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Why Buy Berkshire?  
Berkshire may be your legs' best friend. Much of their hosiery is hand-shaped and sewn, with high-quality spandex that won't lose its shape. The brand is known for fit, whether petite, plus-size or anything in between. Berkshire hose is designed with special attention to fit and shape. It's well-constructed hosiery that doesn't sag or wrinkle. The right fit, the right look and the right price.
Berkshire Trend Sexyhose Lace Waist Garter Fishnet Stockings 4915
Berkshire Trend Sexyhose Lace Waist Garter Fishnet Stockings
The Berkshire Trend Sexyhose Lace Waist Garter Fishnet Stockings 4915 has a stretch lace waistband and can be worn with your own panties. Berkshire's Trend Sexyhose Lace Waist Garter Fishnet Stockings is made of nylon and spandex.
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About Berkshire


Berkshire Hosiery has been offering U.S. designed and manufactured women's hosiery since 1906. They are industry leaders in manufacturing processes, especially for their queen-size and control-top pantyhose. Founded during the era of silk stockings, Berkshire became a major brand after World War Two and the introduction of nylon for women's hosiery.

Today Berkshire is known for pantyhose, stocking, tights and leggings that fit perfectly, no matter what your size. The product line includes fashionable styles like fishnet and textured pantyhose and thigh high stockings, footless tights, opaque tights, leggings, patterned and metallic sheers, maternity hose and more. Tights and pantyhose are praised for keeping their shape without sagging or bagging. Thigh highs stay put and conform to the leg, in all sizes, including queen sizes. They feature pretty lace tops with a silicone lining to help stocking stay put. Berkshire's control pantyhose and tights have a control panel to smooth tummy and thighs and eliminate visible panty lines.

Whether you're looking for everyday basics or something a little more fun, Berkshire comes through. A family company, with generations of experience in the hosiery industry, Berkshire maintains their high standards of production and design across their product line.

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