Aviana 2453 Floral Underwire Bra Reviews

Aviana Floral Underwire Bra 2453 Reviews

Floral Underwire Bra
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rating Size: 44F

I FINALLY got a bra for the 'girls' where they didn't slip out. I also bought a black one. No soreness where the underwire is. No digging in. I love it and will buy more. Barb from LaGrange, Ky.
  • Height: Petite (5'3" and under)
  • Age: 60s
  • Posted: May, 2009
rating Size: 42H

This bra is wonderful. I spent many years pulling up the straps on other bra's and never being comfortable. I love the straps that don't slip or give, offering me great support. The cup is smooth and a perfect fit. So happy with this product. Diane from UT
  • Height: Average Height (5'4"-5'8")
  • Age: 50s
  • Posted: April, 2009
rating Size: 40G

This bra doesn't really give the support I thought it would. joyce from Herndon, Va USA
  • Height: Petite (5'3" and under)
  • Age: 60s
  • Posted: March, 2009
Size: 42G

I liked the full coverage and support. The middle wire does rest flat against my chest making the cup size feel right, except that that there was some wrinkling at the seems in front. If I go to a smaller cup size, I am afraid the middle wire won't lay flat against my chest. I don't think the Aviana bra is right for me.

HerRoom Response: You might be right that the style is not suited for you, but we suggest you try the smaller cup size. Annie from Oxnard, CA USA

  • Height: Petite (5'3" and under)
  • Age: 40s
  • Posted: December, 2008
rating Size: 38H

This bra is very comfortable for me. The straps are a little long (I'm very short), but that is an easy fix. Always comfortable, hope these are available forever! Tracee from Fort Worth, TX
  • Age: 50s
  • Posted: October, 2008
rating Size: 34G

This bras fits beautifully and I have not had any trouble with uncomfortable straps or straps that won't stay on my shoulders. Looks great under knit tops too. a from Milwaukee, WI
  • Age: 50s
  • Posted: July, 2008
Size: 40F

In trying this style bra - the up-and-out projection look - I tried this Aviana. As another reviewer said, although I filled the cup just fine, there is a puckering along the seem at the front. My guess is that I am just a bit too rounded for this more pointy shaped cup. In fact, I had a bit of the top breast tissue flowing over the top of the cup, meaning I could have used one cup size larger, yet I already had problems filling the tip in the smaller one. It seems very specific to a certain breast shape...which is not mine.
It has great lift; the sides and bottom of the breast do not sag. It makes you look thinner in that regard. For me, because I have a wide breast bone (am 5'9" and broad shouldered), there was not as much differentiation between the cups as I need - I just looked and it's very narrow between the two cups.
The Wacoal Romantic Inspiration was a better compromise for me in this style. It still has the support and projection, but it slightly more rounded, better fitting my breast shape. It also has a slightly wider spacing between the two cups. Anabel from Chicago, IL, USA
  • Age: 40s
  • Posted: June, 2008
rating Size: 42H

Comfortable fit with good support I am actually buying a second one right away a little pricey but worth it mamie from torringtong CT USA
  • Age: 50s
  • Posted: June, 2008
rating Size: 36G

This is a good solid bra - keeps everything in place and doesn't leave me in pain at the end of the day. I really like the Aviana bras. Cristen from Missouri
  • Posted: April, 2008
rating Size: 38H

I like it very much, has full coverage, supports pretty well. I just wish the mesh around the back were stronger. It is too soft/weak and gives too much. The straps on this one stay on my narrow shoulders better. I am always hoping for a perfect one but that I might never find that : ) AW from CT
  • Posted: February, 2008
rating Size: 42H

This is a well constructed bra, with good support and comfort. I found it took a little while to get used to the 5 eye closure (with H cup) but I believe it adds to the support. I had ordered 2 of these bras, one in cream the other in black. They fit a little differently, the black one a little smaller, but very acceptable. Patricia from Port Hardy, B.C. Canada
  • Posted: January, 2008
rating Size: 42H

Excellent support and shaping, and it stays in place comfortably all day long - not an easy task with large breasts. Submitted from TheUndies.com
  • Posted: December, 2007
rating Size: 36G

Forever had bra problems! Always wore 38-40D-DD-DDD. Was fitted in an Aviana36H style 2453. The fit was very good. I Like the Bra. The only problem is the elastic around loses it's strength to soon, and I just had one that the wire broke through. Is there one I should try that's similar in fit? In the mean time I will order another one of this style to tide me over.

HerRoom Response: Your symptoms sound like your band size is too small. KS

  • Posted: October, 2007
rating Size: 46G

I can't believe this bra was priced at $46. There was absolutely no give in the straps. There should be a little bit of give for flexibility of movement. For $10 less, I purchased a beautiful underwire Goddess that was much more comfortable.

Aviana Response: Rigid straps are a feature of this bra that gives it stabilization and structure. This bra is not designed to allow much “movement” as most of our customers are looking for support. There are many cheaper bras if loose, flexible comfort, not comfortable support, is the goal!

Christie, Aviana Pat from San Diego

  • Posted: September, 2007
rating Size: 44h

I have purchased this item before so I knew what to expect. Renne from Tampa/Florida/US
  • Posted: September, 2007
rating Size: 38F

Beautiful bra. I first ordered 36DDD, and it was too small around. The 38DDD fits, but I have to hook it in the last hook which, when it stretches, will give me nowhere to tighten it.

Aviana Response: You may not realize this, but the bras are sized to allow you to wear it all through the month, as your size slightly changes. The 36 band has a setting for 35 and 37. The 38 band has a setting for 37 and 39. In other words, the outer hook on the 36 and the inner hook on the 38 are the same size. Perhaps you should buy both and try them on at the same time – so you will know what your size really is, and be sure you are trying it on when your body is cool and dry, and not at a time of the month when you have more weight or bloat than normal.

Christie, Aviana Ruth from Englewood, Florida, USA

  • Posted: July, 2007
rating Size: 44E

Fits great and the wires don't dig into my mid-section. Submitted from TheUndies.com
  • Posted: April, 2007
rating Size: 40G

I already owned this model bra in a 36F. I liked it and I have worn it for years but knew that it didn't really fit right. So after reading Aviana's recommendations for band size and already knowing that the cup size was too small I bought the 40G. It seems I am filling out the cups but the fabric along the seams is wrinkled and the band is loose though I wear a 40" band in many other brands. This bra does not support me. The middle seam still does not lay flat against my chest. Also the shape seems somewhat pointed unlike the smaller size I have. I'm a little disappointed but as I said I've been pretty happy with the 36F so I can't say this is a bad bra all-together but I also don't think I'll buy another.

HerRoom Response: Jane, there is an enormous difference between a 36F and a 40G bra. It really sounds like you have not found your correct size. I would encourage you to read our fitting information.

Jane from Kenosha, WI
  • Posted: January, 2007
rating Size: 40E

The best fitting and best looking under clothes I have EVER worn! I can't find enough in all of their styles. Mare from Mays Landing, NJ, USA
  • Posted: November, 2006
rating Size: 42G

I found this bra to be absolutely wonderful. The support is excellent for larger-sized women and an added bonus is that it slightly minimizes. My only complaint is that although the straps are comfortable, I noticed that they are slightly itchy. Nevertheless, I definitely plan on buying more of this bra! Terry from Gainesville/Fl/USA
  • Posted: March, 2006
rating Size: 40H

I absolutely love this bra! I have fibromyalgia and shoulder strain can leave me in tears. I have shopped everywhere and spent hundreds on trying to find something I could live with/in. This bra structure is built to carry the weight, and something about the design keeps it from hurting my shoulders. I am also quite pleased with the cup shape. It supports beautifully, and is not pointy! The right bra really can make or break your wardrobe...Well worth buying! They "hold up" so well...pardon the pun! Monica M from Sacramento Ca
  • Posted: December, 2005
rating Size: 40G

I loved this bra for a couple of days but after only a week the wire poked through. I thought it was very comfortable so I will try it again and see what happens. Alison from United States
  • Posted: September, 2005
rating Size: 40G

This is one of the best bras I've ever purchased! I wear a 40G in this style and the fit provides wonderful support with a natural silhouette (not pointy!). The straps are wider and do not dig the shoulders. Underwires are slightly padded for comfort. Thank you Aviana for providing larger sized women with feminine styles!! M. LaBelle from St. Louis, MO; USA
  • Posted: June, 2003
rating Size: 40E

This is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. As a woman with large breasts, I've spent years searching for wearable bras. I've spent enough on bras to open a used lingerie shop. This bra fit perfectly, especially since I got real with myself and ordered the right size. The straps are very comfortable on the shoulders (no more digging-in straps)and the cups provide excellent all-around coverage for full breasts. Take my advice and try this bra! CJ from Atlanta, GA USA
  • Posted: April, 2003

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