How To Put On A Bra

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: "Bra Fitting Secrets: How To Put On A Bra" Length: 1:55

You’ve put your bra on, but have you adjusted your breast tissue? Every woman who’s a B cup size or larger needs to do this.

The left side shows our model with no adjustment. The right side shows the difference a properly adjusted bra can make.

Your bra will fit better, you’ll be more comfortable and you’ll look your best all day.

Adjusting your breast is a quick way to ensure all your breast tissue gets into your bra, your apex lines up with the apex of your bra cup, and your upper breast tissue is optimized – especially if you’re wearing a push-up bra.

The first method is to simply stoop forward, and jiggle your bra to make sure your breasts fall down into your cups. Before standing up, look to make sure your nipple is in the center of the cup, then stand up.

The final step is smoothing - take your index fingers and run them along the inside top edges of your bra cups . This removes any minor double-breast effect.

Proper alignment and adjustment are key to a providing a good fit, improving comfort and making your bustline look its best.