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Why Buy Pure Style Girlfriends Lingerie?  
Wardrobe challenges? Pure Style Girlfriends is the answer. Their line of fashion tape, silicone adhesive bras, bra inserts and nipple concealers can give you a lift, even out breast size, enhance cleavage and make impossibly revealing dresses possible. It's no wonder these are red carpet favorites. Who needs surgery when you have Pure Style Girlfriends as your new BFF?

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Women don't have to have cosmetic surgery to look and feel their best. Confidence does not have to come from augmentation. Pure Style Girlfriends gives women a way to be naturally beautiful without plastic surgery. Their lingerie accessories collection features products that slip under your clothes, into your bra or stand alone to give you the boost that looks natural, gives a big lift and overall increases a woman's confidence. Whether it's a breast boost or a derriere enhancement, women can find their perfect lift with Pure Style Girlfriends bras and more.

Pure Style Girlfriends was started by Juliana Lutzi. Lutzi was CEO and founder of FIRE Solutions, the fastest growing woman-run company in America, but she soon had an epiphany. She realized all of the women around her were going through invasive procedures for beauty. Lutzi saw the health risks involved in the dangerous procedures, combined with the escalating price of beauty, and decided to make a difference. With Pure Style Girlfriends Lutzi is giving women the gift of feeling better about themselves without surgery.

The Gather The Girls Silicone Adhesive Bra is one of the most popular in the collection. The silicone strapless bra picks you up and brings you together. Do you remember when Jennifer Lopez wore that insanely low-cut dress a few years ago on the Red Carpet? No one knew how she wasn't flashing the world, but Pure Style Girlfriends has an answer. The Stay Put Double Sided Fashion Tape is perfect in times like these when you want to wear something to show off your bust. It's not only about the 'girls' either, the 'Pure Style Girlfriends Bump-A-Booty Padded Panty gives the booty a boost. The padded panties are made of smooth microfiber for a soft feel against the skin and a sleek appearance. Pure Style Girlfriends has been featured in hundreds of magazines and television shows including Vanity Fair, CBS, Fox and The Today Show. Pure Style Girlfriends recently made an appearance on Good Day LA in support of breast cancer research.'

Women with uneven breasts love Pure Style Girlfriends because it evens them out without being evident. Eighty percent of women have uneven breasts, so it is nothing uncommon. With different sizes of enhancement, The Bump-a-Cup, Jump-a-Cup and Bump & Jump-a-Cup can add realistic, seamless enhancement. Other women love the Smooth'em Nipple Concealers because they can be worn again and easily hide under any dress or fashion.

Pure Style Girlfriends promises to lift and boost you like never before. The idea to look and feel your very best can come with their products. Gravity is an enemy as women age, but bringing the perk back to the rack can be as easy as tape that lift breasts two inches or inserts that comfortably enhance the bust. Pure Style Girlfriends knows that beauty comes from the inside, from looking and feeling good. Women are not defined by their breasts, but they can sure define them with a little boost!

Pure Style Girlfriends