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Columbia Sportswear got its name from the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon, where this 70-year-old company was founded.  Columbia Sportswear was born in the Pacific Northwest, where a rugged, frontier attitude prevails.  The founding Boyle family, having fled the turmoil of Germany in 1938, settled in Portland and started the Columbia Hat Company, which later became Columbia Sportswear.  Their mission has always been to cater to those who love the outdoors, and over the decades has developed an impressive array of tech fabrics and constructions which help the outdoorsman and outdoorswoman to adapt to all kinds of weather conditions.  Whether you're into skiing, hiking, running, paddling, golfing, camping, climbing or riding, Columbia has the perfect protective gear for you.  In 2012, Columbia was named top innovator in Apparel Magazine, for their diverse fabrics (varying by style) that wick moisture, keep you cool and protected in hot weather, block the wind, repel water, discourage insects, reflect thermal heat from your own body -- and many more. Columbia has 4 classifications of tech wear:  Warm. Dry. Cool. Protected.  Based on a genuine love of the outdoors,  Columbia makes high-quality performance women's sportswear that protects you and keeps you comfortable in all kinds of weather.  You don't have to trek up Mount Everest to appreciate Columbia Sportswear's technologically advanced fabrics and insulations. Columbia Sportswear's women’s performance wear may also be worn in everyday life to keep you comfortable and protected from the elements.  Women's Columbia Sportswear for women has also been specially designed using attractive colors and features streamlined design that flatters a woman's curves, so you can be assured you'll look as great as you feel!