merchandise in the mail.
Rose B."     3 star review8/21/2018
Customer service rep was VERY helpful. I was frustrated that i tried to do an exchange on the website & it had an error message. So i had to call instead. But customer service handled it well. Thank you
Laura L."     4 star review8/20/2018
Amber was very helpful! She’s definitely good at her job!
Donna B."     5 star review8/20/2018
I was 8 cents away from free shipping and didn't want to make the purchase without it. Your agent granted me free shipping and made the sale. Thanks.
Lauren B."     4 star review8/20/2018
Amber was great--courteous, efficient, and she solved the problem!
Nancy B."     5 star review8/20/2018
Knowledgeable, could teach the class in Customer Service.
Donna M."     5 star review8/20/2018
Someone picked up on the fact that my order was placed twice and called me. Saved me a return and I appreciate this so much. Good service.
Lucretia M."     5 star review8/20/2018
Amber was extremely helpful and went out of her way to help me.
Camille G."     5 star review8/20/2018
Outstanding customer service and very patient with me.
Linda B."     5 star review8/20/2018
So far everything is just fine. Today, 8/20/2018, sent back six bras , 672P, UPS insured. Instructions for returns very smooth and simple. Have already reordered replacements. Communications with HerRoom are exceptional. Thanks so much.....
SYLVIA B."     5 star review8/20/2018
My question about my bill was quickly & accurately answered....
Geraldine D."     4 star review8/20/2018
Service rep was great once we were connected. However, I was on hold for too long waiting for someone to take my call. Also, there was a lot of background chatter and laughing (a man's voice) which made it difficult to hear my rep.
Diane R."     3 star review8/20/2018
Your customer service employee was awesome!......
Alethia C."     5 star review8/20/2018
The customer service rep was very helpful and polite, thank you!
Melissa R."     5 star review8/20/2018
I love dealing with Her room representative
Irina K."     5 star review8/20/2018
Catherine handled my issue immediately. What a pleasure!
Kimberly W."     5 star review8/20/2018
Very satisfied with service. Fast and efficient. Thank you!
Judy S."     5 star review8/20/2018
The first chat person didn't not describe as plainly as the second, just where to find where I could find a return address label. She was very good.
Helen I."     4 star review8/20/2018
According to the tracking process and number, my order could not be located. As your e-mail to me on the order stated the order had shipped, after days of the same message from UPS/USPS, I finally called your office. My situation was quickly and satisfactorily explained to me. Thanks.
Joyce T."     4 star review8/18/2018
good service, knowledgeable staff, but poor phone connection. voice was breaking up and hard to understand due to connection. maybe it was a one time thing.
Joseph T."     4 star review8/18/2018
The online chat person was very knowledgeable and helpful and got right to the point without unnecessary chitchat.
Jacalyn S."     5 star review8/18/2018
Just print so small, I had difficulty but Wendy was patient and retold me what to do.
Sondra L."     3 star review8/18/2018
The customer service rep I spoke with was excellent however I am disappointed that I have to wait until late August to get my exchange order, that is over a month
Roseann I."     4 star review8/17/2018
Amber was very pleasant and addressed my question quickly and to my satisfaction. Thank you.
Erin H."     5 star review8/17/2018
I very much appreciate your courteous, no-hassle way of making it easy to try on a variety of styles in a relaxed at-home setting. This is especially important for those of us who wear hard-to-find sizes, which can make shopping in a department store or lingerie boutique really stressful and confusing. I have often come home with something I end up not liking, because the saleswoman put so much energy into fitting me that I felt I had to buy something, even though nothing was entirely right for me. I love that you carry such a wide range of everyday and luxury lines, and that you make shopping such a pleasant experience.
James W."     5 star review8/17/2018
Very helpful with the process and customer service was great
Oliver J."     5 star review8/17/2018
She was very prompt with handling my question/ concern!
Patricia W."     5 star review8/17/2018
Britney was prompt and helpful, she took care of my concern with no problems.
Renee L."     5 star review8/17/2018
Amber was a tremendous help in straightening out a problem. I didn't have a long wait time and I easily understood all that she explained. I'm thrilled to receive such great customer service!
Janet B."     5 star review8/17/2018
couldn't get my order through ..rejected my debit card but you put it through for me...thanks
Gregory P."     4 star review8/17/2018
Spoke with a great adviser today, who was willing to definitely help and she did!
Jennifer P."     5 star review8/17/2018
Your customer service representative assisted in cancelling my order and replacing it with the product that I originally desired is greatly appreciated. Thank you for prompt and courteous handling of everything!
Carol H."     5 star review8/16/2018
Excellent Customer service!! I love HerRoom.
Gloria B."     5 star review8/16/2018
Catherine was super friendly and was very helpful today. She is a great customer service rep, and is doing an outstanding job.
John P."     5 star review8/16/2018
Catherine was delightful. Talked me through the return and made sure everything was filled in. It's wonderful to be able to talk to a real person. Thank you for making my life a little less stressful.
Carmen S."     5 star review8/16/2018
im a man buying panties,had questions,she was helpful thanks
Jerry S."     5 star review8/16/2018
The customer service rep was patient and helped me go through all the questions I had. She was very helpful and courteous.
Mary T."     5 star review8/16/2018
Representative was extremely cordial, understood the reason for return. Outstanding customer service! Thank you
Dolores L."     5 star review8/16/2018
I needed a zip front compression bra to wear after a lumpectomy procedure. She was very helpful and explained which bra would work best for me. She was very nice & I really appreciate her help!
Renee S."     5 star review8/16/2018
Catherine was very nice and super helpful! She was courteous, kind provided fantastic customer service! Thank you!!
Bridgett E."     5 star review8/16/2018
I just called to check on my order. The rep told me where it was and said I would receive tracking info .
Susan R."     5 star review8/16/2018
My rep was professional and helped me to expedite my shipment
Rene A."     5 star review8/15/2018
Twice I have called and spoken with two different ladies on two different occasions and they were both amazing. They went out of their way to be sure what I was ordering was in stock and would be escalated shipping to arrive before I left on a trip. The first time I ordered a shaper and she had to call several places and found it in Canada and had it sent directly to me from them. Your customer service personnel are the best.
Angela K."     5 star review8/15/2018
Catherine was great. As a man buying panties, she was kind and understanding. Made me feel comfortable. Thanks Catherine!
Peter M."     5 star review8/15/2018
I didn't realize I had a limit on the time frame for returning/reordering. I gratefully appreciate the exception to the rule. I will recommend you to others.
Sondra V."     5 star review8/15/2018
Dealt with customer service x2. Great service both times! I'll def be back!
Patricia B."     5 star review8/15/2018
Amber was efficient, professional and handled my issue with top priority. I will definitely be back. She made my negative experience a positive one. We need more associates like amber! Thank you!
Tracy H."     4 star review8/15/2018
I spoke with a very pleasant, informed rep.... made doing business a pleasure!
A. P."     5 star review8/15/2018
I just had a question about the return and she answered it promptly. Thanks!
Mary L."     4 star review8/15/2018
She did a great job with accommodating my needs! Thank you Catherine ! Great customer service
Jenna C."     5 star review8/15/2018
I appreciate your vast selection of bras and am grateful for the clear instructions to make returns as it is taking a few orders and returns to get just what I want. I had strayed away from ordering online but less and less brick and mortar stores are fully stocking sizes. Working to get what fits the best. Thank you Catherine for being helpful when I called.
Mindy S."     5 star review8/15/2018
Professional, quick handling of issue, all about the customer.
Karen Z."     5 star review8/14/2018
Truly is exceptional customer service when an associate can resolve an issue with one telephone call. I have been shopping on your site for years! Returns are a breeze and it sure beats travelling to a store! Thank you!
Virginia C."     5 star review8/14/2018
Catherine made the process for requesting an exchange for a different size VERY easy. It is rare these days to call customer service for something like an exchange and be off the phone in less than 2minutes. Thank you!
Jane D."     5 star review8/14/2018
Representative provided further explanation concerning refund. All resolved. Thank you.
Tara E."     4 star review8/14/2018
I was making an exchange on your site and twice it wouldn't go through, so made a call to customer service and in less than 5 minutes had it all sewn up and went on my merry way. Thank you!
Patricia B."     4 star review8/14/2018
Thank you helping with my return. It was painless and easy.
Jean M."     5 star review8/14/2018
The answer was regrettable in as much I really wanted the merchandise (I've been looking for these Miss Elaine cotton gowns for the last several years). BUT, the charge will be returned to my credit card.
Elizabeth K."     3 star review8/13/2018
It was a great help to discuss questions and to get advice on the telephone.
Elizabeth K."     5 star review8/13/2018
Very helpful....she understood the issue and was easy to work with to resolve it. Wonderful to work with someone who grasp the problem and was able to resolve the issue quickly, efficiently and very pleasantly.
Sharon R."     5 star review8/13/2018
Catherine was very helpful in getting me a exchange label. Will mail my swimsuit back for an exchange. Hoping to get my replacement swimsuit in a timely matter after you receive mine. Thank you.
Mary E."     4 star review8/13/2018
I spoke with Nessa to who was excellent in helping me explain my order to me. She was very very pleasant, courteous, explained in a way I could understand and then she placed a new order for me. You've got a wonderful representative to your company! I would ask for her to ANY of my questions in the future. PS I do love the bras I ordered from my first order and will continue to order from Herroom!
Arleen R."     5 star review8/13/2018
The problem I was having, has been taken care of and I am very satisfied. Thank you.
Stacey H."     5 star review8/13/2018
I placed one order this a.m. and then placed another about 1/2 hour later. I called customer service to see if they could just add my second order to the first one, so I wouldn't have to pay another shipping charge. I'm retired and have to watch my pennies. The lady I spoke with (Bridget) waived the shipping charge on my second order. Thank you so much!
Mary Ann K."     5 star review8/13/2018
First time ordering. Customer service rep was very helpful and made sure I understood everything related to my return
Deborah B."     5 star review8/13/2018
You listened to my predicament, made a fair decision & made me a happy camper. 😊
Joanne R."     5 star review8/13/2018
I could not login because I could not remember my pass word . She quickly gave me a code and I signed on .no more problem.
Patricia N."     5 star review8/13/2018
Wonderful to work with professionals who are so personable. Thank you
Sharon R."     5 star review8/13/2018
Called to cancel a bra that was on back order. The girl was VERY helpful. She was polite & nice. I love Her Room. I will be ordering again soon.
Anita H."     5 star review8/13/2018
The associate was very courteous and professional!! BUT—the hold music was an abomination.
Teresa I."     4 star review8/13/2018
It was a pretty straight forward issue. Something was missing as part of my order and I was told you all would send it to me. She was very nice and helpful. I am satisfied assuming I receive what we spoke of. Thank you.
Scot M."     4 star review8/13/2018
My order was stuck in my local P. O. from 7/28 until - apparently the rep. did another trace- & it finally arrived on 8/10. The problem was a UPS/Post Office mix-up of some kind. I'm glad it was worked out.
Sandra N."     4 star review8/12/2018
I had not seen any instructions to include the manifest ticket in the return package. I did think to put in the order number and RMA# on a piece of paper in the package. Your rep assured me this was sufficient. The instructions for the manifest ticket where not on the original page for returns. All in all, a pleasant person and a satisfactory answer.
Linda C."     4 star review8/11/2018
Very pleasant, professional, articulate, and polite young woman.
Linda G."     5 star review8/10/2018
First time ordering with you. Head to return an item I ordered in error. Representative was very helpful and professional.
Ana M."     5 star review8/10/2018
She understood my problem and solved it. Thats all I can ask for
Sydelle T."     5 star review8/10/2018
Amber was Cheerful and helpful, very satisfied. Thanks
Leah D."     5 star review8/9/2018
The call was quick, the representative was professional and polite and answered all questions I had.
Rebecca H."     5 star review8/9/2018
The representative provided detailed delivery information and I found my package at the far end of my front porch, nowhere near the front door, where packages normally are delivered.
Dr. Carol B."     5 star review8/9/2018
Fantastic people. Had a confusion on order and they made sure it was right. So important with a big day coming up. Thank you
Ramona M."     5 star review8/9/2018
Nessa understood exactly what I wanted and I had my answer immediately.
Marcha K."     5 star review8/9/2018
Catherine took my order , she was very pleasant And I am hoping to do business with her again. Thank you
Allen E."     5 star review8/9/2018
Your representative Flor was courteous, prompt and helpful. I appreciate her assistance. I am quite confident the reimbursement to my credit card account will be made as promised by your agent. Thanks
Maria G."     4 star review8/9/2018
Rep was awesome at getting my order shipped
Jody M."     5 star review8/9/2018
Customer service representative was pleasant, and efficient. Thank you!
Toni B."     5 star review8/9/2018
I had forgotten what the charge was for and my question was answered beautifully by your customer service person. THANK YOU!
Virginia D."     4 star review8/9/2018
The representative, Catherine, provided the detailed delivery information that allowed me to find my package. It had been left in a corner of the porch that was far away from the front door. I did not even see the package there. Thanks to Catherine, I have my package!
Carol B."     5 star review8/9/2018
Your rep was EXTREMELY helpful despite my slow working brain!!! Thank you
Janis B."     5 star review8/9/2018
I only needed to make sure that the email I sent with my correct billing information had been received and that my order was on its way. It wasn't a big deal. But the agent was quick with the answer and polite. That's really all you need for good customer service. The other reason I use Her Room is because of the sheer amount of products. Thanks.
Sonya H."     5 star review8/9/2018
The phone representative kept trying to verify my order by asking me to identify the item code, item name, or item price. Since this is a back order and was placed weeks ago, I didn't have that info at my fingertips and asked if I could verify by gift recipient name and address, after which it was quickly resolved. Otherwise, a good experience.
Linda W."     4 star review8/9/2018
customer service was very helpful with the information I needed to find why tracking said the package was delivered and I haven't gotten it yet!
Constance R."     5 star review8/8/2018
Easy process. Thank you. I'll be back.
Mary G."     5 star review8/8/2018
Amber was very pleasant, knowledgeable & professional
Donna D."     5 star review8/8/2018
As I said to your representative, I so appreciate your reassuring email to let me know about the part of my order that has had an additional delay. Your attention to this encourages me to consider future purchases with your company. I also appreciate the cheerful tone of a kind person on the other end of the phone!
Susan W."     5 star review8/8/2018
Vanessa was professional and answered my questions concerning an exchange with speed and accuracy. I was informed she would release the exchange and the correct item would be sent. The only suggestion would be that tags and items are checked to be the same and correct before shipping out an order. The item first send was marked 1X and the tag was marked 2X. The item was a true 1X and I ordered a 2X. Thanks Gretchen
Gretchen S."     4 star review8/8/2018
Conversation was quick and easy!!
Kay A."     5 star review8/8/2018
I needed to return part of my purchase, and it was truly hassle free! I just put the return label on and handed the box to my mail carrier! So easy! Thank you!
Lianna J."     5 star review8/8/2018
Very helpful in choosing the right size. Answered my questions quickly and efficiently
Janice L."     5 star review8/8/2018
Nice bras I do have to return one it didn’t fit as well I bought two to try
Corrie M."     4 star review8/8/2018
I had a question about the return policy given that I had free returns as a result of my purchase. The customer service rep was very helpful in encouraging me to start an online return so that I could be sure the return would be processed promptly.
Christine C."     4 star review8/8/2018
Thank you so much for changing my order. You made it simple.
Karen P."     5 star review8/7/2018
I called yesterday and waited for 5 min before I just hung up. And today I got answer in 20 seconds! She was quick and helped me figure out my issue. Super nice and professional.
Hannah T."     4 star review8/7/2018
My first experience with Ms. Salas was a little disappointing as she put it all on USPS. I understand no one knows what happens but unfortunately USPS said without insurance this is useless and unfortunately then it became your issue again. I guess making several calls to find out what happened is part of it just wished I could have saved the time. Second caller just credited me back so it was much easier. I will hope to order from here again and now that I know how you ship, I will make sure my usps address is clear to all. Thanks
Kelly H."     4 star review8/7/2018
I received very prompt and courteous service. Thank you!
Sibylle H."     5 star review8/7/2018
great experience for first time customer. had trouble placing order, and your customer service end placed manually with me on the phone. will definitely be ordering again in near future.
Mary Ann S."     5 star review8/7/2018
I had ordered 3 bras. They all fit, but one of them had a defect--a strange indentation in one of the cups. That indentation was not present in the other cup, or in the second bra of that style I had ordered. I wanted to exchange the defective bra for another one in the same size and color. The representative asked me to send photos of the defect and said that I would be sent a label to ship the defective bra back to Herroom, and then an exchange would be activated. The call went very well, and the solution was very reasonable.
Laura H."     4 star review8/7/2018
Your personnel, both on chat and telephone were very helpful, polite, and patient. They were extremely courteous and such a pleasure to deal with.
Sue N."     4 star review8/7/2018
I needed a little help with a return. Amber helped me a lot. She was understanding, patient and great. I also asked for advice on another Glamorise bra that I had. She helped me with that also. Thanks Amber
Catherine F."     5 star review8/7/2018
The young lady was one of the best I’ve ever encountered When checking on or solving a problem. So nice and offered suggestions and followed thru making me most satisfied and happy. She needs a raise cause she has a tough job dealing with people who are not sometimes nice to her. Thank her again for me!! I wold love to name her here but I am old & memory is poor. Sorry, my dear, you are terrific!!!
Gerri M."     5 star review8/7/2018
Nessa was the best. Answered all my questions and provided me with additional information I was unaware of.and provided me with my options. It was almost like talking to a live person. Great representative or this company.
Valerie M."     5 star review8/7/2018
I can’t remember the lady’s name but she was very pleasant she took her time she searched for quite some time for me for a bra that might fit me we found quite a few then I’m gonna look into I would say she was trying to excellence
Janet C."     5 star review8/7/2018
Issue was taken care of quickly and flawlessly! Thank you!
Kari L."     5 star review8/6/2018
Very thoughtful young lady. Gave me all the information I needed and was quite helpful. Give her a HUG from me.
Sharon R."     5 star review8/6/2018
Shipment sent to Saratoga Springs but PO returned because of lack of more definite address. Person answering phone corrected the problem and indicated when the parcel is received back at HerRoom, they will resend. Thank you
Joan D."     4 star review8/6/2018
As long as I receive the free return shipping label and subsequently am sent the proper sized 44C bra I will be so pleased and recommend to all my friends.
Sue R."     4 star review8/6/2018
Amber was wonderful in helping me get my payment through. Great customer service!
Carolyn S."     5 star review8/6/2018
I ordered the wrong bra size, and wondered if my order is already on its way. amber said it is, gave good advice about what next steps i should take to get the one i meant to order, and also about how the bra might fit because it's the wrong band size; therefore, it would be best to initiate an exchange when it gets to my house.
Erica K."     5 star review8/6/2018
Dear Reader: I needed help and received it; I'm elderly and lost a lot of weight, I didn't know how to buy a bra, and was assisted (my breast are kissing), told which to buy, and they were on sale --Thank You
Martha H."     5 star review8/6/2018
Response time was instant and the rep was able to assist me.
Elizabeth H."     3 star review8/6/2018
She was very helpful, letting me know that it was no longer in Dallas, and now in California.
Collete S."     4 star review8/6/2018
She help with info on bras that keep bra straps from slipping on my shoulders such as the leotard style bra
Carol G."     5 star review8/6/2018
Brittanie was very helpful and courteous. Thank you!
Susan S."     4 star review8/6/2018
I have been trying to get a proper answer for my return for a month with emailing and have only gotten a general response I finally had a week day off to call about this problem and Amber was the first and only person who helped me with my return. Thank you Amber - you are of great value.
Nancy H."     4 star review8/6/2018
Flor was very helpful and sweet. I think my order is okay. Had to reorder some items. A great experience! Thanks
Patricia N."     5 star review8/6/2018
Your customer service representative was great! I'm disappointed that you will not be including a laundry bag with my order. I use it all the time. If you should have some in your warehouse please include one. Thank you, Susan
Susan F."     4 star review8/6/2018
I called to cancel one of my orders placed last night and was told it already shipped and that I will have to mail it back
Bonnie P."     3 star review8/6/2018
She assisted me with a pleasant attitude, answered all of my questions, and provided me with the the information I needed to complete my transaction.
Kamela K."     5 star review8/4/2018
I realized after placing my order that I ordered wrong size. This personal took care of it right a way and sent an email correcting my mistake. Great service. Will be ordering more. Thanks.
Irene S."     5 star review8/4/2018
When I entered my new password, I lost the chat window before I got to thank your agent who helped me - she was great and knew exactly how to help me! Hoping this different size "tweak" works now - I'm anxious to get these new longline bras! Thanks again!
Christine T."     5 star review8/4/2018
my experience with your company is a good one. I purchased two bras that I am very satisfied with, except I did not need a third bra. That is why I cancelled it.
Steven S."     5 star review8/3/2018
She was very professional and clear in her directions. Thank you.
Aneta F."     5 star review8/3/2018
Amber did an outstanding job helping me resolve a problem on my first order. A+!
Patrick M."     5 star review8/3/2018
Easy to order, fast shipping, great products.
Mildred D."     5 star review8/3/2018
I’m not good on computers and really appreciated access to a phone number and the ability to talk with a representative. Thanks so much!
Abby L."     5 star review8/3/2018
The associate was great she was able to correct my error on the order I had just placed. I must say I was impresed with your service. Thank you so much!
Sam O."     5 star review8/3/2018
Very pleasant experience. Thank you. Look forward to receiving the 2 bras I ordered!
Daiva B."     5 star review8/3/2018
She did a great job helping me to understand my refund amount and was very patient as I rectified the numbers on my end.
Karen D."     5 star review8/3/2018
Easiest transaction EVER! Thank you so much for the great service.
Sharon B."     5 star review8/3/2018
Great product, always fits perfectly. HerRoom is my one stop shopping. Great customer service too!
Kathleen G."     5 star review8/2/2018
The customer service representative was great, easily understandable and quick to answer my question. Thank you!
Caitlin H."     5 star review8/2/2018
I was very pleased with the help I got. I really loved the product I purchase but it did not fit. I was advised you have a video to help me know my bra size. I will be on your website soon to get my bra size and purchase bra's I am in desperate need of bra's!
Delores M."     5 star review8/2/2018
She was helpful, efficient and supportive in understanding why the bra didn't work, as well as sending me other bra brands that might work well for me.
Julie P."     5 star review8/2/2018
Rosie was able to ammend my order of Vanity Fair slips for my Granddaughter. I mistakenly ordered the wrong size and with no way to edit the order I immediately called you. This saved much time and inconvenience with receiving the wrong items. Thank you, Rosie!
Joan C."     5 star review8/2/2018
Flor did the best anyone can do with my situation of a vanishing package, and was very pleasant in the process.
Jan T."     5 star review8/2/2018
I had returned my purchase of three mastectomy bras then after I mailed them, I changed my mind. I called the customer service number and explained this. She said that she would send a note to returns and follow-up. She sent me an e-mail update that the package had not yet returned. Today, she phoned to tell me that my package had been shipped back to me. She was courteous and professional and I very much appreciate your customer service. Great job!
Susan B."     5 star review8/2/2018
Was extremely disappointed to learn that, once again, my order has been delayed. However, Roemary checked to see if it was in stock in another size that could be shipped immediately, and it was. I appreciate her checking and getting the size in stock processed to me. Rosemary was very nice to deal with.
Shelton D."     4 star review8/1/2018
Lorena was very pleasant to talk to. She listened to my problem and was very helpful in correcting my mistake. I really appreciated her professionalism.
Jeanne E."     5 star review8/1/2018
The person who helped me was very efficient and very polite. Thank you!
Navin S."     5 star review8/1/2018
Amber was very efficient in providing me the info to return the items.
Joe D."     5 star review8/1/2018
Love your product selection and service so far, Thank you!!
Justine H."     5 star review8/1/2018
My problem was resolved immediately! I'll continue to shop at your site Thank you Larisa
Larisa Z."     5 star review8/1/2018
Vanessa was extremely patient and helpful. I had some confusion because one of the items I am returning was no longer available for exchange in the same size, color, and price. She helped me find a comparable item so that my new total charge equaled the same amount as my return. SHe was AWESOME!
Colleen H."     5 star review8/1/2018
Sales Rep added to my on- line order so it could all be mailed together. Great gal.
Mary G."     5 star review8/1/2018
All of my questions were answered promptly and I am very happy with the outcome. Thank you
Cleta B."     5 star review7/31/2018
Issue was resolved very quickly. Very happy with your service.
Susan D."     5 star review7/31/2018
Vincent L."     5 star review7/31/2018
Amber went out of her way to help me out. Thanks so much for having her available for customers.She navigates the computer perfectly! You couldn't find any one better!!!
B.E."     5 star review7/31/2018
Rosie was very competent and helpful and patient with my long explanation of the problem. When it required further investigation, she told me she would call me back. Rosie called not too long after and solved my problem, telling me exactly what they were going to do and how to proceed. I was very pleased it was resolved. It's good to know I can trust your excellent customer service. Thank you.
Joyce J."     5 star review7/31/2018
She was pleasant helpful and quickly found a solution.
Donna G."     5 star review7/31/2018
Amber was delightful. She was professional, clear, helpful and warm. Her customer service totally exceeded all my expectations. I'm so glad to be back shopping with HerRoom after a pause for a few years. You have a great selection, exchanges and returns are easy and free and your service is stellar! Thank you for making this process as easy and carefree as Zappos shoe shopping. Undies and shoes are both difficult to buy in stores with the limited selection, etc. Keep up the great work!
Gloria T."     5 star review7/31/2018
The girl I talked to was very nice and efficient with information on how to return an item.
Lori M."     5 star review7/31/2018
...I had a really great experience shopping on your site. My husband and I are about to celebrate our 5th anniversary and I wanted to get something new and a little racier than I would be comfortable buying.... I looked around at a couple other sites that were unpleasant and awkward. The sites were almost pornographic--maybe I was inadvertently sites for "professionals." Not only were the pictures awkward for me to look at but I had to wade through tons of lingerie I would never wear--a little too racy :) The search options were limited and hard to use. At one point I said to myself, "What's a married woman to do!?"... I found HerRoom... and was so pleased! Thanks for having a tasteful place to buy lingerie. Not only was it easy to find something I liked, but the search options were really helpful and I quickly narrowed my search. I picked out and paid for my items in less time than it took me to write this review! I was beginning to get discouraged and now I think I have something we will both really like. Thanks so much! I'll definitely be back.
Elizabeth S."     0 star review7/31/2018
Everything went very fine and very helpful!!! Thank you all!!
Arlene F."     5 star review7/30/2018
Brittany was very helpful even though the computer was balking. I appreciate her efforts. My return paperwork arrived speedily
Jill L."     5 star review7/30/2018
Made a return and new order very easy. Saved me from paying shipping three times (only 2). Very helpful.
Lori W."     5 star review7/30/2018
She knew her products! Fast and professional. Thank you!
Annie P."     5 star review7/30/2018