I have one of those mothers who always buys three panties for every bra she owns in the same color so that she matches.  I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t get the “matching” gene.  It never occurs to me to match – rather I consider what I am wearing on the top and bottom of my outfit and select the item that will work best underneath.
So, are you a matcher?  Don’t be worried if you’re not.  Speaking with many vendors over the years, the percentage of matching women out there is rather low.  Most brands put it at about 10%.  More upscale brands like Prima Donna put it at about 30%.  Walk into any department store when they’re having a sale and you always see that special matching panty discounted.
So, should one match or not match? That is the question.  For my Mom, it’s all about feeling great in her lingerie.  Knowing you match is a nice little secret with yourself that you have it all together under your clothes.  If you find yourself needing to disrobe somewhere such as a locker room or doctor’s office, you look coordinated and together.  The downside to matching is that many times, that matching panty doesn’t fit well or isn’t in the style you prefer.  One of my favorite bras only gives me the option of a high-rise thong, or monster brief – I wear neither.  So, matching lingerie is kind of hard work for shopping and selection.
hanky panky pantiesNow, those of us who don’t match shouldn’t feel bad either.  After all, how many times does anyone actually see you in just your underwear?  Take off your blouse, and all they see is your bra.  Drop your pants and all they see is your panty.  If you wear a white blouse and black pants, you have the ability to wear a nude bra and black panties.  You can also get dressed more quickly because you are not trying to match up all the variable.
Having said all of this, our home page this week shows you ways to be matchy between brands.  Hanky Panky makes panties in over 30 colors.  We’ve taken the guess work out of figuring out which of their colors matches other brands.  So, if you are a closet matchy who loves Hanky Panky, now you can coordinate your tops and bottoms to look and feel fabulous.

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