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Elila Full Coverage Stretch Lace Underwire Bra 2311 Reviews

Full Coverage Stretch Lace Underwire Bra
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rating Size: 40I

I Love this bra. I HAVE LARGE HEAVY BREASTS. It fits well, the underwire takes a large load off my shoulders. It is beautiful, and looks great after a years wear. I have ordered several and wash them by hand, put them in the washer on spin and then I hang them to dry over night. Looking forward to you making a J in this style. Jennefer from San Diego Calif
  • Posted: August, 2007
rating Size: 38G

One of the most supportive and most comfortable bras I've ever worn. I want some more, but in MICROFIBER to wear under my knits and I will go one cup size up next time. I wish there were more Elila *underwire* styles with the inner sling in 36 and 38 H, I, J. Skye from Richmond, VA
  • Posted: August, 2007
rating Size: 46I

The support I need in a bra that really looks pretty. One of, maybe the, best fitting bras in the cups I have every found. Unfortunately, the underwires stick out at the top front, but this is usual for my figure type (breasts close together so bras never sit against my sternum). I was able to bend them in and move the bulge down between the breasts where it is camouflaged (I still see it when I look down, but husband says you don’t see it looking at me.) I will probably have to take the underwires out (worried about the loss of support) and wear this bra only when dressing up. Therese from Upland, CA
  • Posted: August, 2007
rating Size: 42h

I love the design and the support. My left side is alway bigger than the other side. This bra is great for me. I have support on both sides without the left side being too far on to the right side. I'm thinking I should go in number # the next bra I buy. Starlita from Willow Grove, PA USA
  • Posted: August, 2007
rating Size: 38H

Very supportive, keeps the girls where they should be. Sides are a little higher than most bras, but like the fact they have more than 2 rows of hooks to help with support. Beth from St Petersburg, FL
  • Posted: July, 2007
rating Size: 40I

I returned this bra because it was too big even after following the suggested sizing. I normally wear a 36hh. The best feature was how big and supportive the band would be in the correct size. However the pointy cups were terrible.

HerRoom Response: The sizing suggestion was to only go down a cup size if you are between cup sizes. According to your comment you went from a 36HH to a 40I - this is an increase in 2 band sizes and 3 cup sizes. alicia from corona/ca

  • Posted: July, 2007
rating Size: 42I

Very pretty bra. For the first time, I have cups that actually fit me. The cups were more pointed than I would like, but I am willing to sacrifice the natural look for a well fitting cup. I did purchase the bra with the matching panties and my husband loved the look. Thank you for offering beautiful items that fit. Judy from TX
  • Posted: July, 2007
rating Size: 36F

This bra is big! It might fit better on someone who is taller than I, I am 5'4'', but on me it had way too much coverage(cups nearly coming up to collar bones). Also the cups were generously sized, and very pointy. It did seem like a well made, sturdy bra. HA from New York
  • Posted: July, 2007
rating Size: 42G

This bra provides the support I need and is pretty, but the underwires poke up in front. After reading about separation in the other reviews, I find that I don't have lot and the underwires never fit my sternum. The bras that do fit my sternum don't look natural. It's an equitable tradeoff. I love the shape and lift it gives me.

HerRoom Response: IF by "poking up" you mean the wires in the center are pointing away from your sternum, this is a classic symptom that your cup size is too small - your breasts are pushing the underwires forward. I would suggest going up a cup size.

Mona from Chicago, IL USA
  • Posted: June, 2007
rating Size: 44I

It's pretty... and it's great support! It's not my grandma's bra, even though she probably would wear it! Submitted from
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 38I

This seems like a nice, well-made bra, but I am returning it due to the "pointy" factor, which wasn't mentioned in any previous reviews or in the fitter's comments. I wouldn't consider this bra to give a very natural shape. SD from MA
  • Posted: March, 2007
rating Size: 44I

I definitely like the way this bra feels -- the wires don't stab (they come in very low in the underarm) and everything stays where I put it, for the most part. It's really pretty, too. I do however have a small problem with it: the underwires in front tip out from me...the center panel doesn't come close to touching my sternum like in the other underwires I purchased. It's not completely obvious, but if I'm wearing anything remotely clingy I can see it. I've read some of the sizing advice on this site, and it said that the cup size might be too small, but looking at the bra itself, it really looks like they're just slightly too big, if anything. I don't think this was necessarily the right bra for me, but it is very well-made and very nice-looking. Reading the recently-posted comment from one of the designers for this company sheds a bit of light on it -- if you have a lot of separation, I think this might work for you a lot better than it does me. Alexandra from Pennsylvania, USA
  • Posted: March, 2007
rating Size: 46H

This bra is a dream. It doesn't cost a lot; fits well; and is practically indistructable. The lace of the bra also gives you a great looking bra, something that is extremely hard to find in my size. I love it, love it, love it! marshonne w from seattle, WA USA
  • Posted: November, 2006
rating Size: 38G

I would not recommend this one for the fuller chested woman. The cups are not as molded and it seems to lose shape quickly. I have only owned it for a few weeks and it is already losing shape. I would recommend the Elila 1305 for the fuller chested woman instead.

Elila Response: Hello, I am the designer for Elisa products. This 2311 bra is a generous full cup bra that’s made for a woman who has separation between her breasts and wants a medium support bra with lace. It is not for a woman who is looking for firm support. Your comment above is correct; if you want a firm support garment from Elila, choose the 1305. Please also remember to never wash the garments in hot water or with bleach or a bleach alternative, and never put them in the dryer. Intimate apparel is delicate and needs to be treated so. Teacher from Fairborn/OH/ 45324

  • Posted: September, 2006
rating Size: 46I

What a revelation! This bra was comfortable all day, from the moment I put it on until I took it off. (And it's pretty to look at too!)That's a major accomplishment when you are supporting very full "I" cup breasts. I have had much trouble finding supportive bras whose cups actually fit. I have pretty much been stuck with the Goddess 106, which works but the straps slip and lately the quality has gone down - the wires poke through the fabric after only a few washings and wearings. Thank you Her Room for a comfortable, attractive bra for these very large breasts. Mandy from NJ
  • Posted: August, 2006
rating Size: 40H

I found the cup sizes to run rather large. Diane from Mississippi, USA
  • Posted: October, 2005
rating Size: 42F

I have difficulty finding bras to support my "needs" and this bra does a nice job. It is comfortable and feminine. Too bad these things cost so much for us amply sized girls. hi2connie from Pittsburgh
  • Posted: September, 2005
rating Size: 38G

I love this bra. The best I've tried yet for those who have large heavy breasts. Very comfortable. Jillian from Frederick/MD/USA
  • Posted: July, 2005
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