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It took the bra fitter took a long time to find the right bras for my odd size, but she was very patient and I found and bought some. Herroom is always a pleasure to deal with.
Willa H."     5 star review2/15/2019
Everything was super easy and polite. I especially appreciate how promptly everything was dealt with.
Kelli H."     5 star review2/14/2019
Customer service was amazing. They called when I had put in the wrong address and stated they would correct it. When it didn't get corrected it, and shipped to the wrong address, they worked with me and sent me a replacement order. They were very helpful even though the original mistake was mine. I can not express how grateful I am that they worked with me.
Lacey H."     5 star review2/14/2019
Thank you for taking care of this problem. In the future, you might specify you need a street address because you use UPS.
Owen S."     4 star review2/14/2019
Flor Canalas was very polite, helpful & knowledgeable which made my exchange process very simple & pleasant Thank you
Judy M."     5 star review2/14/2019
I found you by googling "why does my bra strap slip" and there you were. Such a great wealth of information on your site... Looking forward to trying my purchases and hoping they fit, if not, 5.95 to ship back is not so bad!!
Shari L."     0 star review2/13/2019
Daisy was very nice and understanding. I ordered the wrong panties. I realized that I accidentally ordered microfiber and I only like 100% cotton. She canceled my previous order and my new order will go out today. Thank you.
Linda B."     5 star review2/12/2019
Samantha was PERFECT, exceptional, friendly, helpful and efficient. Gold star. Give her a raise!
Maisie W."     5 star review2/12/2019
Samantha gets an A* for making this return easy as pie. Thank you for having such an employee as her.
Victoria H."     5 star review2/11/2019
She came to the phone right away I didn't have to wait. She gave me very good service. She helped with all my problems. Thank you
Debbie P."     4 star review2/11/2019
I was confused that my return had been processed but I had not received my refund. When I called, the service representative apologized for the delay, did what was necessary to have the refund completed immediately and took off the charges for shipping. I am very pleased.
Lesley P."     4 star review2/11/2019
Just had to tell you that after years and years looking for a comfortable fitting bra, I finally found one that fits and feels ”ohhhh so good,” and just wanted to say THANK YOU! A very happy customer for Bali Bras.
Roniele S."     0 star review2/11/2019
Ann T."     5 star review2/8/2019
The young ladies were very pleasant and easy to talk to. My issue was settled satisfactorily. I really like HerRoom and will definitely be buying more stuff!!
Charlie C."     4 star review2/7/2019
Received my order today. Thank you very much. GREAT FIT, Love the product.. Will be reordering ASAP.
Rod E."     5 star review2/7/2019
She turned a lemon into lemonade. I’m going to get a bra in a difference size - but thanks to your sister bra sizing article - will fit me better. And she is expediting my order. 😍
Celeste Z."     5 star review2/7/2019
Ms. Consuelo is a very pleasant young lady who made a 64 yr. young lady feel comfortable talking about such personal items. A few days ago when I called and got Consuelo, right away she made me feel more like a mom, family rather than a customer. She was so pleasant and knowledgeable about the products and items. I have an unusual size. 34DD. Ms. Consuelo was able to find more items that liked in beautiful colors which I purchased.
Louise K."     5 star review2/5/2019
Your representative went to great lengths to find a satisfactory conclusion. She was polite and professional.
Linda C."     5 star review2/4/2019
The lady that I spoke with was very nice and helpful. As I told her I know that you all probably don't know anything about this but my credit card was hacked after I placed my order with your company. I know that your company tries to do everything that you can to protect your customers personal information. Thank you for your help in my return order.
Linda N."     4 star review2/4/2019
This was my first time on your site. I am very pleasantly pleased. Great selection and prices. I will definitely be returning to this site, I will also share with my friends, especially us "big and beautiful" gals. I am excited about the bras I ordered, the back support helps so much. Thank you again, I will visit again soon.
Sandra J."     0 star review2/3/2019
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