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Have questions about lingerie, bras, panties, sports bras, swimwear, shapewear, hosiery, activewear, plus-size socks, or more? Then you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got answers! Tomima Edmark, our founder, is an expert in these subjects and she has taken our most frequently asked questions and answered them in these posts. At HerRoom we make shopping for lingerie easy! 

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What Men Want to See on Valentine's Eve

Valentine's Day is coming, and our emails are sounding the charge.  Scores of men are shopping online in the lingerie category, looking for something to present to the women in their lives. Guess what they're looking for. Let's start with color.  By a landslide, the...

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A Frank Conversation About Shapewear

I sell a lot of shapewear from many shapewear manufacturers at HerRoom. So, I've heard all the pitches as to why each brand thinks they do it the best.  And, with some brands, I agree that their approach is unique.  But, (and this is a big but) shapewear is not the...

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What's That 'Measured' Bra Image About on HerRoom?

  Since the beginning of HerRoom, every bra on our site has included a front shot on a mannequin with a kind of grid overlay on top of it.  I've come to learn that some women find it invaluable, but others blow by it or totally ignore it because they don't...

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Keeping Your Breasts Front and Center – Not East/West

  Large breasted women (D cup and larger) have written reviews over the years complaining about their breasts pointing east/west rather than front and center in their bras.  And they don't like it for good reason - this causes breast tissue to move under the...

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Anatomy of a Bra – The Center Panel

That little triangle-shaped patch of fabric sitting between the cups of your bra is no afterthought.  There's a lot of engineering taking place between your breasts. That center panel, also called a gore, helps to determine the shape and placement of your breasts. ...

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Laundering Lingerie

There was a scene in an old "Sex and the City" episode where Carrie was cradling a phone between her shoulder and ear while she was pulling lovely lacy bras out of her bathroom sink, then hanging them over her shower rod to let drip dry.  Guess what?  She had it...

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Do Thin Girls Need Shapewear?

I received an email of this photo of Kate Moss from Denise, a treasured reader of my blog, along with her comment that it looks like even models could use an Underwearing makeover.  Boy is she right! Clearly, a strapless bra is in order on Kate.  But, you can kind of...

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There’s a Plus-Size Lingerie War Going On

Every once in a while, you read an article, and you just can't get it out of your mind.That happened for me last month with the New York Times article, Plus-Size Wars. It was a rather lengthy article about the on-going debate over skinny models and body image.  But,...

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Help! My Favorite Bra’s Been Discontinued… Now What?

  Been there?  I think every woman has at least once in her lifetime.  One of the questions I'm most asked once I've been outed as being in the lingerie business is "Why did my favorite bra get discontinued?" Generally, there are 5 reasons a bra style gets...

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When Does a Girl Become a Woman Bra-Size-Wise?

Have you heard that our Government is flirting with the notion of imposing a VAT tax to help pay down our incredible budget deficit?  Well, they are.  VAT stands for "value-added-tax" and is assessed on goods as they go through the various stages in our economy. The...

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