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Have questions about lingerie, bras, panties, sports bras, swimwear, shapewear, hosiery, activewear, plus-size socks, or more? Then you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got answers! Tomima Edmark, our founder, is an expert in these subjects and she has taken our most frequently asked questions and answered them in these posts. At HerRoom we make shopping for lingerie easy! 

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How to Find a Good Sports Bra

The right sports bra can make or break your fitness goals. Learn how to find a good sports bra for every activity so you get the most out of your workouts!

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Top 7 Average Size Bras of 2018

Last week we discussed the Top 7 Full-Figured Bras of 2018, if you missed that post, please click here to read it. This week I'd like to focus on the Top 7 Average Size Bras of 2018. These are bras that are ideal for women with A, B, C, and D cup sizes. If your cup...

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Lingerie Lowdown: Finding Your Bra Size

How do you know you’re in the right bra? How do you find your bra size? How do you measure yourself for a bra? Can you measure your bra size without a tape measure? These are only a few of the many questions women ask when they’re shopping for a new bra. Relax, take a...

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How to Find the Best Body Shaper for You

Once upon a time shapewear was reserved for special events, but now women are wearing them every day to show off their figures to their best advantage. If you are considering adding shapewear to your wardrobe, then let me help you know How to Find the Best Body Shaper...

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Do You Have the Six Must-Have Bra Styles?

Do you own more than one type of bra? Many women don't and it can actually hold you back style-wise. Let's chat about the Six Must-Have Bra Styles that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe. As we go through this list I hope it will inspire you to round out your...

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“New” ThirdLove Half Cup Bra Sizes Are Nothing New

There has been a lot of press recently about the website ThirdLove and their claim to be the first company to create bras in half cup sizes. This claim, however, is simply dead wrong.  I have seen first-hand several attempts to market half cup bra sizes. Here is the...

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Buying Your Daughter Her First Bra

I’m frequently asked questions on the topic of buying a girl her first bra.  Having raised two girls, I too had to address this issue. My approach with both girls, who are now 19 and 21 with full-busted figures, may have been a little unique.  However, they both came...

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