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Fashion Forms Gel Shoulder Cushion - 2 Pack 6310
Fashion Forms Gel Shoulder Cushion - 2 Pack
The Fashion Forms Gel Shoulder Cushion - 2 Pack 6310 is the perfect bra strap solution to save yourself from slipping, readjusting, and digging. Fashion Forms' Gel Shoulder Cushion - 2 Pack is made of polyester with silicone.
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Delivering lingerie product innovations for decades, Fashion Forms is at the forefront of bringing women great solutions to their bra dilemmas. Since the early 1990's Fashion Forms Founder Ann Deal made it her mission to bring women of all sizes the answers to the bra and fit solutions they have been looking for. The Fashion Forms brand was founded on the principal that the imagination is the very starting point and foundation that allows them to create true solutions.

Deal was brought up in a family deeply rooted in the retail industry with an entrepreneurial spirit. Deal followed her family's footsteps but this time, hoping to give women the tools to look fashionable and sexy at all times. Deal's very first creation was her solution for women who wanted larger looking breasts who didn't want to go under the knife. Her creation was the Original Water Bra. The response was overwhelming positive and from that starting point, Fashion Forms was able to embark on launching a successful empire that women could truly rely on. Today, the Fashion Forms brand brings women popular accessories such as bra and lingerie tape, adhesive strapless bras that keep them in place, multifunctional bra styles that achieve many looks in one style, shoulder pads for a comfort fit and so much more!

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