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Why Buy Lacoste?  
This French brand, founded by tennis great Rene Lacoste, has been making their iconic tennis shirts since the 1930's. Today, women can still wear the famous alligator, on pique knit and woven polo shirts, in traditional white or a dozen stylish colors. Lacoste remains a preppy classic.
Lacoste Short Sleeve 2 Button Classic Fit Pique Polo PF6958-51
Stone Grey
Lacoste Short Sleeve 2 Button Classic Fit Pique Polo
Lacoste PF6958-51 reviews
The Lacoste Short Sleeve 2 Button Classic Fit Pique Polo PF6958-51 features a placket front with two buttons, and the crocodile applique on the chest. Lacoste's Short Sleeve 2 Button Classic Fit Pique Polo is made of a pique knit that breathes for comfort.
$89.50 Now: $44.95
Lacoste PF6958-51 reviews


The Lacoste brand has gone through many changes since Rene Lacoste founded the company in 1933. Partnering with Andre Gilier, owner of the largest knit manufacturing firm in France, Lacoste designed the legendary tennis shirt with the crocodile on the chest. Rene was a consummate tennis player and was known as "the crocodile" for being such a fierce contender on the clay courts. The concept of having a company symbol or name on the outside of a garment was virtually unheard of at this time, with the exception of the Jantzen Girl logo on their swimsuits starting in 1921.

Lacoste soon expanded into golfing and sailing attire, and began making the tennis t-shirts in colors as well as the classic tennis court white. In 1952, Lacoste expanded his sales to the United States, promoting the fashions as a status symbol for sportsmen. Lacoste was sold at prestigious Brooks Brothers stores through the 1960's.

In 1963, Bernard Lacoste took over management when his father Rene died. The company flourished and became wildly popular in the United States in the 1970's, and was widely known as a "preppy" wardrobe basic. Lisa Birnbaum's "The Official Preppy Handbook" gave even more credibility to its preppy status symbol standing.  At this point, Lacoste product diversification mushroomed to include shoes, perfume, sunglasses, watches and leathergoods.

You may remember the brand as being Izod Lacoste, as Izod had a licensing agreement to produce 50% of the Lacoste products in the US. In 1993, this partnership ended, with Lacoste taking back exclusive US rights. Many companies have cashed in on the polo shirt with the embroidered chest emblem, with varying degrees of success.

Bernard Lacoste died in 2006, leaving the company to his younger brother Michel. Lacoste shops are scattered all over the world, with product divisions licensed to many large corporations.

HerRoom is proud to carry the Lacoste sportswear line for women, available in fine quality woven oxford shirts, the famous pique knit polo shirts in varied styles and short sleeve knit tops in fashion colors. The Lacoste name is still known the world over for its great looks, quality construction and famous crocodile emblem, and it's now available for your enjoyment once again.