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Many manufacturers add sports bras to their line. American Sports Bra is dedicated to making one product and doing it well.  Designed and patented by Hilary Lambert, who was a high school and college athlete, the American Sports Bra has an unusual construction; it's actually two bras sewn together. The inner bra incapsulates and shapes to support each breast individually--no uni-boob look. The outer bra prevents cups from bouncing and provides support.

The American Sports Bra receives rave reviews from exercisers and athletes--praising its support even during high-impact activities. Designed by Lambert with larger-breasted women in mind--C cup or bigger--the bra stays in place, is comfortable and good value for the price. The Marion bra, named for Lambert's grandmother, has generated lots of buzz and rightly so, including write-ups in Vogue, iVillage  and Skirt! Magazine.