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Have questions about lingerie, bras, panties, sports bras, swimwear, shapewear, hosiery, activewear, plus-size socks, or more? Then you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got answers! Tomima Edmark, our founder, is an expert in these subjects and she has taken our most frequently asked questions and answered them in these posts. At HerRoom we make shopping for lingerie easy! 

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Bralettes Are Having Their Fashion Moment

  No matter which way you spell it, bralettes (or bralets) are more popular than ever. I see it in our sales and in numerous articles about fashion. So, what are they and why are they so popular? Slate Magazine describes them as "the underwire bra's kid sister."...

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Why Does My Bra Squeak?

  I sometimes get an SOS from women who think they have a unique and weird bra problem: their bra squeaks. Actually, this is not as unusual as you may think. If it's happened to you, I can tell you a little about the cause and what you can do about it. The...

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Is Your Daughter Ready for a Training Bra or Teen Bra?

 Buying her first bra is a rite of passage for a young girl and it can be filled with awkwardness and embarrassment or be a close bonding experience between mother and daughter. For my girls, the bra issue came up when mandatory gym classes began in school and...

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Mastectomy & Post-Surgery Bras

  I really feel for women undergoing a mastectomy and can't imagine how difficult it must be. Although you have bigger things to worry about, one thing you'll have to consider is needing completely different bras post-surgery. I know doctors often recommend...

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The New Way to Sleep: Nightlift Bras

  I've always carried sleep and leisure bras at HerRoom, but my buyers found a new brand of sleep bra that we're all very excited about. Nightlift was designed by Dr. Randal Haworth, a plastic surgeon who noticed that women who sleep in bras have firmer and...

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Pantone's 2016 Color of the Year is Two Colors

For 16 years, Pantone has been creating the Color of the Year and their selection affects design from clothing to home furnishing to cosmetics. Typically the chosen colors have been bold, like Radiant Orchid and Emerald. This year, pastel wins the day with not one,...

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When Is It Time For a New Bra?

You finally found the bra that fits just right and looks great and you wish it would last forever. It won't. Although caring for it properly may prolong the life of a bra, at some point it's time to toss it. You may be in denial, but if your bra has any of...

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Are You Blue? Trends in Lingerie Colors

Color has always been popular in lingerie and never more so than now.  If you're someone who's always been  'married' to basic colors like nude and black, now is the time to experiment. Manufacturers have become more and more mindful of runway color trends, offering...

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