I know that, for most guys, the idea of choosing lingerie for a woman is like walking through a minefield. So many opportunities for the whole thing to blow up in your face. We women often focus too much on our flaws and forget that, to the men in our lives, we are beautiful and sexy just the way we are. Hugs and kisses to you guys for wanting to celebrate this by buying her lingerie. And good news! I I’ve got some simple and clever tips to make you lingerie-buying pros.
The key to success for any man looking to buy a lacy gift for his lady is to know her sizes! If you don’t know, here are a few ways to find out.
While it may seem like snooping, the easiest way to find her size is by sneaking a peak into her lingerie drawer.
For her bra size, look at the label usually found along the back by the hooks.  The sizing starts with two numbers followed by one or more letter.  Examples would be 34B, 40G, 32DDD etc. Panty sizing is a little easier–usually XS through XXL. Sometimes they’re numerical, ranging from about 4-10.
And, while you’re there, make note of the brands she owns.  You can rarely go wrong making selections from a brand she already likes. If you see three items from the same brand, like Wacoal bras  for instance, that tells you this is a brand she loves.
Should you have no luck finding her size, you’re still not stuck.  You can do a few things.  Ask her family or friends.  Ask her.  Or guess.  If you choose the guessing route, you might want to buy something less size-dependent, like a silky nightgown or elegant robe.
So, let’s assume you know her sizes. Now here is where lingerie purchasing can get tricky; what should you buy her? Guys, I have to tell you, we women read a lot into this.  Buy us something too sexy or unexpectedly naughty and we could be put off.  Buy something too conservative and we might think you don’t find us attractive. So, what’s the answer?
You can never go wrong with luxurious, lacy and pretty. Remember how I asked you to take note of the brands she likes? Well, one option is to buy her a luxury item from that company, something she might not buy for herself. For instance, if you find she owns a Le Mystere cotton racer-back bra, why not splurge and buy her a sexy, lacy confection from Le Mystere with some matching panties to boot?
Or maybe you want to be a little adventurous. Try a thong.  She may blush or she may laugh, but she’ll definitely know you love her and think she’s sexy. Hanky Panky thongs are a great choice in this category.  They are lacy, pretty, comfortable, come in one size to fit most and are available in a rainbow of colors. While many women assume a thong will be uncomfortable, thongs have tons of fans. Why not let her see for herself and try them out on your dime? A great option is Hanky Panky’s color play thong, which comes in an array of pretty colors, and is one size fits most.
A note on color.  You can’t go wrong with black. It looks great on all women, and we know it’s sexy and sophisticated.  So, trust me on this one, if you’re not sure of the color, black will always be a winner.
If you have no luck finding her sizes and really have no idea how to buy her bras or panties, remember that gown and robe option I mentioned before and check out some of these suggestions:
If you want to go for elegance, this Oscar De La Renta robe is a great choice. It’s sleek and satiny with beautiful lace trim.
This Shadowline silhouette gown features a gorgeous lace bodice with seaming on the bust and a silky, flowing skirt that will make any woman feel gorgeous.
If she’s more of an all-cotton woman, Hanro makes some of the softest, sleekest cotton sleepwear imaginable, like this long tank gown.
Of course you’d like to purchase something you want to see her in, but remember if it’s too gimmicky or uncomfortable, it won’t leave the lingerie drawer more than a few times a year. All you need to do is choose something that’ll let her know you think she’s special, but will also be comfortable for her. This is your chance to remind her how she looks through your eyes.
So guys, what have you learned?
1. Lingerie lets her know you think she’s beautiful and sexy.
2. Find out her sizes and maybe the brands she likes and you’re golden.
3. Black is the new (and old) black.
4. Treat her to something she might not buy for herself.
5. When at a loss, gowns and robes are a safe option.
6. Remember #1.