Rago 914 Padded Shaper Panties Reviews

Rago Padded Shaper Panties 914 Reviews

Padded Shaper Panties
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They start out great, but after a month or so, I'm finding that they're bunching up. Which has been very embarrassing if you don't realize it until you have gone to the ladies room. Imagine what it looks like from a spectator's view. I had surgery on one side of my buttocks and it left one side smaller than the other. I guess there's not too much can be done about that anyway, but I thought the padded briefs would help. When I build one side up the other side is out of proportion and when I use both it really looks odd. If you have any suggestions I'll gladly receive them!

HerRoom Response: The bunching comment is a new one on us. Our suggestion would be to make sure the pads are in the proper place before pulling your panty on. Jean from Clinton, MS

  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: M

It is the best item I have found of its kind. The foam is very unnatural in terms of feel If they can be done with bras - why not with panties. I still think it really is worth another try. Also...the prior commenter was right - something needs to be done so that when the panty is worn under tight fitting garments, you don't see the pad outline. One product I tried formerly had larger pads that covered the entire rear - but they did not have a good form and I had to recut-shape the form pad myself. It was ok afterwards...but too much work to do. So...my suggestion - gel-type pad to cover the full rear. And...please don't make it so big...we just need a little enhancement. Thanks.

HerRoom Response: Thank you for your thoughts. The challenge with an item like this is that the person also has to sit on the pads. Manufacturers have found that gel pads can be very uncomfortable to sit on vs. the foam which compresses nicely.

jaya from glen, new york
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 2x

I like the item overall. I wear it because of a medical situation. Where the pads start on the outside end, it is not a smooth gradual protrusion. It is ok under some garments but if it's a knit or tight fitting, it does not look real natural. I like that you can remove the pads when washing the panty. I am concerned about the comment that they loose their shape after wearing them all day. I'll see.....

HerRoom Response: The pads are made in a foam. If they are sat on most of the day, they will eventually need to be replaced.

DH from Houston
  • Posted: January, 2007
rating Size: M

A gel insert would be great! At the start of the day the foam inserts give you a nice rounded look, but by the end of the day they have compressed and you have lost that look. A gel insert would also feel more natural to the touch!

HerRoom Response: Rago was told of your idea. They asked us to thank you but they did try this design change. The testers complained that it felt like they were sitting on 2 rocks all day.

catherine from wilton/Maine/USA
  • Posted: August, 2003
rating Size: S

My problem with this item is the feel if someone touches you. I think they should have a more real feel like a gel or something you could remove to wash. lorin from ofallon ,mo
  • Posted: May, 2003
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