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Atlantis by Panache T-Shirt Strapless Bra 4040 Reviews

T-Shirt Strapless Bra
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rating Size: 32AA

Terrible bra. The cups are not natural looking or comfortable. The sizing is terrible. If you wear an A cup you would need a AAA cup in this bra which does not exist. The cups DO NOT provide a seamless look under clothes. The bra is very obvious under any fitted clothing.

Panache Response: I will say that it seems that the customer might be in the wrong size Asha from Morristown, NJ

  • Height: Petite (5'3" and under)
  • Age: 30s
  • Posted: December, 2009
rating Size: 36AA

Even though the same size, this bra was much smaller that the Panache t-shirt bra. The cups aren't gel filled, they felt like they had foam in them. Susan from Denver/Coloroado/USA
  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Age: 50s
  • Posted: April, 2009
rating Size: 32AA

Even though this is a double A, it didn't work at all for me. The cups were way too large. Elsie from Pittsburgh PA USA
  • Age: 70s
  • Posted: August, 2008
rating Size: 32A

Fits well, doesn't fall down as other bras for small busted women Colleen from Englewood, Colorado
  • Age: 50s
  • Posted: August, 2008
rating Size: 32AA

I bought a second one in black because the first one in nude worked great. Fits great and stays put! pilapura from Los Angeles, CA
  • Age: 30s
  • Posted: July, 2008
rating Size: 34a

The comments say that the bra is liquid filled but on the bra's tag and the bra itself is gel-filled which doesn't give the same lift or fullness as other their Atlantis bra. That was why I brought the bra in the first place, because I thought it was the same bra only strapless version. I could have bought this bra at any store. I guess I am keeping it, it does seem to stay on and probably wont slip. But I want the Atlantis bra by Panache only strapless. Katie from Ventura,CA
  • Age: 30s
  • Posted: June, 2008
rating Size: 32AA

I felt that the fit was very poor, the cups were not true to size at all. I suggest that future buyers purchase a size smaller than normal. Also, extremely rigid. I returned it immediately. Julia from Riverside, California
  • Posted: May, 2008
rating Size: 32A

comes in small sizes for petite gals. Submitted from
  • Posted: April, 2008
rating Size: 32B

I am a 32B in every bra I've tried (including other Panache Atlantis bras), but this one was too tight. If you can get the size right, I could see it being a good strapless bra. It is a bit rigid though. Lauren from NC
  • Posted: March, 2008
rating Size: 34C

This is the best strapless bra I ever wore. I have told everyone I know about it. I could never wear anything strapless until I found this bra. Every girl, woman should have this in her closet... No wardrobe is complete without it.... Jaemy from Carmel, NY
  • Posted: October, 2007
rating Size: 34b

I found it very uncomfortable on my skin .Too rigid. Millie from Petaluma California
  • Posted: September, 2007
rating Size: 34C

There are a few things I forgot to say about the 4040 in my previous review: 1. The silicone gripper on the band is amazing! Even though Victoria's Secret 34's ride way up my back, this 34 stays low on my back because of the silicone gripper on the band. (I wear the 4040 with straps rather than strapless, so my goal is to keep it from sliding up rather than down- I imagine the silicone gripper would also keep it from falling down when worn strapless.) 2. Between silicone implants and the Panache 4040 with its silicone gripper band, the 4040 is cheaper, less painful to deploy, able to be taken off at night for comfortable sleepy time, and takes less time to obtain. There are also similarities between silicone implants and the 4040 with its silicone gripper band: both deliver "high profile" results (your things will be closer to your chin than ever before if you use the straps), your things will look round, and you will deliver the tactical experience of baseballs to those who attempt to use their tactile sense in your 4040 area. 3. Don't buy a cheap black shirt and then wear it with your latte-colored Panache 4040 without having first washed the excess black dye off the cheap black shirt- otherwise, the black dye will rub off onto your 4040 while you wear them together, and you won't find out until the end of the day when you change out of your clothes. You'll be so angry at your black shirt that you'll ball it up and throw it in the corner of your closet, where it will stay for at least the next three weeks because you just refuse to deal with it after what it's done to your 4040. 4. Washing the 4040 can be challenging: the tag says to do so by hand, but if you have a Maytag washing machine with a delicate cycle, it turns out that running the 4040 through that cycle won't hurt the bra. However, the delicate cycle doesn't do a great job of getting cheap black dye out of the bra, should you need to do so. It will get some of it out, but leave some bothersome shadowed areas on the 4040 which might propel you to buy a new 4040. If that happens, you can order the new one at (I did.) 5. The Panache 4040 is available in black, which probably would not show stains from absorbed dye off a cheap black shirt, if you should happen to wear such a shirt in conjunction with your 4040. Me Again from Detroit, Michigan
  • Posted: June, 2007
rating Size: 34C

This is the best bra ever when worn with the straps (rather than strapless). It acts as a hydraulic lift and shoves everything up almost to your chin. It's way better than getting scars from a breast lift. One downside to men is that supposedly it "feels like Fort Knox". But who cares what men think anyway? And anything that keeps the hounds off is probably a bonus. from Detroit, Michigan
  • Posted: June, 2007