Body Wrap All Inclusive Underwire Bodysuit with Long Legs 44300 Reviews

All Inclusive Underwire Bodysuit with Long Legs
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rating Size: XL

Time takes its toll on everyone, even aged dancers. Thus, I decided I needed some help and after working this on, it is great. Just a nice close fit and everything seems to fall into place. Linda from Lakewood, CA
  • Age: 50s
  • Posted: August, 2008
rating Size: L

I love this item and I want to buy more. I purchased it for a wedding and it was too long for the dress that I was originally going to wear. It also had less control and lifting in the tummy area than I had anticipated. The material was not as I expected and I initially was not sure about it. I decided to keep it for a few days and try it on with another dress that I had ordered. It was so comfortable that I decided that I could wear it all day on the day of the rehearsal dinner and flew in it as well. I am excited about wearing it again. It looks great under the dress I wore; nothing shows through from underneath. The legs don't show a binding mark where they end as some other products that I have purchased elsewhere have done in the past. All in all the control did the trick and I felt very pretty under a clingy dress. I would love to find out if it comes in a halter style. Again, I would love to buy more and I wouldn't have originally discovered it if it weren't for the wedding. The products also came quickly and included a return label for easy exchange. Although I decided to keep the garment, seeing the return label there and the ease of returning makes me want to do more business with the company. Thank you. Lisa Lisa from Annapolis, Maryland
  • Age: 40s
  • Posted: July, 2008
rating Size: xl

I was expecting something with a much more firm support. It doesn't seem to do much in the stomach area. It is very comfortable though. pam from albuquerque, nm, usa
  • Posted: May, 2008
rating Size: 2X

This the most comfortable bodyshaper I've ever purchased. My only complaint is it doesn't give enough support for a larger and older bustline. If Body Wrap could figure out away to add firmer fabric or additional support in the bust this is the only thing I would wear. Toni from California
  • Posted: May, 2008
rating Size: xl

this was okay- not great, but okay. the garment was comfortable, fit fine and provided good smoothing, but the bra wasn't as supportive as i would have liked and didn't work with my low v-neck dress. laura from boston
  • Posted: May, 2008
rating Size: L

This is a very comfortable garment. I wore it for an entire party and was never really aware of it, except that it made my cloths look better on me (I looked less bumpy). It wasn't difficult going to the bathroom because there is an opening in the crotch - just be careful. I'm really glad I bought this. I found out the one that is advertised on TV ends up being way more expensive when you actually go to pay for it than what they advertise. All in all, this was really worth the money. The delivery was timely also. Catherine from Falmouth, Maine, US
  • Posted: April, 2008
rating Size: 1X

I am very satisfied. The Body Wrap provides a nice slimming silhouette and is comfortable to wear. I wear a size 18 normally, when I opened the package and looked at the Body Wrap, it seemed so small. Put it went on without a problem, and the fabric kept me all smooth in my outfit. I never felt uncomfortable. I can't believe there is underwire, because I hate underwire and I never felt it. Straps are nice and wide - no digging into your shoulder. Tricia from NJ
  • Posted: April, 2008
rating Size: 3X

Very comfortable. I am very large and tall.. 6'1", 250 lbs and 44F bust. I had to really pull to get it on, but it works, and I am thrilled. The reviews on all of the items helped me pick the right garment for my body style. Cindy J from Toledo, OH USA
  • Posted: March, 2008
rating Size: s

Even though this garment is comfortable, I feel the tummy support is a let down. I am a small person with a good figure for my age but wanted firm stomach support as much for posture as anything else. A simple pair of Spanx has much more tummy support. Mary Jane from Bristol, VA
  • Posted: January, 2008
rating Size: s

I love this item - this is my second one. I purchased the nude color several years ago and now I got the black. This slimmer is Waaaayyyyyyy better then spanx - I've tried all their briefers and they just don't compare because don't hold you in the way bodywrap does (you look 1 size smaller). They're both pretty good at making the bumps look smooth but for slimming and smoothing this is the way to go. My only complaint about this particular briefer is that the opening in the panty is too small (this is why I didn't give it 5 stars) and you have to take it all the way down if you need to use the toilet. But I don't mind doing it for the awesome results! monica from New Jersey, United States
  • Posted: January, 2008
rating Size: s

I just love this perfect for me...and I just ordered another one in a different color.. Thanks for such a good product Susy from Bellflower CA USA
  • Posted: December, 2007
rating Size: S

Really the perfect underlayer for sheer, clingy dresses (think silk jersey). Easy to wear and very comfortable. Highly recommended!!! tina from kalamazoo, MI
  • Posted: October, 2007
Size: 5X

PLEASE, give us plus sizes in this fabulous garment. MM from New Orleans, LA
  • Posted: September, 2004
Size: M

This is THE perfect body suit! I have searched for something like this in just about every department store. This bodysuit combines all the features I wanted. The underwire provides shaping and support (and who doesn't need that). The bodysuit gives you a smooth appearance all over, not in just one area. The bike-shorts style slims the thighs and eliminates any panty lines. It has a split crotch for convenience. It also has a low back so you can even wear backless tops! I love this bodysuit so much, I ordered another in a different color. Yes, it is a little pricey, but well worth it since it is so versatile. Chir from Phoenix, AZ
  • Posted: April, 2004
rating Size: 2X

This is the PERFECT FOUNDATION GARMENT! ;-) I can't believe how comfortable and effective it is. I went on a search for something that would get rid of post-weight-loss-saggy-skin... and, here it is. It is worth every penny - the perfect undergarment makes even a cheap dress look like a million bucks. I'm saving up for another one! Thank you, Wacoal! Dorothy from Seattle, WA
  • Posted: June, 2003
Size: 3X

Looks great, but wish we could get it in plus sizes like 1x - 3x. Nell E from Dayton, OH
  • Posted: December, 2002