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Zimmerli of Switzerland

Zimmerli of Switzerland is the World leader in luxury Zimmerli underwear for men and women. Zimmerli of Switzerland works with only the finest natural fibers - cotton, wool, silk, cashmere and alpaca - and this is what the quality-conscious customer who is used to high standards really appreciates. Zimmerli is also the manufacturer of the Marc Jacobs underwear line.

Zimmerli of Switzerland underwear includes t-shirts, camisoles, thongs, briefs and boy-shorts. The Zimmerli Collections include Richelieu Rib fabric 207, Business Class 220, Royal Star 233, Royal Classic Fabric 252, Royal Classic Fabric 570, Royal Classic Fabric 710, Royal Classic Fabric 802 and Leading Trend 159.

Zimmerli of Switzerland is a 130-year-old company. It is their handling of the fibers which sets them apart from any other underwear manufacturer in the world. As an example, Zimmerli mercerizes its fine extra-long staple cotton TWICE. Where all others producers use single yarns, Zimmerli of Switzerland uses delicate long rod twisted yarn. The company's extremely fine single jersey, produced on circular knitting machines, has yet to find its equal as far as comfort is concerned. Even the suppliers the company selects are "Zimmerli-like" - the cotton materials used are processed exclusively in Swiss spinning mills and textile finishing plants.

One hundred percent of Zimmerli underwear is produced in Coldrerio, Switzerland. The company was founded by a needlework teacher from Aarburg, Switzerland named Pauline Zimmerli-Bauerlin, who attached great importance to careful finishing and the highest quality in her first styles. She was the first person to import a knitting machine into Switzerland, thereby laying the foundations for an entire industry.

Zimmerli of Switzerland has a very elite following among movie stars and VIP's. The following is a small list of people who wear Zimmerli: Prince Charles, Anthony Hopkins, Karl Lagerfeld, Danny de Vito, Denzel Washington, Don Johnson, Donald Sutherland, Jean Claude v. Damme, John Cleese, Jon Cusack, Kevin Klein, Kurt Russell, Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburn, Keanu Reeves, Mel Gibson, Michael Jordan, Robert de Niro, Roger Moore, Silvester Stallone, Till Schweiger, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Will Smith.

Zimmerli of Switzerland can only be found in exclusive luxury retail stores. Barney's of New York is the only department store in the US to carry the line. Zimmerli of Switzerland also manufactures the Marc Jacobs lingerie and underwear lines. By limiting itself to an exclusive retail trade, Zimmerli of Switzerland has remained what it always was: a luxury niche player, which unwaveringly upholds and perfects its standards regarding top quality and finishing.


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