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Toffee Convertible T-Shirt Nursing Bra
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rating Size: 34G

This is a pretty, sturdy bra, but it's utterly useless as a nursing bra, which is what it's supposed to be. I can't fold the cup down enough to nurse. Unfortunately, I waited too long to return it (time gets away from you when you have a newborn) and so now I'm stuck with a bra that is too bulky to be a good normal bra and doesn't function at all as a nursing bra.

Cake Lingerie Response: Hi Tianna. We recommend you try the Dark Croissant Seamless Spacer Foam Nursing Bra. The Toffee Convertible T-Shirt Nursing Bra you purchased has thicker cups and may make it bit more difficult to fold down. Tianna from Boston, MA, USA

  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Age: 30s
  • Posted: October, 2014
rating Size: 32DD

Comfortable fit but didn't serve well as a nursing bra. It was difficult to get the molded cup to fold down to nurse. Will be exchanging it for a different bra. C from NJ
  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Age: 30s
  • Posted: July, 2014
rating Size: 34A

It is socomfortable!!! Submitted from
  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Posted: April, 2014
rating Size: 36B

This bra is definitely well made. The upper elastics and bottom band are excellent quality. It is supportive, though I am a small size (36B) so I don't know how well it works for larger women. My one issue though is that the the two wired cups actually meet up in the middle of the bra. Having the wires meet seems to make the bra lack stability in the front center. A from USA
  • Height: Petite (5'3" and under)
  • Age: 30s
  • Posted: March, 2014