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Bra Accessories

- For women wanting a more perfect fit, or a solution to a certain bra issue, there are bra accessories. HerRoom has a wide selection. Fashion Forms is a company that specializes in bra accessories,. For example they offer bra extenders to increase the back length of your bra. Invisible straps that are made of clear silicone are another bra accessory. When choosing the invisible straps on our site, we ask for a color choice. The color you are choosing will be the color of the hardware attaching to the bra. The invisible bra straps are clear. Push-up pads can be added to your bra to fill out your bra cup. Push-up bra pads are also very handy when your breasts are not the same size. Placing a push-up pad or cookie in the cup on the smaller side will give your bustline a more even look. And now there's the Nubra for backless dresses.

Nipple Covers

- A recent addition to the bra accessory category has been nipple covers. Some may think we are talking about pasties, but we are not. With the new molded and seamless bras on the market, many women have found that their nipple shape can show through the bra and ultimately through to their clothes. In the past, women have tried to "bullet proof" themselves by placing band-aids or tape over their nipples. However, this has always been a painful solution. Now, however, there are great nipple covers or nipple concealers by Dimrs, Fashion Forms, Sassybax and Uddercover. Many of these nipple concealers are reusable because they have reusable surgical adhesive applied. All are circular and are placed over each nipple like a silicone cover. Other names for these nipple covers are breast petals, nipple concealers, gel petals, and comfy cups. Our favorite name is Dimrs. Since many women say they need to "turn down their headlights" or they look like they were "caught in the headlights" to describe their nipples showing through their clothing, Dimrs are the answer to turning down the headlights.

Lingerie Accessories

- Lingerie accessories encompass a wide range of items. For example the shoulder pad falls into this category. Though fashion has done away with shoulder pads, many women with sloping shoulders still need something to give their shoulders a better line and to have clothes fit better. Both Braza and Fashion Forms make shoulder pads. One design has a Velcro strip on the bottom to attach to your bra strap. The other shoulder pad design has a flip flap and is out of a type of foam.

Fashion Tape

- Remember that famous green dress worn by Jennifer Lopez? Well, it was Braza Fashion Tape that kept it from becoming an x-rated event. With plunging necklines being seen everywhere fashion tape will keep your garment in the right spot without revealing more than you bargained for.

Padded Panties

- Did you know that more than 11% of women responding to The Undie Awards declared their bottoms as being flat? Though most women can't even imagine this, padded panties have become a huge lingerie accessory. First brought on the market by Nearly Me and Rago, padded panties have pockets on each bottom cheek that are then filled with a foam pad. These padded panties are then worn under skirts and jeans to give a fuller and rounder derriere. Recently Huit and Tatiana have arrived on the market with great looking padded boyshorts. Huit has a sheer mesh boyshort padded panty with the pads placed towards the top of your bottom, thus transforming a droopy bottom into a perfect rounded shape. Tatiana too has a padded boyshort, but its pads are made in 1" thick silicone to give a natural feel to the touch.


- We've all seen the scene; a bride hikes up her leg for the groom to remove her garter. He then sling-shoots this wedding garter into an all-male pack. The guy who catches the garter is destined to be the next guy married. Whereas garters in medieval times were actually functional and helped to keep stockings up and in place, the garters of today are merely lingerie accessories to be worn by the bride or to adorn a leg for fun. Always pretty and feminine, HerRoom has a great set of garters. Some even coordinate with bra and panty sets.

Breast Forms

- The breast form or breast enhancer has become an interesting lingerie accessory. Originally, life-like silicone breast forms were designed for women how had had a mastectomy. Today, more breast forms are sold to the cross dressing community than to women with mastectomies. Therefore, the variety of breast forms available has also increased. Breast enhancers now come with optional erect nipples or smooth. The nipple colors vary. And the breast forms themselves come in a variety of skin tones. Breastforms can come in very realistic and heavy silicone, or lighter weight foam.

Breast enhancers can also be another name for bump pads, or cookies, or push-up pads as well. Commando makes the Takeouts - The Better Boob Job. Sassybax makes the Sassymax breast enhancer which was shown on "The View" television show. This Sassybax product uses Sassymax Souffle technology. There are also breast forms or enhancers made by Fashion Forms and Nearly Me as well. HerRoom has quite an extensive selection to look at. Oh, and while we're on the topic of enhancers, La Charme and Bodyperks make what are called nipple enhancers. Made famous on an episode of "Sex and the City," these nipple enhancers make your nipples look erect all day. Crazy as this seems, these nipple enhancers have been best sellers.

Adhesive bras

- A recent Innovative breakthroughs in lingerie accessories has been the adhesive bra. Marketed as the Nubra and the Nubra Ultralite, this bra is the new answer when wearing a strapless or backless dress. The Nubra is really two pieces of silicone with surgical adhesive on the side attaching to your skin. Many people who have seen the Nubra for the first time think the cups look like piece of raw chicken. Though the Nubra does not give support, it does provide a nice shape to your breasts. And, the bra includes a center attachment that can help pull your breasts towards one another for increased cleavage.

Since the original Nubra is simply encased silicone, it tends to give off a shiny glow under shear garments. Thus the Nubra Ultralite is a thinner version of the Nubra and has a fabric covering on the outside to eliminate the shine and blend in with ones skin tone. And, the Nubra Ultralite also has bra cups that clip at the center for extra shaping.

The Original Nubra come ins A, B and C cup sizes. The Nubra Ultralite come ins A, B, C and D cup sizes. This style can go up to a D cup because it is lighter and thinner. Therefore is does not pull down the breasts or add as much bulk to them. A new item, the Nubra Ultalite Petite bra is available in AA, A and B cup sizes. Designed for the smaller bra sizes, this Nubra adds a full cup size to petite women's bust lines.

The lingerie accessories at HerRoom not only provide solutions, but offer a wide variety of options to make you look and feel your best. So, shop through our etcetera department for some great lingerie and bra accessory items. They'll appeal to women of every age and lifestyle.

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