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Le Mystere Tisha Bra 955 Reviews

Tisha Bra
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rating Size: 38D

I had read somewhere to buy this bra one size bigger in the band so I bought a 38D, rather than a 36D. It fits perfectly and has the perfect amount of coverage. I also bought the full coverage version and that was too much like armor for me! The 955 offers so much support that when I run around my backyard playing tag and soccer with all of my kids I never once have to wish I had a better bra on!For those of you with large chests, you know that says something!!!!! I am buying several more today! Tristan from Denver
  • Posted: January, 2007
rating Size: 32D

Fabulous. Truly invisible under a white tee, even along the edge of the cups. It gives me some cleavage but a natural shape. Stays in place all day and has held up great over 3 months of wear. I've been professionally fitted as a 32D and it fits perfectly. I have a pretty slim figure without much breast in the center of the chest and this bra doesn't gap along the cups as many do. If you have a fuller chest, though, I do think the style might not provide enough coverage, and I'd take the recommendation to get the other style 9955. J. from Missouri
  • Posted: December, 2006
rating Size: 36D

I have searched for years for an all-day-comfortable bra with all-day-support. I have been wearing this bra for a year and wouldn't buy another brand unless this went off the market. At first, I thought "Oh my....this is really tight". but after the very first day stooping and bending over, I noted I hadn't once pulled my bra down or re-adjusted it, anywhere! I now own every color they make and the first one purchased is holding up as good today as the day I bought it. (I wash in the machine and hang dry). Best bra, best comfort, best fit I've ever had. R. Hamilton from Palm Harbor, Florida
  • Posted: December, 2006
rating Size: 36C

I just purchased my first Tisha bra in size 36C which is my usual size. Unfortunately, I'm very uncomfortable in this bra. I have an average figure (definitely not full/round) so I followed the website advice and bought the Tisha rather than the full coverage Dream Tisha. This bra does not offer enough coverage for me and I have a bit of "overflow" which gives me an awkward silouette when I wear a tight T-Shirt. The cups just barely cover my nipples and I also found that I have some "bulging" in my armpit area. Most likely I'm wearing the wrong size but I live in a rural area and there is nowhere for me to go to get a Le Mystere fitting. I've been professionally fitted as a 36C twice but there are no stores in my area that carry this brand. I like the look of this bra so I was very disappointed that I couldn't get it to work for me. By the way, Her room has excellent customer service and I received my order very fast!

HerRoom Response: All your comments suggest you are in the wrong size bra. Specifically, it sounds like you should be wearing a larger cup size than a C. IF you will click on our "comparison" link in the description area above, you will see a true 36C model wearing this style.

Aimee from Sonora, CA
  • Posted: November, 2006
Size: 32DD

I love this bra!!! I didn't try the larger size, or the "more coverage" version, like the site advised. I watched the Oprah "fitting the bra" show and did what they said. I bought for the small part of my upper ribcage and went to a DD instead of a D. Perfect!!! I have cleavage! I have support! You don't know how hard it has been to get a good fit...always compromise. I'm going to buy one every payday, as I toss out the old! You must want cleavage with this bra. I have large breasts for my frame, but the bulk lays sideways towards my underarms, so I never can get good cleavage... but this does!!! Thanks a million! Teri from Fresno, Ca, USA
  • Posted: July, 2006
rating Size: 38dd

Well the site recomended, I tried this bra in the 9555 model, size 40e. The cups and straps were enormous on me, and since I am a smallish 38dd I thought that perhaps I could fit in this bra. I was wrong. Back to the t-shirt bra drawing board for me, (there are a few others in my size, but none that I can find in a demi). If you are a smallish DD you may have problems doing Le Mystere. Elyse from Pasadena, Ca, USA
  • Posted: March, 2006
rating Size: 38DD

I too tried this bra, I'm a 38DD, I looked like I was serving something on a "platter" this bra was bulky as far as I'm concerned NOT good for those probably over 34dd, for those of you natural 38DD stick with Wacoal, there are a few styles which give great support and minimize as well...

HerRoom Response: Le Mystere makes the 9955 Tisha Bra for the fuller figured women who does not want the effect of a balcony type bra. If you are wanting more coverage, please look at this style.

Cindy from California
  • Posted: February, 2006
rating Size: 38D

I have always been a big busted girl and have never found a bra to be so comfortable. It's the best! Diane from Albany, New York, USA
  • Posted: January, 2006
rating Size: 36C

i absolutely love this bra..very comfortable..for all day! michehi from los angeles
  • Posted: January, 2006
rating Size: 38C

One night hubby and I were out and it had been a long day/week. I kept telling him, I am so tired I just want a shower. Well, we got home and he's taking off his clothes and I get in the shower and scream! He came running in thinking something was wrong and I was laughing so hard while I handed him my soaking wet bra. Yes, it is so comfortable, I forgot to take it off. I am 55 yrs old and this is the first time in my entire life I ever got in the shower with any thing on. Thanks to Oprah! Lynn from Michigan
  • Posted: December, 2005
rating Size: 36C

My niece & I both bought this bra, and both of us loved our bras, until... both of us washed our bras in the washer and then dried in the dryer and both of our bras developed a 'dip' or 'gutter' shaped groove angling across the cup that shows up very obviously through our tshirts. It doesn't look good! The bra was a good investment, up until that! Neither of us can wear them. Our advice? Don't put in the dryer! Good money down the drain, or rather all dried up! S Briley from Chicago, IL
  • Posted: September, 2005
rating Size: 38DD

So disappointed! I came on here to order the bra Oprah recommends only to find out it is not available in a 44DD. I'm not a 'fat' woman; I weigh 145 @5'5", however, I am unfortunately 'all boobs' on small hips and legs. It is infuriating to never find a bra that is comfortable, as no one looks out for women like me! (HerRoom Response: Please look at the brands Elila, Freya and Goddess. They have great products in your size.) joy lynn from texas usa
  • Posted: September, 2005
rating Size: 34D

I bought this bra based on what Oprah said about it and it was the best investment I ever made as far as undergarments. This is the only bra I can find that is completely no show through and it keeps you in the right spot and no matter how much you move you stay there. I recommend this to everyone. Heidi from Crocker Hill, St Stephen NB, Canada
  • Posted: August, 2005
rating Size: 34C

The perfect bra. I was hesitant because of the price; but now I am a believer! This bra shapes and lifts you naturally. DBF from Westfield, MA
  • Posted: June, 2005
rating Size: 38C

  • Posted: November, 2004
rating Size: 38D

I am 50 and this is the best bra I've ever worn. I would however, prefer the same in racer back style. I have a problem with straps falling off my shoulders. Please let me know if you decide to add the racer back style. Thank you, JT JT Horton from Columbia/SC/USA
  • Posted: November, 2004
rating Size: 34A

The best bra I've ever owned. Fits perfectly, and the fabric is incredibly soft. Pricey but worth every penny. I am a 34A and even wear it for working out and yoga class. I'm buying two more. Grace from San Francisco, Calif.
  • Posted: October, 2004
rating Size: 36C

I live overseas and come back once a year to buy supplies in Houston, Texas. After the saleswoman in the lingerie store carefully scrutinized the size of my bra, she fitted me with the t-shirt bra - completely different from the size I used to wear. I was blown away. I am in my 30's, but have had posture problems, mostly becuase of being self consiencce of my chest. With this bra, I am wearing form fitting t-shirts and standing up straight and proud. I have to say the lift is great without the digging in feel. Heather from Bucks County / PA
  • Posted: June, 2004
rating Size: 38C

I LOVE this bra. This bra fits wonderfully, provides great support and is fabulous under t-shirts (the ultimate test, as far as I am concerned). The cost of Le Mystere made me hesitant about trying it, at first. But I finally "succumbed" and now it is the only bra that I ever want to wear. My only wish is that Le Mystere would make this bra available in different colors like red, green, purple. That would be cool! But please, Le Mystere, whatever you do, keep making the Tisha T-Shirt Bra. It is absolute heaven! K. D. Morgan from Annapolis, MD
  • Posted: May, 2004
rating Size: 38DD

Again, fits like a dream, I got 42F but normally wear a 40DD. The lift makes you feel young again!! Only complaint is the underwire digs in a bit when you bend over. Sue Ann Sue Ann from Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Posted: April, 2004
rating Size: 38D

This bra looks fantastic. Please expand the line to include the size 44B so we can all enjoy it. Eleanore from Bucks County, PA
  • Posted: March, 2004
rating Size: 34DD

I bought this bra in suntan 2 years ago at Nordstrom. I have trouble finding 34DD bras and was thrilled by the fit, great in low cut dresses, but still great support. Went back this year for black and they no longer carry this model - am THRILLED to find it on this site.My FAVORITE bra, and trust me, living in Paris I have some fabulous ones! Erin from Paris, France
  • Posted: January, 2004
rating Size: 34C

Saw the Tisha t-shirt bra on Oprah while home on maternity leave. No bras ever really fit me right, but this one sure did. Best of all, an unexpected bonus: once I went back to work this bra PAINLESSLY got me through long periods when I couldn't pump my breast milk (I'm a nursing mom). The support is that good. Only concern is that I'm wearing it out because it's the only bra I want to wear! Laurie from Orland, California
  • Posted: December, 2003
rating Size: 38C

I ordered this bra on a whim based on the Oprah recommendation, and was I ever surprized!!! It is the best fitting bra I have ever owned, and my chest looks like I am in my 20's again!(I am 40.) I never thought I would look so good again. Thanks, LeMystere! PS: I really love it, when are you coming out with white??? karen from traverse city, michigan
  • Posted: August, 2003
rating Size: 34B

This is the BEST bra I have ever purchased. I purchased the size I usually buy in other brands, but this bra FITS, really fits like a bra is supposed to. Middle lies flat in between the breasts, no pop outs anywhere, even when you bend over, they stay where they belong. No strap slip, and best of all, no back flab hangover. Tip: This bra comes in color "SUNTAN" If your beige, ivory or nude bras have always been too light for your skin tone, this is your color, even with see through white shirts. O.k I'll shut up now. LOVE IT:) Lisa from Rowley, Massachusetts. USA
  • Posted: June, 2003
rating Size: 32DD

i love this bra. i have it in the black and sand. My only concern is that it doesn't come in white. And after about 6 months, it will begin to show some wear on the seams. Jen from Newbury Park, CA USA
  • Posted: February, 2003
rating Size: 34B

I had searched long and hard for a bra that really remained "invisible" under my tightest sweaters and my clingiest silk T's. This is the one. Niki from Oronoco, MN, USA
  • Posted: November, 2002
rating Size: 36C

Love this bra! Tonya from Auburn, Washington
  • Posted: December, 2001
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