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KayAnna Paisley Short Sleeve Nightgown D11390
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KayAnna Paisley Short Sleeve Nightgown
The KayAnna Paisley Short Sleeve Nightgown D11390 has polka-dots and floral applique with picot trim. KayAnna's Paisley Short Sleeve Nightgown is made of cotton.
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Women know the feeling that comes when throwing on a bathrobe or a pair of cozy pajamas is serenity in the middle of a loud world. KayAnna brings this type of heaven on a daily basis to those that wear it. Imagine being blanketed in that feeling of serenity while lounging around the house. KayAnna's innovative style and comfort is put into every piece in their collection. Whether you choose the satiny feel of the sleepwear or the fluffy feel of the bathrobe, you will fall into love with the elegant designs and comfort. KayAnna follows their motto to “make ourselves irresistible” by using unique embroidery, shimmering color and producing garments from the softest materials. The family business was started in Canada in 1971 by brother Ron and Paul Salhany. The Salhany family has kept the KayAnna legacy close to heart by employing many family members. KayAnna designers know that the best part of a woman's day is often wrapped in a bathrobe or when she is cuddled up in her pajamas for the night. Peace and serenity is only a closet away when you choose KayAnna robes and sleepwear.

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